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Do you want to know?

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Everybody watch the show.

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. You're watching the deen show. We're here every week, same time, same channel. And if you don't see us on the TV, you can watch all of our shows at the deen, show calm, you can also go there to see

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more speakers that we've had in the past. But today, the wonderful speaker, our guest, Dr. Mann do is going to be talking about the key, the key to what your car to your garage to your house. No, the key to paradise, when we come back here on the dean show,

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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That maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. So I'll make the console ama, live record, please be on to you. And to you as well, I'm getting very comfortable working with you, I'm gonna need to we've done some shows in the past, and people can go to the Dean's show, you got your own section there. And the lemmya likes, me I like suffers from all of us. I mean, there's a key. And that key fits into somewhere. So we want to talk about this key, it's not to someone's house car, it's the key to paradise. Let's talk about the ship, please. When we talk about key to paradise,

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we really don't talk about a real key. But we talk about the metaphor here that any key that has some teeth in it.

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Without these teeth, it wouldn't open. And here we're talking about opening the key, the opening the door of Paradise, and they get to practice on the top of that is knowledge.

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seeking knowledge.

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So the first key is seeking knowledge, having knowledge. Because if you don't have knowledge about something, you become ignorant, you don't know what's going on. So seeking knowledge, and that's why seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every male or female Muslim. And in fact, it is an obligation on everyone because if you can afford it, yes, you can do it. So with knowledge, you would know what you're doing, you would know what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you without knowledge.

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What can you do? For example, let me give you an example. Can you build a car without knowledge about mechanics without knowledge about electricity without no you cannot not take some effort? It takes some effort you need you need the knowledge before you start practicing. Yeah, so seeking knowledge is very important. Knowing that things, especially this religion is all of it is based on knowledge. farlam and now La la la la, la the last part I was telling Mohammed Arsalan, you should know that there is no god except Almighty Allah. So seeking knowledge and is the first piece of truth that we say, among these qualities that are in the key that will help you open paradise. So

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the first truth is seeking knowledge. And the second, what do what should you know, first

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person in this life? What does he need to know? First, there's a lot of things that are going on in the world. For example, let me tell you that the amount of knowledge that were brought up to humanity in the year 2007, equals the amount of knowledge that was on the earth for the last 5000 years. Knowledge, a lot of information, a lot of data, a lot of knowledge are there, and we need to know so which which type of knowledge that I need to know. Because there's a lot and you have to pick and choose No, there should be priorities and this is done in the first message that was given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the first message it was given to him was read, recite, know about

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what, Miss mirrabooka about your Lord. So now it's a step here. It's not that we're choosing the PhD First, it can be come second, third or fourth. Second it can with it. But the main priority is you should know about you know about the one who gave you life. Yes. And who will give you that? Absolutely. When the Prophet Muhammad Salah Selim, there was a case that a shepherd hit his maid or servant, who was looking after his sheep, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called her

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asked her about the first thing, the first question that the prophet SAW Selim asked her was, where's Allah? So he asked her, not a question of knowledge. So she said, she pointed to this.

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And the prophet SAW Selim from this answer, no, knew that she is a Muslim. And he asked a person to set her free. Yeah. So what I'm saying here is the importance of knowledge here, because you cannot be any person who has value in this life without knowledge. Why? Why is it difficult for a lot of people, you'll see them acquire, even sit through the toughest math classes, the toughest calculus class, and they'll study so hard because they have a vision, they have a vision, they're going to get this degree and then they're going to get this status. But when it comes to getting a person a book, to read about something that should be the most important thing who their Creator is, and what

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he wants from him. This is like kryptonite to somebody. You know, kryptonite, Superman, yeah, makes the strongest man we just find this so difficult. Why? Yes, simply because I would say that their vision is very limited vision, they don't have this broad vision, that even the vision that we Muslims have is given to us by Almighty Allah. He said that direct revision to the maximum God, the maximum world is what for any one is paradise reaching paradise, in order to enjoy all the type of enjoyment that a Lost Planet Allah will provide us in order to see Allah subhana wa, in order to live with forever, not suffering from any type of disease or any type of calamity, we want this type

