Yaser Birjas – The Virtue And Blessings Of Arafa

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is highlighted, including the implementation of Islam as a celebration of the upcoming birthday of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying in the same place all the time and finding everyone to engage in the day to day. The segment also touches on hedge and hedge against hedge attacks, emphasizing the need to stay in the same place all the time and engage in the day to day.
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Come word mum to Allah criminality. What are the total communist la Medina? Allah subhanaw taala says, this is Ali Omar. Abdullah come didn't come today I have completed your deen for you in your religion. What mom to Allah calamity and I perfected my nema. That is my blessing I bestowed upon you. What are the Tula Komodos la Medina and I'm pleased with Islam as being presented for you. Meaning Allah subhana wa Taala he endorses the presentation of Islam as it was delivered to us through the prophet muhammad sallallahu wasallam as being true, beings complete and Allah is pleased and satisfied with

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so that it was revealed when the Prophet Salah Salem was on Arafa. During the time of America, Pavarotti allowed Ramada, a Jewish man came to me because you know you Muslims have an ayah in the Quran. If this was revealed for us, the Jewish community would have done with made that their celebration day he asked him Which are you referring to? So he gave him this idea? He said, Well, I know when it was revealed, is what was given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was in his hedge on Arafa, which is one of the blessings of course there is Yanni and definitely that's in Mike obviously. So it's in the blessed place and haram of Makkah, which is an out of area. And then he

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said it was of course on that very blessed day, the night of the hedger. When the prophets Allah Sam was given his his final, final sermon, and also final had Salawat Allah wa salam. So it's a blessing on a blessing, a celebration of another celebration. So what are the 100 you want to do? So the hijab right now as you can see, the Haram is empty, because all of them were camping in Mina the night before the day before, and then they pray Fajr if they were still there, they pray Fudger in the camp in Mina, and then they start marching towards Zarafa. Now, back in the days when the numbers were small, the Sunnah is that they wait outside of the boundaries of Arafa until the whole

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time, then they pray longer an answer to raka raka gem, and casa. And then they go into the camp. And that's when they spend out of her from the whole time all the way until sunset. Nowadays, because the numbers are mashallah massive. Not everybody actually spends the night in or day after we are in Mina, many people there already an hour of us, it probably they're spending two days in alpha, just to kind of make it easy for many people in terms of transportation. So but those who stayed in Manor for that day, they moved to Ottawa, after in the morning, and then they they attend hook, but a Joomla over there. So it didn't put the energy market but that actually Arafa on there.

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The son of the Prophet saw somebody do it right before he prays a lot of Dover unslotted Also, and then he pray US dollar and acid to rock and to raka combined. And then he would enter the camp of Arafah Salawat ally, what's the remedy? Now in today where the Prophet SAW Allah sellin camped, there's a huge massive Masjid over there and if you've been to that area, but that measure is called Masjid Namira Masjid Namira it's a massive, you know, compound reads a big method. However, only, not even not even one quarter, the back quarter almost of the magic is the only space in the entire magic that is actually considered part of the boundaries of out of itself. The front part wasn't why

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because that's where the prophet says I'm supposed to be camped. And that's what the Prophet says him he prayed, let us Allah and then he entered into our of our area. So if anyone wants to spend, you know, their days in alpha, and they would like to be measured Namira you should be all the way in the back.

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Otherwise, if you go into the front, you will be outside of the boundaries of Arafah and as a result, you might invalidate your hygiene we spend the whole day with it. However, some of the aroma nowadays and locals over there they say even if you send the message anywhere, it's okay. I think they're making this as a concession because of the space of out of itself is not cannot accommodate all these huge numbers right now. So they're gonna expand in the boundaries to make it convenient for the people. I remember Hamdulillah I spent two of the Hajj that I went to in Morocco and most of them are actually although in the back mashallah, however, even though it's a masjid, but many of

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the hijab who come to Han Allah they have no clue when

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they come they just want to do their duty and they live so therefore they don't even recognize that this is a measured alarm Stan, like one of those times we're sitting there making our liquor Devadatta and then you just smell smoke

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I'm just like, what is coming from Jim I thought I was just gonna like a Yanni dream we go and then we look around and then there's this guy smoking just kind of like hiding a cigarette in the nursery then masala and I'm like, Yeah, gala DK Masjid. This is magic. Don't use magic. It just ridiculous. And some other people that are making Yanni withdraws.

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Like in the back, I have people that are singing gods with Aretha and it's weird. So still, it is it's a it's a huge opportunity to meet people from different cultures, different communities.

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Staying in the same place all these all these hours and all these days are handled on environment. So the sooner and Arafah the people is to spend all day in a bed on time as much as they can. Are they allowed to sit down? Are they allowed to, to lay down? Are they allowed to sleep? Yes. It's not like you have to be standing all that day and you don't even have to stand as a matter of fact, you're going to sit down to make your draw on your ticket. Are you allowed to read Quran make this be any form of Ayurveda? Can you pray if you want to, but it's better to engage in the honesty of far seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Are you allowed to chat and talk? Yes. Are you allowed to work on your laptop if you work remotely? For example? Of course you can Allah's permission, the Quran college Alaikum Johanna Abdullah, Abdullah, Morocco, it's okay. There's no harm on you to seek from Allah subhanaw taala as blesses did you do that day.

