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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The Masonic Rahim Allah emphasized learning from the people of knowledge and its impact on one's life. The speakers discussed the importance of understanding the religion and its impact on one's life, as well as learning from those who have it on themselves. They also mentioned that individuals of knowledge may have foundational knowledge, but those who don't have it may be able to hold true to Islam. The speakers mentioned upcoming events and workshops, including a back-to-school conference and guest two guests program.
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So now hello Haman hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Abadi I'm going to be getting a Muhammad Anwar, earlier he was so happy to hear that you remain a member

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of the Masonic Rahim Allah to Allah forget every other solid enemy if you bet before the fall into alignment with Salomon, Linda

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and Abdullah have been hammering in the answer only Allahu Anhu my fault. So we have to Rasul Allah so Allah it was telling me a quote, and Allah Allah Allah with all the enema in teaser and Tesira whom in a Nursey what I came back with Elena Jacobi Capulet, we had either you had to lay it LM up Hanuman.

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It took her the NASA rules and you had for Su for F Toby hydrea and min for the low volume.

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Abdullah Mohammed Al Radi Allahu Mia, Allah be pleased with them both narrated that I heard the prophets of Allah. Then I heard the prophets of Allah and it was salam said, Verily, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the people. But he takes it away by taking away the lives of the religious scholars, till none of the scholars stay alive, then the people will take ignorant ones as their leaders who, when asked to deliver religious verdicts will issue them without knowledge, the result being that they will go astray and will lead others astray. And this hadith is recorded in Behati, in the section of knowledge and Muslim in the section of knowledge, and to me

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the intersection of knowledge. And in his Muslim, this hadith is very, very important. And this hadith, when speaking about the virtue of knowledge in the virtue of Islam even is mentioned as one of the as one of the primary milestones in regards to knowledge and the people of knowledge. Make no mistake brothers and sisters, as another Hadith we recited many times earlier, much earlier, that as a part of something and said in one of the tool Ambia. He said that the earlier Matt, the Scot heritors, of the prophets, so the knowledge of the religion, the knowledge of the religion, firstly is the most noble knowledge. And secondly, the people of knowledge are the ones that have taken that

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knowledge and devoted their lives to this knowledge. So we have the amendment No, we, for example, he died and he wasn't married in his 40s Subhanallah devoted himself to this knowledge till we read his book today. So people that have devoted their lives to this knowledge are taking the inheritance of the profits because the prophets sacrifice their lives for the message of Islam. So those people that are taking it upon themselves to learn all of this knowledge, make no mistake, those are the most virtuous people in the dunya, that the people that have struggled to

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get this knowledge and live by the knowledge, to the degree to where if they're taken away from this earth, that is how Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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the end and the knowledge will be with the other.

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So understanding the virtue of the people of knowledge and referring them and understanding that when we want to learn about Islam, we learned about the ones that have learned is we learned from the ones that have learned Islam. A lot of times when we take people we take knowledge from people that are really not people of knowledge, or they are not or lemma, and I think this has been taken lightly, especially with the emergence of social media, with the emergence of social media, even to the degree that we can't even watch a video if it's an hour long on a classical book from a scholar, if it's not a real, we're not interested. This is a problem. This is a problem. Because when you

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take your knowledge in bits and pieces, your knowledge becomes like Swiss cheese, and you're not well grounded in anything when it comes to Islamic knowledge. This is why Subhan Allah, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that there will be a time then that people will take ignorant ones as their leaders, ignorant ones, as their leaders, who when asked where they just verdicts will issue them without knowledge of the religion. I remember one of my show, he said Subhanallah he was on a radio station. And somebody asked him a fatwa. And then he answered the question, and then he paused and he said, Are you not going to ask me the proof? And the person

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said, Okay, Ty, What's the proof? Make no mistake brothers and sisters, anything that we do in Islam, there has to be proof because this deen is mumineen is built upon what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said, and what the prophets of Allah that was articulated from what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said,

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anything we do in Islam has to have proof, whether it's direct proof from the Quran, or it's interpreted from people of knowledge, not interpreted from someone that doesn't have knowledge, or someone that has secular knowledge, and does not have knowledge of Islam. And this is another problem. We may find someone that's an academic, and they may have knowledge in a particular aspect of Islamic culture, but they don't have what is called Top seal enemy. They don't have foundational knowledge. And this is a huge problem that we see nowadays. Many people will speak about the religion

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And but they don't have foundational knowledge meaning, what is knowledge of Allah? What is knowledge of the Sunnah? What's an authentic hadith? What's an authentic hadith? What? When can someone use an authentic hadith to establish a proof of something in Islam? All of these all of these issues are foundational, basic basics of knowledge. If someone doesn't have that, but they may have a PhD in a particular issue in Islamic culture or knowledge.

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That person is not an item. That person is not an item. Make no mistake, the item is the one that has foundational knowledge and has built off of that foundational knowledge. Those are the people that we take from not making the mistake of the one that may have knowledge in a particular science of Islam. You can ask them in that particular science, but someone that does not have foundational knowledge, that is not someone that is on the steps of being an iron. And so when the prophets of Allah, Allah was sending me saying this, it is a problem. Because when people start to take from the people of knowledge, people that do not have knowledge, that can be another aspect of the knowledge

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of Islam being taken away. And unfortunately, we see nowadays, that people do not even hold the reverence to people of knowledge or people that have struggled and given a life or their lives or a portion of their life, to study the religion of Islam. So may Allah subhanaw taala, make us of those that hold the knowledge of Islam at a noble position at a lofty position. And may Allah Subhan Allah make us of those that respect that people have knowledge at a noble and high position in who will either Erica was that Allah was in roboticle. And being a Muhammad while he was happy as my shallow brothers and sisters, don't forget, Inshallah, this Saturday, there was a conference that we will be

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having. It's a back to school conference, that is a message for parents and for youth. There will be different seminars and sessions. It's not only going to be lectures, but it's going to be workshops. We're going to have a small town hall have potluck, there'll be big sale. You know, there's a guest two guests that we'll be having one of them is will do it hasn't many of you may know him. He's been there for over 20 years in the Islamic education industry. And he started an after school program years ago, and now he's a principal of oak tree. There's another brother Mr. Hussain, who has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and he specializes in addictions He's the new Imam here. Originally from

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California was an imam in San Antonio and Seattle now he's a new man in mosquito good friend of mine. We're going to introduce him to Salah this Saturday but in in less so please come with your family and friends. It'll be Saturday inshallah Tada in sha Allah I can't remember the time but if you're on the WhatsApp group or the telegram, you will find out in sha Allah beating the light is often located in Santa Monica.

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