No Intercession For 5 Kinds Of People

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Quick reminder in sha Allah Tala for myself and for my beloved brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in the Quran have told us how much Rasul Allah Salah Salem loves us, and he told us that he will intercede for his own

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on the Day of Judgment, the Shiva of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, may Allah make us all from the people who will get the Shiva Amina but I mean

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so as Muslims and believers that love Rasul Allah say salam, and who are so behind in their duties to Allah azza wa jal, we are desperate for his Shiva.

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So listen carefully, there are five people

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that will never get the Shiva for so Allah says Allah. So today we will mention them

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to try to avoid them. Who are these five kinds of people that will not get the shafa of the person whom Allah said, Bill Me, Nina are often Rahim first.

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commits Schilke

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and I'm not talking about a mushrik that Mushrik is not going to see is not going to see the agenda anyway. I'm talking about a Muslim

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committing acts of Schilke.

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Whatsoever evidence Rasul Allah is seldom He said, Every newbie, every messenger,

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was given an answer dua,

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Allah offered every Nabhi say whatever you want, and you got it.

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Fatah JELA every Nabhi got his own and I saved mine, for my own man to the day of judgment.

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And I will cover all my own man except

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the one who commits shirk.

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Like, unfortunately, we all know in our countries, people who go to the Cabal go to the graveyards, and they asked the people who are dead for help. The people who go to the fortune teller, fortune teller, what is she claiming? Or what is he claiming? He's claiming that he knows the Unseen sir. He knows the rape. So that is and the only one who knows the rape is Allah. So now, there is a partner in knowing the rape, which is that guy and you went there to ask him for something. So you have committed an act of Sheikh you are a Muslim you still saying Leila? Hey Lola, but you have committed an act of shirk. And you be if you believe, listen to this Rasulillah Salam said, If you believe

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what that fortune teller tell you, the kaffir Robina on Zillow, Allah Muhammad, you have left Islam.

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So the first category that will not get the Shiva for Salah Salem are the ones who have committed shirk, or they are committing shirk on a regular basis, not as someone who committed one time and then he asked for forgiveness. Absolutely. This is Hamdulillah that there is something called Toba. Maybe some of us here have went to these things and made the life around the grave and all that stuff and Hamdulillah you can ask Allah for forgiveness and don't do it again. And you will be saved. Second

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sin fan min Almighty la tena Allahumma shafa it Imam on Varun Imam on volume. Were married. We're rollin Marijke. We're all in marriage. What does that mean? Two kinds of people here this one will include two people. So we have 1232 kinds of people will not two pi two kinds of people of my OMA will not earn my chef, Imam volume.

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Imam here does not necessarily mean an imam who leads the salaat any leader, any leader, King, President, Father,

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Principal, Imam, Emir of a masjid anyone who has been given the authority and he's alone. He is an oppressor. He did not treat his people with with adult with justice. He will not get the shuffle for some allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, And subhanAllah if you look at our most of our countries, if not all of them, look at our leaders yaki is that anymore. You see a people with billions of dollars and people have no place to stay and no no food to eat. And even what we are seeing right now on the register Subhanallah my next door neighbor is a Muslim. My next door neighbor is a Muslim and he's not providing me with water with water. He's depriving me from the basic necessities of life.

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But some of us masala is seldom said to a woman until Jahannam because she deprived the cat a cat from food and water. How about depriving him

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nation 2 million people. If a cat let the person to the Hellfire

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Imam on the loan a person has been assigned. That's why why do you think Allah says Sam said you know do not fight for leadership. Do not ask I want to become a leader. No Habibi, you don't know what you're getting into. You wouldn't be questioned about every single person in your under your authority. How did you treat them? Be very careful. That's why the Sahaba and the righteous they used to run away they used to run away so Fianna salary spend all his life.

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So if you had a theory of Allah spent all his life doing what? Running away from me, I mean, who wants to what? To beat him? No, he wants to put him the major judge, the judge of all the judges card included, running away not to get the job of supreme judge

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because he's scared.

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So enamel volume and the second one

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a person

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who listened carefully, we all commit sins, but there's a person who commit sins

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and he or she does not care. He stands at the door of the measured and he smokes.

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And he Allah tilaka clean. Allah is testing your smoking. Hi somewhere on smoke. He doesn't care. He doesn't care. He posts his picture dreaded drinking alcohol. He posts this picture of my girlfriend. He's openly disobeying Allah azza wa jal openly, openly proud, proud he's a Muslim. He did not leave Islam yet, because he's just committing a Kabira

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but he is proud of his major sins.

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And he has Hulu.

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What does Hulu mean? Hulu means go to extreme in the dean. We have a misconception.

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Look at this two people said a person who has Lulu and the dean and the person who openly disobey Allah.

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The one was the Hulu resource SLM said two words Hadith helical Muthana Theon perish destroyed are the extremist. But who's the extremist? The extremists is that the ones that you think they are extreme, because sometimes wonder one of our brothers African American brother took shahada and mashallah became better than us. So one time he's telling his family Hamdulillah you read surah Alkaff every Friday, you're extremist.