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So it's okay to do. However,

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of course, if you engage in anything outside of the Avada, that is definitely is going to affect the quality of your reward. So make sure that you engage in the bed as much as possible, and you stay there, they will stay there in Arafa until the sun goes down. Now, some people the rush before that, because again, of the the numbers and the kind of you know, demographics, older people, people with disabilities, for example, they rushed him earlier, but it's better to stay until the sun goes down. And then you start going out on your retinas deliver Subhanallah, one of the most beautiful sights of ever go to * walk in that that area, instead of riding the bus. It is just one of the most

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beautiful sights that you can ever imagine actually,

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people, pedestrian highways coming from all over the area, just like veins really are just like streams. So they start kind of trickling in from smaller ones to bigger ones, smaller ones to bigger ones all the way until they become one big highway.

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And subhanAllah you just go overpass and just stand on that that bridge. And you look at the people from the bank, look at the people in the front panel on endless like like a river and completed to the end. You can't see the end of its panel. It's beautiful. And the beautiful thing is that all these people regardless of their nationality, regardless of their background, regardless where they came from, or socioeconomic status, they're all at that moment are unified in language. They all have that moment speaking Arabic chanting the exact same phrase. Love bake Allah Mala Baker Baker luxury cola cola bake in Alhambra, when Mr. de la CalMac luxury, they all saying that our Lord, here

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we are in the service, our Lord, You noticed pile up again, they all chanting the exact same phrase. And the beautiful sweet thing is that you can tell people from which country based on the melody

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because everybody would have their own ways of pronouncing it. So here we go, oh, this is from Turkey, or this must be African. This one, you know Pakistani, this one. Everybody has their own way of pronouncing it Subhanallah and singing it. But still is the exact same phrase the exact same language, unifying the whole ummah. In such a moment, you know, over the purpose, they're all heading to the same direction, their appearance, you can tell the difference, Hala and then the tongue they all present their Lord subhanho wa taala. And their direction is going towards most deliver. That's when they camp for the night. The rest for that night pray Maghrib inertia. And then

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for the following day at Fudger. They wake up in Machado haram and Minar they pray Fajr and then they start autorizados telefax. And then they move into Antonina to start the day of hydrogel Alta IoT they have a number that has all the rebar that we're going to talk about tomorrow shallow terracotta and now regarding those who are not going for hedge like ourselves over here, what how am I going to benefit from this day? handler bank robbers are the lottery motto report the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam says,

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Man, some Arafa whoever first the Day of Arafah Allah subhanaw taala for two years, the sins of two years. Senator Carr beloved module, like sins of two years will be erased or at least be overlooked and forgiven. If you make commitment to fast this day. Now I know you might say wait a minute, we're in Texas. Can we be exempt? Because it's temporary is going to be 107108. Furthermore, right?

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Abraham Allah he says, Look, I mean, if the more the more hardship you endure in the process of making the Rebbe on top, the more rewards you will receive. Now that doesn't mean to expose yourself to hardships doesn't mean to go and stand in the sun to say hamdulillah more reward inshallah. I doubt it. You're probably going to break her fast a few seconds. But the idea is that if you had if you had to go through some circumstances, that makes the fast of that so hard difficult for you and you still enjoy the fast and you reward and shallow tasks.

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To be able to even maximize profits or some Tada I show the love that Anna college Rukia Allah Cadena sabaki you get reward as much as hardship you endure. So if you do consistent with that, just don't complain about it. So if I see you tomorrow, and I say how are you doing today? Don't think I can do better. Okay, no, don't say Sal hamdulillah I'm enjoying it. Right?

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Don't complain about it. Just do your environment, sha Allah Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of your beliefs regarding that it could be right so that could be a lot of late or the spirit of the ledger. It began since the beginning of the month. So you do your tech right while you walk in going home and Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah Allah Allah Allah you keep doing it as you regularly This is called Jakobi remotelock meaning overall tetrapyrrole throughout the season, and we will continue with this until even actually three days after a shallow However, at the quieren mocha yet that exclusive tech be right there is usually done

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in the massage it begins tomorrow after fajr salon shallow tan so after fajr which is the Arafah that's when begin that we rot and after the her after answer after maghrib Russia all the way until the last day of aim at tertiary in shallow tobacco data that will be actually the 13th of the hedger the last time you will do that be right in the middle will be after certain answer. But you have to continue at home and for yourself until Marittima shallot Allah may Allah still accept from you, your tannery, but they are Bananaman make sure to plan the first tomorrow.

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It's a very valuable opportunity. And it happens once a year at Yo Ma so make sure to dedicate that day fast and inshallah that if you say well my work is difficult. My work is so hard, take it off, take that day off him for the sake of fast and the offer I will I will sacrifice that day. It's very important very valuable. So may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for all of you and accept from your results Monica any questions?

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Started the more after fajr inshallah.

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Because it was doing the impossible, same melody same, that's fine. Even if they fall into one sink that shouldn't be okay. And you don't have to resist that. Allah

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though arpha What is the best dhikr during the Arafa any form of decors good, but the most important thing really is seeking forgiveness. Because that's the day when Allah subhanaw taala as a promise, as I mentioned, will overlook his creation and see that we will not have any Ibrahima ICO. He will brag about his creation to the angels. And now what they're asking they're asking for forgiveness should oh come on over to the home. Be my witness. I have forgiven them all their sins. Wala

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