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Salam Alaikum Hello Virgo

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Alhamdulillah Billa Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bad Hadith number 1832 from the other side of hand, and the book of a month. All right, well moola, the book of miscellaneous, a hadith of significant values, this hadith was counted by many, many scholars of Hadith as one of the maybe is the number one Hadith that holds the major principles of our soul. Specifically, that was sort of our dean in terms of luck and practice, like has the four major principles of practice of your dean were mentioned in one single Hadith. So there was this hadith hadith is Hadith vSRX But Abby talebearer, the Allah

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TerraNova and who Shani geothermal Venetia, La Jolla Anwar levada and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and they'll call in Allah to Allah Florida Florida fella to the EULA. Well had the hoodoo than filata do ha ha ha Rama Usha fella tentar he Guha was Socrata and Asha Ramadan lagoon Viron cin Fela pathirana It has an order of Mo lol Tara and this hadith abou tharla Are the Allah Rwanda and erase the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, Allah the Exalted has laid down certain duties, which you should not neglect, and has put certain limits, which you should not transgress and has kept silent about other matters out of mercy for you, and not out of forgetfulness. So do not seek to

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investigate them. Rhodora Koebner

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just missing one line away.

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Yeah. Allah Subhana Allah transmission within one line, Allah subhanaw taala has laid down certain duties which you should not neglect,

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what had the hadoo done and has put certain limits which you should not transgress.

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And then how Rama Scheffer, attenti Guha and made things prohibited, so do not cross this line, do not violate these, these Muhammad. Then the fourth line was was Sacaton Hashem and has kept silent about other matters or have mercy for you, and not out of forgetfulness, so do not seek to investigate them. So this hadith has missing actually line in the translation. Now, what does that mean? Exactly?

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Abu Salah Berger silverburn National de la Anwar. He's one of the companions who gave the best of the prophets of Allah salah, bilateral one under the tree over a Diwan. When the Sahaba Dylon on the place to defend the blood of Earth model the ultra Noda which was rumored that he was killed in Mecca. And he was one of those companions who came to the Prophet Salah Salem, and he said Kalia Rasulullah Could you please write me? Write me? Like you could say, I land in a sham. Like if you could grant me a land a piece of land that would own in a sham and that time a sham was way far from even imagining to be conquered. No one even imagined that we'll be able to get there. But I was

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Oliver. He said you're a sort of Allah I know for sure when they will conquer that land.

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And I want to have one on piece of land I want you to write me something there. So the professor said grant him something before even it was panel Concord law, the law and order so that's available and crucially or the alotta animada so he said Cara Salah Salem in Allah Tala follow the Freudian, Philately Euro four things. Number one, he made things obligatory upon you. Number two, he set limits that should not cross number three, he made things haram so don't violate them. Number four, he remained silent and certain manners not out of forgetfulness out of mercy for you. So for things, and our Allamanda seven come to the rules of luck, they don't go out of these four things. Were the

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things to do this to stay away from and things to not to change the Hadoop and the things that you should not even try to investigate or try to alter or create new things. So let's expand them quickly. Shallow Darla, the first thing followed by Ferrara Farah to the euro Allah made something obligatory upon you, so do not neglect these obligations like what Okay, give me an example Gemma.

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So Trisha, we just finished right? The five daily prayers Allah made this word obligatory or optional.

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Obligatory How about faster Ramadan

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I'm not an emo this year I don't I gotta first Ramadan Can you do that? There's a worldwide this obligation obligation. So you are you have to first the month of Ramadan. So these are the obligations that you should not neglect number to call what the HUD udon ferrata DUA and he made certain boundaries and set the limit so don't cross these limits. Like what so the element the argument is meaning these limits some they say the Hadoop means that

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The penal system, which is basically the judiciary system in regard to the punishments, if someone steals how they punished if someone drinks while they will punish if someone slandered someone, how would they be punished? So there are specific rules in the penal system that needs to be punitive system that needs to be observed. You can't you can't change these things. So those are the limits. Others they say no, it's overall even including the macro ha the dislike manners, like things that you should not be doing at all, whether it's haram, or less than haram, such as my crew, this slide would fall under that category under that meaning or definition for that stated either way, there

