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This Jumuah lecture was given at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center on Mar 10, 2017.

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In Alhamdulilah madawaska you don't want to study you want to stop when all the villa Matura fusina sejahtera Molina Maja de la la la la la la la. Mama you little fella ha de la la la la la la la la la la sharika wash. Pasha Mohammed Abdullah solo. Yeah you alladhina amanu Taka la haka Ducati. illa Anta muslimin yeah yo necesito Cora Bakula? de la comida suya. Allah caminhada seminoma dijeron que sera Vanessa, la la la, la la, la la la from lockira

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Yeah, you're Latina. hamanako la ku Colin said either use the Akuma Malcolm welcome de novo Kumamoto, Allah wa pseudo foccacia 1000 Allah, Allah, Allah inositol kalaam kalaam Allah subhanho wa Taala Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for shalom Marina de tu Hakuna Matata, invada Bakula en la la la la la la la la la sama Budda Budda LA, my dear brothers and sisters, I would like first and foremost to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us in this community. And would like to thank the same The second thing to thank this community for its wonderful support over the past years and hand a lot of banana mean and being

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together, United 100 100 Allah for the good cause of making the best for this community shallow terracotta for the Muslims all over vanilla as well. The good news is of hamdulillah starting today, or officially today actually just few hours ago handled a lot of blood I mean, this facility that you are now praying a lot to do mine is officially our vanilla as the vigil. The purchase deal has been actually handled by going through we signed the contracts today before the light of Baraka Allah. So for now, this actually belongs to the Muslim community of the value and so Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Minh and Sal hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala bestows bestow upon us that which is

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best to Allah in this dunya and

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of course, as you guys will know, is just the beginning. Because when it comes to a community and building a community is not really about a building. It's all about building what is beyond just the walls of this of this message and this masala This is just the start we're very happy and very pleased inshallah Baraka wattana to call this again for us at least the temporary home or Valley Ranch community shall loudhailer until we're done from our official message and project ventilator barakaatuh But still, it is a walk right now in Sharla. It is running charity, and hopefully within the light of Baraka, what Allah for every dollar that we spend on this building, it will go towards

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your running charity inshallah Susan, it will goes through your walk with the light of Baraka to Allah donations, and you will enjoy the reward of this investment in sha Allah, Allah in the dunya. And in the Acura long after we are gone from this world, the importance of workflow what I would like to talk to you in this hood bump about the importance of what the importance of endowment when we purchase assets in a Muslim community specifically as we live in a society that doesn't support these massages in voluntarily, it has to be done from the Muslim community itself. How can we ensure How can we ensure in time as difficult as ours right now, when there is a huge even debate over the

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identity of this country and this society, America is going through identity crisis? Everything is an are under question. Whether it's a matter of race, color, ethnicity, culture, or even religion is on which the base of this country was actually established freedom of religion, right? But now even this is being threatened by this administration. And Allah knows what actually the future is hiding for us and for the people all around. But one fundamental thing we learn from the history of the Muslim Ummah and the world altogether, Muslims and non Muslims that have an endowment meaning investing by purchasing assets in order to ensure the continuation of a certain tradition or

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culture, activities has always been throughout the history of Islam. And I want to share with you a few things to Charlotte about a quarter about this concept of volkoff and abuse a lot It was an obvious a lot a lot of ceremonial Samana. He recommended people to participate and invest in building massage. He said sallallahu wasallam man Ben Allah, he must juden Welcome if ha sakata Bonilla. Hello beautiful, gentle. Whoever builds the house, Allah subhana wa tada in this dunya which means if we build the masjid and the prophets, Allah said he compared it so small, even if it was a myth, hustle, Papa mascota, which means just the bird's nest. I mean, how big is a bird's nest

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anyway? The biggest thing is how can you How big is it going to be anyway? How many people can can fit in there? But that's a metaphoric expression. Of course, like the professor says, it doesn't matter the size. What matters is the purpose. What is it going to serve? And who is going to be actually enjoying, you know, being there and enjoying the battle over there? So Panama, and that is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal. He said something

