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Send the history and citizenship and making sure that they have hamdulillah they grow up to become the best of human beings in the society. Remember, nowadays, it's all about indoctrination. It's all about ideology and teaching people for political gain.

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And the battle is on.

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Unfortunately, it's all about the kids and the future generations, brothers and sisters. In the past, we used to prepare our kids for school with what what school supplies with lunch box, making sure that the pattern and the picture is what the kids they want to have with them when they go to school, with uniforms. And nowadays, you grab your kids and you put them down and tell them listen, this is right, this is wrong. When you hear this, let me know in the curriculum such and such, we are putting our kids at risk unfortunately, just by exposing them to what is supposed to be an educational system.

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Brothers and sisters, school starting and Muslim kids are going to have going back to school. Now, it doesn't matter if you have kids or not if you met it or not. We are one community. We want society we want village whatever happens in that school is gonna affect you affect me affects everybody else, whether we like it or not. And if you think it's not my concern yet because I'm not married, because I don't have kids. No it is. And if you think that I'm done with that because my kids are grown up in sha Allah to Allah think about your grandchildren.

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Think about the effects of the negative thing that happens in schooling today. It is our duty to be responsible for our children. And they're all our kids ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Yeah, you Alladhina amanu go and fossa Kuma Alikum Nara, all you who believe. He says of Hannah Montana, God yourself and your families, your children against fire. The fire of hell hits upon what Allah says kind of a coup and Nasser Al Jazeera, the fuel of which are mankind and and, and stones.

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And Allah subhanaw has warned that this is not going to be an easy thing. So it's our duty to guard ourselves and our children against Johanna May Allah subhana wa protect them from Allah Bella Minh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also made it very clear, says Good luck. I'm Ryan. We're cool local Masuda. anre yet each and every one of you is considered a shepherd. And you are going to be asked about your flock and those who are under your care. Once again, you might say well, I don't have kids yet. I'm not even married. The Brahim Allah His Salam Ibrahim Ali Salam was making this dua to Allah subhana wa Calacatta Robbie Jan name okay masala woman the reality he said, My Lord,

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make me among and also among my offspring. Those who will establish Salah

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Robina taka, Jaya Alexey or da he used to say, our alma mater See, they said Ibrahim used to make this dua even before he had kids.

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Because he had his first child, he was an old man Salatu was Salam ALA. So he was making this constantly, even though he had no children, brothers and sisters, were Allah, it is so important to care for our children, as we send them off to school as the season starts right now. It's different. It's not like last year or the year before that even 10 years ago. It has a whole different game right now sending your kids to schools or sending them to battle ideological battles or lungs time.

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It used to be the influence from the teachers only. But now even their peers, their own students, their own friends, I'm talking about talking about high school or middle school, even as young as kindergarten is these days. They've been exposed to so many things, so many ideologies, they can't defend themselves against that it's coming from an authority from a teacher.

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And teachers for them are like gods, whatever they say. They must be right. And unfortunately, they're very vulnerable. So it's extremely important for us to care about our children, brothers and sister when it comes to school as it starts. Many people get stressed out parents and children out of anxiety stuffs how you're going through stress all the time, behavioral issues, you can start behaving differently, because now they're copying somebody else, probably. There's a lot of peer pressure. No matter how good your kids are, they can be immune from being influenced by the surroundings, whether we like it or not. And I'm talking about surrounded regardless whether you're

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sending your school to Islamic school, sending them to public school, or even if you have them homeschooling, if your kids are have access to the internet, they've all been influenced by somebody else.

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As simple as that, no matter how good your kids are, they'll find their ways. panela that's the clever, they outsmart their parents so easy and so quickly as your mom, you think that they're doing their homework or doing something else with it. So make sure that you are with your kids and hamdulillah on the same page as we prepare ourselves and our children for the next school year. Insha Allah hooter Baraka Ouattara, I want to share with you seven tips, seven tips by which we can Charlottesville care for ourselves and our children and our children in our community. Insha Allah who has ordered the first thing, the first thing we need to think about and make sure that we apply

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in our lives and the lives of our children, is what is the most obvious thing the Islamic

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values and Islamic identity. We hear the word identity very often, specifically nowadays, it's becoming even much more relevant more than any other time in the past. So when we talk about Islamic values, I'm not just saying about what you teach them when you send them to Islamic school to Islamic school, or what they learn from Sunday school after school programs in the millions in the masjid. Now I'm talking about, I'm talking about what are you practicing at home? As a parent? Those are the real values, your kids are going to learn from you.

