Ramadan Motivations 28 – the Inherited Garden

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The speakers discuss the differences between Surah's garden and Jesus' garden, highlighting the importance of avoiding evil behavior and not blaming others. They also discuss the loss of the worldly NEMA and the negative impact it has on people, as well as the use of shaming and media attention. They stress the need for people to act with caution and not to blame others for their loss, and encourage viewers to subscribe to Facebook and Instagram for updates and suggestions for future events. They also mention a potential new program called "ramlan" that could teach people about their religion.

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smugness and Imani Kumar if you want to

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smilla with hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he while he was so happy he was Salaam hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen 100 Kathy Rhonda even more block and fee Mila Samoa to Mila all the Omega Masha I mean she in but and hamdulillah he oh one and what I feel I would praise Him subhana wa to Allah at all times. We praise him in the beginning and in the end we praise Him because He is the one who's worthy of praise all the time. We praise him a crease by which we hope that his panel what Allah would forgive us would bless us would increase his blessings would forgive our mistakes would remind us when we forget when we forget Forgive us, when we are when we are in mistake. And we

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asked him subhanho wa Taala to keep us all close to him. And not makers of those who forgot about him Subhana Allah and are made then to forget about everything else, including themselves. At hamdulillah jaquith IRA Nene, and we send so Lance and I'm on the best teacher Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to ask Allah xojo to make us, a make us good students to follow His guidance and who spread it and who teach it and implement it, and are in their lives a reflection of these teachings mean Marbella mean,

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so Alhamdulillah. But I mean, today we have another story. And in fact, it's going to be the final story before in sha Allah, we reach the conclusion of tomorrow in sha Allah. I'll talk more about that in sha Allah tomorrow. So in today's story, there's a common theme that we will see in the last couple of stories that we talked about, although there are some differences. And these differences are important in sha Allah to note. So our story comes from Surah tel column. And it's the story of us have origin Allah is that it talks about us hydrogen now in several Ayad in that surah.

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And he gives their example to the people of Quraysh, to the Meccans. But of course, as we said before, it's not simply a story of the past for the past, meaning for the people who lived in the past, not for us, it's a story as we will see, because Allah xojo to speaking to the metcons there, but the story happened before them. And as this story was an example for them, both of what happened to them Atkins and what happened to those people of the garden, our example for us lessons for us. So whenever is whatever story we read in the Quran about the prophets of Allah or anybody else, whether they somebody gets punished or somebody is vindicated and triumphs both of these are

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examples and lessons for us. So Allah as it says here in Belo Nahum komaba owners have an agenda.

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It says we tested them, or rather you can read it we punish them. So Allah is talking about the Meccans he said we punish them

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as we punished the people of the garden and agenda is a garden on earth right and Jenna over there I this call is also called Jenna, but here is what is a limited type of gentlemen. Like a word Legion, their hereafter agenda is very different. Okay, it's lasting, and its fertility, lushness, and its fruits are unimaginable. But here it is called also gender because it's fruitful. It has a lot of trees, a lot of leaves. That's why it's called Jenna. But why is it called gender because there's so many leaves are so many branches that it could obstruct sight.

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And this is how fertile it is. This is how beautiful it is that it could obstruct sight. That's why it's called Jenna. Right? Just linguistically, right? So let's say we punish them meaning the Mexicans and we'll see how and why they were punished. As we punish the people of the gender is acceptable. Laos, Luna Hamas behind what I asked at noon, they said that they promised upset with a promise that they were determined that they will harvest all of that the fruits of that Jenna, the fruit fruit of their garden, early in the morning,

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without exception,

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without exception here means two things. And maybe both at the same time, without exception in the sense that we're not going to give anything to the poor.

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So we're going to go and harvest it all.

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Without giving giving anything to the poor all also it means no exception meaning we will do it and they did not say insha Allah they did not remember Allah meaning that we will do this for sure.

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And as Allah as evidence says in the Quran monacolin Alicia in India I mean Danica vada, Ella Aisha Allah, it says, Don't say to anything that I will do this tomorrow, except by adding Illa sha Allah except by adding in sha Allah, because you do not know that you may have full determination to do it, and physically be very able to do it. But Allah is not able to enable you to do it. Something stands in your way. So always your limit your your strength in mind is always limited. Don't think tomorrow I'll be able to go and buy this tomorrow for sure. I'll be able to go and sell that tomorrow for sure. I will do this thinking that you have all the power without a stiff now. This is

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Cigna is offering an exception by saying insha Allah, I'll do this in sha Allah. Why do we say in sha Allah,

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it's not for procrastination, I diliman or delaying the the intent. It's for In fact,

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affirming that it may or may not happen because Allah is will is uppermost.

