Yaser Birjas – Istighfaar Can Erase The Most Henious Crime

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness is recognized as a way to receive forgiveness, and forgiveness is a big deal. The Prophet saw a situation where a woman would run away from a battlefield and commit a major sin, which would be forgiven by the person. The speaker emphasizes the need for patient and continuous forgiveness to avoid negative consequences and avoid exclusivity. The use of a concession and avoiding running away from a battlefield is also discussed.
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undeletable Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad Ali was Sahil salam to Sleeman Kathira Mama. Mama Navara mo lo Tada. Still on the other side of hand we're talking about guitar with the stepfather book of forgiveness. Hadith number 1874 Kadayawan MDMs Odin, Radi Allahu Anhu caught caught or sold Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Moncada Astok federal law Hala de la ilaha illa. Who and how you Luca, you were to La over the room who were in Ghana but for Romanism

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Tirmidhi were Hakim Mahkota Haridasa. And I shall turn Buhari Muslim. In this narration our beloved Mossad Allahu Turan Okada. So Allah has Salah Salem, if anyone's supplicates this dua, a start for Allah Allah de la ilaha illa who will how you loca you are to LA in the translation it means I seek forgiveness, seek the forgiveness of Allah, none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, the Ever Living, the self sustaining, and I turned to him in repentance. He says Whoever says that his sins will be forgiven, even if he should have run away from the battlefield. She's well during the battle, hey, there are widowhood with Timothy and others. Now, what's the significance of this

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hadith? The significance of this hadith is saying that such a very short statement of

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just wrestling ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has forgiveness in this dua start for Allah, Allah de la ilaha IL How You Can you were to bully, just this dua will grant this person forgiveness.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Selim says, the amount of forgiveness, like the level of forgiveness that a person will be granted is so great that he will be forgiven, such as a sin as running away from the battlefield.

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What's the big deal of running away from the welfare of Gemma? Is that a big deal?

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Is it a big deal?

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of course it is a big deal. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he said call takle movie called The Seven be aware from the seven major sins and one of them he says called while Ferrario Mazel Tov to run away from the battlefield when you learn facing the enemy and run away to the other side. Even ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So that sort of Federal Reserve or that chorus of Hannah Montana. They are your Latina Amano either la coutume Latina Cafaro Zafran further to a loom will advance woman you will name your maiden Dubeau in LA Mota heterophylla Keita and among the highest in Latvia facut berbahasa. Women Allah

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so Allah subhanaw taala in this in this ayah says Oh you who believe it took Allah for Allah azza wa jal do not turn away, within an hour No, either are treated within a couple of you meet the enemy on the battlefield. Don't give them your backs, turning away and running away from the battlefield.

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And then he says whoever does that, LM with the heterophilic return on with the hygiene Olivia. Unless you look into one of those things number one

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maneuver, which is basically the strategic maneuver, going you know, from a tight space to an open space, maybe just a diversion to take the enemy out of that Battlefield somewhere else, whatever that is strategic maneuver. That's okay. Number two, it says God, oh my God, he's an elf. Or you're running away from the battlefield from this side, to go to join a group for support

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to go and support, but not running away completely from the battlefield. I mean, what happens if people standing around with the enemy and then everybody just kind of like running away what happens to damage in mind?

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Of course, the whole army will collapse. Because everybody says that, you know what these cards are right now really, truly are killing the morale of everybody else.

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Now, so the Prophet saw some of this hadith he says even if this person does that, such as a major sin as this one, and they make this dua, ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada will forgive them.

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Okay, now, by the way, just a tangent over here. When is it allowed for people to run away from the battlefield?

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Or whatever they say there's a limit for that. What is that limit?

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If the size of the enemy is worth

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more than double, as Allah mentioned, then the sort of the sort of drum fell as well too. So if there were more than double, like, if, if you've, if you filing a new phase one in Division One on one, you should run away. Two in one, you should not run away. 311 They said it's better for you to be patient. But if you choose to run away,

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it's okay. Because now that's beyond what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentioned as a limit. That sort of didn't fall. Okay.

