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From when our villa has been shut down for cinema sejahtera Marina, the love for LA medulla Hama, ulan Farah de la wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika wash Rana Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah Dina Amana? Takala. Haka. toccata. illa Anta Muslim moon yeah your NASA Takara Kamala de Calaca coming up so Wahida bahala comuna xojo with me no matter Geralyn cathedra when is what Takala holiday the seventh and we were home in Allah and Allah comme la Teva. Yeah you will ADINA, I'm going to talk Allah wa Hulu Colin salida usarla Kuma Mala Kuma Volcom de novo Kumamoto, la hora pseudo taka the first 1000 Alima la Monica de la NASA Quran kala Mala Tabata, Kota Allah, wa Carol

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had you had Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, masha Allah more and more data to have Hakuna Matata is in beta Aquila with Malala Wakulla dot and for Northam mama bada bada Allah, my dear brothers and sisters, as we begin, the month of Rajab will come in much closer to Shabbat and then the month of Ramadan.

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And as you know, in Ramadan, everybody's are anticipating right now, a revival to their spiritual beings. We're looking back again to what we have done throughout the year. It's a time for auditing really, and the one thing that concerns us the most really is our revealed have we have reconciled? Have we consult our sins and our duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make sure we always on surplus, have we reconciled with people making sure that we are hamdulillah in good terms with everybody that is around us? That's something else in the minds of people as Ramadan begins slowly and gradually towards the end of Ramadan. Everybody tries to catch up on the last minute before it's

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over. Because we know as human beings, Allah subhanahu wata Allah, Allah azza wa jal had created this system, all of it, and made it based on justice made based on justice, and we know as human beings, living that life of injustice is problematic.

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And we always try to reflect on our own actions on ourselves, our own lives. And realizing unfortunately, we fall short a lot on performing that whether the sisters would come to being fair and being just, it is definitely one of the things that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed in this in this world, in this creation so that we treat each other with justice. It's a for us Ramadan is self auditing. It's a personal justice right now moment for ourselves, and we need to make sure that we do it right, as well. However, no matter how much we try to be just, no matter how much we try to be just as human beings, we are prone to injustice. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the

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Quran about us human beings that we've been created the lumen Jaya hula, we do things. Unfortunately, we have so much we create so much injustice, and most of it out of ignorance, out of ignorance, we think we know, but unfortunately we don't. And it's because of that we always act with people based on assumptions. So Allah subhanho wa taala, they made us by design, to be prone to justice or injustice. Here we see that people can be unjust, just for the sake of oppression Subhanallah This is it. There's just the oppression becomes a habit for them. They enjoy, they enjoy looking down upon people they enjoy, oppressing people and abuse others, it just a moment of

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enjoyment for them. And this culture, unfortunately promote that today. How many people who see enjoying videos online, when they have other people and live in their miseries, whether they've been beating or you know, falling or whatever on video, it's for laugh notice. We don't show empathy. Unfortunately, as a result of that, how many people do that maybe on purpose. They oppress others just on purpose for the sweet for the sweet revenge that they have in their heart against someone. And sometimes we will accidentally we being unfair, but accident, I don't mean it. Sometimes we don't even know that we're being unfair or being unjust. But we just we think that we are but we act

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as if we are. Sometimes we're doing that because of supervision. As Allah subhanaw warned us in the Quran, he was the believer subhanho wa Taala in Nevada Leninism. Be careful, most of that assumption could be actually a sin because you might be acting upon that assumption, and is absolutely wrong. It causes a lot of injustice to other people. No matter how much we try to be fair, unjust. Usually as human beings, we are going to fall short, a little bit here and there. And

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subhanAllah if we have been fair with everybody else, then we're going to go short on faith, being fair with ourselves, committing sins, making some hidden mistakes here and there that this is Allah subhanho wa Taala That in itself is also injustice. And the greatest injustice is really when you will be unfair to your Lord subhanaw taala who was sending all these blessing down upon you. And instead of sending sugar on vicar to Allah azza wa jal, we send the opposite. That was one of the greatest injustice is that you actually practice in our life. Brothers and sisters. Allah says

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Hana what Allah has many, many beautiful names and attributes,

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but there is no name for Allah azza wa jal

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the just one, there is no such thing. But the beautiful name and attributes of Allah subhana wa is called Aladdin, which means what? Justice itself?

