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The group is on their way to Ghana to attend a motivational dinner where they will discuss challenges faced by people in their lives. They discuss their experiences in Nigeria and Ghana, including their experiences in Nigeria and Ghana, as well as their plans to travel to other countries. They also mention their plans to go to a dinner in London and have a few other plans to attend.

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We've just landed in a class of Hanalei in Ghana and the weather seems to be decent The people here are mashallah you know, so good thing hamdulillah

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and we're about to meet the brothers who are here to receive us most probably

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in the next few minutes Sharla so far so good machine

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so Ghana is relatively developed compared to other countries the population speak quite clear English

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I know the accent is also quite

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quite a good accent in the sense that it's easily understood by lots of those who speak English sometimes you visit a country where they speak English but

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the accents a little bit tough to

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decipher Same applies to Arabic In some countries you you could be speaking Arabic but you know nothing because of the accent how they speak. I my brother how are you?

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yeah, it goes okay.

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We've arrived at the immigration. So we're just going to be seeing this and we are going further hopefully.

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Santa Monica

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salaam How are you brother?

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My brother. We are finally here.

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My passport and that sounds like

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okay, please.

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Someone give Halak.

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hamdulillah we've arrived in Ghana. We just jumped into the vehicle of brother Patrick. And we are going to the hotel it was quite a smooth entry. We just had

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to show our yellow card the health vaccinations. Not to do with Corona but more to do with the yellow fever. Normally in the African countries if you're traveling you should have that it lasts 10 years you take one job and for 10 years you're safe

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meaning you're good to go in the airports and then stamp stamp stamp and we're we waited for the bags for a few minutes. And now mashallah, we're on our way to the hotel. So Brother Abu Bakr tell us about the preparations for this peace and unity convention in Ghana because it started off in Nigeria and mashallah, we've had it for many years. So what prompted you to come through to Ghana with the same concept? Well, hamdulillah really, it was just a dream that we had of saying that we wanted to expand to other African countries that had the same culture with us in Nigeria, and then make it a global event, having seen the impact that it made, especially in Nigeria, in our

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community, and Ghana, for us was a first choice. Number one, because of the similar cultures, similar backgrounds, a lot of the relationship we've had between Nigeria and Ghana. I see I see it's just a Somali

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let me greet these guys because

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how are you brother? How are you? You are good. May Allah bless you

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may do good.

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Yes, yes.

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Yes, yes.

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Yes, yes. hamdulillah Baraka loving

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these people on the street, but the last time I saw they were selling CDs of mine, we stopped and we asked them, Do you know this guy? They said yes, we know he said, but then he looked at me said that but you are the same guy. You know, it was very it was very different. Mashallah, so, yeah, you know, what I noticed about Ghana, it's just 40 minutes away from

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from Abuja, right by flight, just 40 minutes away from Abuja is amazing. That's amazing. And the cultures are similar. Now, this place reminds me more of Zimbabwe, because I think the you know, the colonial history is not too different. It's quite similar. Even I see that the police and the way they operate the roads, the traffic lights, everything is just like how Zimbabwe work. So if you were to come from Accra to Harare, you won't really find a big difference. Besides that. Ghana's Accra is a little bit bigger, and it has more development than Harare and others less population, I'm guessing,

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but Al Hamdulillah beautiful place. So we are praying that everything goes well. So when are we kicking off tomorrow? Inshallah. So we start off officially tomorrow with the let's move on to Joomla. So there are TV and radio interviews that are scheduled I think majorly

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TV stations. And then after that we have the drama. And after the drama, we have a motivational evening. Dinner similar to what we did in Abuja last year. We started that off in Nigeria last year. And it was quite a huge hit, because there were a number of people who got to see what one OMA was doing. And they got to have a more intimate interaction with the scholars. And then Saturday, we have the PUC comments proper itself. So the lecture starting at the Accra International Conference Center, and on Sunday, we fly to Kumasi to give a brief lecture there. And then we fly back to have the last tail end of the convention in Accra. So basically, we're going to fly to another city in

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the morning and fly back in the afternoon in time for another lecture in the afternoon in the afternoon. And

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so normally, it's very intense, you know, the, the, the travels that we have as mushy and there's people who are trying to serve the dean, it's not, it's not just a holiday or something, it's very intense, you have a day break and so a day of a break, perhaps and then the day before you travel.

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But mashallah we enjoy it. And it's good to be intense and to work hard and to achieve as much as you can in a short span of time. Hamdulillah I think also, one of the ideas that perhaps our, our brothers and sisters may be interested in is the motivational evening is a whole different concept. The idea is to lightly remind people and boost them regarding challenges that they would be facing currently in life. And it's a dinner setup where people are invited for the dinner, and we will talk to them, give them an opportunity for a light interaction where possible, because that is life changing sometimes where people might have been listening to you for four years on end and one day

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they get an opportunity to interact and perhaps share some small thing about themselves that could actually change so much. So alhamdulillah that's the idea of motivational evening. We have them in London and a few other places. And it's more for motivated even if someone is not so practicing. They should feel welcome in a way that would only be of positive growth for them inshallah Zakopane can we've arrived at the hotel? Yeah, and inshallah we will continue later.