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It doesn't matter what you're gonna share finances in the masjid. But when they see their parents don't even care about that. So why do I have to care?

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If you really want your kids to worry about their religious identity, and they worry about their values and care about their values, then show it to them. Show it to them properly. To your practice and your lifestyle at home and shot low Tabata, Kota Let's encourage our kids to be prompted come to the Reba their cloud or salah, they think about the Quran about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the value of truly being a true worshipper of Allah subhanho wa taala. In this time, it's extremely important. But the most important thing is through our practice, as well. Number two, obviously, your kid's gonna go to school, spend eight hours, seven hours, you know, if

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not even more of their programs after school, and they're going to come back with tons of stories.

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What are they expect from you? Listen to them.

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Just listen. Remember, having a dialogue with your kids is extremely important. The least that you could do for your children is just to listen and be that what they call emotional dumpster.

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They come with all that stress, and they want to throw it at you because you're old enough to carry it for me so I can just relax. Be that for your children, listen to them. In the story of Aquaman, Allah subhanaw showing a beautiful example of a dialogue between a father and son a dialogue, the father initiated that dialogue I know nowadays might not be the the best way to deal with but you have to raise them on that. Now the conversation between you and your children is always welcome is always open no matter what how tough the subject is, I am willing to listen and wanting to talk to you about it. So encourage your kids to shallow to the open and open up for them as well to in

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regard to these matters. The third thing that we need to think about and prepare ourselves for is our children friendship.

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You cannot isolate your kids from making friends, we social beings.

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We are social beings. And we get influenced by the people around us easily as Palla. And also we see that you know we kind of feel feel attracted to different qualities and depends on how you raise your children, they're going to start will attract and gravitate towards some of these people who share maybe the same values and said qualities. So make sure that you instead of trying to isolate your children and stop them from making friends in school, and so on, be part of it.

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Be part of it. Get involved. Ask about who's your friend who their family are, marry, can we meet them, can we talk to them, whatever you can slowly and gradually be part of the selection process for your for your children. And even better than that, if you can start yourself by inviting family like minded families, to your house, and via their children, make some friends and new friends in the community. That a lot of opportunities but we cannot stop our training from making friends whether we like it or not. And if you don't allow them to make friends in real world, guess what, they have tons of people they call them friends online already.

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They play games with them. They have you know, whatever secrets that they have with each other, and Allah knows what else. So you need to be that guide for them to have inshallah the best friendship. So when they have peer pressure, hopefully there's a positive peer pressure. Number four,

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knowledge, knowledge is power. There is no doubt about when Allah Subhana Allah revealed the first ayah in the Quran was what the Quran that's the value of knowledge, read in the Name of your Lord who created that's the first thing.

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Reading and Learning is extremely important. And our time and our life and our culture is all about you know, knowledge superiority, those who know more know better, they have a better maybe chance to win an argument or at least you know, have a better maybe lifestyle. And it's all about now debating these ideologies, these thoughts, these these statements arguments, make sure that you prepare yourself as a parent and prepare your children age appropriate obviously, with the knowledge that they need in the school. Whether your kids go to Islamic school or otherwise, prepare them for that. If you know that they're going to go to school, they're going to have to debate over LGBTQ issues.

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For example, have the answers ready for them

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and engage with them. If they're going to be dealing with Sister sins about you know, denying Allah subhanaw taala or whatever that is. Have the answers ready for them. Learn, practice and teach your children as well to insha Allah Who to Baraka with Allah. If you don't have that knowledge yourself, what do we do?

