Yaser Birjas – The First Order Of Judgement

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The law of the land is essential for protecting against evil behavior and preventing punishment for actions related to blood or physical harm. It is necessary for individuals to pray enough to protect against infection and to avoid punishment for actions related to men's and women's health. The court system for actions related to men and women is different for each situation and is different for each situation. It is crucial for individuals to pray and ensure that they are protected against evil behavior and infection.
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um the law of the land means that Allah wa salam ala Muhammad and while earlier so he will sell them the Sleeman Kathira

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May Allah subhana wa Taala protect you from that moment when you stand before your Lord. I mean

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it's one of the scariest moments of all times, obviously, when everybody's going to be standing before the ropes of hunting what Allah Allah subhanaw taala promised in the Quran, we could look at Yeoman Thea Mati Further, each and every one of you are going to be meeting their Lord alone. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says length Azula koderma abdomen Mina Yamato Yama, the feet of a believing man or woman are not going to be removed from that spot as they stand before the Lord until they answer a few questions. What is the first question right now that people are going to be asked about on the Day of Judgment? That's not what it is that we have tonight? Harris number 1845.

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Read number 1845 on the other side of Haiti mammon, Rahim Allah Dara Carl. wonderfulness Rodin of the Allahu Anhu kala Madhu sallahu wa salam, O Allah My Allah by the nurse Yamato multifeed Dima Mustafa Canady and this hadith of the Messenger of Allah and he says, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first matter of concern in which people will be judged on the Day of Judgment will be the matter of blood, raw, bucardo Muslim, what does that even mean? What does that even mean? On a day of judgment, there will be multiple stations, like people are going to have to go different stations, there's a station of Salah, the station of the station of this. So

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like multiple stations on each station, they're going to be actually checked, check, check, check many things. So here the prophets Allah sent me speaking about the very first question, the very first matter of judgment, on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to be judging people between what about the blood at the mouth, what it means when I say blood. If someone ever heard someone physically, that's what it means. If someone ever hurts anyone, physically, and the greatest, of course, damage or hurt that someone can cause anybody's word murder, if someone kills somebody, so love him, Allah protect us from the set of Bananaman. Now, whether this is done

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deliberately or otherwise, it's still dangerous. But definitely, if someone does that deliberately, they will be held accountable in the dunya in the dunya will be capital punishment. But if they got away with it,

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if they got away with it, and they never repented to Allah subhanaw taala they are going to be questioned. They have judgment as well to about this. And they're going to be answering for this one. So if less than murder, obviously if someone caused the bloodshed of somebody else, physical hurt with bloodshed, and then less than that, obviously, if someone bruise somebody. So the point is that the physical harm is will be the first thing people they're going to be asked about. That is before about cheating with money and all the other things is the most dangerous thing. Kojima

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Subhanallah, one of the five major principles of our faith and our image and our Slamet law is the preservation of life, the preservation of life, which means making sure all the law, the law that Allah Subhana Allah revealed in the Quran and Sunnah is to preserve the life of innocent people. Now, obviously, the life of innocent people is compromised, if that person is no longer innocent. Like if someone kills somebody else, if someone commits a crime that requires punishment in that regard, then that's different. We're talking about a demand when someone deliberately hurt somebody else. And they think that you can get away with it. Even if they get away with in the dunya. They're

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not gonna get away with it in the afternoon. What if they get they get punished in the dunya? If someone murdered somebody, and then they got brought to justice, and they had capital punishment on them? Are they going to still be held accountable for it on the Day of Judgment? That's a disputed issue among the Anima. But the majority they say if someone took the punishment or the head, the hood, the prescribed punishment for a specific crime, in this case follows the non obvious question about on the Day of Judgment, they're not going to be questioned about it on the Day of Judgment.

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Does that good luck.

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So there is no of course if someone is going in, gets the punishment in the dunya dilemma they dispute if this is going to be also held accountable for them to occur again or not. But those are the majority they say actually, no, because once the head has been executed on them in the dunya, that's dinner but not liable for it.

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In regards to the crime against people, but with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada still hold them accountable for the crime they've committed.

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against Allah subhanaw taala himself when they violated the sanctity of innocent life, that's whether or not they say look, yes, they're not going to be punished again. But Allah Subhana Allah will question them for committing that crime. Again unless the person repents to Allah subhana wa Taala Allah azza wa jal is often right have forgiven. Now, someone might say but there's another Hadith where the prophet saw Sam says, I will have my haselwood Abdullah here Maria Anna, a Salah the first matter of questioning on the Day of Judgment will be what? Sola? Sola, okay, so, the one one Hadith says demand blood, another one says salah, so how is that possible and are you going to

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be questioning while at the same time? Well, the to reconcile the Roma they say in matters related to the hucog of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is that you owe to Allah azza wa jal it will be Salah

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and writes that you you owe to people will be blood

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and ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah, Allah azza wa jal in matters of rights that you owe to Allah azza wa jal, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will judge be between people based on his father or Adam, that Allah subhanho wa Taala he has the power to judge based on fadul or other which may is based on justice or based on you know, benevolence.