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So extreme is not according to your extreme. Some people think that people who do not listen to music are extreme. Some people it's not the definition of what you think is extreme extreme means the three people who came to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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and asked her Isha about his worship, and they kind of belittled or salsa salams worship they found that like

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one of them said, I fast every single day.

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And the other said I'm up all night. I don't sleep. And the third said I stay away from women because women distract you from the Dean from your eBay that was hustling founder come over here.

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I am the best among you. I fast and I break my fast.

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I pray to hazard I sleep and I marry women. And this is my sunnah whomsoever is away from my sunnah is not from us. This is Hulu and the source SLM told us about the Hulu extremism even look at this look how careful he was of us going to extreme

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person brought to him a stone to throw the camera

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to throw Jamara he looked at the stone and we all know that the stone has to be maximum by the chickpea size right? Okay, so they brought a stone a little bit bigger not like you know you're not gonna see guy cutting a rock. And then he's not like a bowling you know? So he looked at the stone, and he said, This is too big. Yeah, come well, hello. Be very careful of extremism. It ruin the people before you extremism in a stone

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in a stone just because it was bigger than the normal size. So the third, the second is a person who has Lulu and the third is a person that openly disobey Allah azza wa jal, the fourth person Rasul Allah is seldom said men kids, the bishop, whomsoever deny, and Allah I witnessed with my own eyes, a person came to me and he was, may Allah forgive him. He was sarcastically Do you really believe that there is something called Shiva?

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I said, Yeah, absolutely. He started laughing and he left Allah He looked at this hadith. Whomsoever does not believe

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Even Maya Lai sallahu fee her Nasim whosoever does not believe I'm going to intercede. He will not get my sofa. Okay, you got it. That's what you believe this is what you will get. So the shafa is confirmed that wrestlers SLM will be a Shaffir. Right? And the fifth one last one

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Hadith that we all know

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also Lhasa Salam next to his house

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and may Allah make us from the people who would drink from his hand and everybody's drinking from there. And then some people came and then all of a sudden the angels what happened? pushed him away. So this was I said, No, no, no, these are US hobby. So my my companions said, yeah rasool Allah, you do not know what b does. They started after you. So cisilion say so consultant, get away from here, get away, go away. Starting an innovating in the dean.

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starting new things in the Dean as if we have completed all the things and we want some more stuff to do. Yeah, let's finish the day with the things that we are supposed to do.

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Why do you want to invent in the deen? Why do you want to come up with a new stuff in the deen?

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The safest thing is to follow what Rasulullah Selim told us this is an action that he did. hamdulillah do not add, do not subtract. Do as much as you can. But do not invent new things in the deen and belittle them and sometimes when an innovation start, people go to get very upset. Or you are an extremist. You think that this is haram to do this.

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My father used to do this, my grandfather, you Habibi, since when your grandfather is a mashallah he's the one who's making sure he.

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So we take our culture, and we make the culture go above the dean, just because I saw these people do it in my country, it became hairless. It's a must. How many times? Or how many of us, Allah, I'm one of them. The whole game changed when we came to America. Our whole concept and understanding of the real Islam was here, because we were told that this is it. Nothing else everybody else is wrong. You have to follow this. That's it.

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So be careful Jaquan of innovation. And it's not a coincidence. That was solos I sell them every single Friday. At every member in every masjid, we're collaborating Dolla dolla Infinera is that a coincidence? Every single Friday, every bit that was gonna lead you go astray. Because soon like for example, when one brother

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after he finished the salaat to sleep, Allah hun marsali loud.

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So I came to him and I said, Brother,

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what is this?

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He said, What's wrong with the Salado masala say salam salatu salam haram. I said no, absolutely. It's an act of worship. But here in loud voice in the masjid. You're doing it? Where did they say that? The verse was excellent. Say after you finish the salah. Loudly say Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad.

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He said I know you're kind

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you will people.

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I said yes. Before you start your people and meet people. And let me ask you a question. After you finish Subhana Biella them Why don't you say Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad. He said because of socialism did not do it. I said Allahu Akbar. So did he do the other way? He said no to what did you do it all my country does it and he left an angry all my country does it.

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So you see, the Dean starts like this. Okay. Now my son is looking at me screaming Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad after that. Then he comes on he started doing it. And then maybe he added something or somebody brought him and then he started something and his son saw that give it 1015 years everything will be different. That's why it's so dangerous to to add to the dean. So quickly or one the one who innovate the one who goes to extreme the one who does the sins openly the one who denies that there is Shiva and what was the first one

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shake the shake all five of them may Allah keep us all away from them in

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who use one Luna island I'm Abby?

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water he wants to label this NEMA

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in unleaded Nalina. You're gonna love

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to Nia you're on to them.

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Mozza, Molina will levena up Luna meanie now, Mina TV a while at MCC that several phone calls

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