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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the lighting and shades in Jana and Johanna, with emphasis on the heat and temperature in relation to the shade. The tree is a difficult to cover and study, while the sun is mentioned as a potential shade. The "arthing in J" concept is discussed, with a focus on the heat and temperature and potential for "arthing in J" to be a "arthing in J" concept. The segment ends with a request for investment in a resort in Jana.
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Salam Alaikum salam

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Alhamdulillah Bella Amin Salallahu Salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad Ali salam to Sleeman Kathira my my bad do you guys remember last time today we talked about the reward for the pupil Jana about their homes right one of this was beautiful nice beautiful pearl as a as their tent tonight Mama Mama another hammer lol Darla he speaks about the trees of agenda and the shoot of agenda in this hadith Hadith number 1886 to the other side of Tala one herbicide and Kadri Rhodiola one one and the BSL Allah to Seminole call.

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In FL Jannetty Luscher Jonathan Jezero rakibul elgiva del Mar Madame Mara Surya, me at a Senate in Maya Taha motiva Canary again this hadith Abishai the holder of the law on your own called NFL Jannetty la Sharjah rotten, your zero rocky will Jawad al Modan, Mara Surya, me at a Senate in my October Amitava, con la and this hadith beside the Hydra de la Anwar the Afghan there is a tree in Jannah. That is so huge, like it's so massive, the branches are so wide and so huge. It says that, it is so huge that if a rider of a swift horse like a racehorse and Madonna, those are the Arabian stallion that are prepared for racing, like when it goes, it goes really swiftly, soon. And so

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quickly, he says that, that if a rider of a swift horse has to cover its distance from one end to another end, it will take him 100 years, and he won't be able to do so. Like imagine that horse constantly for 100 years running from end to end will be sufficient to go across that tree.

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Now again, in in the dementia, this dunya for us it just like I tried to comprehend that I just like wait a minute, how does that look like as your mom? I mean, how big is that? What kind of tree is this? Right? Remember the biggest tree you've ever seen and you had to take a picture with it because you couldn't believe it exists. No matter how big that tree is nothing like that in Jannah it's bigger. The biggest reason I don't know about you guys, but if anyone ever went to California, more words, have you been to my words.

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These trees are massive. Literally, it requires number of people to circle their arms all together so they can circle that tree.

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And you go up you keep going all the way up. You could barely see it the tip of that tree. Now massive how big that tree is in Hana. But when it comes to the branches, they're not as wide and here the prophesies I'm describing these trees has you know branch to the extending all the way now there's another narration paid everywhere answer Bukhari Muslim as well called a zero rocky will feel Lindley ha me at a Senate in Maya tower that specific not the tree itself the shade of the tree extends for 100 year running all the way to the end and you're not be able to cover that distance. So this is one of the examples again in the material world of this dunya we can't really comprehend

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that no matter how much we try

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she's like a difficult to comprehend that a Jamar how big that the tree looks like besides our our finite you know nature as human beings we just like why do we even need this big tree anywhere else?

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I mean, if you're gonna bring the whole humanity today, they will fit under that tree right? So you can imagine how big Jenner is.

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If a tree like this could fit the entire population of the mankind today under that shade of one tree can you imagine how big the tree is? Also agenda itself? Salas pines is about janma out of the summer what what what would you between the heavens on there? But now we will talk about shade. We talk about shade and Jana.

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A question? What kind of shade is that?

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What kind of shade is that? Then Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in surah in Santa la semana says God, lie around a few Hashem sin. What as I'm harira that they're not gonna see any shrimps, no shrimps, no them hurry. Zambia somewhat is I'm headed Exactly.

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Xiomara is actually is the freezing cold weather

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so the freezing cold weather in Jana and Johanna so Alaska has about two people of Jana they want see the heat of the sun, they want see the cold weather which means the climate is going to be what? always perfect. Okay, so where are the shade is going to come from?

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If there is no sun, where is the shade is going to come from Don't you need light so that you can reflect that so the shade will extend as a result of that.

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That has now that these are the dimensions of Jenna.

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The physics of this world does not work the same way in Jana. So some of the Allama they say because Allah also said them Jana, what will

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minimum dude they have an extended shade all the time like around there it's always Marshall nice beautiful shady you know nice beautiful shade in Jana for us. So there's some of them they say well there is no sun in Jana that's true because there is no need for that heat to come instead that light that resembles the early morning light before the sunrises you don't want before the sunrise window it's bright and there is light there isn't much shade you could say the hill because we shadow but that's kind of like environment is pleasant. Allah subhanaw taala describing also in Surah Raman different types of shade and generate call muda harmattan the trees of the branches are

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connected. The other one is says panna cotta, Anna diwata have none. There are just spreading the branches all over which means there is a different type of shade. So there is definitely the reward for that it could be for the pleasure of the eyes and the sight. And I don't know how many of you guys have driven in a road or you walk in the road where trees are covering like a canopy you know, over the road. And somehow during the day, the beautiful light comes through the branches and the leaves kind of like like literally as if it's twinkling stars really. Whereas if it's so it's water somehow that's gonna kind of like moving right and for me on that road. I've seen a lot especially

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in Bosnia, mashallah there was a specific road, we always wouldn't want to drive. We had to drive towards that neighborhood and that area. So the trees are little agenda. Every time I go there, I just sometimes I just go to drive just to remember the ayat, the other half knock on wood, Hamilton, and just so beautiful during the summer to the spring after that the leaves fall and just all the branches come out to Panama. So these are kind of different descriptions of the province. I mentioned about the trees over Jana there is more obviously, on how it looks like but something that was not mentioned here about the trees of agenda, the further believers ALLAH SubhanA dimension for

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a sort of ramen, about tufa Danya the fruits, the grapes, all that stuff that you find on the trees he said, Danny what does that mean? Means you as Sharla Mala mica some of the people that will Jana, when you're mashallah, resting on the couches and the thrones of agenda, you look up you see a fruit on the tree. You don't have to go on climate to go get it you have to bring a ladder to go out there are like we used to do when we were kids throwing our shoes at it. There is no such thing in Jannah just the desire just desiring that thing will come it's come to you that the whole branch leads down to you so you can pick that one enjoy it.

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Imagine this is your mom

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you said wow, that's

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that's literally I do nothing that agenda. Alright, well, it's all about enjoying your time and Jenna, you earned it. This is when you go on you relax, it sounds like a constant living in a resort. But that's a Divine One differ from this world. So if you guys would like to invest, invest in this kind of you know, resort, this kind of living, not the living of this dunya Allah Subhana watermakers from the people will generally mean and give us the ability to see that tree ALLAH ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to make us among those who will enjoy the shade of agenda Ramadan. Allahu Donna and a question questions.

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Very good point when I say 100 years that horse is going to 100 years distance 100 years of the counting days of dunya there is of the Accra

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I mean the use of dunya enough to be very big on Imagine if it's 50,000 years per day of our Subhanallah will be actually definitely way bigger than what you can ever imagine. But Allah Allah now

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is going to get

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that is the truth of the people of Johanna Sokka was people of gentlemen leave us from the view of Jana Marina.

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True through the province, as I mentioned about the size of humans in the ACA in comparison to the size of the humans in dunya. The size is different like the tooth of a person from Johanna me just like the mountain of Adana, this how big the tooth is. So imagine having that individualism Allah

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so much space, so much pleasure.

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Take it away need to have a bigger, bigger belly Johnny. in Jannah Allah Allah whatever Jana is sweet and beautiful, just make sure to be there. While

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A lot of

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phonic alone behind the Estrella does every bit of extra money come to love

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