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of life, they're not seeing that they are not seeing that. just limited to a PhD or evaluation or working in a big job and being a rich person or something or making some achievements in the world. Yes, which is not bad. But it is still a limited version comparison with this big whole picture that Muslim targets. And I think any one of them is is is subject to training. And I mean, we can train, when they know the truth, they start changing. So the Prophet, Allah subhanaw taala directed Mohammed Salah Salem and directed all of us is that your first priority in this life is your Lord, your Creator, you should know the one who gave you everything that you have, you have a brain,

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you've got to be HD because of your brain. It's because Who gave you this brain, it's all mine a lot. You didn't make your brain, you just use it correctly. Right? And then if you use it correctly, there is another way of using using it better. The way to use it better is to know about the one who gave you the sprint in order to thank him. Right in order to tell him that, yes, I am grateful to you, because you endowed me with all these good qualities that I use them in this life. Without them I cannot live without them I cannot compete. So the key that we put in here is the first truth of it is knowledge, seek knowledge. And this knowledge should be linked with the most important knowledge

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which is the last knowing about a lot. That's quite the second thing after seeking knowledge, knowledge of La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad, let's let's elaborate on this law. So there's something here of a negation of something a Muslim would say but before he said that Allah is the one the Lord,

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he would say, he would negate all the gods that are claimed to be gods. He would negate that and say that there is no true God. Because there are many gods. For example, in India, there are 360 million idols people worship that they think they are.

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So everywhere in the world, you find people think that they are gods, this is God, this is God, this is God. So before you say Allah, you should negate that there is not a single other God except almighty. So some examples if you are living during the time now have another messenger say Jesus Peace be absolute, and then say they were worshipping, you know, a Jupiter, Venus, the Greeks and the Romans, they had all these different gods those were negation, they're not good today, we don't have those gods. Let's say someone doesn't visualize that give us some practical example how money your status Java, Can people think that you talk about it? Yes. For example, people their own it is

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their own. These people love themselves so much to the degree that they think that they are gods. And the Quran said something about that item and data Allahu Allah. Have you seen the person who have seen his desires who have taken his desire as his own God? That means that he is following his desires as well. I think my opinion is that your opinion is better than the idea. So forget about what God said. It's me. I find a lot of you made yourself a God of

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Ah, you did that. Yeah, we did, that they're making himself something else.

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above other human beings. Yeah, this is of course one of the diseases that people have and they need to refocus their attention to rethink of the passage that they are going through. With that, let's take a break, shake, and we'll be back here, God willing on the deen show. No speech is better then to do that with capital to Allah and to do that we're no speeches better? No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person and Allah giving you the ability to guide someone, the last permission, the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it, in another generation, it's better than the best of wealth. But

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if we really felt that he would not be good, I'll give an example. And this is something that we encourage all the MSA all the Dow organizations, the machines to get this we want to print more we give these certain atlases for free for free for free. We want our brothers

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to stand alone.

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am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid.

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Welcome back to The de show we're discussing the key to paradise, we left off with knowledge. And now we're coming to the negation negating any other deity or God, and you left off with desires you making yourself into a garbage or other other examples that people love money so much or people love other desires so much these are types of and people still love, worship idols in different places. So then, this issue is very important knowledge about God. Now we're talking about except who is here, a last panel that

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when we say this, we need to focus on two issues. The most important thing is to guarantee and ensure that the knowledge that you get about God is correct. Because if this knowledge is not correct, it will lead to DVM thinking. It just makes sense. You want to read a biography about someone make sure exactly because if you misunderstand any quality of him, this will lead you to other things. Gotcha. Yeah, for example, a misunderstanding is that when people say that God has a sap which is an according to the Quran, according to our belief, or according to any rational that it's the biggest insult that you make to God when you say that the reason is give us the reason

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about so that we bring it home absolutely many people are having this belief The reason is you downgrade Almighty Allah from the developer level, to the human level. Because this is a quality of creature cloud quality of humans to have charts and animals to right animals and all the creatures there. But it is not the quality of the creation is not the quality of the creator of this creation. Allah subhanaw taala is unique is different from that. So when you insult him by saying that he has a son, this is a biggest insult. Yeah, the reason is that you don't grade him Yeah, and the Quran has many verses about that you making him similar to his creature and there's nothing similar to the

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graphic similarities to on my table nothing is equal to him. Nothing is like him. Yeah, yeah. So knowledge that's why so knowledge you have to be sure that it is authentic.