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I may decide on wish to do something but Allah is will is different, Allah's Will is higher, I may have all the tools and abilities to do it but may not be able to because Allah decided otherwise. So insha Allah if Allah wills yet Allah helped me. So that's the what is death, no meaning excluding all the poor. And also at the same time, they did not remember Allah when they said we're gonna do this tomorrow.

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What is this story, the background and the pupil of Tafseer. They said that these men,

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they had a father, and that father was pious. And part of the piety of that Father is that whenever it is time to harvest the land, he will take a portion for himself. portion included in that a portion for his family that he will save for this family and also a portion that he will give to the needy. This was his habit. This is how Allah blessed him.

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And this is how Allah continued to bless him with this garden of his a bountiful, a bountiful garden that Allah gave to him. Now, this was his habit, as we said, until he passed away and when he passed away the children among themselves they decided and there were there were exceptions, as we will see in the story. But most of them decided that our our father used to do is not for us.

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It was wasteful. There's a lot more of us and we need more and we have more rights. He just couldn't just imagine the conversation that they had, which all of us we probably had with ourselves at least I cannot give because I have too many obligations I'm not as rich other people can give Why should I give I need a lot more. I need this money more than the other people need it. We all offer excuses not to give away the rights that allows it it has in this money the poor will have to have rights in this money. So they had this conversation with themselves and with each other. And so they decided that we're not going to do this we're not going to give as our father used to give what are they

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going to do so they said football family how party forming a rugby go home that you Muna foster had for son pastor had custody. So they decided to do this. We're not going to give the poor anything. What did Allah do with them?

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A lot. So just says football family helper if America honeymoon, then a punishment of Allah zildjian came and surrounded the land, came and visited the land while they were asleep.

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For us a hardcore serene it became blackened

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or completely destroyed. Right? That is either completely destroyed or because if had had been burned by a fire that had come from the sky, it's completely black.

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Okay, torched completely Nothing is left.

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And so when did this happen?

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It happened when they were asleep. This is when they felt the safest.

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And so so Panama you see the irony here that the as you will see that they wanted to sneak out and do this in secret when the poor do not know anything about what they were doing.

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And so allows them to punish them that in a time when they did not know anything that was happening. Yes, the land was harvested as you intended the land. The fruits were taken as you were intended in a time when you did not know about it.

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When you felt the safest and so the severest punishment of Allah zoodle could come when when a person feels the safest feels that they

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Secure, unprotected. And yet the punishment of Allah azza wa jal, when it comes, no one can stop it. So that's the irony, they wanted to do something to the poor, the same thing happened to them. The land or the fruits were taken from them at a time when they did not know as exactly they wanted to do with the poor Pamela,

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for dinner demos for him, so they will wake up and they don't know what's gonna happen, but they're not almost for him, they call each other in the morning. And they will do it out of the come in coutume sorry, me, if you're going to harvest the land, if you are sure, if you have decided then rush to do it early in the morning,

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from California to half a tune, so even left their homes whispering to each other, because they didn't want to wake anybody up, alert anybody up to the fact that we're going to be doing this because if they do, if the poor hear about it, they're gonna have to the land and stand waiting for something to be given to them.

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But if they do it early in the morning, when no one sees, they can just collect everything for themselves. So that's their ultimate greed. It's not enough what Allah had given them, that you said, We want everything. And the rights of Allah and the poor that are in this land are to be denied incompletion, none of it is to be given to them. So until a home that is harder to lay at Holden neomatik ami scheme, what are the other hordeum hardy

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is a state that they were saying to each other, no poor person should enter the land today should be given anything today. So so panela. And although they know that this these people are Messer keen, and they are in need, but they should be completely deprived, not a single one of them should come in and take anything from us. That's this ultimate greed that binds you to the needs of other people the only see your own need. You only see your own selfishness. You don't see that other people need as much as you do. But you only see yours.

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What are the other Harman Kardon Allah said, and they went when they had when they had it to harvest, they had it they're physically able, physically angry, you know, angry with the fact that we don't want to give anybody anything, and insistent on depriving anybody cause they're in physical, physically evil. So what is going to stop them here, they own the land.

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And this is you know, Subhanallah the ultimate of human hubris. If you think about it, I am physically able I own the land, I decide that no person will eat from it, who is going to stop me.