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Lesson number Allahu Allahu battenfeld house and agenda will be secured for this person who participate in building this house of Allah subhana wa tada and participating in this. And then hamdulillah we're very proud of the Muslim community in the Dallas area is increasingly for the light of Baraka wadala many, many people are moving into this area, the need to have easy access to these muscles and muscle that is also increasing as well. The other day which is ironic so panela The other day I was given a presentation in the Methodist Church here on capelle and it was around number of times so by the time was done Maverick was coming in and I was getting worried if I'm

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going to catch Serato memorabilia because it was all close to rush hours as people coming in what's going to traffic jam if I'm going to drive all the way to Valley Ranch Mr. Mr. miss it and then I remembered and handled a lot of banana mean we have another action masala that was open also uncouple the cupola was Bill masala acid and hamdulillah. I drove there two minutes, I was just rather proud mother of on time, feeling the blessings of Allah azza wa jal. And that lesson will continue in Sharla as much and as long as we keep supporting these beautiful project and these beautiful, beautiful institutions, in order to ensure that tradition and the culture of any nation

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there has it has to be secured through the system of what we call it in Islam, our cough, this will be called waqf. Allah subhana wa Taala says in ma Amora, masajid allotment m anabela, William Allah, those who truly are more masajid Allah which means establish the establishment necessity in terms of just the actual physical foundation of it. It also means the foundation from the inside the foundation of a community, those who truly believe in Allah and the hereafter. So when you give to project like this, it's a testimony of faith. That's what Allah subhanaw taala said, it's a testimony of faith that when you do so, you truly believe in that because, honestly, what investment

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what is the return that you're getting out of putting your money in project like this, in terms of dunya? Probably not much in terms of funding financial investment, but in terms of the accurate and the dealing with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. It's a testimony of faith. And Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that he will return back if not in the dunya it will be in the ARCA You see, when it comes to building these institutions, once again, we don't have the option of having, you know, federal funds for this. It's not like some Muslim continent, even some European countries work institutions like these are actually funded by the state. We don't have that luxury over here. So it goes back

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again to the Muslim community and the challenge on how far are they willing to support the institutions to ensure the continuation of their tradition, and their culture and their existence as independent community? How far are they willing to do that? And that's where we come with this project and handle a lot of blood. I mean, like we said, in order for us to ensure this, we need to secure this building of this facility, especially that Ramadan is coming very soon, inshallah, we would like to have the best experience for all of you who have been in light of our Katana. They even save you even historically speaking, nations, Muslims and non Muslims.

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When they stopped investing in endowments and our off the culture start, you know, fading out slowly and gradually erosion, start taking it from the inside out, until it was over. But when you have a cough, you realize the continuation of that tradition, the culture and obviously, if we didn't know Islamic history, there is no doubt. It's a great testimony everywhere you go in the Muslim world, everywhere you go, not even the Muslim world, any area that Muslims ever existed, whether it's in Europe and Africa, you will find some spaces there. You call them out cough

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and go all the way back to the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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in the Hadith established, began at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah one of the famous Hadith very popular Hadith in the interpretation of an earlier imraan Allah subhanho wa Taala says lentiviral

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baboon Lenten Alberto has done fecal matter a boon that you're not going to achieve you're not going to have Albert what is Albert, we explained in one of our Tafseer sessions over here, Albert comes from Han Allah from the from the spacious nature of being good, like goodness, piety, righteousness, you name it, however that is, its there has no boundaries, no limit, and the last part that says that essence of goodness, that essence of piety and righteousness you are unable to achieve it had to Fukunaga to her bone until you give until you give from the possessions that you love the most.