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So Allah could forgive, but Allah subhanaw taala could punish them. But in matters related to the people, Allah subhanho wa Taala will only rule between them and in marriage, what will justice?

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Why? Because Allah subhana wa Taala it says right, he has the right to forgive or punished for it. But when it comes to people, that's it, that's the right of people. If you didn't really consult with them in the dunya too late for that in the ACA,

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you're gonna have to consult with them right now in matters of what has another say at Malabo protect us from getting into the situation of Bananaman. So the first matter that Allah Subhan is going to ask people about it in terms of the Hisako is a Salah Did you pray or not? Or a record of Salah complete or not? You lived 70 years in this dunya you became you reach the age of puberty at 12 You were talking about 58 years of obligation of Salah is it complete?

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Do you have that complete and the record or not 5058 years of Salah is your record complete or not that your mom might say well I you know share when I was young I messed up I don't know how many years I missed it. May Allah forgive you. Okay, do you have enough of Nephele Salah Do you have do you have you know soon to head to the masjid to her Jew tarawih all these all these numbers or do you have enough of that? Because in the hadith of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam on the station of Salah, a person going to be asked about the surah if it was complete hamdulillah pass if it wasn't, they will be asked the angels will be asked on the road holy abdomen totowa check the record the

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deliver natural Salah if they left an electro salah they will kind of like add it to it to complete.

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But if it wasn't enough, then the personal alarm Stan is doomed.

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So don't miss an opportunity to person to pray enough have to pray with it to pray to God to pray the hydromassage it all adds up on the moment when you need it the most.

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Do not below the value of sooner or nephrology ma similarly do not do not under your mind your sanctity and and your safety in the IRA by hurting somebody physically. May Allah subhana wa Taala protect us from any of these things or Branham Allah Allah any questions?

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there are Muslims where they're going to be asked about malaria radical freedom. After Kufa there is no damn some people they're not going to even question at all they will get to be grabbed straight straight from the mash up into Johanna. So some of these people they're not going to even question at all the question is for those people who deserve to be questioned for doing Hassan atunci Allah

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al Kitab in our Muslims, so the same thing

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Slavia oh the one before us that to be judged just like the like Muslims, they're going to be ruled based on how much they practice of what the message that was given to them the law of their time, and they believe in the Gambia and mousseline Allah. Now, what about

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someone ever heard of Islam? They call them adult Fatra. These are like neutral. They never had heard of Islam properly. That probably happened in times before technology our time right. Also in our time, some people live in villages that they have no access technology whatsoever. So they've never ever heard of Islam. They

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If they die, they're out there I'm gonna say Allah Subhana Allah Allah azza wa jal will judge between them.

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But in matters of dunya for us, we consider them dying as non Muslims

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this one is that there is

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So, if the physically,

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you know being the cause being the one who caused the bloodshed to somebody is considered one of the major sins that you're going to be a question about first. What about someone who gives fatwa that causes bloodshed to people? So that's something that whatever they argue about if someone did something based on a command that comes from a Mongolian from an unjust ruler or a presser Well, this soldier b can't be responsible for shooting the blood of an innocent person based on the command that came from his leader and Amir. There is an issue of dispute among the Aloma some they say, you can't obey the volume in this matter other than say, well, he's the Emir. So you're just

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execute and the sinners on him you got so it's an issue of dispute really. So if someone like Adam comes and gives a fatwa that fatwa justifies the killing of many innocent people in a Muslim country? Why just to please this column? For example, will this person be held accountable for all that blood? I hope so.

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Um, Allah subhanho wa Taala treat them with his justice now that is Rama, Allah.

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Self Defense is justified.

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Self Defense verses justify our self defense is justified in according to the situation. Like if you can deter the enemy by pushing them, then don't shoot them. Right. But if it's self defense, to the extent that it has no other way, but it's my life or their life, then in this case, you are allowed to defend yourself to that level. Wala, and may Allah protect you from ever being in this situation?

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Martial arts, well, they know what's coming right.

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What's very good point actually, as a matter of fact, this is comes to the whole UFC and MMA and all that kind of sports.

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With all due respect to all the people who hail all these heroes and you know, in the rain concern, I don't think this actually the game is inherent to practice that way.

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This brutal game where people punch each other in the face deliberately to inflict harm. The whole purpose of the game is to inflict as much damage and harm on someone until they quit.

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What kind of sport is that?

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But it's different than boxing for example, when you wear all the proper gears or even actually martial arts when you have a specific techniques and you'll still wear the protective gears and then it's by points. That's different story on so yeah, that is my last pair protectors from all of the cerebral

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spinal Calamba 100 Mashallah, does ever go to great cinematic Rahmatullah.

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