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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various verses and references related to Islam, including Surah Headjam, the coronavirus pandemic, and expanding one's chest. They also mention a book and a video about a woman named Missy. The use of Allah's subhanaw taala in various prophets and political and cultural settings is discussed, along with the importance of not feeling sad and being happy in reality. The speakers stress the message of Islam, which is to be happy and not sad, and encourage viewers to share their own experiences and use the hashtag Islam for a better "healthy life."
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Santa Monica Hello there cancer and we are live we are live saying slums where we're friends and places like that meetings like this

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was where you're from

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and such

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seeing the lambs where we're from and such Habiba like Muslim and Lester

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Allen was

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a lot Maryann Chicago, Haitian California and New radical Muslim. Okay, yeah in the geria

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because he is still in Trinidad are lucky to save.

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You got Habiba. I'm doing good just like

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Zara in Pakistan like Muslim Patricia in Philly while

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this is Daniel

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Mr. Lam Shamala in Dallas

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Nemo Noor in Toronto Alchemist and I'm logged nap

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and now the video has a title. That's so Danny is a Singaporean in Utah. What are you doing in Utah?

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I'm Breen in Ann Arbor, Michigan and want to consider

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Simon munchie

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the hamster kid.

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Stanford EJ KSA. zuka in Tokyo,

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Xena in Toronto. Anika Mr. Nam we are

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top of the hour. How are we doing? Let's wait one more minutes. One more minute everybody tunes in and then we will get started. One more minute.

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One more minute

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a day in Sweden. Maalik Muslim

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Seema says I think I'm in your blind spot. It could be what happens is like I'm saying stop say so I'm saying stop and then I go check something and I come back and the chat has has scrolled.

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FEMA says you've missed my slam four times. Right? I think you must have missed it and when it comes to them when it comes down Pablo

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for those Hendrix,

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Zara and Aberdeen

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hypnotic muscle I'm shooting in auto.

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How are we doing? Alright, let's get started.

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Take one

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Take One i said I'm on equal to who's alive but I can't do this Mala from the last Latos law on our Rasulillah welcome to today's episode of tarawih truffles. It is day 14 And we're talking about Surah Headjam Surah till hedger which is a we're dealing with a number 97 to 99. Allah subhanaw taala says in these verses on Belemnite show partnership, one accord Allah Allah NAC I believe was on the

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first basically handle on big

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surge ed in WA Gouda Rob Beck had to be in.

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So in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says one a cut dalam and indeed we know and we already know and Nikola vehicles on the road convict your chest is becoming constrained. So constraint is like you can't breathe or that's that's alluding to when somebody is in grief, or someone is.

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Yeah, when your chest is constrained, and Nikki L equals sada Rocha, me my Apolo because of what they're saying, is so diverse, and indeed we know and Nikhil de casa broke that your chest is being constrained because of what they're saying about you. There's a big mehandi or a big, so do tisby Have your Lord praise your Lord.

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word be handy Rebecca. exalt Your Lord with praise. What communist saggi deen and be of those who prostrate to Allah subhana Donna, ye Buddha, Rebecca, and worship your Lord had to clear clean and worship your Lord until the pain reaches you and your pain here is certainty. So let's talk about it constricted.

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So as we're for those of you who are taking visionary and there's this lot of talk of, you know, does Allah know my situation? Does Allah know the pain that I'm going through? And and you actually see here that Allah subhanaw taala says to the prophesies, M is a reassurance that Allah knows what you're going through one of them and Mikhail ecocentric we know how you're feeling sad. We know how you know, this is, this is like

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breast being constrained is like you can't breathe, right? So it's it's being constrained. A person feels sad, they're grieving, they're sad, you know, sedums to that. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah knows and there's other verses in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, when at that seven, Allah alaafin I'm a I'm an old one. And don't think that Allah subhanaw taala is unaware. And the last is more than unaware. Don't think that Allah subhanaw taala is often on May I'm going to learn more about what the oppressive like the tyrants are doing in the hospital. So Allah subhanaw taala is first telling the prophets of Allah, I assume that Allah knows what's happening. Allah knows what a

