Yaser Birjas – Ta’Seel Class 12 QA

Yaser Birjas
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Okay. So Rama the controller will cut

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from the little bit Alameen so Allah cinnabar kind of Jana Muhammad and Allah they also have a cylinder Sleeman Kathira to my my bad. So, some questions on the

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on the list actually has already been answered from last week and also during the class. Like for example, a good one work for DoorDash delivering haram food. Well, like we said, if you know it's up to you, it becomes a matter of water, amount of water, the piety of the heart, but overall, when you deliver food, you don't necessarily deliver haram all the time.

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If you know for sure It's haram, you don't want to participate in the delivery, you can deny that you have access to deny that but if you keep denying it, probably maybe you're not gonna it's not good and intensive rating. So therefore, it's up to you. It's a matter of the bite of the hearts shallow to Allah. Now do you have to calculate an element of haram in that profession and give it away as a charity? That is not necessary. Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah has suggested that but not all the other mothers say you have to calculate an amount that is equivalent to the ratio of the Haram and give it a child you don't have to do that Allah Juana.

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Students of knowledge we talked about as a student of knowledge everyone likes to be recognized how do we differentiate between the normal urge to be recognized or appropriate with your baby to be married to for her like you always want the knowledge to deal with the aroma and and just debate against the sofa and the foolish? How do we know that in terms of practical tips to stay away and keep safe Subhanallah obviously our alumni they gave us measurements he goes talk when when going silence is very appealing to you and go silent when talking becomes very appealing to you. As simple as that when you talk and you started finding yourself mashallah I'm speaking so good. And we're

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just like whoa, I mean I did I just say that there was something amazing right? You start fooling yourself you start saying things and you realize Marsha You speak good. And you you call it the Hadith right and the eye and this and that if this becomes if you start feeling that way about what you're saying go quiet then stop talking.

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And if if being quiet when everybody is speaking, you start feeling that mashallah you will become among the wisest amongst them all. Then break the silence say something, say something just to break that silence. Don't people don't say that much. Look at him look at her to Barack, Allah, the most righteous, the most knowledgeable, they keep quiet and these manners. So that's one way of measuring it. And obviously it's a matter of since it's something in the heart, it's a struggle and you're gonna continue to struggle with that.

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Until you when you die. So you always watch your heart reminds us if you have a mo Lata. He says call Allah Estonia to Sofia Anatolia, Khurana Estonia at the marina center. I've been struggling with my intention for over four years. And I've barely any barely arrived somewhere. Which means you're going to continue to struggle with your intention. The shutdown is always clever, throw in all your good deeds, but just keep struggling and keep fighting that

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how to deal with feelings of arrogance against the scholars and students of knowledge. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for you. Really, the Prophet says me Taurus that when it comes to humbling ourselves, one of the way to do that is to feed the poor, wipe over the heads of the of the orphans. Really just go with the poor, go with the poor people help them out, you see where you are, get to know the blessing of Allah bestowed upon you that will humble you in that regard. But in terms of dealing with the Allama again, it's a Kibera is something in the heart and you're gonna have to struggle with that you're gonna have to fight that urge to stay away from these people

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because they're, you know, too young for you too foolish, you know, to

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not my methodology, not my taste. You learn you learn from everybody. And even Have you ever heard of the ultra animada the Prophet SAW submeters a lesson about the man who kept coming and take it from the male sadaqa so what are you captured the man he goes wala fie Naka Rasulullah. You know what, I'm going to take the Prophet Salah salah, he goes, please, please don't do that. Don't do that. I promise you're not going to come back again. He said, Okay, fine. I'll leave you. The Prophet SAW said Mr. Barrera. During the day he goes Mafalda, a spherical bhairahawa What do you have? What happened between your captive last night? And he was surprised how the professor knew

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about him. He told him what he said, Call me No, sir. Oh, don't worry, he's gonna come back. He says I was watching for him because I knew he was going to come back because the professor said so. So you came again. And he said, I got him.

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He kept saying leave me I have kids this and that. I promise I'm not going to come back again. So let him go. And the Prophet told him the same thing about the second day. The third time he said, This is it I'm taken to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And he said, Look, if I teach you something, would you like me to go? And he goes, Sure, what is it because look when you go to bed

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Make sure that recite atom could see it will be a shield and protect you from antigen or Shelton.

