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Islamic Muslim contributions to the world Vs ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with Historian Halil Demir

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But what happens if you now erase because some people want to just get rid of Muslims? So let's say they can have their way. And they go back in a time machine what would happen if they erase those Muslims that came up with those concepts at that time? What would happen now? And then we fast forward today? Yes. What would we lose? No, I don't think we'd have the iPads, anything that what would happen. Let's take the facts. So ozpin Empire was a Muslim Muslim state, given the freedom to everyone, all the citizen, right? treating them equal, have Ottoman Empire not done that. How is it possible for a Muslim Empire to stay in Balkan for 600 years, but the Hitler as a Christian couldn't

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stay six years? It's like, when did you think that you had no purpose?

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Are you worthless?

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The value comes from purpose.

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Assalamu alaikum. Welcome back to the deen show. And we have executive director, historian Khalid al dimir. How are you so many cool.

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Thank you for being with us here on the D Show. I'm honored to be here. Thank you. Thank you. So we're here in Ramadan. And I'm very honored to have someone with your expertise. You've been studying history now for how long?

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I lost the count of the years. I didn't know for a very long time. So you, we can ask you anything regarding you know, Islamic civilization. And that's something that we get hit with a lot. Well, let's start with this. The Prophet Ibrahim Elisa Abraham, yes. Who Allah says in the Quran, he wasn't a Jew or a Christian, but he was one who submitted himself to the almighty to God. And that's what a Muslim is right? Yes, you are actually. Where was he born? He was born in city of orpha. year from there.

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Yeah, tell us about that.

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So horrifies very historical cities such as through Turkey between between Syria and Turkey, very closer to Iraqi border. As you know, Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was born, according to Torah, in city of your of caldon. So caldon is the it is a Mesopotamia, and that is an upper Mesopotamia.

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And Ibrahim Alayhi Salam has has the

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city of Huron, that's where Abraham at a Salomon Brothers, the city named after his brother. So Heron still exists today. Yeah. And the second Crusaders when they were in wading the land of the land of the Muslims.

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The first Crusader went to Jerusalem. But the second Crusader went to harangue went to alpha, the reason would for was very important for the for the religious person,

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purpose, and city or for what we're seeing as a holy city, you know, a very religious center. So when we take Ibrahim alayhis, salam, Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam journey, so according to Torah, Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam used to live in city of of keldon. So some some assumption by the late historians, that he was Institute of Iraq. And if he was living in city of all of Iraq, then Ibrahim Alayhi Salam doesn't need to go all the way to up in a very dangerous road, and then turn left, go all the way to southern Turkey, and then leave there for a very long time and then go down to Palestine. rather he will cross the road go directly from Iraq to Syria and and Palestine. So geographically

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that is, doesn't make sense. One two, a primary Salam E for for people to be named the city named after you, you have to be living in that city very long time. So, Harun was named after his his, you know, his older brother and his father's Tara's grave is still in Huron today you can you can visit now, his nephew search died there and city of search named after him all these are there, you know, we can we can witness also Ibrahim Ali Salaam was thrown into fire Institute of alpha and the heart of alpha there is a lake huge lake 1000s and 100 1000s of fishes in this lake. So the Oral History tells us that Abraham Solomon thrown into fire, that lake the fire become become water and then

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branches become Fishers and exist today in olfa. You know, when we visit the city in heart of city and people don't touch this this fishes. So we know from the oral history that

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fishes has something to do with Abraham Ali salam, definitely they don't call it this. They change the name of the city now, right? Well, this they call Shawn the orpha. The Turkish, Madame toshiki history reason is that

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the after first world war or along with the Mirage and goes down to the border Syrian border was occupied by France, and the people of Darfur revolted. And then actually forced the French and the occupation due to these heroic struggle of without military, the civilians, the

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Turkish Government, modern Turkish Government named Shan Li means, you know, unreal, yeah. We often hear because, as you know, the islamophobe big industry is huge. And one of the talking points that they like to use a lot of times is they try to make Muslims out to be like backwards. Like they haven't contributed anything to human civilization. How true is that point? That's, that's, that's nonsense. So it's really nonsense. First of all, you know, the clash of civilizations is nonsense, the civilization don't clash, civilization actually been

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built over each other, contributed, calibrated and strengthen the civilization is the the belong the whole, whole whole humanity. So what we should say, sugar is coming from the Chinese civilization. So without sugar, we wouldn't have probably any of this coffee tea even though we faced the problem. But right now, we wouldn't have it. Maybe we wouldn't have the diabetes and all these things.

