Fiqh of Menstruation – The Day of Doubt

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There's a day at the end of the menstrual cycle, I call it the day of doubt. You know, what's the day of doubt? I'm clean? I'm not clean.

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I think I am. Oh, no, I am not. who answered this channel law, and not in a book. It's a book of Teskey is an email of no idea.

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And this is what he said. And I'll give you exactly practical scenario. So you know, it's not just your information. So here I am, today is day seven, of mine restoration, and I normally clean, normally clean a clear of my situation by day seven, I don't know the time. Could be morning could be evening by. So I wake up in the morning, before Fajr there is a discharge, there is discharge. So I'm still in a state of restoration. And I changed this when I tell the woman keep changing, meaning foot pantyliners and see, there was nothing for her.

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But I'm not sure because sometimes this happens and sometimes this doesn't happen. I don't have really a pattern, then you will wait till before

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what her well, her time ends before her time ends. And you take a shower, also Islamic bath, and you pray your heart and you pray your soul

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or, or another even because sometimes you're gonna tell me what I just did that and I just pray my will and I have a discharge. So usually what you do you this is the day when you combine the CYA, they have doubt you will wait till the end of the assault. There was nothing, nothing. I didn't see anything. The morning I saw during Fudger I didn't pray because there was a discharge. But there was nothing for the day. Just before the end of Lhasa. You go and take your stamp shower. And you come and you put a pad and you combine your Wuhan hustle. The amount of time comes in there is nothing Alhamdulillah now I am fine. Well guess what muscle time comes in. And there is one spot. It's so

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Don't get frustrated. Every time you take a muscle is an act of a bad every time you're struggling to know the right answer. It's an act of a bad you'll be rewarded for that. Don't play model. Wait. A short time comes in. There's still discharge. You're not yet finished masturbation? No, there is nothing.

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Only one spot nothing. Very frustrating. So true. This is I hear it a lot of the time. We're gonna say wait till before midnight.

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If there is nothing except that spot, you saw a time of mogra. You're going to take a shower before the end of Asia and stomach bath and you're going to pray Maghrib and Isha together. If there was still discharge, you're not yet free of menstruation.

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Bismillah you're off man. You're walking