A Ramadan of change #12 – Money matters

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the potential return on investment in a venture and the potential consequences of dishonest behavior. The segment also touches on the negative impact of prohibited wealth on individuals and their bodies, including potential cancer and health issues. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a product called Jio served.
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Oh Rama

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merci merci. Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters when we are presented with a business opportunity, our analysis is thorough. What are the startup costs? How many partners are involved? What's the likely return on the investment?

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However, the most important questions may not even arise in our minds when investigating this venture. The question that asks What is the Islamic ruling surrounding the adventurer

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and the prophets of Allah Hardy was in a by the way, hypothesized that such a day would arrive when people will not care where their money is coming from. He said yet to Allah nurses are now known law you

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know what I mean? Who I mean, Holland, Holland, I mean haram, there will come a time you said when people will not care about where they take their money from, whether it is from halal or from the Haram, you may be thinking Hold on a minute, what does this topic have to do with our month of Ramadan,

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the link between the two is actually far stronger than we may have thought.

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If you or me have allowed this type of wealth into our account, then it means that we have essentially unleashed a devastating weapon against ourselves and maybe against our families. And the danger of this weapon is that its effects are not always immediately noticeable. It doesn't make any loud bangs. It doesn't tear down buildings, it doesn't release any killer toxic smells.

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But nevertheless, it is so ruthless in its effects, that it has the power to by itself, potentially devastate the life and the afterlife of a human being and the casualties of haram Mani, they are beyond count.

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Take note of this, you may be giving charity this Ramadan. But when prohibited wealth is involved.

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One has essentially successfully managed to close the door of charity between him and Allah the door shut.

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And the fact that Zika your obligatory charity comes under this category should really terrify us and I just wanted to Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said mon Gemma merlon Haram and Hassan matassa kabhi he la mia con la houfy Wakanda Israel who are Lee whoever accumulates prohibited wealth. Think about this, my dear brother

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whoever accumulates prohibited wealth and then gives out in charity from it. He will not be rewarded for it and will have to bear the consequences of it as well.

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Number two,

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you're making a lot of dua, this Ramadan right in Whittier and in other places you're making dua but remember with prohibited wealth, one has essentially cut off the rope of dua between him and Allah subhanaw taala leaving this individual to fend for himself, I want to be now

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and that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he made mention of a man explicitly describing him. He said that he was your three Lucifer ash either Akbar he was journeying some far traveling, and he was in a disheveled dusty state. Your mood during the day he in a summer and he was spreading out his hands and raising them to the sky in Doha supplicating to Allah saying,

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You're my lord, my lord, will not Amhara. Matura, Boko Haram al haram. haram for a name Mr. Jarboe the Dalek prophets that I sent him said that the problem is that his food was from the prohibited his drink was from the prohibited His clothing was from the prohibited and his body was nourished from the prohibited. So how can he do I ever be answered?

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Wait a quick footnote here for you. Notice how all of the reasons for an accepted to art were present in that man. He was traveling right? He was in a humbled, disheveled state. His hands were raised in Doha. He was repeating Yara My lord, my lord, these are things that bring about accepted dua. But despite these elements combined, Allah will still leave the hands of such a person empty.

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Why money was from earnings were from haram. And it was also well known that the dua of the companion Saturday will not be what cos was answered by Allah Almighty every time.

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And he was asked about this and hamdulillah so we have an answer. How can we advise answered from all of the companions this quickly he said modify to ileostomy Lokomat. And in the Hollywood energy project, he said because I have never raised any bit of food to my mouth, without first realizing the details of where this

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Food was sourced from

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earnings that are haram earnings that are haram versus earnings that are halal. Number three, you are worshipping Allah this month, right? We're all doing that, but the harm of prohibited wealth is not limited to dua Subhanallah, it actually extends its cancer as roads, to even your prayer, our fast, our Hajj, our worship in general harmony effects all of it. It was all the money in the world worth it, honestly, is all the money in the world worth it. And that's what Elvis early he said about this point. And he brought it to market haram he can be now I'm watching behalf a person's worship, whilst consuming prohibited is just like the construction of a building on top of waves,

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waves of an ocean is it possible

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it affects the worship of a Muslim. And that's why Abdullah happened to have bass he also said, la Akbar Allahu selectably infy JioFi haram. Allah does not accept the prayer of a person who has prohibited sources within his body, meaning he will be deprived of the reward of that acts of worship. Is it worth it all of the money in the world? Is it worth it?

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So with such casualties associated with prohibited wealth, what good is there left in the life of a person who insists on earning it?

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So with the courage of a believer, walk away from such sources at once or minimally create an exit plan a strategy to leave it as a matter of urgency because as we just discovered, it's not just your mobile phone, that depends upon it. Oh Rama

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Merci, merci.

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Welcome Rama

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