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Or the popular is the paper is coming from the civilization of the Egyptian civilization. So we thought that civilization we wouldn't have paper, or many, many medical things that we talked about today, all are coming from the Samaritan civilization. So Babylonian civilization, the Constitution, that written constitution coming from Babylonians, civilization. So civilization that is no clash of civilization, that is collaboration and building on each other. Rather, as civilization doesn't clash, it rather calibrate in that Islamic Islamic civilization and contribution of Islamic civilization. undeniable, so many scholars in in medieval times, went and studied in University of

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Maryland, University of bounded Damascus, and learn and when we look at, in fact, every philosopher you wouldn't, we wouldn't believe it very interesting. But in Muslim Islamic civilization, the teaching was so liberal, was so open. And in the madrasahs, in the universities, they were, at haste actually denying that God exists while discussing with the Muslim scholars, and they were still able to study in these universities. So that's the civilization built and supported. And whatever the western civilization, I mean, in fact, also, all the Greek civilization, the Greek philosophers were translated by the Muslims, and then translated from Arabic into European languages. So Europe

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actually learn about the Greek civilization and Greek philosophers through the Muslims and their translations. And that is undeniable. It's very, you know, the very

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acknowledge that every every learn man in Europe knows that. I like what you said. Okay. So because they tried to put out their class of civilization, so right from that title, you're separating? Yes, sir. You're separating human beings. But you're you're saying right now it was a collaboration, so different civilizations, they added, and from there others, they added, and now we come to what we have today. But what are some of the top things that come to your mind that the Muslim civilization that they let's say, the top three, four or five things that come to mind that people are still benefiting from today? Oh, it's very simple, you know, the

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chemistry, the chemistry, yes, sir. Geometry? Yes. If someone says how was that simple, when you know any, any one if have this this question, very simple. Look, take any book, History of Science study history of science is very, very clearly and go, every history of science book will have a section of Islamic civilization. You can look at it and you will see what the contribution of the Muslims are in the you know, the civilization of the beyond. Beyond that, let's go to the back if you so we already covered one we got the math science, you got chemistry, geometry, so math. Yes. So the the algebra is algebra Yes, it's coming coming. The name algebra itself is coming in Java man

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haiyang. The name is coming from, you know, the the

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person who actually created that. So is this historically substantiated that what Muslims came up with these sort of mathematics concepts?

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As I said, just take one of these these history of science book and you will see that so what happens if you now erase because some people want to just get rid of Muslims so let's say they can have their way and they go back in a time machine what would happen if they erased those Muslims that came up with those concepts at that time? What would happen now and then we fast forward today? Yes. What would we be losing? I don't think we'd have the ISOs anything that what would happen you telling me a world without Islam right, I would with with

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with just these few things. Yes. So

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we have to go little back. Go back to history of the monetarism so the monitors the culture the monitor monotheistic civilization, is that said comes from city of olfa is a middle Middle Eastern Middle Eastern

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thought. So start with Iran. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam all three monotheistic religion believe the message he brought, you know the the monotheistic talks, right. So, look at the civilizations in the world, that are affected by these three religion. So all goes back to the monotheistic civilization, and that itself is coming from coming from Middle East itself is is basically a culture is a Middle Eastern culture where the Muslims are Muslim are majority today. So therefore, I'm denying even when you deny everything, but the three books that the civilization the monotheistic civilization that brought to mankind has changed the history of mankind once and for all. So you can deny one part of

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it you can deny but other parts of it but the civilization monotheistic civilization, today's affected whole world, no one can deny that so Islam is part of that monotheistic monotheistic culture. And Islam has been you know, shaping and contributing and building

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last almost 2400 years yeah, okay. And brought brought so many changes to the, to the history of mankind, human beings benefit from that. And try to deny that Islam wouldn't exist in a world without Islam. First of all a woman will that will not be possible. But even when you have a dream like that, itself, you have to take big portion of the whatever you call Christian civilization, and you have to throw into into the lake or into the ocean to get rid of the Islamic civilization because undeniable has affected from the art, art, the architecture, everything else that you can imagine. undeniable is orient origin. Give us please a couple more. So we covered geometry, the math