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are things in the shadow that ALLAH SubhanA wa and blood boundaries, you shouldn't be altered these boundaries are things as well to what we see today in our time for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa they made this creation made in what is your ma man and woman

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as simple as that what's happening today? We're changing everything we're transgressing against Allah subhana wa there's limits if Allah Azza want the one gender to be more than two he would have made diversity of of creation. But we altered in these limits right now this dude, Allah subhanho wa Taala made

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the sun and the moon the elements by which we calculate our Salas our by that our time other things, the same thing. These are also limits that we should observe and never transgress them. The third thing he says God will haram Asha, I felt Antigua and he made things haram. So do not cross this hamara man like what is your man?

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Drinking wine? Right? Doesn't matter how you call it. What have you got Budweiser?

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For six pack? Does it change the Maryann in this era? It doesn't right. So it doesn't matter if it's haram It's haram Zina is haram theft is haram river is haram. So do not cross the line and violate this Muhammad. And the last one is called was Socrata and Ashara metallicum. Right nscn And Allah subhana wa Taala remains silent like he did not legislate any law for this the law the law is silent in these areas. He says Ramadan become higher and Sen not out of forgetfulness, but out of mercy, because Allah subhanaw says in the Quran about himself one by one Makana rabuka NESEA you Lord never forgets. Nothing is out of forgetfulness. When come to the Lord everything is calculated. According

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to Shane and xenophobic addresses pinata everything we revealed with a measure was calculated very well. He says called Veyron Xian Rama to become our mercy for you fell out of Atlanta, don't keep digging on these things. Now, some people might say wait a minute, I mean, so that means that hamdulillah I'm free from asking the sheikh what's her haram mantra until I get there? No the answer to this No, that's not what I meant. That was during the time of the Prophet salaallah Salah in particular during the time of the prophets of Allah Salah especially at the time of legislation when that when the cam was still being revealed to the extent that the proper profits are somebody

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mentioned in

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the beginning of the Hadith mobilizers call in they're gonna say in a short run nurse

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but he talks about the one of the worst thing to do. Someone asked Cartomancer lunch and Usha Mansa, Ranchi, malaria haram things will not met haram yet, or Allah did not even talk about them. Call for her Emily hdms editor

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like the horse people are those who start digging and investigating about things that will not haram and then Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals to hurry because of the question.

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So in other words, people these are the things that ALLAH SubhanA says about them and the Quran Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu let us Alon Asha in tubular canta Zuko don't ask about things if they were to be revealed to you. It will harm you that you will be hurt by that. So that was the time of the Prophet Salah Salem when the legislation was still active. Now our didn't have the last complete allele Matlock multilocus clinical Allah sponsored the day the Dean has been completed for you perfected for you. What are the local Muslim Medina I'm pleased with Islam as it presented to Hollis. The dean is perfect and completed Hamdulillah bryman today, so it's your duty and my duty to

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ask so we can learn. We need to learn our limits. We need to know how to practice our deen perfectly but these matters were at the time of the Prophet Salatu was Salam Ali, so no one can compensate. So I have to be okay if if I don't know that it's halal or haram I should still be doing it right? No, that's not the case. You should actually learn what is right and what is wrong. And what is haram and what is halal May Allah subhana wa Tameka, some of those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of the job alanine and those who will say it will see that what is right and follow it and that which is wrong and stay away from it Wallah with Alana, any question in your mind?

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Okay, I guess everybody wants to live before the storm

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during the time of the Prophet Salla Salah no hamdulillah during the time of the Prophet says nothing was made difficult because someone asked that was when Israel because the Prophet SAW Selim he stopped the Sahaba from this Messiah. He's not allowed them to ask this question on a Colombo 100 I should or not assertive like sound control can

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go on before that energy my eldest Mila,