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cause an animal sadaqa we may have pulled on the because of what they're saying. So what are they saying? They used to say? There's two main things. One of them is that they used to mock the prophets of Allah raise him so they would call him crazy. So if the prophets of Allah they said, I'm on the revelation, didn't come to him for some time, they would make fun of him and say, oh, did you shave time leave? Oh, crazy one. And such or the words that they were saying was disbelieving in the message of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam came with even though you know, the Prophet said alarmism was Amin was the truthful one. And they've never experienced a lie from him. And we spoke about I

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think that was yesterday, the day before, and how when he brought this message of Islam, they call them a lie her and the province of Aleister would never lie. He's never lied in his life. Hit up well, as he said would never if he never liked any human being, who would never lie to, to about God. That's not who he is. And, and they knew he's not a liar. But this is the words that they would say and they call the magician. They call them as soon as they're, well Cognero and Nikki Alico, Sandra copy, Mayor Kowloon.

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So it's interesting to hear how the next how the next verse continues. So Allah subhanaw taala, saying, I know what's what you're going through. And now ALLAH SubhanA data is telling the province of a lifetime what will be done? Or what needs to happen or what is the guidance what should happen? You would assume that the next reverse should be we know what they're saying about you and the next verse we assume it should be about So we're going to destroy that. So we're going to destroy them. But that's not what the first step is. So ALLAH SubhanA data guides the prophets of Allah they said I'm on how to expand his chest. And so when somebody is anxious and and they're feeling sad or

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depressed, and they start breathing less and the breast and chest becomes constraints, Allah subhanaw taala is giving giving the prophesy some advice on what to do to expand his chest so when you're feeling sad, or when you're feeling compressed, constrained, and you feel like the you know, the rooms and especially we're hearing isolation and lockdown and stuff like that. How do you expand your chest? How do you breathe deeper? How do you relax? Less Pantani tells us in this verse for seven bit behind the ear of Baker will come in a Sagittarian two things

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and Salah dhikr and such as making it easy to make ends Allah so Allah subhanaw taala is telling the prophets of Allah I said make it your habits to call upon Allah to remember Allah with your thicker and thicker here that Allah subhanaw taala is

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advising the prophets of a lifetime to do is vicar Subhan Allah he will be Subhan Allah he will be Hamdi Subhan Allah he will be happy to hear how far Allah is from imperfection. All praise is due to Allah how far Allah is from imperfection, exalted as a

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is what he would say and Glory be to Him.

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glory is His and All praise belongs to Allah Subhana Allah he will be handy. I know when we say Subhan Allah sometimes we don't understand what we're saying in the Arabic but if you if you're saying like glory is God's glory belongs to God all glory belongs to God All praise belongs to Allah subhana line while behind all glory and All praise belongs to Allah.

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The Prophet said Almighty is seldom said about this how am I become the this actually a vicar prophesy seldom used to say a lot and this is in Suhail, Bihari, and the chapter of

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the superiority of Vica the superiority of vicar. And number five narrates this hadith The Prophet said a lot is and um, when when she said, Whoever said Subhanallah, he will be hungry he 100 times a day, their sins will be forgiven, even if they were like, as as expansive as the foam of the sea. So even if a person is just like the foam of the sea is everywhere all over the sea, even if a person sins were like that, if they said, subhanAllah, you will be Hampi. 100 times in a day their sins will be forgiven. And so we learned here from this verse. A new habit that you should build up if you don't already have this habit is to Say Subhan Allah Who behind the glory belongs to God, All

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praise belongs to God Subhan Allah he will be hundreds of how live will be handy say it 100 times a day this is narrated inside of Buhari and the province of a lighting system. You see here it says For septic Hammurabi when you're looking to relax that sadness, depression or that constrictive constructiveness of the chest Subhan Allah who will be handy hints of how to live the Handys of Hana live MD Yes, 100 times. And also Salah. So in prayer.

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So the Prophet said Allah, they said, and whenever he was distressed by something,

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he would go and seek relaxation, relaxation, and to open up that constructiveness he would seek it through prayer through salah. And there's an interesting statement he used to say to be loud about the alarm when when he like coming to the masjid and he would tell him to say the comma

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or the event I'm not sure if it was that damaged the camo bottom, but the province of the Lyceum used to say to be loud in order to you know, like, start the prayer like start the apartment, he would say, not behind Gabby not OB then relax us with it. Relax us with the comma, like get, let's get the prayer started so that we can relax. And so sometimes people approach their salon in the opposite way. They're relaxed. And this is Subhanallah this is the example and the

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the characteristic of Mana 15 where Allah subhanaw taala says if they get up for prayer, they get up lazily. Whereas the prophets of Allah they said um when there's this there's this tightness of what they're dealing with the prophets of Allah has sent him would release that tightness and stress and relax by going to Salaam. So the salah relaxes him and that's how we should be approaching our Salah behind the lobby that so Allah subhanaw taala saying that,

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that the when you're facing criticism and you're facing you know, people saying bad things in disbelief, to turn to Subhanallah on your chest has been constructed to turn to test via the curves how LoveHoney said 100 times in a day and and salah.