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And this is where Allah zildjian says he destroyed it. For them are over, when they first got a glimpse of their land, the garden that they owned, that beautiful thing that they worked on so long, and they invested so much in, when they first got a glimpse of it, in all of our loans is we're lost. This could not be ours, we must have missed our way. And this is somebody else's land, it couldn't be ours. This is what denial. That's the first stage denial, this couldn't be ours, but that they check the road, they check the area, they check the signs, but this is ours. But it's not ours, but it is ours. Then they realize, then that no my home or no we have been deprived.

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This had been taken from us.

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And now this this, this realization, this admission that this Something terrible has happened. And now they could go either way. subpanel as it happens with all of us, we have a choice, who to blame, how to interpret this, how to deal with it. Do you become angry? Do you become depressed? do you blame the creator? do you blame yourself? do you blame somebody else? What justification you have for this? How do you interpret this so that you could feel better? How do you justify it? So a law student says and this is how and why they are fortunate.

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Quiet also to whom an akula calm louder to some behold.

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So Allah says Osaka home said oh Sato home here means their best.

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Their best said to them. I don't know Polycom Did I not say to you, why did you not say this V of Allah soja.

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So this one cetus V of Allah zoldan could mean several things and they complete each other one did I tell you to remember Allah. remember Allah when you want it and when you said we're gonna go tomorrow and do this, remember Allah by saying in sha Allah. remember Allah subhanho wa Taala often so that this will help you not to deny the poor their rights. remember Allah zildjian by getting

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thing, the poor their rights so even the remembrance of Allah by giving the poor their rights alum Aquila comb, Lola to subdue. Did I not tell you to remember Allah azza wa jal and remember the poor and give them what you owe them and not denying them all of that Did I not tell you all of this? And so we also know that then Among them there was this wise righteous voice, but they did not listen to him.

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And they insisted on their ways, when they heard that Subhanallah we know that there was a good seed in their hearts

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because immediately they said, Allah Subhana Nabina in couldna Valley mean they said, Subhana, Allah subhanho our rub, It is we who were wrongdoers, and Allah saved them here.

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Allah save them maybe because of their father who used to donate and give and donate and give. And so yes, in the beginning, they did not follow his footsteps. But Allah had left that good seed in them because they could have turned against Allah and said, How come would Allah do this to us? Why would Allah punish us? Allah it was being unjust to us. This is the reaction of a lot of us have had a lot that I hope we keep inside. And we tried to fight with until we suppress and we eliminate, Allah was being unfair to us.

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But here they said no, Subhana rabina in cannavale me. Why is it that they said we were the wrongdoers because they saw that with their father, as long as their father was giving Allah was blessing him, when they decided to stop Allah stops these blessings and he took all of the way. So nobody understood that Who is the one who is unfair, Allah, Who them

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it is them

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who is the one who denied them, this garden Allah with them, it is them. So this is something inshallah, that I want us to remember. And we take from the story, which is that in the La Jolla, luminesce shader, we're lacking the NASA and prusa homido the moon, as Allah said, in the Quran, Allah is not unjust with people ever, in any way. In the smallest fraction. Allah is not unjust with people in our how Allah deals with you and me, Allah is not just when it came to NASA, but it is people who are unjust with each other.

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And with themselves.

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That is, it is I who is unjust with other people. And it is I who is unjust to myself, who causes pain to come my way. It's not a law as of Jun. Allah simply sends the consequence of this injustice to us, that we chose.

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Right? It's as if Subhana Allah human being is telling you here you can walk this path and you can walk this path. If you walk the path a, you're going to meet this, this, this and that. You can off the bat path of B, you're going to meet this, this, this and that, which one do you choose? You say I choose a, whatever we face. As a consequence, we chose that if the path is a bad one, and we chose B, and we face bad consequences, we don't say Allah zildjian was unfair to us. We chose that path. And we met it met these consequences because we pursued these consequences. So those people who were visited by that fire from the sky that burned their garden, chose that path. And they realized that

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on a lot of soldiers saved them

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by going back to him subhana wa tada because they said we then felt bad about him and about a third element and then they turn to each other blaming each other.

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How do we awaken our inner could not have any say hello to us, we were transgressors.

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But yet they didn't stop there. And this is how Allah as unsaved Zane saves them again. It's not good at the consequence and the end of a misfortune to just look around you and blame somebody else. It was all because of you. It's all because they listened to you. It's all because I visited do it's all because you just want to blame somebody else because it's not you. It's somebody else. It's not good. You have to take responsibility and say I also chose this. I did this. I did this

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but don't stop there.

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would follow was as important. They said I saw a boon or you didn't hire Amina in Iraq Bina Ravi boon. We hope that Allah will replace us with something to replace us with something better than that with that we've lost indeed we are turning to Allah xeljanz or they're saying as we should be with any other loss that we have. Yeah, Allah replace this with something better. We are turning to the honorable Allah mean replacing

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Where and when. Replace it in the hill and here.

