Yaser Birjas – Ta’Seel Class 13 Q&A

Yaser Birjas
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So the question is, okay, so we're going into questions right now. And we say that this is not the place to ask these questions, but says over here right now what is the guidance for the Jassa from animals like dogs or cats? What in the garden if you're talking about an adjuster meaning their urine and when they defecate that's complete an adjuster has to be removed, if you can, of course absolutely with water depends on what damages are false. But if you're talking about petting a dog, or a cat, the cat is pure in that regard. The prophesy Sam says about cats and now no matter what phenolic matawa by the way, you appreciate it the sisters inshallah can keep their kids with them to

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allow other sisters to the solution to the answers been Eliza. So appreciate that Jack Mala.

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So the cats are clean. The professor says no nama tofanelli Komazawa you can't avoid the cats they come around so it's okay. And even if the cat drinks from water that you have, you can still make Tahara or will do from that water should be fine. As for the dog, it's not just so but petting the dog itself is not isn't it there's nothing wrong with that there's an adjuster it's not an adjuster, they're the judge and adjustments in saliva. So therefore petting the dog is is okay if the dog rubs its body against yourself. It's clean, it's still it's okay. You don't have to wash anything. But if it looks for example your hand wash your hand if it makes your job and then it just is still there

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wash it off and should be fine with shallow towel.

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So someone's asking and purifying yourself with tissues, how could this leave you clean it leaves you pure not necessarily clean.

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That's a big difference of it it's pure because the Sahaba did that a time of the Prophet says and the Prophet did that as well too. It's an old books

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back then they didn't have the luxury of you have today you have mashallah the bidet and you have the water ready for you and you can take your bottle of water inside the bathroom as well to back then didn't have the luxury of having water all the time. So they used to use whatever available for them in their environment. And at the time of the Prophet Salah Salem, the most common thing they use back then was what stones and rocks,

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stones and rocks, so therefore they clean themselves with that three, three rocks, they clean themselves for that. So yes tissues as long as you remove as you remove that agenda you're fine

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as long as you move then adjust if you need more than three, the realm I say make them five so you always have an odd number. If you need more than five up to seven if you need more than seven you have to see a doctor

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there's something wrong there

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but overall using tissues to clean yourself it keeps you pure relatively speaking but definitely it's not like as clean as when you use water. Now

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the person saying actually this is the first time I heard that using tissues to beautify yourself is sufficient. How could it be you never feel clean using tissues and adjust remains on you please explain like I said if you read all the books they all say the same thing in regard to some stones or rocks or any material that removed in a Jessa

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but they said that make sure that whatever you use is not soft that when you try to move them adjust that it kind of like make things worse for you so

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that's why use a water there's no doubt is the best but if not then at least this you should be fine again tissue makes you pure clean this is a different story

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and you're gonna have to at some point use water later in what later on inshallah Tabata Kotara now

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so I have seen people taking their shoes again seems that everyone is asking for questions right now we forgot about that. While we're talking about his affair of the heart Mr.

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I've seen people take their shoes off and socks off outside and walk barefoot into a public bathroom to make wudu considering how dirty public washrooms are is their Salah valid. Now it depends if they walked into the window area that's one thing but it walked into the bathroom or the stalls is another thing. If you're gonna barefoot you know into the stalls of the bathroom and you come out you're gonna have to wash your feet properly obviously and you don't walk back into them adjust to where you came from. Otherwise we do that if you do so even though you wash your feet. When you walk into the same area, you're probably gonna stepped on some Jassa again, so to be careful not to do

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that make sure to wear you know sandals or slippers or shoes when you go in there. If someone does that and they walk distance enough to purify their feet, what does that mean? Let's say you have an adjuster on your on your feet after he made although you didn't see it didn't pay attention to it and you walked a distance whether you walk outside of the masjid or you worked

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on the grass area. In this case it will purify your feet and you should be fine but walk

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Can on mashallah nice fancy marble towards the masala area I'm not sure that actually will purify your feet because it's still soft and keeps keeps it active on the foot Allah Allah

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is doing it for the sake of Allah the same as wanting Jana, for the desire for Jana is different than doing it out of love for Allah and His awards for who's who? Good. Well, Allah subhanaw taala commands us when we when we pursue Allah azza wa jal, we need to pursue for three things. Number one, because you love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Number two, because you love his reward to receive his award Genda and number three, because you fear His punishment, Jana so whenever you do so as Allah says, you don't have bound

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cofund Otama so you worship Allah out of fear and out of hope for his awards panel Madonna.

