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We begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada who alone is worthy of unconditional praise. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to send Sadat and salaam, upon the one who was sent as raw material did Allah mean the one who is the most blessed it and the most perfect worshipper of Allah subhanho wa taala, the one whom ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada chose to seal the prophecy with the one who was the final recipient of the message from God that it has said, I'm the one who was sent as say you do, whether the Adam, the leader of all of the children of Adam, the one who will be under whose banner, all of mankind is standing on the day of judgment. And that is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam Subhanallah brothers and sisters looking at Subhan Allah, how many of you are here, I don't know the quantity of the auditorium I would guesstimate 1500 or so. And you know, even before I began to my talk and lecture, Allah He isn't it amazing that here we are in the land so far away from where it all began, in a time and a place nobody could ever have imagined.

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And one thing and one thing only combines this all here, one thing has brought you out of your homes and houses to attend so many hours of lectures, one thing has motivated you to sacrifice family time, personal time, recreational time, and instead be over here in this auditorium. And that is the love of a human being the love of rameters rather than the love of say, either one or the other. Isn't that amazing? How profound is that love? How powerful is that love that it is felt so cataclysmically 1444 years after the event of the hijra, and here we are in a land in a place and a time so foreign to what took place. And yet that love is permeating that love is spreading to every

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single corner of this world if that isn't a miracle than what miracle remains, if that isn't a miracle that here we are different backgrounds, different cultures, different languages, different ethnicities, even different interpretations of Islam, all of that becomes irrelevant when we're consumed by the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If that isn't a Morges if that isn't a miracle, than what other miracle is there Subhanallah what an amazing phenomenon. what a what a mind boggling reality. Think about it, that love that motivates us to do so much we are all sinful people. We are all people that fall short of that ideal, but there's no Muslim except that deep down

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inside of him. Emotion stir feelings come no matter how empires I am, no matter how great my sins are. When the Prophet system is mentioned, when his stories are said, when we think about him, all of a sudden our heart softens. All of a sudden, we start thinking about and wanting to meet somebody who is so far away and time and place. And yet we feel he is like our long lost grandfather, our long lost father or uncle. We feel that connection with him, even though he is so far away, both in time and in geography. And yet this is the miracle of being amongst the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and again, why would we not have this love for him? Why would we not

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have this love for him? When Allah subhanho wa Taala chose him? Allah chose him one of His Names is Mustafa, one of His Names is mudra Teva, what is Mustafa and which thereby mean Mustafa, the one who was selected Mooji turba, the one who was chosen out of all of mankind, out of every human being who ever walked the face of this earth, Allah subhana wa Tada chose one person, one and only one to give a special status to In this world and in the next, and that person was none other than who is named even after that concept of being chosen and praised. His name is Mohammed and his name is Ahmed. His name is Mohammed and his name is Ahmed. Ahmed means the one who is praised with the highest praise

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hand method. He is worthy of the highest praise made the choicest adjectives, the most noble nouns are used to describe him. That is what it means. And our Prophet Isa called him. Ahmed and Mohamed Mohamed means that

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One who shall be praised over and over and over again, the one who shall be praised without being tired. So he is in quality Mohamed in quantity and he is combined to be both quality and quantity. No human being Listen to me carefully. No human being in all of human history has galvanized the amount of love the amount of respect the amount of all and admiration that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has, there is no competition. Now it is true. The Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam is beloved to a larger segment of mankind, Muslims, Jews, Christians, it is true, but the quality of love.

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You understand the difference between being beloved, and between the passion and quality of love? It is true. Most of mankind loves Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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And that is because he is the Abrahamic father, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and of course we also love him. But when we think of our Prophet salallahu idea he was seven there's no we're not, you know, comparing and contrasting of stuff with Allah, you know, no, we're doing this to explain what is that special? When we think of our Prophet sallallahu idea he was sending him Subhanallah what happens and why would it not happen? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, who this person is love Khadija kumara Soo Min and fusi calm, Aziz en la Hema I need to say a person has come he is from amongst you. He is your kith and kin he is your tribe. He is your bloodline he is your family