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But we have a lot of examples that wasn't the case Sahaba Golan and they did. Yanni they fight armies way bigger than that. The very famous battlefield. And that happened the time of the Prophet SAW Allah Salah Matsubara will talk about a Jamar Moto, the Moto, how many people were in moto, from the Sahaba, barely 3000 30,000. They were facing how many closer 200,100 from the from from the Romans, and 100 from their Arab allies, the Christian Arab allies. So 200 1000s panela. And Caledonia, Allah to Nevada was able to have a strategic retreat and bring them back again to Medina. On the return, the people were throwing at them whatever they were throwing in and says alcohol for

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rural for cowards, cowards. Again, you run away, you run away. But the professor said and he held the people back because No, no, they're not. He was defending them. Because bloomin curar they came to affair they came to a bigger group for support. And it should be okay because again, the number was massive. So in this excruciating circumstances, people are allowed to escape the battlefield. Other than that they're not becomes a major sin if someone does that. So that there are that were mentioned over here when the Prophet saw Sam says it's time for Allah Allah de la ilaha illa. Who and how you will, you will have to worry, she says his sins will be forgiven, even if this person

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ran away from the battlefield. Okay, what else we learned from this hadith right now is your ma. What is the what type of sin is that run away from the battlefield that major or minor to major sin? So are you telling me that if someone commits a major sin, just by saying let's do that sin will be gone? So if someone has to commit Zina,

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or steals 100,000 from the company, for example, just saying stop for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Hello Moto, very hamdulillah we're done.

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Amen, we're gonna get rich easily.

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Of course not. That's not what I meant. So some of the Allameh they say, look, the Prophet saw someone who said that some they say actually speaks about Assad. Like even if someone committed a sin such as running away from the battlefield, Allah will still forgive them his other sins.

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Like such a great sin like this still, his other sins Allah was to forgive them for Okay. Allah they say, No, actually, that's an indication that even major sins can be forgiven. But they said two conditions. Number one, that this person says this sincerely from the heart, sincerely from the heart. And number two, that major sin did not involve anybody else or anyone else's worth and money. So somebody if someone drinks and the man that dua sincerely from the heart of the Lord, forgive them that sin.

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But if you steal someone's money, or physically hurt somebody else, that's a different story. Because now there is the heart of the individual is now involved in this kind of crime that you've committed. So they say if you say that, so anything between you and Allah subhana wa taala, he is willing to forgive if that comes sincerely from the heart. So once again, that is very simple. It is a start for Allah Allah de la ilaha illa, who will how you will call uma to Buddha, which means that the translation as seek their forgiveness of Allah, none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, the Ever Living, the self sustaining, sustaining, and I turned to him and repentance. Let's repeat

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this three times inshallah Tada a stop for Allah.

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Allah de la ilaha illa. Who

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al how you look at you

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where to

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start for Allah.

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Allah de la ilaha illa who

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al Haj Europa you

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want to add

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a stop for Allah.

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Allah de la ilaha illa who

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Alhaj you loca you

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were to La

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May Allah subhana wa Tada forgive us our sins, our shortcomings are Bananaman. Any questions your mom?

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Which I

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was used to.

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Towards the end of the ayah surah Allah Subhan Allah says a Medina ama no

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but got a Akuto Kuno

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er comm income assurance I couldn't agree more make a chain. Here Come here to me come sobre todo el feminine.

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A year coming Come may attend cyber to you available. May I tell if you have 100 people who are standing patiently they will win against 200 While you're coming among alpha male militina server we are all fine. If you have 1000 they will win against 2000s Because the I before that

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Allah subhanaw taala made the ratio of one to 10

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and the Sahaba This is our salah, this is too much. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala revealed the concession and made it from one to 10. To one to do Allah.

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If there are more than double

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what do you mean?

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There's two ways you can

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permissible to make a strategic diversion

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or go into a bigger group. But that if the numbers did not go beyond the double,

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if the numbers were more than double, you are allowed to run away not even for a strategy just to hide.

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That's what the other might say. Because Allah Subhana Allah gave us our limitation, to make the ratio one to two, more than one to do, you are allowed to escape because there will be actually you're gonna have, like, exclusion circumstances

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that's fine if you can, I mean, that's fine if you can, but when you have, for example of that 1000 people facing 3000 For example, that's now not just double that's more than that. Are they allowed to run away from their from the battlefield? The answer is yes. Not for surgery because now it's not

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an even Jonnie

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battle Allahu Allah.

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Sir again,

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Hammerhead for the finish what we are at 101,874 So that's how many we still have about maybe 20 Plus Sharma

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is it

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running away from the battle is an individual decision or as a against strategy? It really depends. Let's say if there was a group and they say well we have a one to five and they decided as a group to retreat that's fine but if if if someone that said the battle started and now it's not like a decision for the whole troop I can't fight these five the five coming to me for example, is he allowed to run away so according to this this is us ultrarunner Allah Allah Tala and they all say recommended to be patient and fight. Why because Allah says in the Quran came in fear of conflict and available throughout the greater

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harmony small group all won against a bit of Maulana

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when you run away,

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let's say the government or the government

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Okay, people might scared and then they just run away before they get to the battlefield.

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It's not the same, but definitely it's actually it's not it's not the right thing to do. Allah

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subhana colomba 100 Assura does the vertebrae Solomonic Rahmatullah welcome.

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