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So Allah Subhan Allah has commanded us to see the reward and also escaped the punishment. So there is no really objection of it. However, some people they went way and beyond that they say, I don't worship Allah to get into Jana for worship to skip Johanna I worship only out of love for him. Now that's that's an exaggeration that is made by some young Sufi and mystical actually

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seekers, and it's not what the Prophet SAW Selim did, or the Sahaba or what is mentioned for us in the Quran. You don't just say I worship Allah just because I love Allah azza wa jal you worship Allah because you love Allah subhana wa Tada and because he asked you, and He commanded you to pursue his reward and fetuses punishment, Subhan Allah tan Now

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should we be angry for the for those Muslims who are aligned with the values of feminism, especially the modern feminist beliefs. What once again will say being angry, it doesn't mean you yell and scream and be vulgar and be nasty with people. Now angry means in your heart you hate that you hate people who prefer any principles besides the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem as their way of life, or the way of the Quran, the son of the Prophet service as a way of life no matter what that is. So if you have you had that in there in your heart, that's fine. Now what is your duty towards these people? Number one, have an anchor, you enjoy good forbid evil, you give them that advice. And your

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job is not to convince them. Your job is to deliver the message to them. Whether they take it or not, that's not your business. But you do it to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to them is to deliver the message to them in the best way possible, in the most in the most polite good manners and the most shallow Diala

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obvious and clear after that it's in the hands of Allah subhana water to get their hearts

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what's the difference between

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Bihar to Serato taharah to Cydia Missoula, we explained that in the class we said the harder the harder is the purification of the thought. Meaning you never think of anything except that most brilliant Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, some people, you know, they, because of their indulgence in the dunya their mind always think about what what's next for me what's next in terms of you know what, what they can do to enjoy. But if you're always engaged in a battle on top of Allah subhanho wa Taala your mind is always thinking about when it's the rasa one slot and what's next to do I finished this rebar what else I can do right now to benefit. So their heart or their mind is always

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thinking about doing something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that's the heart of the ceramah so Allah, that the purification of the inner self and the essence from anything but ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So even when you look around, you see the beauty of Elijah and everything. You see the greatest of Allah Subhanallah and everything, even when you hear disasters happening. You think of Allah's power, and Allah's wisdom and hikma and maybe that provokes some Rama and mercy for you to go and help and assist for example. So that's the meaning of the essence, that everything is about Allah subhana wa Taala and definitely you always prefer Allah azza wa jal over anything that is

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relative anybody else?

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So our own one nada, what does your own I mean, your own I mean, he's he means by that basically, that transition says ornamentation, but actually it means more of like, exaggeration. Like what? For example, if you wash your hands with water, you know three times is fine. But some people they make it so specific you have to wash your hand by doing this and that and this and like so many, so many details exaggeration. As long as you made your wash proper you'll find him the little diamond now

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when it comes to purifying your heart from anything other than Allah azza wa jal How can we balance between that and still having healthy and meaningful relationship? How does one know they have reached that healthy balance? I think the question is about

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loving Allah azza wa jal and thinking about Allah subhanaw all time and also having healthy relationship with my spouse or my children. Like I love my spouse. I love my kids. I love my parents. Would that be contradicting?

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To the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. The answer is that these two relationships are different. You can't equate the relationship of Allah, the relationship with your spouse and your children. So therefore your love for Allah is different than your love for your spouse. When does it become problematic? If your love for your spouse is going to supersede your love for Allah azza wa jal it comes to the hook of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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let's say it's time for Salah

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your spouse telling you that you're gonna have to go to the masjid now. Why don't you stay here with me? And it's fun Salah you know, she say I love you so much but I'd like to go to the Muslim shrine and come back again as long as going to the masjid is not I mean to escape you know, being with your spouse.

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Like Marcia he hears that that Al Hamdulillah ya Allah have to go now. Now you have to also make sure that you also you fulfill your duty towards your family and your children because if you are trying to say I'm doing my duty to Allah azza wa jal in a time that is considered duty to your spouse for example, that's different like for example, there is no time for Salah right now. And your spouse requires something from you because now I have to go to the Quran now.

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Yeah, he

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doesn't have to be right now. This is something to fulfill your duty to your spouse so then this case you do fulfill your duty to response so again, there's two different levels. If your relationship with your family is superseding, you know the hope and the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala it becomes problematic

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How does one give don't say hi to men who keep coming to

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to the front row of the magic towards the end of our class before women get the chance to leave.

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We'll take care for your shallow data we'll have somebody tell them not to wait until the class is over.