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member he is your same race and species he's not some alien coming he's not some different entity and Angel know he is you a Bashar like you an Arab like you Acorah she liked you a Macau we like you he is from you with you. You know him but he's not like you. He's not like you. Why is he not like you? I see is when I lay him I need to him your troubles he finds difficult to bear your calamities. His heart is broken when he sees you in stress as he is on either he managed to him how do you so now they come he's always eager for you. He's always wanting to benefit you. Bill more me Nina around Ooh, for Rahim Allah chose to have his names are often Rahim and Allah subhanaw taala remove

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the Elif lamb because that would mean it is divine. And he says the Prophet SAW Selim is OOF and Rahim are all four does roof mean or roof means a mercy that is tinged with compassion, a mercy that wants to benefit and Rahim a mercy that wants to nurture and protect, both have the connotation of mercy, but the one of them has the mercy that is meant to protect a nurturer and the other the mercy to want to benefit you the mercy that he will sacrifice for your own benefit. And our Prophet salallahu it he was seldom embodied that life. He showed us what it means to care for his own people to love his own people. How many stories do we have from the Sierra that demonstrates how he

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captured the hearts of the Sahaba how the Sahaba loved and admired him in the famous treaty of Arabia in the famous treaty of Abia, when so hated been Amata came back to the people of makup when number of them came back to the people of Makkah, and they describe what their eyes had seen. They said one of them said, I have been in the palaces of the Roman Emperor and the Persian Emperor I have visited kisser off and hospital both of them Kisara is the Roman hospital is the Persian I have visited their palaces, and wallah, he, I have not seen any group of followers who love and admire their leader more than the followers of this man love and admire their leader. This is the testimony

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of an outsider. This is the testimony of somebody who's not even a believer, when he saw how much love they had for him, that love cannot be constructed, that love cannot be purchased, that love cannot be induced by fear. It is a genuine love. It is a love that comes from the heart and soul in the famous incident when some of the Sahaba were captured, and they were tortured to death. And one of them before he was executed. They stood up and Abu Soufiane mocked him before he embraced his thumb and elbow Soufiane said hmm, tell me now, if you could substitute your position right now with that of the Prophet Muhammad with that of your leaders salatu salam would you do so would you be

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willing to be with your wife and children right now and he be in your place?

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And he smiled back and he said, I swear by Allah, that a thorn Prick him is more painful to me than my life be given for his cause. I would rather die than a thorn Prick him, that type of love and he has nothing to lose. And he had no idea that his statements would be preserved because all around him are the pagans all around him are the mockers, the ones that are gonna kill him. He had no idea but that love that permeates through the hearts of the people. That is a sign of Eman and why would we not love this man? Why would we not love the one who sacrificed everything for us? You know, when I read through the syrup, and I tried to find when did the Prophet system ever cry? When did he cry?

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And I found that in fact, he cried very few times that we're aware of very few times. And I will taught a class here a few months ago, I went over some of those instances right when he visited his mother's grave salatu salam he was crying and other instances like this. But one of the times that he cried SallAllahu arson sent Hadith isn't so a Muslim. And this is reported by our mother, Isha and others. They were there. They saw this, but they didn't. He didn't know that we're seeing him that in the middle of the night, in the middle of the night, he was praying to Hadoop. In the middle of the night. He's praying to Hadoop in his Masjid the master that the Prophet SAW said him and the

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house of ashes next door, so she's listening in and he falls down in such that and he makes dua for me and you.

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He makes dua for his own mother. And he recites verses in the Quran. he recites Ibrahim alayhis salam into the boom for innumerable joke. This is recited Islam into their home for a number of other what until freedom for in the counter ISIS will Hakim if you forgive them, Allah, if you punish them, Oh Allah, they are your creation. And if you forgive then you are indeed the One who is ICs and Hakeem and he recited the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, or be an ohana of learning the cathedral minuteness he recited the two hours of Ibrahim under the eyes of an ISA. And then he began to cry in the middle of the night in tahajjud. In such that he is crying. Why is he crying? He says

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yeah, Rob, my own man. What will be the status of my Alma Yara my Alma what will happen to my own mom, and he kept on saying Yarrabah Almighty Allah Almighty He kept on repeating and crying and begging until Allah subhana wa Tada said to Gibreel this I didn't so I Muslim. He said to Gibreel go down to Muhammad right now he's crying all the gold down to him right now. And tell him, Ya Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, don't worry. We shall make you happy and take care of your ummah.