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to algebra, what are the couple things come to me, okay, I think history. So history and sociology, developed by by Eben Haldane. So until evening, how Don't we have history as someone never heard this name? Who is Who is he? Oh, okay. Even Haldane is a historian and philosopher. And he was born in Duluth. And then he moved to Spain, Spain today, Spain, he was born then born there. And then he moved, and Lera he become kadhi in Egypt. And he died in Egypt. He became a judge in Egypt. He was yes, I called him he was a top judge, actually. And he was a statement. He was a statement. He was you know, as a diplomat, he was sent to meet a timer, when he was coming over the over the, over the

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land of the Turks have been left out of an empire in Anatolia, he met them. And, in fact, timer has invited him to come come with him. So he until we reach even how do we have all the chronology. So we'll write says, In this year, this king that did that, and this until immunocal, don't even call don't come see. He says, This is not history. And we have to, we have to look at before and after, we have to look at every aspect of throw and reasons why this happened. In order for us to understand and maybe not repeat, if we're going to repeat think twice before before we make sense take so that become history, same thing, sociology, until even Haldane was the first one ever

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thought, he that every interaction human interaction follows a pattern. So he his famous circle theory, circle theory says, then the civilization will come will go up. We'll reach pick, will slowly go down. And then he explains every stage of at one and how, while he explained all the stages. He told me

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Also human interaction and the reason so there is a pattern that he says that human being follows. And that was later on recognized as a sociology. So until August calm calm with the word, sociology, that was actually not known to anyone, but even hold on. So we linked that that's the root of it and we lose it today. So now if you didn't have him, you wouldn't have that not today. Well, you will not have that sociology today, what we understand, nor we will have a history as it is as a history as what we have today. Because history would be only like Herodotus history, the only chronology and all I can see is a lazy argument, like someone who says, Well, if it wasn't him, it would have been

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someone else. I mean, as someone else would have developed it maybe sometime later, but that just lazy argument. I mean, well, you know, if we go maybe, maybe then we will not have a civilization. Yeah. So we know, before him, nobody talked about it before him and then nobody and he thought so the fact is, he's the one So the fact is, he's the one that we have it today. And that is based on something attached to Islam that's attached to Islam. Islamic, he was and his famous book called introduction. Nakajima, yeah, is taught in every university every you know, the humanities, everybody, anyone who studied in European humanities, they will learn in the cardones so this is

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some more evidence I like which said no class of natural civilizations, but what is the it's it's as a calibration elaboration of the civilization. All right, but someone says, look, give me one more now let's so we had to give me another Soviet hit, we had the algebra geometry, we had the maths. And now we have the history, sociology, what else can suppose to mind? Let's go also the,

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you know, the medicine. So medicine as a big one? Yes, sir. So he believes in us, even in US chifa? What's the name again? Even even sinner? Even sinner? Yes, I think it was translated as Avi Jana, I think in in European language agenda, right. So is his book called chifa. Now, Where's he from, who is he he was born and and you know, raised in today's modern Iran, and he was in fact, he was a Turkish Turkish speaking

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person or born in a in a Turkish family, and he likes science, he has studied medicine in early early age, and he becomes so professional, he was the first one actually started the operating the human beings or the operation or press size operation, identify and also the, the tools for the operation, even today, when you look at again, I refer to

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history of science book, you can see the tools that he actually used, was used in Europe for very long time until the modern times actually. So, he he played a very serious role in our modern medicine actually. So even sinner is very famous. And we have farabi for a philosopher farabi is also again a Turkish speaking philosopher, what specifics in medicine now that people can link to even see the operations? The operations, yes, what is their operation? How yes node before when, when you have you have a stomach pain, right. So, the Egyptian operation usually will open almost everything and go through. So it was even a sinner to identify very be very precise, where is it

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actually, and why and where it has to be operated. It was his his fault. Rather than opening the whole body, he was will always target certain area. And they use the tools that was not used before. So he created some tools actually himself in now tools on top of operating tools, medical tools, he was the one who created these tools actually, for the operation. He's got the patent on them if they had a patent such thing that we had today that he would it's his patent it people do the people today in the Western world, people who are historian divorced that's not something because there's a lot of hidden history right? And what why do you think that are a lot of these things taught in this

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universities today of this Islamic civilization, how it's contributed, do you do see see a lot of this stuff hidden and people don't know the average American doesn't get this type of history. You got to go digging for it. In United States, people usually don't read or read, you know.