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You would meet Chela. That is when something bad happens, rather than be stuck in a state where I'm this blaming other people or blaming myself. Why did I listen? Why did I do this? Why did I go there? Why did I buy this just be stuck there. The thing that has happened happened

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and it had to happen. Don't blame a love for it right? Allah says it doesn't need to send you any punishment does not need to send you any correction. If there is no mistake to begin with.

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It's only because that there was a mistake that one needed to be corrected.

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Now, do you say to yourself, that these people are the children of that man, they they need their garden to be burned.

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He said, If Allah azzawajal, dry, saw that they could be reformed in another way, he would not have burned their garden

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because they had someone in their middle reminding them repeatedly.

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Don't do this, don't do this. Don't do this. Did they listen? No, the only thing that could wake them up is for them to lose it.

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So if there was no correction needed, Allah would not correct. So the thing that allows you to send their way when he burned their garden was actually to their benefit for them, not against them, their loss, this loss was a needed loss.

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And this is something that they should eventually thank Allah zildjian for Alhamdulillah that we lost this because if he would not lose it, we would be displeasing to Allah zodion in our lives, maybe for the rest of our lives. It Allah subtle takes this worldly possession, to give you a realization and wisdom and a man instead. And that is far more precious than what you have lost.

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And so a lot of sort of siska that he can either have such as punishment when it happens when other will feel it, I can Oh, can we alone? This is the punishment in the dunya and similar punishments that Allah sends and the punishment of the Hereafter is a lot worse and a lot bigger if they but no.

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So Allah so did in the beginning, when he says we punish them like we punished the people of the Jenna, Allah is saying to the people have already used to the mannequins we punished you. Like we punish the people of the gender, meaning, couldn't you see what happened to them, so that you can learn from their lesson and not repeat their mistake? Yet you have repeated their mistake. What is the name of the people of Mecca that they rejected?

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And what did allies have to do to them? The netmail was not the word Li NEMA.

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It was a religious NEMA in addition to a word limit a month that Allah azza wa jal gave them but the main NEMA was a religious NEMA. He gave them Mohamed Salah what he was sending them and the Tao of Islam from the mist from their land. They were the first recipients of it. So when they received the Tao of Mohammed Salah law to send them What did most of them do.

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What did most of them do? They rejected it. And the persecuted Muslims and the prophets of Allah it was in them and they tried to suppress it. So they received the nerima and that is a religious neuroma. And they were already a recipient of a worldly net amount where Allah is gonna give them security and riches and honor among the Arabs, a lot of things. So they had a worldly Nam and they had mainly the main NEMA is a religious name and they rejected that, what happened to them when they rejected that NEMA. The religious NEMA departed, the prophet SAW a lot he was cinnamon, the Muslims, the greatest source of blessings that they had left,

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left their land and went to another city. And they became enemies to the prophets, all Islam and that city and his followers and so the Prophet turned against them and eventually subjugated them

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until they accepted Islam. So he took from them the net amount of power that they had

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become because of the rejection of the truth. So they lost it, how above the worldly NEMA that they had the money or the power,

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the riches that they had the profits or loss it was in the media against them. Right Allahumma inni I think can be seen here. Cassady use of the Prophet solution and he said he Allah assisted me against them with ears like the ears of use of Allah He sent out so they experienced drought and lack of food and hardship.

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The Mankins after the name of Allah says that they experienced that hardship. So a lot of the same to them. We took away this number from your like we did these people, couldn't you wake up and see. So there's less than insha Allah all of this, which is that

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There is netmeds that we received from Allah as origin.

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In the story of the garden or the people, unlike the other stories that we've seen, well, people who are rich that people have set up, and the

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person of two gardens in sort of El Cap, those two, disbelieve in Allah xuejun. In those two stories, they disbelieved that Allah and Allah took away their nemesis, the people in this story that don't disbelieve in Allah, they just denied the rights that belong to Allah azzawajal antiquus creation, and that also led to a loss of that nettement. So we receive an mo of Allah as they will realize that we do not receive it because we somehow are special, and others are not, you will receive it because we are being tested with it, and other people are being tested without it. And Allah wants to see what we do with that Nana. So as long as we are beautiful, as long as we are

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obeying to Allah, so we didn't really give him the rights that he had obligated and we assist others with it, we continue to be blessed. When we deny we are denied.

00:26:07--> 00:26:11

When we withhold Allah zoetic withholds and he doesn't give.