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And that is so significant, because when you say he is idle, you're talking about him being just based on circumstances. So sometimes you might not be just, but when you say his either his justice itself, it's embedded in him subhanho wa taala. Why is that? Because he's Aleem al Habib, the old known, the most knowledgeable the all wise. And if you know that he is subhanaw taala, none of his action will be a reflection of injustice at all, which means one of the most important valuable assets and attributes of being fair being just and practice justice, is to have the knowledge

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is to have that wisdom, you might have the knowledge, but you don't have the wisdom to act upon it. Alon al Ali will heavy. That's why he has Allah subhanaw taala he himself is added, he is just

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so when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala his actions are all just subhanaw taala to us human beings, you might see things otherwise. But if you know who Allah azza wa jal is, you know that there's always a Hickman wisdom behind every single action. And that justice is with Allah subhanho wa taala. And justice of Allah azza wa jal goes and transcend beyond this world. As human beings, we always think of justice basically in this world. And we think of it that is not being pursued here or done here. This is it, we lost. But there is no loss with Allah subhanho wa taala, my dear brothers and sisters, as we see today, then the ICJ the International Court of Justice, bringing for

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the first time a country such as Israel against the genocide to the policies and Reza, everybody is now watching what the world is going to do about this. How fair how further assessment is going to be how just there was going to be and truly, we realize that we're dealing with human beings, and we are going to be dealing with whom the GEMA with people who are prone to be fair or unfair, just or unjust. So if you expect the absolute justice from human human kind of justice, where is it coming from anywhere, for justice, for justice, to be supreme? It has to be based on principles that beyond anyone's objection.

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And if it's going to be based on mine, or yours, or specific culture or country or specific rules, then how can we guarantee that there will be an absolute justice there, but when you have subject yourself to the supreme justice of the Creator, subhanho wa taala. This is where the absolute justice comes in. And Allah subhana wa COVID elements here. So I mentioned this because I don't want many people as we start watching the news, we expect martial law miracles to happen.

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How can you do this when you realize what the latest SEC scandal that came out in the Epstein's list that shows you people of all kinds of levels of intellect, politicians, thinkers, wise people, people of law, everybody, unfortunately, is taken advantage of the loopholes in that system. Take advantage of the weak and the vulnerable ones. How can you expect justice from these people? Their moral code is bankrupt completely. And you can never really expect that Absolute Supreme justice would come from them.

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They think they know but they don't. Because Allah Subhan Allah says Allah Allah, Allah wa alot evil kabhi Doesn't he know best? Because he's the one who created He is the wise, he's the more subtle Subhana Matana it's his supreme knowledge that makes that his actions just an injustice, brothers and sisters, when it comes to people oppressing one another, make sure that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada would not let this go to waste.

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No matter how much injustice in this world, and sometimes we cry our eyes for it. We don't see justice happening maybe in our lifetime. We might not see that at all. That doesn't mean that they're going to go away.

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If they escaped the justice in this world, they're not gonna escape the justice in the courts of heaven. And with Allah subhanho wa Taala there is absolutely no escape. Allah azza wa jal is warning us. He said, Well, Kulu Severen workability Mustafa. Everything that is minor or major is already written, documented. What does that mean? Nothing goes to waste. You are going to be answered and to all these things. So I need to make sure that my stands before Allah subhanho wa Taala will be to my advantage. People here in the court of law, they can cheat. They can lie, they can bribe, they can threaten, they can do tons of things. They can do tons of these things and get away with it. But

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with Allah subhanho wa taala, who's going to do this, when Allah has

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Virgil, he said we're going to bring you witnesses against you, from your own senses, your hands will testify against your eyes will testify against you. So no escape of the justice of Allah subhanho wa taala. Brothers and sisters, the whole escape of justice, or at least we say abuse of power, and try to create an alternative, parallel form of justice in this world besides Allah subhanho wa Taala is not new. It has been practiced by people of power, generations from the past, as a matter of fact, from the very beginning of time with the children of Adam,

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when both of them offered offering to the Lord subhanaw taala one of them was generous with the other one was kind of like trying to compromise and Allah subhanaw taala except for one of them, and rejected the other ones offering that one who was rejected, instead of his going back to Allah subhana wa Taala to ask, you know, for redemption, He went to his brother, he goes, You one against me, I'm gonna kill you.