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But, but European, most most educated Europeans will know all these things when we talk about it so that therefore, when I speak at the crowd, I don't need to explain who even the call was or who even

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scenarios because assumption is that most of the people will know these names if you are educated person in Europe, definitely you will know these names, especially humanities 100%, you will know one thing, the environment now Angelo's Spain, where you had many Was it the Jews who fled persecution, you had Christians and you had dialogue you had talking about the atmosphere, it was probably, you know, according to a story and probably one of the best calibration of the civilization, the science and art and knowledge was used by everyone spread and the the religious communities will collaborate will learn from each other. And today's you know, hate was not there

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was respect and love. So you had a true sense of freedom of yo if you're a Jew to practice Judaism, Christian to practice Christianity, there was no by the sword like convert or die. Not at all. Until this is historic in historical fact, until What now? the Inquisition? Yes, until the Muslim were expelled from Spain, the Catholic

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the Catholics took over Spain and everything changed. They start with the with the Muslims and Jews, the

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famous famous Jewish communities. They the word that famous word that among the among the jukola conductors, so they were forced to convert or die held. Yes. So what they tried to go ahead and put on the Muslims, which is something that, obviously because Islam means submission to the will of God sincerely, you can't do it sincerely, if it's done by the sword, right? But they were doing it by the sword, but Islamic civilization that is there is an order of God. That order says he could have niagra, half a day. So that is, you know, Islamic civilization, no compulsion, no company, no compulsion, you can't deny that you are they compelling people with these Inquisition? Yes, this is

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known historically. Yes. And that's why you have a Jewish community today in Turkey, a big Jewish community in Turkey. So this Jewish community, the one that expelled from Spain, or run from Spain, they came, and the earthmen Empire accepted them as refugees. And they they lived among the Muslims all these centuries. In fact, that is one you know, when you need somebody can visit some of these very old churches. I'm sorry, synagogues, very old synagogues and the community. Interestingly, the Jewish community in Istanbul still speak a broken Spanish Yeah, still all the way to today. And they have a they have a nice paper in a very long time, called shalom is also you know, used to be half

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Spanish, all the way all these hundreds of years. So the community that came from Spain lived among the Muslims all the way to today, and they're still they're part of our communities. I don't think ever any Jew has felt threatened or disrespected. Just because they are due when name comes to mind was a Moses.

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This the Jewish scholar, Moses, manatees, yes. Humans, yes. Tell us a little about him. Well, you know, he's not only one in fact there. When you look at the Jewish history, you will see a lot of them and some of them actually named later on. Because their names so Sunday so Arabic names, you wouldn't know that they were there they were like they were like a Jew scholars, but the juice collared where

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they were because they were part of society. So was not like, you know, you when you have these books that you specifically go and say these words, jus written by Jew, but a lot of history books, especially for the eastern Christianity. I have a lot of books are coming of Britain, by the by the great Jewish scholars, very respectful scholars, including my minorities, and they will respect it in Muslim Muslim land as being part of the, again part of Islamic civilization. Because they were citizen, they were part of the part of the society. They were never differentiated, like you are, you're different or you're some like illegal alien. No, you know, like, we have that title like our

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legal alien, you know,

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a second heat so I reason I mentioned him because he was to this day, he's known as one of the greatest, you know, Jewish orthodox scholars. There's any they look back to him. So he was part of that civilization. He flourished in the Muslim lands, and many of them I, you know, it's many of them. In fact, he's, and I bring I bring this up, don't lose your point. Because again, you see a lot of this lungful industry they tried to make it seem like you know, Muslims, they hate Jews. If they had their way they'd kill everybody. The heads will be coming. You got guys out there. We're going in front of moss and they put a line over there their shirt

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They're, you know,

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trying to spread the message like, you know, these Muslims are barbarians they had their way they be chopping heads off, right? This is not happening when we study history.