00:26:12--> 00:26:56

When we don't see people suffering, then eventually that suffering spreads to us. Because we were okay with other people's suffering, why should not should you should, this suffering not even spread to us so that we taste some of what they have tasted, me allows it and save us from that. And the greatest nightmare is a religious NEMA. If you reject it, in form of what in form of an advice that you hear, in form, in a form of a reminder from Allah xojo in the form of a door of righteousness that opens and you close and you reject if we don't take advantage of a religious Namah departs and it leaves and you don't know if it's ever going to come back and you don't know if in its place

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isn't going to come another NEMA or a distraction or worldly distraction that takes us away from Allah zoton so if you hear the Koran if you hear the sooner if you hear on advice Russian take it before it goes away. And before we are left with emptiness, no one is there to remind that no one is there to protect the no one is there to tell us what Allah loves and what Allah hates. And rather we are surrounded with the shale teen with the devil's who tell us Do whatever you feel and do whatever you like.

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Heaven dealing with anime in shallow answer questions, shall I? Yeah, before in Shall I forget. So for tomorrow inshallah, we're going to have our final session tomorrow and it's going to be about a bit of ninja as well because tomorrow is going to be the 29th so we do not know it's gonna be well done. It's gonna be 30 or 29 days. Although allow Adam it's more likely that it's going to be 30 days but just in case also,

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we're going to have inshallah, a session tomorrow, just about eight in the Lazarus. So if you have questions about eight and what to do, etc, etc, in sha Allah, bring those questions for tomorrow. And as you see, inshallah, in the chat I posted there's a link there

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to continue to be updated in sha Allah with lectures with lessons and what have you in sha Allah.

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do two things in sha Allah. So, if you are on if you like YouTube, subscribe to the channel so that if we post something, you'll receive it. I also posted a link in Sharla there on the YouTube Live Chat, it should be there on Facebook, as well. There's a telegram channel, you can subscribe to that inshallah so that if there's an upcoming event lectures series, at least we'll post tech you'll be inshallah informed and you're not going to miss anything in sha Allah, but I mean,

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if you like Facebook more, just subscribe to Facebook. If you like Instagram more, just subscribe to Instagram, whatever inshallah works for you, but if you can subscribe into so that in case you missed one, at least you have the other one. So that's why I provided the telegram channel in sha Allah. So it's there on live chat on YouTube, and I think in sha Allah, it's there on Facebook.

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So tomorrow in sha Allah, it's going to be about eight so manners, what it is about the lessons of aid so charlo tried to talk about that in that xojo So again, if there's anything you want to ask about aid insha Allah that will be for tomorrow inshallah. So I want to consider Mohammed Allah He bought a cat Oh.

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So I noticed that many scholars are quick to respond and appear and make appeals with what is going on in Palestine now, but not many would go do the same for other oppressed Muslims such as the the ogres Rohingya I understand the poor is Palestine, and it is the land of an NBR but are the plight of other Muslims less significant? We seldom hear about our sisters being tortured in Syrian prisons in my run to ask these questions. No, inshallah, you're not wrong to ask these questions in sha Allah.

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I don't have an answer, right? Where? Why would a group of scholars or speakers or organizations right, would highlight one issue more than another, it could be sometimes affiliation. And sometimes you're closer to an issue than another. So you said basically no more about it than other issues. So that is one thing. Another thing could be media attention. So if media attention is, is focused on one issue, and it gets highlighted, and a lot of people are talking about it, as a human being right, whether you're a scholar or not, as a human being, you simply you know, react to it just as a human thinking that this is really important. If an issue resolved receive as much coverage, or the

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coverage slowly builds up, it's not immediate, it's not intense, but slowly builds up.

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Maybe a lot of people feel well, a lot of people really know about this. So although I don't really have an answer, but I think that it is one of the two, when lohana, right, it's one of the two either because you basically are closer to an issue than another, so you know more about it, and you're more or more emotionally connected. So it's just natural for you to talk about it more Well, on the other one, some issues just explode. So they issue Yeah, and Philistine just exploded, right in it, just a couple of days has just exploded, and a lot of attention is focused on it. Whereas other issues have been building up for a long time. And then you know, you don't have a lot of media

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attention on it as compared to other issues. That's, that's the only thing. But the thing here in sha Allah is is.

00:31:45--> 00:32:05

Let me let me let me kind of reverse this a little bit and say, it shouldn't only be somebody else's responsibility, or I shouldn't only wait and see why is and so on. So talking about this, why is and so on. So talking about that, because this person and that person as human being sorry, they forget.