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Why Buddha Rebecca had in the final verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, and worship your Lord, until certainty comes to you certainty here is death. So, when it comes to the hereafter, the hereafter How far is the hereafter from us? It is, I'd say, one heartbeat away. The hereafter is one heartbeat away, because the second we die, the second the heart stops and we're dead.

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The hereafter begins. So you will know yet pain that all of this was true. As soon as you die, you're claiming certainty. You will know for certain all of this was true with European certainty when you die because you got the angels immediately there, the angels the grave all of those things start. It's called lpm into solar, it's like the minor

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resurrection or because it already starts once you die, and it's that close to for all of us. It's one heartbeat away, we're dead, and then the hereafter begins unless it protects us and that's why here we see in this verse it says, On worship your Lord until the pain comes to you because you

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Well no, it becomes certainty once you die, once you die, everything becomes a pain and and you have to worship Allah subhanaw taala until that moment comes when I was memorizing the Quran, and I was like, I don't know 13 years old, 13 years old and I was memorizing Quran and I was, you know, going back and forth you know, and,

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and reciting these verse I remember the day that I recited this, these verses as my lesson to the teacher, well upon the animal in the pool or the Robinho communist tragedy, I was gonna have to carry on. I came to the end of the verse, And I remember my teacher, his name was Claudia Hamid Ansari who taught me to pull on you actually taught me from day one how to read all the way until I completed memorization on the fly. Claudia Hamid Ansari who was from India,

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alleged father

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as a little kid, I'm 13 years old, I thought I was told back then I was like, 13 year old kid.

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He stopped. And he really loved this verse. And I remember this as a 13 year old I was just reading fast. I don't understand translations, so well. And then he said, and then he said back to me while I was there, and he actually he didn't speak English. So we didn't have many conversations. He didn't speak English. He only spoke Urdu and Urdu, Urdu. And, and so he didn't have conversations and we just read my lesson and go back. And but when it came to this verse, he stopped. And he looked me in the eye and I was a 13 year old and there was like this contemplation where he went like why was it up Becca had to Herky jerky to clean he'd love this verse very much. And I was

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looking at him like, this is awkward. We've never spoken before. Why are you looking at me like that? But I could tell that you really love this verse. And I never forgot that that moment that my teachers contemplation on this verse it it hit me and like I'm saying now it's like what? How many decades later I still remember that moment you know out of all the all the time that I'd been put on class

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why Buddha Rebecca had to clear clean so I actually wanted to

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to make a final point here

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and that is

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this is a really interesting connection. So I was reading the tafsir but I made the connection mice I said, Okay, so the solution to this anxiety and depression and and feeling constricted is a Vic and salah, vicar and salah they couldn't survive and then I go I know another verse in the Quran about vicar and salah, and then I went and I researched so here's the verse, Allah subhanaw taala says this is in surah

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Okay, the Sunnah number is Allah subhanaw taala says in Nana God will shine upon you they are

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about ball fields on newer, nicer way also the Kumar Vickery law you on install

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Allah subhanaw taala says that fish a pond what's the intention of Shere Khan that he wants you to fall into, into enmity like unless God wants us to be enemies of one another?

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Or the outer world Baba in hammer and Mason in gambling and alcohol. That's the intention when alcohol and gambling less Monica wants us He wants us to fight with one another and have energy and he uses hum and gambling and Allah subhanaw taala says And also while you're super calm, and he tries to turn you away or block you from on victory lap, he won the Salah, and he tries to block you from the remembrance of Allah and prayer which is interesting because Allah is telling the prophets of Allah is the solution to resolving these sins. The situation is vicar and prayer and che pa knows this shaytaan knows this. So he tries stopping the believer tries blocking the blue lever from vicar

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and prayer. So she can like no more and then associate ones like tricks will suit the commanding relay. One is trying to do that with alcohol with Mason with gambling. And another verse.