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Okay, there are so many questions right now completely irrelevant here. Let's talk about music about gossiping, halal food are now

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what if you feel as though you lack in the requirements to give advice and enjoin good and forbid evil? Is it better to try and maybe give the wrong advice or move on until you are able to properly give advice? Well, one of the conditions of given advice we didn't actually get to go to is make sure that when you give advice, you have the proper knowledge for it. So if you're gonna give someone advice about their salah, you better know how to pray first, you have the proper knowledge for it, don't bring me that knowledge you had from your grandmother who taught you salah, you know and start teaching somebody who's maybe have a better education than yours. In this case, you have

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to have the proper knowledge before we give someone advice. And if some something related to for example, msgid, for instance, there is something happened in the method. It's not for anybody to go and give an advice to somebody when somebody is more authoritative over them who can give that advice. So when it comes to, for example, religious advice, you go to the Imam, you say chef, I saw some brothers and sister do this and that, could you please You know, maybe remind them they might be something like this and so on. So, but if somebody requires from you to give advice in that moment, go ahead, give it to them because their mom is not there.

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If it's something relative, for example, administration, you go to the leadership, you go to brother Tata to go to the board, for example, I'm talking to them, Hey, I noticed something like this. I would love to get my advice on this matter and so on. And you only give your advice. Your advice is not a command just sort of Chinnaiyan. And again, it's it depends on the circumstances of this going to be actually fulfilled or otherwise.

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Many Muslims pray and fast, but their hearts are sealed due to their arrogance and pride. How will Allah judge us based off that? It's very obvious the answer is in the question itself. Allah subhanho wa Taala it says wherever you know a Kibriya

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Allah Allah man Kibriya are Allah subhana wa Taala as garment in a way that suits his Majesty meaning pride and and and haughtiness, that belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. Anyone who tries to take this away from Allah azza wa jal by trying to do it for themselves, Allah will tell them agenda and they will never care about them. That's Allah with arrogance.

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It's not helpful very much.

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When it comes to purity of the mind does it does not have to the same ruling, as Ahmed Mohammed says and being forgiven for impure thoughts or ideas. Well, the thought like we said, look, the passing thought is not sinful. It just a person thought when does it become a sinful when there is not when it translates into an intention and then becomes a termination?

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That's something a lemma they say it becomes actually a sinful action because now that's the action of the heart. Some other mothers say no, it doesn't yet get there until it's executed into an actual act.

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And so therefore, as long as it's just a passing thought, then handle you're safe from being sinful. However, what's so dangerous about that is what if you don't if you don't stop these thoughts from coming through, and you keep thinking about them like we said, this thought becomes what becomes an idea, ideas become intentions and then becomes determination then it becomes planned and it takes action. So you need to stop these thoughts before they translate into ideas and then move into an action

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or bad thoughts, whatever the nature of them may be a reflection of a heart that is not pure or struggles with the nerves and there is no doubt

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you know, the excessive thoughts of something wrong or haram. It's because of what you expose yourself with to so much indulgence in the dunya is going to translate and so many thoughts about the dunya. So much involvement in the ACA will definitely result into more thoughts about the ACA and good deeds as well too. So it's a reflection of how much you involved in this virus of dunya or alpha

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somebody says Zach Malarkey, I just wanted to say this on my locker

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for everything I'll accept your reward for everything that you guys do you and the attendees alumni mean.

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So can we give Dawa to non Muslim if we don't have enough knowledge of Islam and Dawa give them down to the basics of what you know about Islam? Which is what

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one God and only one god that's it

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don't go beyond that.

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Everything else should come with some are more knowledgeable inshallah.

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What to do if your heart does not have love for Islam or motivated to do good, you will see it and I'll say hi from somebody who can help you with that inshallah we can go to someone who was spiritual, go to a mentor, go to an imam go to somebody who's who can help you inshallah to Allah purify your heart analyzer because I don't know what the reason for that is it because of the indulgent in the dunya so that the heart is sealed as Allah says calibre Ron Allah Peruvian mechanic Cebu

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what's for what what's what's stopping them? Is that on the residues that is actually blocking their hearts because of what they've what they've actions they've done what they've earned in their actions. So yeah, the hearts could be this the last one is called phantom Allah Allah polluted water somewhat outside English Allah Allah in their hearts because they're gonna have their actions. So I don't know what your lifestyle is. What do you go through? What do you read what you study what you live any kind of like incentives? Is that something to be sure to discuss with someone more knowledgeable to help you out? Insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala guide your heart today which

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must be sent to me or Brandman

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treasures panic alarm behind it, I should have learned several extra money to Muhammad Dolla dolla

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