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We shall make you happy. It's not because of me and you. It's not because of my actions. I'm not worthy of that. It's not because the owners gonna be the best of all owners because of their deeds. Frankly, perhaps some of the earlier owners had more in terms of their tribulations and trials. I know I'm along with standard far below the bar we should have. But Gibreel was told, go tell the prophets of salaam we shall not disappoint you. It's because of him because of his status. We shall not disappoint you. And we shall take care of your ummah. Because he was begging and crying for his OMA and the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and others. And this hadith will lie brothers and sisters, I'm

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gonna have to go over it only once. But I want you to put it in your mind and think about this. I want you to understand what this means. In that beautiful Hadith. Our Prophet Salam said,

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every single prophet,

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there are certain perks that happen when you're a prophet, right, certain perks that happen. There are certain trials, tribulations, no doubt, but there are certain benefits that comes with the status. And he said, every prophet, Allah subhanho wa taala, granted him one special to her.

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Every prophet was told you have one dua, you will get it. And the prophets Islam said, and every Prophet used that dua.

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In this life. Every Prophet, they had one specific dua that whatever they wanted, they could get it. And every single prophet, use that dua for something that they wanted of this world. Sometimes it was a request that it comes out of a frustration for mankind.

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No highlight his cinema after preaching for 950 years, and being mocked and ridiculed for generations on end, his dua was Yara, destroy them all. Don't leave one.

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I'll caffeine in the era. I don't want one household left of this group. He has the right after all that they've done to him. And so Allah answered that dua, and Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down a rain and caused a flood to come out the likes of which has never happened in human history. And all civilizations around the world I have a vague memory of what is now called in the academy, the flood myth, they call it a flood myth, right? They call it a flood myth, because they don't know how to explain it. But they don't explain to us how can it be that the ancient Indians and how can it be that the aborigines of Australia, and how can it be that the Mayan civilization? And how can it be

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that you do Christian civilization? And how can it be that the ancient Babylonians and the ancient Chinese, all of them believe that once upon a time there was a great flood, they can't explain that to us? We will tell them because there was a flood, it's not a myth. It actually happened. And the remnants of it are in every single civilization across the globe, even and I'm not making this up. You can look it up even in the aborigines of Australia who have been cut off from mankind for up to 50,000 years. They have this flood myth. How did they get it? Because it actually happened? That's the dua of Nurhaliza Salam DUA of Musa is also known in the Quran, dua of Sulaiman. Soloman said,

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Robbie have been a Moodle can lie on but really I had him embody, I want to kingdom that nobody's going to have after me. I want to have power and a kingdom that no one shall ever compete with. So Allah answered that dua for the Hernando rehab, Tgb Emery Rohan hydrosol we gave him the power of the wind you know the the legend of the flying carpet. It's not a legend, that is Sulaiman. Superman it is some would sit on a carpet and that carpet would go that's where that legend comes from. Solomon didn't need horses and camels, he would go by the wind and the wind would take him. And Allah azza wa jal says, I love no matter how tired he could speak to the birds speak to the animals,

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he had the army of the jinn at his command, he could build structures that people couldn't even understand that imagine why, because he had one dua, and he took advantage of that to answer halaal gift. Every prophet has it. So we see the power of do hours that are answered right now, back to the Hadith, the process, I'm told us, every prophet has one dua that guaranteed to answer and every prophet without exception used that to ah, in this world for something they wanted.

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Okay, yeah rasool Allah, what did you use it for?

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He said, and as for me,

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to her, I have kept it. I didn't use it. I have kept it and I'm not going to use it in this dunya and I will use it on the Day of Judgment. So that Allah subhana wa Tada forgives all of my ummah,

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the dua of the Prophet sallallahu. Allah he was setting him was not for his personal use, even though Can you imagine now knowing this, go through every instance of the Sierra and ask yourself, imagine he had that trump card. He had that reality. He had that one, two, that he could have taken advantage of at any point in the syrup surrounded at or hurt, seeing his uncle decimated. The reality of what happened in the Bible of hunt up for one month in the city of thought if humiliated alone, he could have used that to ah, but he sacrificed at every stage of his life.