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Allah subhanaw taala says this one is certain which added up to about 58 number 10.

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The last part that it says in Niger one unit shining upon you the Zune and Lavina

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that that very secret conversations is the work of che upon so that he can dishearten those who disbelieve the other person is sadness to make believers sad. And in some of the lectures

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In the COVID speeches that I've been giving these past weeks, I've said multiple times are about this. Don't be sad that sadness is not something Islamic. Like we're not. This is not something it's natural. But it's not what Islam guides us to write when I tell people or when we say like, what's the delay, or what's the proof, Islam is not guiding us to be sad. Islam is it's shaytaan that wants us to be sad. And when you're feeling sad, don't think that you're doing something religious, that Allah is happy with it. Instead, you're actually need to move away like you see in these verse, Allah subhanaw taala said, don't be sad, and so on. And that the sadness is a shape on wants the

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believer to be sad, the Adzuna letting me know that she upon makes people do secret conversations, people whispering to each other, and this verse, The Adzuna, La Nina ammonoids, so that believers will feel sad, oh, people are talking about about me and thinking that others will last on them. And that's a reminder for today is that

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if somebody has questions,

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one or two questions

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appreciate that.

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Jamila says, I never learned something with you without applying it, May Allah enable us to keep learning is that okay? And I that's that's like, kind of like my, my style, if I learned something I want to apply and I don't want to just have it as information. When I was.

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When I was a student in Medina University, I'd always you know, we'd learn something, sometimes you learn something that's academic.

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Sometimes you learn something that's academic, and I'd be like, how do you apply this? How do you? What is the application of this? That's that's the question that I have in my mind.

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Other questions?

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From the Dean law?

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Is it necessary to sleep prior to the last third of the night prior than wake up and hit that window? Or is it alright, to stay awake until the last third of the night comes in? Does it make a difference? In Diem, in Ramadan time, I don't know if you're talking outside of Ramadan, or in Ramadan. But if you're awake in the last portion of night, like for example, let's suppose the night is really short. And you know, you pray to Russia, it's like 12 o'clock at night. And you know, that third portion of the night is going to come in at like two o'clock or something like that. You don't have to sleep and wake up, you can just pray at that time. You don't have to sleep to wake up to get

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that benefit.

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And so honey, is it sadness or hopelessness? Isn't it natural to feel sad and cry? So I want to make sure and so that you understand or everybody on the chat that there's no problem being sad. And even we see in this verse, the prophets of the last episode, like, don't be sad, that like he was sad, and prophesized, that was sad. So it's natural. But the point I'm trying to make is, we want to do what Islam guides us to Yeah. And Islam guides us to work on the sadness to be happy. So Islam is not telling us that.

00:23:16--> 00:23:35

So this is not the message of Islam isn't saying, being sad is very virtuous, you should try your best to feel sad, feeling sad is great, you should continue to be sad, and you will be like more religious, like, that's not the message of the message. So if you feel sad, and you feel like

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this is what Allah wants from me, that's incorrect. It's not what Allah wants from you. It is a natural feeling to feel sad, but it's not what Allah wants from you. But Allah has come down once from you is to move out of that sadness to work on it to come back to being happy and being hopeful and such. That's the point that I wish to.

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Share instead of the prophets have a lot of them have anxiety and fear. Yeah, yeah.

00:24:09--> 00:24:20

So in the just an example, the one the process, I've received revelation for the first time and came down and he told her deja, he said, I feared for my life, anxiety and fear.

00:24:22--> 00:24:29

And sort of the Heartless Pentagon says, now a DACA book on color, your Lord has not forsaken you nor is he angry with you.