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So when he went to the Prophet saw some of that the prophesy Semcon sadaqa Wahaca do, even though his is known to be a liar, but he told you the truth this time. He said, Do you know who that is that you've been dealing with? He was a shaitan one of the jinn, we're dealing with him. So what does that mean? We learn something from the Ginger Man. Not that that's his knowledge. No, it was endorsed by the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that's why we took it because we were the prophets. I said that is true. Take it. So again, I would say learn from anybody and don't be arrogant. Spanner kids can teach you so many valuable things Imam Imam Shafi Ramallah Tala. One day he was speaking in

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a matter of fact, that had to do with something to do with with animals with the dog

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forgot which which must otherwise Exactly. Eventually so Mr. Shapiro him Allah Tala. He explained it to him to the best of his knowledge. I bet one was there. A Bedouin, who's from the deserts he was not he knows better about these things. He goes this is not what we actually have. We do it or we say it's actually the matter of fact he explained it differently. So remember Shabbat mo Allah he says called her the sheriff if you had a masala This is my teacher in this matter.

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So this is my chef.

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So hello from a Bedouin. So I hope insha Allah Tala. If you humble yourself in your heart and deal with the poor and the needy, it will bring you shall at some humility when it comes to seeking knowledge.

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On martial law, so this is actually a statement it's not actually a question.

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The title is Desikan law Hiren VRSC. This is not a question she said isn't it's not a question but I'd like to thank VRSC and Sheherazade for these classes. I'm a full time student of knowledge from Hyderabad, India. As a female I couldn't find any chef or chef I could study with locally. So I studied from an online university in Malaysia Hamdulillah I benefited tremendously from Sheherazade from the Asia kartra and acyl program Zakka Mala Coronavirus varasi for making this possible for all these brothers and sister on the other hand a lot of time

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when you have multiple teachers and one teacher is discouraging you from learning from another teacher for certain reasons that are valid for that teacher but you then receive another advice from another teacher whom you also trust how is the students supposed to handle the situation? Honestly, because the matter is becomes a matter of character. What's the why these teachers telling you listen or don't listen the standard the standard is you learn from everybody the standard will learn from everybody but if the person who says don't learn from them, they have a valid reason for that. And that reason is something had to do with the character I would definitely discourage you from

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from taken from them versus maybe there are different school of thought or this element is you know, there may be motor shedding and their Messiah elder kind of like on the ultra conservative side or these are not the reasons not to learn from them. But if it's a matter of character, it's extremely important and the love of God aka him Allah Tala, she has called in the heather Elma Dean. This the this home that you study is Dean, this is your faith your religion, found guru Amantha holiness Antonina calm so beware who you take origin from?

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Beware who you take your deen from? Why? Because when you learn from them, you feel obliged to give them the respect and the following that they deserve from you. And if that person may Allah protect us all have that sense of arrogance or they have a flaw in their character. You never know you might fall for it yourself or the biller. Or luck out there. A lot of the fitna comes you don't know what to do with it.

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Should a person stick to a madhhab or follow a Salafi school which goes straight from the Hadith imimobile Hadith basically, the layman is doing taqlid in both cases, well for the layman just stick with one school of thought at the beginning learn you know from one teacher or one scholar. Now to be practical pragmatic, you might say Hanafi Shafi Maliki, but here in America, we probably don't have access to a share who is you know, completely learned in one particular school of thought so as a result, we say just follow the Imam of your community as simple as that follow them up your community to Toledo ham, until hamdulillah Allah bless you with level of knowledge where you can

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study for yourself and become a tutor which means critical follower of scholarship

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when I can write a random yet yet but we are also G Bell Jacobi to Allah, Allah data with both of you I'm doodle how to have your DB answer while me Rasulullah is Salah, some kind of EUCOM What's the meaning of that? I think he's referring to a statement mentioned in January when Hichem by Abbas the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was telling

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his followers about the example of the Prophet Salla summit look, says no right Erina no shepherd, who takes his sheep to the to the man

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mountains with his thick his keeps feeding them by hitting the trees to give them the leaves to so they can eat from them. Or he worked so hard to fill to work to create a water pool for them so they can drink from it. Because this man, he didn't work so hard, as much as the prophet Salah Salem did to you and Julio, like imagine a Bedouin, who's going all the way up the mountains to feed his animals and keep you know going after them and then come back and work so hard to create water pool for them and breadwinner to it. Because no matter how hard this man works for the sheep, the Prophet SAW Selim is still work harder for you and with you. He's speaking about the level of commitment of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says community now

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they have questions about financing your car and politics and all that stuff

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Amen Can we eat Chick fil A?

