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so our day out, day out starts with a visit to the Grand Salon of the original Orient Express station here in Istanbul and this room and I guess the station was commissioned by Abdul Hamid the second Allahu Akbar.

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Absolutely wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Love it and nobody here today because everybody's with their families. So we get kind of a sneak preview and a good look around for no crowds handling. Like it's like walking back in time. You can walk through to the station, which is still working and the third one is now a restaurant. MashAllah Agatha Christie, by the way, came to Istanbul in secret on the Orient Express. She did a lot of secret stuff.

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And of course, this wouldn't be a station in Istanbul without a little kiddie

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ain't bothered, bothered, kept busy or not busy. Busy sleeping, right. Okay, so here's the third salon. And this was restored lovingly restored 10 years ago to the original design

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Oh, yes, I can just see.

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Okay, I don't think Frank Sinatra would have necessarily been played here in 1893. So some authenticity and obviously some relative modernity, which is kind of sneaky. I'd be asked to leave. I couldn't resist it. Oh, you know what, I love the crisp white tablecloth. Where do you see that now? The crisp white tablecloth if you could, you can just feel the starchiness in them.

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And then also the starch Allahu Akbar.

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It's wonderful.

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why is it on the loops?

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Ah, here we go. Special wolves dedicated to Agatha Christie.

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Agatha Christie Yeah.

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And here's my tour guide as ever. Brother Osman. Do you know anything about her? Do you have any idea about Agatha Christie's Christie's visit to

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just just just I know that secretly escaped from London via Orient Express in Istanbul station is the last station of the Orient Express between London and Istanbul because of course here we are. This is although this is the European side now Yeah, but they still considered it the Orient up side of Istanbul and also that time 100 years ago with the rooming the Orient Express between London on the first and Eastern was a last station and it was against the Orient because of the Ottomans were were they considered Oriente because of Islam no Western used to reach to East via Orient Express and a from the from from what from Istanbul they able to exchange to another oriental cities got you

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got you so it was like a main hub like Istanbul

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to buy a flight Salam if you want to go to a less time depth time you can get a job. From here you need to exchange from digital.

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Oh, maybe we make that trip again in.

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School just

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is the St. James's Park. But that's a reference point that I don't think is necessary. It has its own

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optimum peacefulness because it's surrounded by cream colored buildings and old actresses from hundreds of years ago. So it's definitely got a much more Mediterranean feel.

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beautiful conglomeration of senses sensual input, for example, there are definitely some tropical birds.

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In here, in the trees, I can hear these. These are I guessing, perhaps related to the times when autumn and ladies and gentleman would go to the bird markets and then just release them into the trees. So these birds from around the world from the Ottoman world, Empire would have been purchased and then released as an active circuit. And you can hear pod cheer ups in the trees, it's beautiful. What a lovely way to spend 100 in

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entering this museum of science in Islam, we see that there are quotes by the humanist garota. And he was really praising the findings and the great discoveries of what he called the Oriental world. He said, If we should wish to partake in those productions of the most exalted mines, we have to Orientalism ourselves, as the Orient is not going to approach us in the Europeans. And he said, approaching through translations wasn't good enough. Why wouldn't you access through the original languages, it said that garota at this point, converted to Islam. He wrote some books of poetry, which were very, very spiritual Subhanallah

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technology and medicine,

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Alchemy, chemistry, anthropology, something like that. But first, it starts with astronomy section. Well, I've said skin designed to activate some important non Muslim Orientalist persons, but of course, they were praising Islamic science.

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For example, Joseph

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was a Alchemist actually focused on evolution and otherwise that period, especially Islamic physic, interested in Islamic physical law, the French and of course it is a dream. Well, I do always wonder about having to verify ourselves through the approval of Europeans as we go into visit our greatness. Yeah. So it's like look, they liked us. You know, you've got vid the man you've got Joseph earns Redman. It's like they're saying nice things home and there are, you know, Helmut Ritter, so as you but it's like we're still seeking approval. That's That's how I feel coming in here at the moment. It's nice that he said, one of the most important Arabist of all times who

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introduced Arabic studies to Turkey, congratulations. But at the same time,

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you do wonder about this, this sense of insecurity

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that doesn't begin with the great achievements actually begins with the approval of the Europeans. Pamela?

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Well, maybe most iconic section is oscillates and astronomy section because that time Muslim used to use this items in order to measure the pray times and in order to find their roads in a clean ocean, for example, in order to discover new places. Even Christopher Columbus use this oscillates in order to find discover American continents, because according to narration, there were a few Muslim geographer and sailor in sheeps of Christopher Columbus. They help to Columbus to find some altitude and altitude. Well, this is oscillates as I told you two important points we need to know about them the first in order to measure and determine pray times, and to find some

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places and discover into clean oceans. Well, passing

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through this tight gap and also please, if you can approach and you will see the F letter is reflecting on the dark room.

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The camera can see it. Oh yeah, I can see the letter F. Okay, the camera can't pick it up. But yes, you can see it yeah.

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I'm also a president at the president.

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All cameras systems are working according to the system, the panel, then, when even Haytham 1014 one yeah Subhan Allah, the true inventor of the Camera Obscura, Allah Akbar before the number of Occidental scholars were considered it's a venture among them Roger Bacon. The form of the model is the expression there you go. So there you go. That's amazing. I did not know that. You know, a few of you know that

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in a few hours, so have person who has no any Islamic science knowledge, he can get in a few hours, many normal here in this museum, definitely.

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For those who wants to come here, okay, so this is sort of Akhmed.

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On the day of Eid, wonderfully crowded. tourists coming here, people opening up masks worn as beard holders and elbow warmers. So yeah, back to normality. Well, the normality of a year ago.

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And yeah, it's absolutely stunning, stunning, stunning, stunning day. I'll leave you with a few vistors lots of doors. It's wonderful to be Muslim. I'm so grateful to Allah, we must all be so grateful for these days of Eid, these days of celebration, says of simple joys, with our families, with our communities and Allah Allah bless us, and, you know, make us worthy of this blessing. You know, seriously, how do we deserve it? Do we? What have we done to earn it?

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That Allah doesn't need us we need him. So please make sure you speak to your friends and family who who need this face. And you know, just we just need to communicate better with everybody the real meaning of life people are in pain and they don't have this piece so thanks me to Allah all praises to Him. The symbol over and out. So I'm gonna go ahead but a cat who enjoy yourself in a good way.

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I'm gonna go blind myself.