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The Ottoman Empire had, you know, a big portion of the, you know, Balkan was under Othman empire for I mean, four or 500 years, right? So, let's, let's take the fact. So allspan Empire was a Muslim Muslim state, given the freedom to everyone, oldest isn't right, treating them equal, have Ottoman Empire not done that. How is it possible for a Muslim Empire to stay in Balkan for 600 years, but the Hitler as a Christian couldn't stay six years. Say that again. Hitler and Nazi Germany occupied the same land. Were those one Empire so today's Yugoslav he couldn't stay there. He couldn't, he couldn't stay there. He couldn't hold it down six years. They held it down how long he pulls 600 600

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years. So if you take a strong point, wow. Logically, it was a oppression It was a field. You know, you cannot keep people under the fear. have that be possible. Hitler will probably still still occupied whole whole Europe. He couldn't hold it down. Hitler couldn't hold it down for 60 they held it down for 600. Yes, sir. So how is it possible? Yes, no, they have been empire in fact, you know, like Yugoslavia, it will Serbia is a good example. We can prove historically, they collected taxes 50 cent, but they they invested $1.

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In fact, so

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they know they did not exploit anything what they're going to explore they're going to exploit watermelon Serbia has a lot of what are you speaking of that? Tell us we're there because again, human beings we can't expect human beings they're perfectly imperfect. So human being Islam is perfect is the from the Creator. But Have there been sides times in history where Muslims have made great blunders, and they've done because you have a lot of complaints from Serbs they talk about, you know, certain events that happened oppression against them. Is there something that we can say? Yeah, okay, they made a mistake here. Is there something like that, you know,

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I wouldn't take that that part only. But here is the fact we have to ask. Also our Serbian friends. So why did Muslims come to Europe or Balkan to start with? So aggression against the Christian? It was so harsh. The Christian the father in law thought Mumbai, or Bombay, I'm sorry, he recluse the king of Rome or the bisons ask or Han Bey to come and defend Christians from the fear of the Serbs attack. So the Muslims came, not because they were, you know, they they invaded, they were invited by the Christians, by the Rome to defend them against the aggression of the Serbs. And it's very easily you know, you look at the history and you can see, when the the, you know, the Muslims moved

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over Europe, long before they conquered Istanbul. Actually, they conquered

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half of the faltered on track. Yeah. And the reason is that, because they were defending Christian minorities, and the Catholic Christian minority in in Russia will witness and there are enough science, you know, the degree of the hammered The second part is of the Mohammed decree that he give it to the Catholics is his proof. It says literally, you can find now the, you know, the historical, historical document, it says, You have same rights as any other citizen, Muslim citizen of this country, your schools, your mana ministries, and huge land belongs to you, you will be treated with respect and fair as anyone else. Ever. You are bothered if there you are, for any reason,

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attacked. My door is open to us saying this now, this is a this is the head of the state the president. So this is he saying that to the Serbs and Christian minorities? Yes. Yeah. Tell us.

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When we look back in this area of the Balkans, you have the Bosnians who ended up becoming Muslim. How did that happen? Well, the Muslim probably you know, being a Bosnian you know, that Muslims were always they never accepted Christianity. In fact, you know, they were they they were monetized. They didn't accept the Trinity isn't accepted, they just pure model. Exactly. They were monetized anyway. So when the the message of Islam came to them was very simple. Message say, you know, there is one God and one God alone was

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Message resonate it already resonated with their belief because that was they believe that was the ready what would they call before Bosnians? Was it Bogo meals or something like that? You know what I think? I think that was I don't recall very well but I think they have they were a minority but no because they were like a month most people usually yeah the mantras people and the freedom loving people and no one could actually control them due to you know, knowing knowing very well so they couldn't impose any anything on them. So when when Islam came actually their interaction with Islam they find out you know, so this is my lifestyle anyway yeah that's why what does the easy for for

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Muslims to accept that's what happens evens with Serbs, with Croats in that area who are sincere and they really genuinely want to connect with the creator alone. You know, who want to do what God wants them to do that pure monotheism Islam connects it goes what we call the fifth or the natural way worship the Creator, not the creation without so we see so many people accepting Islam. But if someone says, if they say well, then why Okay, great civilization, great stories, unity, but why all this dismay and destruction? When you look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia? Why is this part of the Muslim world upside down and in such misery? See, you know, when we take from the, from the