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100% otherwise it It affects the brain and that's why you find many people if not all the people who became Muslim who were Christians for example, they would say that we never truly believe that God has a son because it just doesn't make sense. Yeah, it doesn't make sense yeah, it doesn't and then this they found the answer in the Quran almost in every is because we when we think about it, we think okay, you know, cats have kittens, dogs have puppies cows have cats what would a God have baby Gods Baby got doesn't make Baby got and and we said What does he look like? And he becomes in the form of a man now you got to describe describe God color was he because if you say that the sun is

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like this. So you imagine that he looks like his father. So now you're given a visual you're giving him something visually Limited is beyond that. You limit when you say that, that he has a son or you give him inequality that human beings have anyone now i think you know what the light bulbs coming on if there's

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so now this is an important issue seeking the knowledge about good which is correct and authentic knowledge. The second one is

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The more you get knowledge about the law, the more you live soundly and safely in this earth, yes.

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Because you would know that he loves you, he is so merciful to you. He is the all knowing he is the all powerful, you know all these aspects of Almighty Allah. So you start knowing him. And this knowing and this knowledge about Allah leads to love, you cannot love something that you are not aware of. If I asked you this question, do you love around Bhutan and Lanka? What do you love?

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could see it in your face? This is this is what are you talking about? These are beautiful fruits. Yeah, but you don't know them. Because you don't have you didn't have any experience with them. They are very beautiful fruits that that grow in Southeast Asia. And because you don't know that you cannot develop this positive relationship with them. But I know them. So I know I love it simply because I know that. So when you know that about las panatela you start developing this attitude of loving Almighty Allah based on the knowledge that you get on him. So how do we get the knowledge out? So we set a negation? Okay, so we want to know that we're negating anything that was in the

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creation was born God is here living with us die. That was not God can never be God. So God is the one who created everything. That is the first part, right? Yeah, let's move on to the second. Okay. The second part that Muhammad is His Messenger, okay, is that same as like, if you were living during the time of Jesus? He was absolutely This is not Moses was the messenger coming to that? Okay. The message at the time of Jesus was La ilaha illAllah. And Jesus is the message same what you just said, negate that affirmation, of course, because getting all false gods, it's impossible that Jesus would give a different message than Moses, then then Abraham, then Mohammed I mixed messages.

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It doesn't make sense. What makes sense is that all those messengers brought the same message from Almighty Allah to their people. Yeah. So now, yeah, and the reason is, you have to witness that, because the information about God that we got, we got through Mohammed, or at the time of Jesus, the the people there got it through Jesus, at the time of Moses, they got it through Moses. So there should be this is the second part of it. There is no God, but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger. So because Mohammed is the one who brought us the knowledge about God, he brought us the Quran. And the Quran is the main source of knowledge about God just like Jesus. If you can elaborate on this,

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he brought revelation, which was the new NGO, NGO, and then Moses bought the Torah, the Torah absolute, so you have to go through them not like them is interested, but to their teachings. Do people get this confused? Yeah, because they break through. Yes, people? Absolutely. Because the revelation came to Jesus and the revelation came to Moses and the revelation came to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, so they knew about Allah subhanaw taala. And they teach us about Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala guaranteed that the knowledge that Jesus had, and Moses had, and Muhammad had all this correct knowledge. But if someone says, You know what, look, I love Jesus so much. I'm just

