Asim Khan – 9th Dhul Hijjah. The MOST important day in the Islamic Calendar!

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of participating in a special event, specifically the Han shoulder holiday, which is the largest holiday in Islam. They suggest ways to participate, including fasting on the day, taking aseon, or exploring the attraction. The event is organized in partnership with the Han shoulder community.
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Arrow movie. Let me show you one of YG may be similar. You're watching Ernie overwash Are you? Well, pharyngeal while I early narshall was chef everyone water? Allah the Almighty, He swears by so many things in this Surah Surah Al Fajr. The first one, Allah says, and I swear by daybreak,

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while I add in Azure and I swear by the 10 Nights, which are referring to these 10 Blessing days as an hedger, and then he says, and I swear by the even, and the odd, which many scholars say, actually first to the ninth of Elijah, were this day is said to be the best day of all the 10 days and it is the day of Arafah And subhanAllah. For those people that didn't get to go on hajj I know many planned and intended and yet they were not able to, and maybe we are watching the scenes of Hajj and the auspicious event that is taking place and thinking Subhanallah those people are so blessed, that is true, they are blessed. But Allah has given us a way to also partake in that momentous occasion.

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And that is by allowing us special deeds that we can do on the night of the hedger. So my advice to myself and to all of you is, think about how you can partake in Hajj through doing good deeds such as what such as fasting on the day of the ninth which is going to grant us expiation and forgiveness for our sins, but also more than just fasting. In the day, find pockets of time that you can sit down, think about Allah the Almighty, think about your past and repent to Allah from the things that we have done that we regret, make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, spend some time reading Quran, maybe go to the masjid and spend some time making vicar remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and in this

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way in sha Allah, we will also be included in those who have been blessed in these special days to Zaku Allah halen Baraka Luffy come

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