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machine I've looked up that that same question, and I've answered this question. And I don't think my answer is adequate enough. So I need to

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

Keep looking further and maybe get an adequate an adequate answer and analogy for you to understand it

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I want to do a special shout out to miss Zack Callahan for your kind words and this is tuning in from Periscope Twitter. That's nice we have a special stream where we're are streaming on YouTube and on Twitter and

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and I'd like to welcome those folks who like YouTube and Twitter

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Facebook user says can you give some dogs to make before Iftar so I'm not necessarily a big fan of reading if dogs and other people gave for the prophets of Allah they said um, if there is a dua that is you know, specific to that time you'll find that there'll be very less there might be just the the what you say like the have a lone wolf tenant and whatever a juror in sha Allah when you break your fast right those kinds of sayings but an actual job would only be looking at general Dollar General da all you need to do is Google Search authentic dog the prophets that Allah has set up and you'll get a whole bunch of drawers to do that. Do I have any specific Noida

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00:26:34--> 00:27:01

30 has says sounds like and brother what's the ruling on a woman leading other women I live in an all girls home it is permissible a lot on item for a woman to lead other women in Salah that's not all the meth heads that agree with that. But they're some will say yes she can and some will say no she cannot but a lot of it is allowed and in our own family we do that if there's only girls and and

00:27:02--> 00:27:05

one of the girls steps up and leaves the prayer and we're okay with it

00:27:14--> 00:27:25

he's a birdie thank you for your video on the horses I appreciate that as well. In Charlotte one day I would like to visit your farm or wherever and meet your horses under that

00:27:38--> 00:28:07

and just a reminder that the vicar that we're talking about this how Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah Muhammad is to say it 100 times a day this is an action hopefully inshallah Tada somebody's watching this video, they make it part of their daily routine. And in sha Allah Tala you will get mountains and mountains of reward as the province of a lot is and instead all your sins will be forgiven if they even if they were as much as the thumb of the sea. And inshallah Tada I'll get adjure to you do this

00:28:10--> 00:28:13

I would like to try to read this oh, this is your replying to

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are there are there subtitles?

00:28:59--> 00:29:03

Are there subtitles on the video? We're trying to shut it off.

00:29:04--> 00:29:06

I don't know how yet

00:29:07--> 00:29:08

in the cinema now

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

please also share what to increase wealth

00:29:20--> 00:29:23

rather than a shiny. So to increase wealth, one of the things that

00:29:25--> 00:29:54

just one one of the many things that a person can do is sit at the right hand, which is to establish ties of kinship with this social distancing that's happening. Um, a lot of these things are going electronic. So establishing ties of kinship, you might be like, Hey, let me call my parents on Zoom. Let me you know, these relatives let me speak to them and chat with them and stuff like that. And that will increase your visibility will increase your wealth.

00:30:01--> 00:30:04

We've got two minutes left, here we go, nor

00:30:05--> 00:30:18

does cinema ACA fall under the category of Mr. Ha. So you got a lot of these questions these days moving on, I don't know if you're studying physical or are you having arguments with people? It's pretty

00:30:19--> 00:31:07

simple. What's going on? What's happening is you're in a Hanafi type of location. And these terms that you're talking about are Hannity terms? Well, I mean, there's others that have another Hanafi, Hanafi, madhhab. But outside of Hanafi, circles, they have kind of like different terms that they use to really what you're asking, Is this the same as that? And so what confuses me? No rain is do you want me to answer the way I know it? Or do you want me to answer what the way your Hanafi educators are telling me? You understand what I'm saying? So I can tell you the way I know it, and that might be like Shafi or humbly or Malik here, so on, outside of like, Hanafy type of method, but

00:31:07--> 00:31:29

I don't know if that's just going to confuse you more. And it's not an argument like it's not a debate. It's just, this is kind of like the the terminology that's used, and if you mess up the terminology that might be used in like Shafi, madhhab, and so on, or in Saudi Arabia, where we're studying so soon then we'll add Canada is a term that's used so

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you have like categorization of hey, this is Mr. hob and this is really Mr. Like this is something desirable and this is like the process I always used to do this supermarket that means like insisted upon or like that. So cinema AQa Is it a category of mazahub answers? Yes, it is. To make a long story short.

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You're studying film? Nice.

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I knew that would be the next question.

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So what Fifth Amendment do you follow? Shall too bad? It's half an hour after the hour. We'll have to wait for another day.

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All right, we're done. Zach love fan, everybody. Bye bye.

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So how about moving from the kitchen to Allah and stuff? We're going to be like, Why don't you do this right now when you hear about a good deed, at least do it once so that you can be written as one of the people that does it. And so I would recommend as we learned today, that as Eliza is so receptive to handle obligor or communist Edgington, to do Subhanallah, Hamdi Subhan Allah you will be handy, do it 100 times so before you move on to close this and scroll through Facebook, just put

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line will be handy in 100 times and then

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