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going to not worship him. But I'm going to follow his teaching, and they forget about the last and final measure. Those people, most of them because they didn't know about, uh huh. Yeah. So that's why they think that they need to, yes, for example, the people at the time of Moses, right? They followed the footsteps of Moses. And these footsteps stopped when Jesus came, because this escape so this had canceled, I wouldn't say canceled, but at least this revived that so they should follow the people who were living who will fall who were following Moses and Moses died at the time of Jesus they have to follow Jesus Yeah. Right, as a witness that that's it the people who were living at the

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time of Jesus, let me assume that some person who was living at the time of Jesus and then after that Jesus was taken to heaven as we believe Muslims that so he disappeared and after that the message of Mohammed Salah Southern cape we are obliged to follow the message of Mohammed but the problem is a lot of people don't know this issue don't know that. Mohammed Salah Salim is the final messenger and we tell the people where have you ever heard about another messenger after Muhammad? All those people who claim that they are messenger, any average person would be able to discover that you can they like, of course, their credibility, if just look into absolute into their history.

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Yeah. You said something amazing. The more before when we spoke, the more you look into this man's life. Yes, it's simply by looking for trouble. Yeah, of course, if you're looking to spin something trouble, you'll find sure but if you're sincere looking at his life, yeah, you'll come to know that he was indeed a messenger. Absolutely. like like like Jesus at his time. If you look into his life, you would absolutely say that he's a messenger.

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Because he was the best that you weren't the best but some people were spitting on him they were up chasing him out trying to kill him. Everyone in the world has some enemies yeah especially the good ones like like that Jesus and like Moses like the same thing happened. The same thing that happened to to Moses La Silla horrific. Absolutely The same thing is happening to them.

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Even when they are death, yeah.

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When they are dead, even Mohamed Salah Salim is still in his grave, and still people are jealous and have show some hatred to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam simply because they can see the effect of a person in his grave on living people. Yeah. Perhaps you can say this proudly that the Muslims are the one who follow their messenger. This is you would never find any people follow their messenger like the Muslims follow the footsteps of the prophets, Allah so let's take a break. Let's stay we'll continue Okay. We'll be right back Nicola is the main teen. One of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no

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intermediary, the lights will go on after the party, and the party will end. It's very simple and very clear. There are no superstitious rituals, no strange incantations the Time's running out. We might not make it till tomorrow. And this is something that we need to think about. So if you find yourself Your mind is going down, check yourself

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and that's that's how a lot of people are with religion.

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You got some CDs and music in the car, bobbing your head to 50 cents or

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they're not willing to let go of something they know is not working for them.

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Lady Gaga Whoo hoo. And all that other nonsense.

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No, it's not working for them. But they keep hoping that somehow it will come through for them until

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they chew 18 inch biceps. We'll see what happened to me on the deen show.

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Welcome back to the deen show. We're here with Dr. Mohammed man do and we're talking about the key to paradise. So continue on show we just talked about the negation affirmation the teacher who was a teacher, like Jesus, and Moses and Abraham and today we need to get to know the last and final messenger like you said anyone who comes into this and approaches it sincerely will see that he wasn't indeed a messenger absolute set by the Creator because the last panatela selected the best human beings to be the messenger Yeah, for human beings. So Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Muhammad were the best at their time well, because Mohammed Salah Salim is the last messenger. So it is the

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messenger for all human beings. I want you to see the train of

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logic here. When we talk about the key with all these teeth, and the first tooth is seeking knowledge. And the most important knowledge is is about Almighty Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Yeah. And then that God has messengers and we witness that Muhammad is a messenger. And they were talking about now the love of Allah, you know, the more you know about a lot, the more you love him.

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And again, okay, so this is the third or fourth key here for truth. What comes after that, if you love Allah, what is required from you, this love should be translated into action. and here if it doesn't translate into action, it's a fake love.

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It's not a true love. If you want to show that you love someone, right? You obey Him. Yeah, you obey Him. For example, if your wife asks you to bring hair a green skirt, and you travel and come back with a black skirt, you wouldn't you are not pleasing you. If you want to please Here you please here with what she wants from you. Yeah, not not according to you. This is exactly the essence of how budimir Yeah, do you want to worship Allah, you worship Allah, according to the way he wants you to worship or if your mother says, Son, go get me so he's in the grocery store, you just kiss her and say go get it yourself.