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And that's what Allah says, when you NFC whoever has been whoever is protect and guard against that the stinginess of the self and so on. But we like to move on those are the most successful Subhanallah when you give what you've what you've earned fair and square your money, your wealth, and when you give it away, for no reason, other than hoping for the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Once again

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It's one of the greatest testimonies of faith. So Allah says that true meaning of piety and righteousness, you won't be able to achieve it until you give freely and you give genuinely from that which you love the most

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about Allah, one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Upon hearing this revelation, this ayah

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he was excited. He came to the profits that allows them and says, Yasser Allah, Yasser Allah, in

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our in the Bible, that the most beloved acid that I have and I own is by your heart, which is a garden that I own is like an orchard that has palm trees and fruit and water fountains and like an amazing amazing you could say, you could say garden that you it's the best thing you would have to this is the most beloved to me the most precious, that of all my possession that I own are Yasser Allah. He said, and I would like you to be my witness that I'm given this feasibility law a sadhaka.

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That's it. It's my most beloved money. And I want to give it visible as the prophet SAW some says Bethan.

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Mashallah, Mashallah calbayog Albion? What a lucrative bargain you're making right now. But then he suggested something. He says, How about you keep it within your own family, which means distribute that and make this to be work for your own family. So I will tell her are they allowed to run he kept that work and he made the profit that comes out of it, whatever that could have is that comes out of it to be distributed and given to his relatives and his family members, those were needed in the family. For some while other prophets Allah said and he encouraged about Allah La Jolla, and once again a bottle ha he heard the ayah and immediately he went to the pet that the best of what he

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owns and said jasola This is it. I love it so much to the extent I'm willing to give it for Allah subhanho wa Taala restaurant or the allow Rwanda Horace Mann, radi Allahu Allahu wa. He knew that the Muslim community in Medina at some point there is so much need for water, there was drought, there is so much badly they needed water.

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And because of the supplies were kind of becoming so scarce look around, there was one water well owned by a Jewish man and they're in the area known as big a rumor that whatever was called rumor, though, what a lot of Roma. So he went to him, and he negotiated the price with him. Finally, he was able to make a good deal. Can you imagine buying a water? Well, during times of drought, can you imagine how much money you're going to be paying just to get that secure that position of this. So he paid a fortune for the allowed to run, he paid a fortune, then he took the position of that water, well, then what he did with it, he made it feasible.

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Instead of you know, charging the people like the man before him used to do, he said that's it, I gave it FISA barilla and the Muslims enjoy it and Subhanallah until this day, it's actually it's it goes back again to the very word goes back again to Iceman or the Allahu Allahu wa.

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And these are the kind of examples we see from the outcrop that the Sahaba they allowed to run when they participated, and they helped establish, when the elements speak about our path, they say, a walk is an asset that you keep, that you actually you you, you donate the unit the possession of it, or the ownership of it, we sebelah so it stays it stays like public public domain right now. And the outcome was we call it the ryer in the Arabic language, or write whatever comes out is is given for a particular cause that you're given a donation for. And that's why the alkaff in the history of Islam were many, there are many, many different outcomes. Some of them are called our California

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area, which means investment outcomes, meaning it actually produces wealth and money on income. And that income is given to that particular cause that you have made your work for. Whether it's Islamic Center, Masjid, or school or the field Quran or item, whatever that is, it's given there and some of the outcomes are not really in some of the outcomes. Some of these actually have the asset. It doesn't bring any income like for example the massage. You have a land you have a space there so you give this as a walk. I don't want anyone to say there is no money coming out of it. But there's so much height will come out of it. The same thing a building like this, you buy it and you just say

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you know what, there is no income might come out of it at all. But there is so much higher will come out of it.

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So much blessing and Nam will come out of it. People will come and pray. He will come and learn children memorize the Quran you could use her father over here hamdulillah just last week and we celebrate the the graduation of for her father for half a dad from dismissal handler Blimey for new kids and hamdulillah just finished the Quran.

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For the light of Baraka wattana and the series continues, and we will inshallah produce more when

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you come over here people, they come and take and handle attend this session these lessons and they will tell you and they appreciate how much they're learning from this just last weekend, we had a parenting workshop over here.

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And we had a handle over 50 plus parents couples come away to attend the program. And when they left, they were so happy. They're so excited. Some of them they stood out with me and they talked to me says, Allah, this is amazing. This, this is amazing.