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At every opportunity that he could have done something to benefit himself. He kept it for what

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to her the almighty yarmulke Malkia I'm gonna use it for my own ma on the Day of Judgment. How can we not love him when he sacrificed everything for us? How can we not have that sense of ultimate muhabba when he gave up everything, so that that one dua can be used for me and you on the Day of Judgment, And subhanAllah brothers and sisters will law he that love that the OMA

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has, it is a sign of His truth and honesty. This love cannot be manufactured or created. It's not mass brainwashing at the end of the day, every civilization considers some people to be holy and sacred. But no civilization has the type of love that we do for our profit system. Do you see what I'm saying here? Every civilization every community has certain figures it considers to be absolute role models, embodiments of perfection and virtue. But no civilization has a love for their leader, the way the OMA has Allah for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, one of my most moving stories of the Sierra that I'm asked this Allah Which story do you like the most? There is no

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one story you love or the whole zero. But one story that really it shows us how profound and deep that love is, is the story of Abu Bakr Siddiq, Radi Allahu Taala on the day of the conquest of Makkah, the story of Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Radi Allahu Allah, and his father, even abhi or HOFA. In Abaco Hoffa. He was somebody who opposed Islam throughout his whole life. And if you remember the story of the hero, he was the one who slapped a smart Vinci of the burqa. When she found out that there was a ruse there was a trick to take and smuggle the process them out. He became angry at his own family. He became angry at his own Son, but his son wasn't there. He took it out on a smart the

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granddaughter a slap into the bucket, and he got angry at her. Why did you do this and whatnot? That man it'd be hahaha. When Matco was conquered. And he was now 90 years old, half blind, complete, immobile, he couldn't walk. Everybody has to embrace Islam at this stage.

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Even if Yokohama was brought in a blankets, you know, they didn't have wheelchairs, picking him up in a blanket and a quilt and they walked him, or they carried him sorry, to the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah. He was sending him and now he's going to accept Islam.

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There is no buddy in Mecca left of his era. Everybody gone. He's the oldest person alive in Makkah. His entire batch is gone. And he is brought to the Prophet system. The Prophet system says to aboubaker Hell, character chef Phil Bates. de Nova yo, why didn't you leave the chef meaning the old man in the house, you could have left the elderly person home, I would have come to him. Out of honor for aboubaker not only honor for him, honor for obika I would have come to him in his house. Abu Bakar said no your rasool Allah, it is more befitting he comes to you. And when even of your Kochava put his hand out there they would give an actual oath of allegiance, right? When you

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accepted Islam at the hands of the process of how fortunate they were, you would actually put your hand in his hand and there will be an actual oath of allegiance. When their hand up it may be a Kochava touch the hand of the prophecy Salam o Booker began to cry.

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Oh, Booker began to cry. Listen to this. And if this is not love, if this is not muhabba then what is my hub? Because even a Kochava by the way, it was good friends with herbal toilet. That generation right they're gone now. They were close buddies back in the day. And the memories of Ebola when we laugh are linked together and OBU thought of you know who thought it is right? Well thought it literally a father figure to the Prophet system literally raised him actual uncle full blooded uncle raised him since a child in his household supported him defended him I mean, the prophet systems closest you know actual father figure is Abu Talib you know this right. And Abu

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Dhabi Kapha is basically a friend of herbal thought of all the memories are coming back. And Abu Bakr begins to cry. And he says Ya rasool Allah, how I wish instead of my own father, if your uncle were still thought it was still alive, and his hand was in your hand, rather than my own father's hand, he's willing to sacrifice he is willing to sacrifice his own love his own kith and kin. And you know how the Sahaba would address the Prophet SAW Selim be Irby and our own Mia rasool Allah, that's how they would address him. I will give up not myself, it's easy to give yourself up. I will sacrifice my family for your messenger of Allah. I'll give up everything to protect you. And here at

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the conquest of Makkah, I will Buckers genuine love. It's just an unplanned moment. He's overcome with emotions, all the memories come back and he says, You have rasool Allah. I want you to know, my love for you is so much. I would rather your uncle be here than even my own father, because I know how happy you would have been had he been alive and see

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In this success and all that we're doing Subhanallah brothers and sisters, this was an impromptu lecture. By the way, there wasn't something that the whatever the topic was, I forgot what was the topic I forgot. But when I saw all of you, I mean, it just came because of analog. We're here, but I'll conclude on one. One note, they're telling me my time is up. So I'll have to leave the stage. I'll conclude by this one. One Hadith that is, indeed a profound one and it's one that inshallah gives us hope. It's one that gives us hope.