00:32:06--> 00:32:16

And as I said, our tasks, and sometimes our focus is limited, if I feel if I know that a cause is worthy of attention of doing of highlighting,

00:32:18--> 00:32:23

why not I message or a talk or I highlight it, I highlight that issue myself.

00:32:24--> 00:32:25

I talk about it, I

00:32:27--> 00:32:55

shed more light on it, I keep tweeting about it, talking about it, I start a conversation, and I keep talking until people in sha Allah are more aware of and everybody's caught up to what is happening. So we can talk more about it so that more and more people talk about it. So in sha Allah, I mean, if you see a scholar talking about this, but not talking about that, then seek an excuse for him, maybe there is an excuse, and try to fill the gap.

00:32:56--> 00:33:08

Try to fill the gap. Right? So rather than the end, and I understand you're not trying to blame others, you're just trying to understand, but in case, right, we have that feeling all I'm feeling

00:33:09--> 00:33:49

I feel that they have not done their job by not highlighting all issues equally, maybe they can't. So let me insha Allah fill that gap by doing my part and then highlighting that collecting information, sharing that information with everybody asking people to act on behalf of the oppressed, at least in terms of collecting money for their sake, challenge that through reputable recognized organizations like me, try to fill the gap and center so rather than blame others in sha Allah, supplement and complement, so that is inshallah, what I would suggest in sha Allah. I don't know, I hope that is a satisfactory answer.

00:33:51--> 00:34:16

If you missed a prayer, can you make it up in the next day? If not, how can you make it up a miss prayer by even Sharla? So it says, The question here is why did you miss this prayer? So there are two possibilities. One you intentionally missed it. The other one is that you forgot about it. So the better explanation is that you forgot about it. We say as soon as you remember it, you make it up.

00:34:17--> 00:34:36

So suppose for instance, I forgot about bovada also, I was so busy. So in Hana life could happen. So I forgot about it. As soon as you remember it. You make it up. Even if after a day or a week or a year. It doesn't matter as soon as you remember it. That is it Stein, you create immediately. Immediately right that's it.

00:34:38--> 00:34:53

If you say that no, I purposely missed it. It was acid and I decided I'm not going to pray. And then McCulloch time came I Showtime came as completely missed it. So some scholars will say you can make it up.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Some other scholars will say No, you cannot make it up because there's simply no evidence to say that you can make up any

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

And he set up.

00:35:02--> 00:35:16

Right. So if you say if we take the opinion of that second scholars, so if you take the opinion of the first scholars, they'll say just make it up right now, as soon as you, you know, decide, I would read that I've done this, make it up right now,

00:35:17--> 00:35:57

the opinion of the second group of scholars, they'll say, you can never make it up, because the prophets will always say, never said, If you miss the Salah, this is what you can do never said it. That means that if you miss it, there's nothing that you can do to make this up to compensate for it, the best that you can do is do a lot of sooner, not just to like ask for two records that you missed, or four records for records that you missed, do a lot of soon as in the hope that Allah will forgive them. So this is what we recommend, if you intentionally have missed any Sunnah do a lot of sooner, hoping that Allah is somehow good forgive this because it is a sin. It is a big sin. It is a

00:35:57--> 00:36:01

big sin, it's a major sin to miss a solid intention.

00:36:02--> 00:36:07

So how can you make up for it, the only way possible way is for you to

00:36:08--> 00:36:44

ask a lot for forgiveness, repent from that and do a lot of sadness, that perhaps Eliza can forgive it. And this is what I recommend, because it is such a serious thing. That's why I want people to feel and know that it is really a serious thing. You cannot just simply let's say, Miss Asia and think okay, I'll make it up tomorrow. There is really no opportunity. Once you miss Asia, it's gone. It's gone. How can I go back and make it up? You cannot go back and make it up? What can I do? Just ask Allah for forgiveness, and continue to pray a lot of soon as maybe Allah Azza did on the Day of Judgment, we'll look at these most missed forecasts.

00:36:45--> 00:36:54

And see, okay, what do you have in place of that? And you will say I have 20 cars, I'll have 40 cars. And maybe I'll say those are in.

00:36:55--> 00:37:11

So it's really serious. And no, no equivalent number of records that you can do as as sooner or later on will be enough. Right? To just substitute for those obligations. So insha Allah just repentant, ask Allah for forgiveness.

00:37:13--> 00:37:18

There's a question here are a common Salaam often people reference a hadith where the Prophet says,

00:37:19--> 00:37:33

very paraphrase, very paraphrase, that we should not imitate the non believers, but this argument is often abused. How do you know when to draw the line? Now insha Allah so that's a good question. Insha Allah to

00:37:35--> 00:37:40

mentorship to have your home in a woman home the Prophet sallahu wa sallam says, the one who imitates people, he's one of them?