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And it was so exciting that they said, next time when we come we're going to bring more people from different areas and from the Metroplex over here. And we'll apply that same program over here, which we have with happened to be here in our, in our actually in our classroom. I received text messages on online on social media, people from other communities, they would like to have conference calls with me, to teach them and educate them and coach them on how to, to kind of duplicate that program for their community and massage in different places in America, other communities for out of state, what all of this is coming from the Hydras coming from here. And I guarantee you, whatever

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investment that we put in this in Charlotte Baraka with Allah, we will all share the reward will lie you will also there was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he promised that Allah Subhana Allah will secure the reward for you. And I guarantee on behalf of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam for every penny spent in this bin the light of Baraka with Allah, Allah Subhana will give back to your enemy. So when it comes to to show some of the examples of the outcome of the Muslim Ummah, used to have back in those days, some of these outcomes are unbelievable, amazing. And historically, you know, it's not just historical, even in our modern day, I was reading a book on on

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volunteering, and the concept and the principle of volunteering in communities and societies. One of the things the author, they agree on that when it comes to volunteering, which means when it comes to giving your time, giving your money, and giving your effort, that's a sign of a healthy community.

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When the community is healthy,

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giving, giving money, and giving time and giving effort, it's a sign of a strong, unhealthy community. People might not be rich to give, but they will still generously give from what they have. Why Because again, it's about the community. It's not just about how much money you have.

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People might have only $2 but will lie they were willing to give $1 that's 50% of what they have. That's a lot of money.

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A lot of money for someone has only $2. But it's again, it's not about giving the money as much as where it's coming from from the heart. And Sinhala the Muslim Luma amazing principle of amazing examples of output. Where did the money go? Whenever they collected my word, where to go and what kind of our path people establishes some example that I read in books of history and books are

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somehow half were all about water, the most important thing the source of life. So you will see people along the way have a certain trade route, for example, or Hajj journey, or the ombre lip, whoever there is, some people, their job is just to make sure that they sponsor somebody to dig a water well, somewhere along the way to hide your armor to secure the people to cure the people's water actually there. Some of them were rich people like the mother of the whole affair, a very large bus,

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the mother of the whole of Bella bus, she even established an entire water line to supply this to the Hajaj as they come actually along the way for high drama in the middle of the desert. Can you imagine how many people the benefit from that water well, and the water fountain that she established there along the way, throughout the time until the power line and what happened to but the point is, water is the source of of life. And I live in some Muslim can live in Kuwait actually for some time. And I've seen that a lot of people because we live in a in the Middle East and in the in the Arabian Peninsula. It's very hot during the summer. A lot of houses I've seen, what do they

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do they purchase a water Marshal a fountain, a lot of actually machine that that they keep it outside of their house, and it's linked to the water source of their own homes. And it's attached, of course, it's been plugged into the electricity. So you always as you pass by, you always have a handle on it. I mean, fresh, clean, cold water in the summer, all the time. You don't have electricity, it doesn't matter. Sometimes they use these what they call these pottery, you know, containers, and you just drink from it. All of this is part of their goodness, part of you know, thinking about other people. And given to this PCB dealer. That's a form of all puff. Whatever that

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container is, even though it might not be that expensive. But it's another work that was established at that time. People they used to do this establish our craft as homes. Homes For whom for urbanists, Seville travelers, those who come into middle back and then

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They didn't have hotels like we do have them today. It was it was a luxury. So this they spend their time in, in massage or even just they cannot knock on door say, could you please, you know, give us hospitality for one or two days and we were on their way. That's why Mr. Bill is one of the great principals have given pizza bitola given the charity to actually. So people, they used to establish houses and homes and these kind of shelters for the people as they move around, actually. And that was amazing things of Harlow for them. Another thing that they have done schools, and if you read the history of folk, the a lot of schools dedicated to certain particular method, like almost like

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you could say, for example, the sharper is the hanafis, the humble is and so on. A lot of examples for this. Another example they use to make actually houses dedicated to seniors,

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like we have here in America, but it's not for free.