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Be resourceful

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look for those who can help you. Whether in the community in the masjid, then your circle of friends, anybody that you know that they can help provide that knowledge for you and for your children, please reach out and engage. Don't wait. Number five,

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active, being active and involved actively in the community. Brothers and sisters ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran while Astra in Al INCEL of Yokoso I swear to you by the time and the after the afternoon time, he says in that in Santa Fe, of course, every insan every human being is a constant state of loss. Except he says panel Wattana those who have faith acted upon this faith 11am on one little side had acted upon this faith, what was or will help enjoin each other to do that which is right and forbid that which is wrong with the loss of the sovereignty remain patient with each other on this path. So it's our duty to be active in the society you can't just be a passive,

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you know, member of a community. You have to engage. And if you don't engage, you're losing already.

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We need our kids to be active. I know a lot of parents, they just gonna get themselves busy preparing their kids to to excel in school grades.

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Unfortunately fail on social skills and life grades, and even the asker problem. Please bring your kids to the masjid no matter how busy they are, no matter how many exams they have. Bring them frequently the masjid let them be part of the community, get them involved in programs, have them be active in the community inshallah terracotta Allah and number six brothers and sisters create for our children, a healthy, a healthy back to school routine. What does that mean? Balance balancing between a brother worship Salah on top of Allah subhanaw taala and focus on their school as well too, between social time with friends, when they have a break, for example, and maybe some have some

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healthy games, and also being serious about their life as well. Sleeping a specific time where you can afford a bed and Salah and being whatever that is create a healthy routine for your children and for yourself as parents as well too. And finally, family family time.

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Family Time is extremely, extremely essential. You see, the kids can give your children our school actually School, a school can give your kids and your children everything that they want right now terms of skills and knowledge resources and so on. But what not we'll be able to give them is that sense of true family? Yeah, they might think they have an elusive family feud with their friends and so on. But nothing like being with your parents with your siblings around the dinner table talking about your day and your life and engaging in such a beautiful beautiful environment around that moment. Yes might be stressful for many parents and siblings you know bickering with each other but

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one day you gonna look back and it's just kind of like sense of how that was such a beautiful time. Brothers and sisters make time for it. Don't make excuses of who to call they hide ourselves for a lot ultimately will come with the sound was manifested through in order for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira my mother, brothers and sisters. In addition to what you mentioned, just one last thing on it this insha Allah Tabata, Kota Allah is that as a as an individual, you might not have all the skills you're looking for. As a family, maybe you don't have all the resources that you desire to have for our children. So networking within on your own community is extremely important.

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Living as one family is essential. We don't have the luxury of isolating ourselves because you know, I'm kind of like, worry about being around people, I don't feel comfortable talking to others and so on. You don't have that luxury anymore.

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You need to get out there. Be brave enough to engage and talk to people get to know more people and shout Allah and ask, make friends for yourself and for your families. Insha Allah azza wa jal network it is important and you will be surprised. And in sha Allah Allah as a school start Bonilla hit Allah here in the Meza, we're gonna provide a lot of activities, a lot of programs to help you out with that parenting workshops, marriage workshops, many other things for the kids and for a family inshallah Allah get involved and come

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start networking with other people and start from today. If you want to learn about something, ask maybe the person sitting next to you is the best expert why because there are parents that have a father or mother of five kids and they know better than you because you have only one child.

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I don't know. But make sure that you make the time and start to network with people insha Allah Who Tabata Kota Allah and I remind myself at the end with the Dr. Ibrahim Ali salaam prop bidjan name okay masala two men who have been out a couple dua to Allah he says your Allah make me and among my offspring, my children, those who will maintain their Salah though

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As always worship you, worship you and the word is most pleasing to your Bananaman. Allahumma aluminum and Fana one fan of Mr. Olympia Anna, in the candela limit Hakeem Allahumma attina fusina Taqwa was Akira entitlements and w harmala. About Allah in Allah Malacca saloon Allah NaVi yeah you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima, la masala he was selling robotic Anabaena Muhammad, while earlier was the happiest man, what are the Allahumma Anahola Rajoelina be back in well, Amara was mono Ali onestar Sahaba Jemaine woman Tabby hyung bsla Medina welcome Salam.