00:37:41--> 00:38:30

If you imitate the people who are one of them. So the question here is, where do you draw the line? When it comes to imitating non believers, where is the line of imitating them? And or is the line of doing things that resembles what they're doing, but it's not an imitation of them, we say that anything that is peculiar of the non believers specific to them, that the Muslims seek to do is not allowed. So if there is something peculiar, specific, distinctly belonging to the non believers, and the Muslims do not do that, they're not supposed to do it specifically. And most importantly, when it comes to their religious practices, it's not reserved to religious practices, but specifically

00:38:30--> 00:38:53

most importantly to religious practices because that's the inner and most important circle, and then the other circle things that are distinct that to them, that distinguishes them from Muslims. Okay, this is how we can draw the line. So they have religious practices way that they celebrate their festivals way that they celebrate their holidays, let's say

00:38:54--> 00:39:37

way that they live their lives that are distinctly theirs and this is not something that Muslims do. And where if you see someone doing it you will say this is obviously evidently not a Muslim, because Muslims don't do this don't dress like that. Don't dress like don't talk like that. Don't dress like that. Don't eat like that. Don't drink like that. Right? So distinctly non believing practices, then that's the thing that we're not supposed to imitate. If that practice is some of these practices, right eventually became a shift becomes a shift practice. It's not how long but becomes a shared practice, then that is eventually becomes allowed because not now it's not a distinct practice of

00:39:37--> 00:39:39

non Muslims. Right?

00:39:41--> 00:39:45

Give you an example for instance of it. So at one one, once upon a time,

00:39:46--> 00:39:56

Muslim men would never wear pants. outside. Just pants, like we do today. By just wear pants outside

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

because the Muslim the Muslim

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

guard the Muslim dress code for men was that if you were just wear a pants with a what's called the solo weed. This will be an undergarment, not an out to garment like the pants of today, what do you just wear pants and just leave?

00:40:13--> 00:40:41

Muslims would never be caught outside wearing something like that it would be shameful, degrading, you would have that as an undergarment. And there was something on top of it. So at that point in history, with that club with that type of dress was a non believing dress, meaning by the dress for the non believers, right. And the Muslim would not wear something like that it would be held on to dress like that.

00:40:42--> 00:41:18

Why is that? Because that was distinctly the dress of the non believers. Later on more and more Muslims started to adopt that type of dress until it became common among Muslims. And then also what? Not distinctly a non Muslim dress. So because of that, because that practice seeped into the Muslims. And in the beginning, it should not have, but it seeped into the Muslims. Eventually, it stopped being a non Muslim practice and now it became a Muslim practice. So now for Muslim men specifically, yeah, you can so we can say yes, you can wear pants outside as long as these pants are not skin tight.

00:41:19--> 00:41:30

Right? Or not skin tight, meaning they don't what? Show the entire body describe the body, especially what the private parts.

00:41:31--> 00:41:48

They're loose enough, they will say yes, they sell out. And some scholars even say it's disliked, with all with everything. But that's just an example and a lot to make things easier and clearer. So if there's a clear hold on practice where let's say for instance, non Muslims, they drink alcohol.

00:41:50--> 00:41:57

They, let's say for instance, they smoked cigarettes. Initially, that is a non Muslim practice.

00:41:58--> 00:42:01

They take girlfriends and boyfriends

00:42:04--> 00:42:48

how long practices right or when they celebrate their holidays, look at how they celebrate Christmas. So we take these practices and we put those in the heat. So something that is distinctly theirs should remain theirs and something that is distinctly ours helps us distinguish our practice our religion, our aid, our al Qaeda, our belief from there's right so that insha Allah is the answer to that. That I have to your question. I know that there are some things in the middle that remain ambiguous that's where the area in sha Allah where we need to clarify so if later on insha Allah, you have specific questions about Okay, I understand this in general, but now specifically, how

00:42:48--> 00:43:01

about this? How about that if this is a mutation is it's not a mutation, ask in sha Allah and inshallah if we can help with your question. I'll help with it inshallah. And there's a final question I see you're on.

00:43:07--> 00:43:08

Okay, shall America wahkiakum

00:43:10--> 00:43:18

insha Allah so will we have sessions like these inshallah, after Ramadan? inshallah, is the last question Shall I hope so, in sha Allah,

00:43:19--> 00:43:49

I don't have a specific time or a specific topic. So what I want from you insha Allah from everybody here, and I'll repeat this in sha Allah for tomorrow. If you have ideas about what you would like to have after Ramadan, send this our way. You can just in sha Allah put it here right in the live chat on facebook, instagram, just ideas. I'd like to have a series about this a series about that in Sharla then we'll say insha Allah what most of you want to know about and maybe inshallah we'll see whenever it's possible after Ramadan.

