The Believer is Patient – Losing your crops, produce and even Crypto

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So Allah Almighty says we're going to test you and we spoke about loss and we spoke about loss of life loss of wealth maximization and wallowed answers what Thammarat loss of produce, we spoke a little bit about loss of produce, Allah mentions it specifically, because produce is connected to that which you are farming, perhaps it may be there one year, it may not be their one year but if you're not a farmer, you will still be affected by loss of so many food items or whatever it may be, in terms of what you sow seeds of the grow. Allah says it might not grow.

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People were asking me what about Kryptos crypto, you know, you might lose, you might lose. I can't come and tell you Halal haram and all of that because you know, there may be scope of permissibility but in reality is if you're not intelligent enough, you're going to lose stay away from it, man.

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Unless you know what you're doing.

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May Allah Almighty protect us. The point is, you may lose and you may lose a lot if you've lost a lot and there's no way of getting things back. You know what my brothers and sisters

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you have to take it in your stride. You have to just make the most of what you now have and get up again and start doing things. Don't lose hope. In a short time you will be in a better place than you were.

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I've witnessed this time and again

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and then guess what Allah says and this was the point I said I'm going to mention or by sheer is sobbing give good news to those who bear summer bear patients. Those who bear patients give them good news. Who are they a levena Eva also bathroom mozzie by those who bear patients are those who when calamity strikes them. God who in in what in, in IE here on your own. When calamity strikes them? They say well we all belong to Allah anyway. And we are going to return to him again. Anyway. Subhan Allah. Allah gave me what he gave me it was his he took it back. It's okay. He will give it back to me and he will give me more than that. He's the owner of it before it came to me and he was

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the owner of it while it was with me, and he is the current owner of it even though it's gone away from me, that's a believer. Luck.