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So love should be translated into action. And this action is submission or obedience. Once you understood about Allah, with all these attributes, Beautiful Names of Allah subhanaw taala you need to translate this into love. So now I love him because of his mercy. I'm ready to do what you want me to do. What How do people love each other? I love him because of his beauty. Yes, is the most beautiful thing in this universe. Right? Anyway, so after that

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You love him you need to translate this into obedience into submission.

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The word obedience and submission, this is the essence. Or this is exactly the same meaning of Islam. You become a Muslim you surrender yourself. You submit yourself to the will of Allah. Oh Allah, what do you want from me?

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Whatever you want from me I am willing to do I'm here I'm here service and I'm your servant. Tell me what to do now. It's 12 o'clock it's the time of noon prayer. Let me get ready for the prayer this I mean it's for some people it's hard to get to the state but we see it every day the man will come honey whenever you want. Or the woman say I'll do anything for my boss. Yes master. Yes sir. Yes sir. And he brings his coffee sir. Whatever you eat, what can I do for you? What can I do if we should have this? This this enthusiasm for the one who gave us absolutely more than you? That's what we do. Yeah, Allah subhanaw taala wants us to pray at six o'clock in the morning we pray at two

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o'clock in the morning. Allah subhanaw taala wants us to fast in Ramadan, we fast in Ramadan, we just full submission to him. Because this submission is a translation of the love that we have. He doesn't need these prayers. Of course he doesn't need that this is far better developed this is for this is how to be good person. Because when we follow the commands of Allah subhanaw taala through the manual that he sent us which is the Holy Quran, we are doing the things that teach us how to deal with the Quran and how to deal with the people around you how to deal with your parents how to deal with your husband, how much money for example, if you die the inherited inheritance should go

00:26:42--> 00:26:56

to the child whether he is a male or a female, how much money should be given to your parents after you got how much every aspect of life every detail every detail is a demand you get in and you in the car and okay tells you how to advance

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without this manual and you don't have knowledge you can not try it. Yeah, so this is exactly what we need. We need this detailed manual, which is the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu Salah, which he gives us the tips how to act in this life. And again and again again. So you see now some few teeth

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that are in this to that open paradise. It's seeking knowledge about Almighty Allah, knowing that there is no deity to be worshipped, followed or obeyed except Almighty Allah, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala had messenger and the last messenger was Muhammad peace be upon him, you when you know Allah subhana wa Taala you need to after that the natural response when you know all these qualities about Almighty Allah, you love him. And after that this love should be translated into obedience. And this obedience, and this submission is the essence of this great religion. Islam. Thank you very much like a lot, Ohio. God will and we'll see you again on a nation. Thank you. And

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if you liked what the chef Dr. Mundo had to present here today, he has his own section. We've done some more shows with him. At the deen, show calm, you can read a little bit more about him and the key to paradise, first and negation. You're not God. I'm not God. Jesus is not God. Jesus prayed to God, Mohammed prayed to God, Moses, all the messengers, they prayed to God, don't be a slave, to society into the fashion and to everything out there, be a slave be committed to pleasing the one who created you. So all these false deities, all these false ideas, brace this from your head from your system, as the one who created you, who gave you life and give you death to make things clear

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to guide you. He's the most loving, he's the most merciful, and he knows what's best for you and he wants what's best for you. Come back here every week to the deen show. We'll see you next time God willing, I sent only no speeches better than to do that call people to Allah and to do there were no speeches better No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person on the Hello giving you the ability to guide someone, the last permission the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it in another nation is better than the best of world but if we really felt that he would we would not be giving out giving

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and this is something that we encourage all the MSA all the dollar organizations must shift to get this we want to create more we give these to the non misses for free for free for free Warner Brothers in

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deeds comb eats les Avi bye everybody sleep in

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and ask a lot of thinking may or may not

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You see Oh no. Oh my sins I do a turn to you to begin. Cinema

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runs away

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guy me