00:43:51--> 00:44:05

Insha Allah will start announcing about a new series a new programs and insha Allah, you will join us that xojo for the series, this is why I have asked in the beginning, that if you can be in that subscribe

00:44:06--> 00:44:26

so that you don't miss any of that if you like YouTube again, I'll repeat what I said in the beginning. If you like YouTube, just subscribe to the channel. But also geologists to ensure that you don't not get not going to miss anything. I posted a telegram channels and we can post upcoming events in Sharla. In the next week or two weeks, we're going to have all of this. So there's a telegram channel if you like Facebook, then Facebook, if you like.

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And link off telegram the telegram link is Charlie's posted on Facebook as well. If you like Instagram, subscribe to Instagram in Sharla so that he could reach the latest and give us your feedback whatever your feedback you have and give us in sha Allah your suggestions for whatever programs you would like to see in the future. We asked Eliza Jeff to enable us not to do the best in Ramadan and after Ramadan and of course inshallah reminder to everybody. Tonight is the night of the 29th

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

of Ramadi and I know that tomorrow I said we're going to be talking about aid but it's not aid yet. And the 29th equally could be the night of labor to others so I just can warn you in sha Allah to put yourself again in the mood of ramadan ramadan is not over put yourself again in the month of Ramadan and in the mood of seeking later to Qatar as if this is the night of the 27th or as if this is the night of the 21st of Ramadan

00:45:26--> 00:45:34

Now it could still be remember when we said in the beginning that there we have an incident where the prophets of Allah Allah He was sending them

00:45:36--> 00:45:37


00:45:38--> 00:46:00

the night overcrowded was the 21st right and there's a headache on the profits I'll even send them that said it to me Selena Takata if it really let him in Ramadan sick Leela to Qatar in the last night of Ramadan right. So if the night of the 29th is going to be the last night of Ramadan, this could be it because he tells us how authentic so he

00:46:01--> 00:46:40

that this could be the light the night or later to Qatar So here you have inshallah not don't pay attention to those who may tell you that a little further had passed don't pay any attention to them they could absolutely be wrong. Don't be at pay attention to your own kind of laziness and weakness. All of us have this. I'm done already. I already could see a it's a come give yourself the chance of one more night This could be later to further push yourself just one more now. So the night of the 29th in sha Allah, Allah in the Gulf of Oman to hiboy Alpha factor for me. Remember this one on one night in sha Allah is not going to break our backs, but could be the night that we need the xojo to

00:46:40--> 00:47:17

get everything that we want. So one more night let's push ourselves and Shall I not give up on Ramadan Milan is not over later. Of course you could still be the night that we still are going to see who has a lot of but I mean to accept from us. Give us the strength in Ramadan and after Ramadan to be close to you or not. But I mean to remember you and not to forget you to ask you before we ask others to rely on you more than we rely on others and ourselves your hammer Rimini Allah we ask you that you release us from Hellfire us and our parents and spouses and children, families and Allah Mohammed Salah Allah Allah he was saying that we asked you your banana mean to grant us the best in

00:47:17--> 00:47:29

this life and in the Hereafter protect us from the worst of this life and in the Hereafter give us your butt I mean and do not deny us give us an increase the blessings that you give to us in this dunya and in the here as

00:47:31--> 00:47:55

well as you are with me to teach us this religion to teach us beneficial knowledge and benefits that benefit us with what we hear and lead us to what benefits us in this life and in the next I mean you're not but I mean, we actually are me to bless us in this dunya and in the Allah to bless us with sincerity with her shoe with a floss with telecon with email and tequila blesses your hammer Rahimi

00:47:57--> 00:48:38

blesses your open IRA mean with the best of this life and in the Hereafter blesses with following this interview Prophet salallahu it he was sitting, bless us Yama, Bella Nene with topo and verses with Jenna when we meet you we are better than he was a lot of but I need to keep you safe to keep you healthy, to keep you with a man and energy to be close to him. subhana wa adatto ask Allah to accept from all of us. We'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah, we'll talk about a Bismillah tomorrow. We ask Allah azza wa jal to to give us the best Armenia but al amin Subhana. Allah will be handing a shadow under either a the ancestor physical I probably would have done it they have been alameen wa

00:48:38--> 00:48:41

salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.