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Back then they used to have senior homes, and they were off. Some elders, they lose their families, they lose their children, or maybe they travel somewhere else. And they completely cut off from the society. The community takes care of them throughout life. Even when the interesting things about our club that I read Subhanallah There was an old path for animals, can you imagine

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animal shelters.

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It's not a new concept of Gemma, you read the books of the Muslim community, the Muslim oma provided animal shelters, stray animals, sometimes they get dementia their horses specifically, they used to get these animals actually shelters for the animals that were in the service of the state.

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You want to have camels, horses, whatever they use back then, when it reaches certain ages unable to carry the load or even to be you know, to function very well. This is thrown away in the streets. No, they take them to the animal shelter where they graze in an open pasture and they keep enjoying it until they die.

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So holla What an amazing principle of just even caring about these animals. And another thing, they even had shelters for women battered women's panela like we have in America. And they had it back then used to kill code, they have certain names for them. But when a woman for example, she's having trouble with her husband or spouse, and she's has nowhere to go, we'll be taking care and that shoulder until situation resolved for her. They had that as a path as well. But one of the most interesting outcomes I read about which is something you know, I it was just like amazing, like wow, they thought about this aircraft even to that level. They call it a workflow for her work for her

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which means the work of the of pottery, you know, clays, what is that? Basically some of these, some of these artisans. What they do, they have certain shelves and they have they have plates, they have parts they have whatever containers they made from clay back in the day. And they store them and they keep them on the shelves. And this is considered our car for free. Why did they get that for because they knew that some kids, some servants, they will be carrying these plates or the these parts and they leave the house and as they walk to go and buy something and put it in that they can come back home. Kids or kids young ones or young ones they might trip they might be distracted, it

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falls it breaks.

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Going home with a broken plate might cause them to be punished.

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Somehow so how they thought about them. They made work full for her. This is for free. If you break your plate, don't worry, don't tell your mom, go and pick up one for free and go home with that. You don't have to deal with that somehow. It is to that level the community has been pilot dedicated, thinking so highly of taking care of each other, taking care of the elders, the men, the women, the educated, the LMR, the outfall, the orphans, Subhanallah, even the animals dedicated time and alcohol for all of that. Why? It's because of this system. That entire Muslim community flourished and the society flourished upon Allah until we today are enjoying and we are reaping the benefits of

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this legacy. It is time for us right now to carry that legacy and moving it to the next phase in Charlotte Ababa, Thailand, the opportunity is opened for those who would like to participate this open in shallow terracotta Allah, Allah subhanaw taala once again bless this community with the higher blood amin akula colheita was stopped for a long time it will come

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through in order for right

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi seldom at the Sleeman kathira my body by the law my brothers and sisters, once again I would like to congratulate the community and a lot of blood I mean for this a new step in sha Allah to Allah ahead for our community that we officially once again we purchased this building and handler bellami and this is from now is considered a work for you for all the committee

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For the light of Baraka, Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala make every penny that you spend on this building to go into your running charity honorable element, that long after we're gone from this world may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to write our reward for everything that will be coming out of the highest that is coming out of this building and of this facility shall have the Baraka wattana it is a golden opportunity. This is not an official fundraising will lie, but it's just so I'm so excited so happy hamdulillah as we reach this milestone our community for the life of Baraka Allah, and I would like to invite myself and each and every one of you to take advantage of

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this opportunity right now. And if you put your money today in shallow water court Allah be among the pioneers and the first people to add to it. inshallah, until we make it complete in the light of otter COVID Allah take the opportunity and give generously vertical Have you come along Melinda man Vanna when finally my lantana in a control element Hakeem Allah Martina fusina taqwa was actually on the harmonica and Toyama Allah. Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Allah wa sallam otezla Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a big man or woman Hala Rashid in a vacuum Amara was Manali pantsir Sahaba, Jasmine and Tabby on the sunny laomi Dean welcome

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