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Call up to the net. How did he do this? So for him that was injustice. That was unfair. Why? Because this could mine thought that this is actually is not right. I did have it like he did. But his brother says called in them at Aqaba. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Except only from the righteous. That is one of the principles of the court of the Heavenly Court. It's based on justice based on Taqwa. It is based on righteousness. The rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala is about righteousness. You create righteousness in the world. That's the purpose of the law, but who now defines what is righteous and what is not. That's where the problem is today between the Muslim traditional values and the liberal

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versa we see in our time. So some of the other examples I will see from the very beginning as well from the time of Musa Islam and the Quran. The terms of around

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling me the story. momento Alif around the man who was the only believer and the whole tribe and the family around, he counters people he tried to warn them he tried to invite them to Allah subhana wa Tala Tala comb, Lake Como lumen Coolio muda hurry, he says my people listen, he said, listen to me. Perhaps today, you have the demeaning of the Earth. You have the sovereign tener la Viola Coleman Volkova Yamaha when you are so powerful today you are so powerful you have the sovereignty of the of the world you can control everything call for my own Surinam embed Silla in Jana. But what about tomorrow?

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What about if ALLAH SubhanA wa tell us well to change that, and brings his punishment against us because of our injustice? What are you going to do about this? He's telling us he's warning his people. Like go back to be just go back to be fair stablish the rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala as you should be, what was the answer? For our own immediately he interrupted

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the Supreme Leader of the land back then, what did he say to them? balama or Camilla Mara. What Maddie Camilla Sevilla Russia he goes Listen to me. Whatever I see right? You see right I will guide you to that which is righteous

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sounds familiar Gemma

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sounds to me and every single time and every single generation for humanity when people have power take over what are they going to do? They will dominate the people views of the world that people new way of thinking how you should live your life and how what is righteous and what is not it's exactly the same thing from the time of reference and

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the same thing happened as well to when he told his people in public is Elisa Remo chromosome don't I own Egypt?

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Why will unharmed Virginia mentality and the rivers are flowing from underneath my feet? What is he trying to tell his people because I have the power? I have the right to dictate whatever I want. And Allah in the Quran he says in how can we learn Allah

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rule belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada Supreme Absolute rule of justice belongs to Allah azza wa jal, not to the people. Here we've seen also a summary, one of the leaders of the tribal leader of Bani Israel, when Musa alayhis salam took a break to meet his Lord, to receive the tablets and to receive the commandment from Allah subhanho wa taala. This tribal leader, he goes to the people and he just kind of like, I don't know, go back again to old ways. He lost his power Musa caiman

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he lost his power, he lost the advantage. So he were trying to salvage whatever he had stood in his hand power over the people. So what does he do? He goes and he said, and he goes and he creates a calf, golden calf for them.

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And then he tells the people, Look, this is the god of Musa

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this the God of Musa but he just forgot about it, man, he's coming. He's gonna come back. He's gonna endorse this, you're gonna validate that and it was fancy, beautiful golden thing. So that people looked at it. And because they have

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also in their heart, that seed of hypocrisy, the love for deviation, the love for escaping, you know, the structured life of religious, righteous people like us people that just live. They say, You know what, you're absolutely right. And they worship the calf with them.

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Even today, as you find people call for justice, and people call for that, which is right, you will always find intervention. People come from all over. People have power, they have lot to lose, they'll have to lose. So they're gonna stand with injustice. And they're gonna play with the words to make it sound righteous, and try to convince everybody else to follow that path.

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That happened before I will need to happen even today. I even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When the mushriks they came to the Prophet Salah Salem, they tried everything with them, and they tried to compromise because there's so much to lose. So they came to the Prophet Kalia Mohammed, listen, how about we split the time? You one day you worship your God, we worship your God. And the other day worship or God or one year we worship your God the next year worship Olga cavada. Hey, let's make a fair deal over here. Why? Because the Prophet says I was looking for him. They thought he was looking for water, worldly gain. And he thought he was like them.