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Once one of the Sahaba came to the process, and they said, Yeah, rasool Allah,

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Ya rasool Allah, in this life in Medina right now, whenever we feel sad, whenever we feel depressed, down, we come to you, and we see you and we feel comfort, we feel peace, our anxieties go away. Pause you're

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looking at the Profit System was therapy.

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Think about that.

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They were stressed out, they just stand in His presence, and they feel relaxed.

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They were blessed. So he said, Yeah, rasool Allah in this world in this dunya when we feel stressed, angry, anxious, anxiety, we come to you and your presence comforts us, but ya rasool Allah, in Jana,

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you will be up there and we will not have access to you. So I'm worried what will happen to us in Jana.

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Now, before we go on,

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look at the Imam of the Sahaba

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they're in Jana.

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But they don't want Jana without the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and they're getting panic attacks.

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We never got that opportunity to interact with the Prophet system.

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So we ask Allah, if Allah has deprived us of seeing him in this world that he not deprive us of seeing us in the ashram.

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We ask Allah that at least in Jannah, we get the opportunity to see him. So this Sahaba who has interacted with him daily, right? I mean, he's interacting daily says yeah, to suit Allah. What am I going to do in Jana, without you? Literally, that's exactly what he's asking. What am I going to do when I don't have access to you?

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And the prophets I said, I'm Sid,

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and tema, I'm an editor.

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If you love me, then you will see me up there. You will be with those whom you love. Now, I have a longer class I've given on my new Calista about the butters duck and about heaven and hell than about Jenna. And we I explained this, and that is that people in Jannah will have access to all of the people in Jannah for visitation, even if they don't live at the same level, right. So you will be able to visit and that's one of the blessings of Jana, even if you're not at the same level you will be able to visit so in Jana, the goal is to get there. Once you're there, you will be able to interact with all of the Sahaba all of the luminaries, we will be able to see the prophecies of them

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and interact with him. That's one of the perks of Jana. So the process I'm taught us and temperament.

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And as Sidney Malik said,

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when this news spread throughout Medina In other words, this news became a cataclysmic item news item. Newsflash, you don't have to be like oh bucket in order to be with the process and agenda because even amongst the Sahaba, there's hierarchy, right? Even more so Sahaba, you had the elite and you had the average and they're like, their average is way better than ours, but they had amongst themselves and unnecessarily nomadic said and listen to this and with this, I concluded,

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follow Allah He. We were never happier

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than the day we heard that we shall be with the Prophet system, even if our deeds don't match his deeds.

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It made them so happy that their hearts were jumping for joy. And he said in the whole Sierra from the day the process and came to Medina that was the happiest day than the second happiest day. We were never happier than the day we found this fact out there. Love was a continuous love. It wasn't a one off love. Their love was a love that they kept on thinking, what are we going to do when he goes agenda? How are we going to interact with him? Then they find the good news. Don't worry. You get up there and he'll be there as well. Brothers and sisters, our deeds are not anywhere close to that of the sahaba. But

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make sure no matter how sinful you are, make sure no matter what sins you do, make sure your heart is full of love for a soul allah sallallahu alayhi wa

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some genuine love not just to fake love, a love that you want to study him a love that you want to embody him. I love that at least you try you try to follow some of his sunnah you don't have to be perfect that's not going to be possible but a genuine love of the heart and inshallah inshallah if you have that love. Then the hadith of earnestly idiomatic applies to those who have that love unto Mammon above. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada jelajah know who to bless us all with a Maha above the Prophet sallallahu either he was sending We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to increase our love for our Nebby our Habib our Mustafa, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to allow us to be of those who follow his

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sunnah who defend his honor who study his Syrah. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to be resurrected with him and his companions of the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to be invited by him on his house and fountain on that day we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to be fed from his blessed hands, a sip from the fountain of Goethe. After that sip, we shall never be thirsty for all of eternity We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to be amongst those whom the Prophet sallallahu either he was sending will make Chifa for on the Day of Judgment, Allah Masha fear Nephi he or rob Allama Shaffir NFE Rob Allah Masha fear and FE here Rob We ask Allah azza wa jal to be of those who enter agenda with the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and who live with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and interact with him manda Bina was to do to show her that he was solid in what her sooner Allah it got a fever cough which is Kamala who was set out why they come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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Jelly either

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be Emma's the hatin doll seni one tells

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me what to feed

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on Sunday. What

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feels cool Ruby to me.

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Jenny dasa, down

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