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sociological perspective,

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remember, the first world war happened in Europe, second world war happened in Europe 30 years war happened, then religious wars happen in Europe, and millions of people wasted. So for a very long time, right? So, and the when we look at the the democracy, development of the democracy, the French Revolution, 1789, so between 1789 and 1945, and in the Second World War, you have millions of people killed on sort of Europe, never ending wars, never ending wars. So when you compare all these wars, in, in, in Muslim land, will not probably make the number what the the number of victims during First World War, second world war in Europe. So

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1945, after the Europeans understood that the you know, it's not a solution, always fighting each other, and you know, masaka killing, and you have, you know, beginning of the European Union, so start talking and column. That's what we're talking about the, you know, not clash of civilization, collaboration of civilization, and we see in Europe, so French speaking people and German, German speaking people, really, they are different people, in every sense, almost like culturally and so. But yet, after seeing Second World War, you know, so much distraction. It's not a solution for Europe and not for mankind, rather than collaboration and working together. That's how when European

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Union starts among the European intellectuals, so let's go back to the Muslim, some of these Muslim countries, as you know, they are very new.

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Some of countries like Bahrain, I think, 1988, to just become independent. So most of the countries they gained their independence in 1960s, that's our lifetime. So between 1960s and you know, 2000, you have a 5060 years of period. So in that is, you know, 5060 years of period. Also, you have the the foreign powers that always interfere and invaded the land to create even more misery. Well, let's take off kind of stuff. So I've kind of I've kind of known was a peaceful country until 1979.

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invasion of Soviet Union supporting the Communist Party. So you brought the Communist Party on top of country and Muslim, very traditional, and warrior nation. So then you have a war. So that invasion all the way to today, Afghanistan never had a piece. But due to an invasion of foreign invasion, same thing supply almost everywhere, the Jew and Christian Muslims live in Palestine as 856 100 years together during Wolfman Empire, the Jewish community was a part of the part of the civilization they have very important roles and to play.

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In fact, I I sees a lot of this outside infirmier interference making all of these these problems known and one other things that you know, historically, so of man Empire as a Sunni dominating country

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has control of Iraq over 600 years, right. So the Shia of Iraq live there. So they were no single rebels of Shia us during the Sunni domination.

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The Olive is in error.

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In Syria live there, the Christian Moroni and falangist in Lebanon live there, the clips lived, you know, contact Christian Coptic he lived in Egypt. So these, there is no single revolt of these minorities of fight between each other until the modern maps are created, nation divided and hatred, hatred built. And we have all these issues now as said, you know, the Shia and Sunnis are Muslims and live together for under Ottoman Empire for 600 years, no single Shia revolt against the against the Sudanese not so the same things apply with the Christian minorities, there is no single revolt of the of the of the Coptic Christian in in Egypt. In fact, they were in ruling class Muslims do you

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know these learn people look at look at the history books, all history, history of Islam, always written by Christian scholars, the Arab Christian scholars, they wrote, let's take the bath party bath party was you know,

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Arab nationalism was born during 1960s. And he the founder of the bath party is a Christian Michel efflux. It was a Christian era. So he was a nationalist Arab. And he when he was talking about Islam, he was like, you know, proudly talking about Islam, even though he himself was a Christian, or let's say Stark as the static causes were Foreign Minister of Iraq, in the 80s. And 90s. takase is a Christian called anti christian, but you will never know that he was Christian because he was part of a Islamic civilization. They were not for much differentiating between being a Christian, Muslim or Jew. Yeah, basically, what you can contribute to fly it was more important, every every

00:36:54--> 00:37:42

community played role. So some of these problems, unfortunately, imposed on the Muslim societies, as in example, in Afghanistan. So can you can you summarize, is this a quick summary if it's as accurate for someone, because, again, when you're blown back into the Stone Age, you're invaded, your resources are plundered colonization? All of these are the factors that we have we have today over there. Yes, sir. outside interference. How accurate is this film? They have this become very popular here in America? Our total? Total resurrection? Yes, yes. resurrection. Yes, our doodle. in that film? They actually have you seen it? Yes, sir. They spent a lot of time showing the enemies

00:37:42--> 00:37:53

who are always plotting and planning to create this dissension is that can we if it was happening, then that's the story. You can just copy and paste same thing happening today kind of? Well?