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And he looks at them. He was like surprised. But Allah gave him the answer. Kalia, y'all careful. Don't know what the matter. Like what's wrong with you people? I'm not gonna worship what you worship. And I know that you're not going to worship what I worship. Let them do community. I have my faith, you have yours. And that's exactly what happens nowadays. People say, hey, well, let's compromise let's come to this level of law. How can we reach out settlement of it in this manner? But if it's not, again, principles on wood and righteousness that's coming from the Creator Subhana wa taala. What's the meaning of that? Brothers and sisters, there's so many people out there who

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claim they're going to bring justice to the world. But without having that supreme justice coming from Allah subhanho wa taala. And follow the words of Allah azza wa jal, you'll find a lot of flaws here and there. And many, many people because they have so much to lose power, wealth, money, they have power to lose, lose pleasure, whatever that is. That's why they actually stand against it. They know what Islam is going to bring to the world. So they'll bring higher Allah is going to bring justice, but on the account from them losing a lot of the what do you call them privilege and most of this panel embedded in the fitna, the scandal that just came out, and that list shows you exactly

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what these people are after.

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And that's why they don't want this Islamic justice to come in here. Or at least the righteous principle of justice, to be sovereign in this world. So in this case, it's very important for us to understand why people would defy justice. As a matter of fact, even working on Alpha, when the prophets Allah, Sam received the first revelation Accra worker came to he came to work. And he, he explained to him what he is what he received, and what aka told the prophet Sallallahu wasallam, even though he was not a Muslim yet, so first thing, he wasn't even called to preach it. He said, magia had only Muslim agitated behavior, OD he said, listen, be prepared. No one ever brought to the

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world a message like yours, but gain their hostility. They're going to show enmity against them.

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And that's why why is that because they have so much to lose so much of the earthly gain to lose, because they have to be fair and to have to be just that is why it's so important for us to implement that justice in our lives, in our hearts and our lives. First of all, look, hold your head that was tough for a lot of them to come. What exam was administered through Penang, one of the photo rahang.

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Alhamdulillah Bella Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina, Muhammad Anwar Ali or SIBO seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama, but whether the sister were still human beings. I'm not saying we're going to be perfect as we try to implement justice and be perfect in that matter. No, but at least we die trying.

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At least we can do we live our life trying to make that justice, even Allah subhana wa has commanded us even when you deal with those who are against you, those who are enemies to you, you have to be fair with them. You have to be fair, and fairness and justice transcends above religion, which means not because they're not Muslims or that you're not going to be fair and just to know justice with everybody as Allah Subhan Allah says that in the Quran, clearly. Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Kurokawa, Amina will kiss the shahada, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and physical that you need to be fair and stand for justice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala even if it was against your own self, your

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own loved ones, your own families, you have to stand for justice. And he says yeah, you Alladhina amanu Kudo, Camila shahada, because we stand for justice for the sake of Allah azza wa jal what as you remember Commissioner Coleman, Allah Allah you don't leave the hatred, animosity you have against people to be unfair to them. Yeah. Do who are corrupt the taqwa be just that is more righteous for you. And the story of

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Hola Hola. Hola. Anuradha, the province of Assam sent him to a place in order for him to make some calculation for the people to give their to pay the dues. So they tried to bribe them.

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They tried to bribe him.

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He said of course he was so upset with that, but then he told me he goes Listen to me don't you can lie Carla Madani bully er como habia. like listen, I came to from the one I love the most Rasul Allah is Allah Santa to people I had the most, because but they don't whatever. My love for him and my hate for you is not going to make me be unfair or unjust to you. I will still rule between you will justice that is righteous one. And you have to start this you know from yourself first. And then you expect that to happen around us. But if we are not just ourselves, how can we expect that from outside world? Allah Who Melinda and Fana, one from another my alumna in a counter argument

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Hakeem Allahumma infosol, taqwa was actually an antihero. mazurka Antonio from Allah. Allah in the LA Monica saloon Allah Nabi yah, yah Adina mo Salah Allah He was selling with a slimmer llama Sunday was selling Mubarak and abuna Muhammad Anwar al savage man, what are the LA Monica la she didn't be working well. Amara was mono alley one stars sabotage man, woman WNBA Selumetinib welcome masala