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Okay, as you might know, we opened the door for doubtful Morris and slim people they still want to answer for particular issues. We gave you the general rule. We gave it a general rule. There's Halal there is haram There's Dr. Morris, and adult for marriage the ALMA they have differences of opinion. But if the matter is absolutely clear to you to be halal or haram is no longer doubtful. This is to you harass you knowledge that developed makes it halal for you or haram. But if you're unsure they have one of two positions. Whether you say well I'm not really sure so but still my heart says it's okay to do it then do it. Unless you feel backlash from the people around you then protect yourself

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even though it's not necessarily haram but go with the gym or be with the gym and stay away from that thing. But if I might say well even though it's not 100% Haram but rather protect myself I stay away from it regardless if people do it or not, I don't care people doing it I want to clear myself from that so the position is yours so the same thing applies to the subject of actually eating from Chick fil A and so on because the reverse opinion here it's up to you which one you want to choose but once you once you choose an opinion stick to it and move on

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wine and cooking sometimes and cooking people add wine again that's somewhat of a doubtful or not so the issue of doubtful matters on our busy adding to the wine thing I personally believe that added wine to cook and even if it evaporates completely through the cook and obviously still haram because what's the point of adding it anyway if it's completely removed from the food it leaves a flavor right so some element of that is still there so stay away from it

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okay if one participant in a cow camel adhere doesn't have a halal income what is our ruling your good and shallow turn your portion is still Halal

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so many questions about working for health insurance companies

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look any insurance in essence of the insurance is actually it's a form of gambling because you this you'd be basically dealing with chance and as a result gambling is considered haram overall generally speaking, but it comes to work and for this It depends.

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The I would personally say if you can avoid being in this kind of you know environment is better for you.

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Because again, the overall concept of it is actually is not right. It's based on gamble based on chance and there is a lot of data which means ambiguity in terms of how much is coming in and coming out because of that Wallah data

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so there are many specific questions here about different position different jobs and so on. If you guys want to do about work on it and work in industry, the healthcare industry company supporting the Pride Month and all that stuff, please go to MJ online mg online.org They have a lot of already established photos on these matters specifically so write down what you look for health insurance banking this and that and you'll get your answer inshallah Tada here we just gave you the general rule of what is halal was haram or was in between, so follow that inshallah Allah

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can someone donate haram income to build a madrasah?

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Well, if you if you think that you are okay for you to receive it, then give it in charity.

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If it's okay for you to save it, give it to charity. So in this case, what do I do with my haram money that comes out? I would say give it to some municipalities so they can spend it on parks and streets and stuff like that rather than actually giving it to a charity or law.

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Interesting question I have to mention that as you're my hair salon American chef, I'm a full time housewife from Malaysia. I'm learning Arabic and the Quran but I feel like I'm not contributing to society. I was a doctor before and I feel more fulfilled being a doctor than being a housewife. Should I restore shall restart my job and contribute to society or continue to learn as I'm having my time now. May Allah subhana wa Tada reward you for your concerns, there is no better contribution to the society really than being Gani. Fulfilling the example the prophets Allah selama, the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem and living the the healthy, I would say family life, there is nothing

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like that unfortunate our time right now. This is called manufactured success model. Somebody told our sister that look, if you're not following if you're not, if you don't follow this model, you're not successful. If you don't have a degree, we don't have a job. We don't bring income if you don't actually provide and participate in financial and so on. So, honestly, he said you're not doing anything who said that? Who said that.

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And we're now looking down upon being a housewife being a mother contributing to the to the to the family lifestyle Subhanallah specific in our time, as you see now the attack on family values is as unbelievable as ruthless is extremely ruthless right now. So one of the greatest read the greatest Jonnie frontiers right now. To defend the deen is to establish the family values. One of the greatest contribution you can do for because all these people right now that they come out Subhanallah with the especially this pride month, and we have seen what happened, the disaster that happens at the White House.

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What a shame Allah, this nation is just becoming a joke. It's really people, the whole world is laughing at us, because we're just abandoning everything that is considered of decency, and a lot and manners and even family life and family that is completely is gone. So I would say it's time to restore the true values of demand our true values and as family as Muslims, we believe strongly in family values.

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And really big becoming a family person, getting married, having kids, taking care of your children for both men and women and settling down is one of the greatest contribution you can give to the society. There is no shame in that. And it's a great honor and doing it but ALLAH SubhanA wa rewarded for the survival element is that Kamala Harris and Mr. economica Lavaca

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