00:37:54--> 00:38:13

Yeah, well, probably almost. I you get what I'm saying? Yes. Oh, yeah. Point. So first of all, let us see the film, The film is one of the most watched, in fact, most watched movie in the world, translated almost in every language site. So it says

00:38:16--> 00:39:02

carries the values. So if you are Christian, Hindu or Muslim doesn't make difference, actually, the people watching the movie, movie, transferring values, telling you being honest, and this and religious values again, honesty, yes, virtue, justice, yes, they carry on in fairness. So that's why so, a Christian identify an eyewitness and Christians identify themselves with these these values, especially you know, when you are a fair person, so I think movie from that perspective, show an instance, as you know, is a faction so it has a lot of historical facts, and some, you know, stories to make the make the entertainment is it to watch, but a lot of historical facts are there. And you

00:39:02--> 00:39:49

can also see that calibrating between the Christian and the Muslims. You can see also collaborating with the with the, you know, the Jewish communities and their place in the Muslim society, and contribution, but basically carries the values and these values were the monotheistic values and always shared by every religious or spiritual person, not always hatred, not always war, not always division. Not always, they were not. We grew up in a multicultural society. Muslim communities were always multicultural, so they were not differences between and the movie teaches you there is not differences between Uncle Misha or uncle Mustafa. As long as you know, they hold himself to these

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

these values that make a good human being. And I think that's where we're moving make our sense, we're almost out of time. So the movies are very accurate historically, if someone will

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

also wants to know about the Ottoman Empire the rise of it because Arturo he's the father of both Mumbai he's the father of one baby mom, baby is the baby what is baby? That's a direct pyramid of respect. Yes, sir. Sir, sir, the high level of respect? Yes. So you have a doodle he's the father Father,

00:40:20--> 00:40:57

Osman Bey, the father of the aura hum Bay and or hum Bay father of the Mohammed Jellybean father of Metallica, his father, and Maura is the father of the ad and goes on. So that's it. That's the start from there. And then you can see historically how things develop. But one thing that people can capture from there is a deep devotion to God, to the one to the Creator, to pure monotheism. And that's what people love about Islam is the pure monotheism, connecting with the creator worshiping the creator alone, not his creation, and those values you expose a virtue, honesty, justice, establishing peace and respect for a woman in a respect for a woman it was there. It's very it's

00:40:57--> 00:41:41

very you see the role of knightmare Habana, right. The mother the motherly figure, wow, hi, Mama. Right. She is she's doesn't look like the you know, they have a fantasy picture of the Muslim woman in the mind of many people. But you can see high man are very active. She's a clan leader. Her decisions are the session, her leadership is respected by the warriors and also by the other clans, right. And that was the Muslim role of a Muslim woman. Totally different than the picture that today actually shown to the world. You have some we're about out of time. Tell us in these last couple of minutes we have you having some for Turkey, some contest that was going on Zakat foundation is you

00:41:41--> 00:42:32

you probably can see the is our website, we have a contest that we want to take to guests to Turkey, and they can they will visit some of these historical places that I mentioned, including Ibrahim alayhis, Salam over, you know, plays of the Abraham and others. Also, I don't know, you know, the, the narrative narrative, the first church that was built by the powers, the power is also in Turkey actually, in in Thai. So when these these these guests comes, they will visit the cat foundation projects. Also they will spend time to view the historical historical, plays this in Turkey in Istanbul and also Southeastern Turkey. last piece of advice for the not yet Muslim who is

00:42:32--> 00:43:12

out there because everyone has the potential to submit to the Creator. And they're listening and they've been just bombarded with a lot of things on Fox News, a lot of the Islamophobia industry and now the history that they're getting is just corrupted. It's something you know, like we said, you know, the class of civilizations, they try to pump this up, what advice do you have for them that are out there that they've been? They've been bombarded with all of this distortion, myths truths, what advice do you give for them, you being a historian, you laugh at a lot of these things that I mentioned. I will suggest especially especially younger brothers and sisters, so learn your own

00:43:12--> 00:43:48

history and learn history of others and you will see that the you know, the history will teach you a lot and be proud of who you are. When you learn you will see how great men and woman the history has has created and be proud who you are and just live as a good Muslim and that should be enough people will learn from you just be you know the values that you talk about Kennedy's values and the let let be it inshallah and God God is great. Follow him on it. Yeah. Salaam Alaikum.

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