Heart Matters #23 – Asceticism and Scrupulousness Zuhd and Wara

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy woman with a hammer. But today we're going to do two concepts that are linked together. And they are concepts that are discussed in every single book and treaties that deals with attaining a higher level of spirituality. These two concepts in Arabic are the concepts of Zod and what are Zod and what are Ibn Taymiyyah says Zod means that you give up that which will not benefit you in the Hereafter. And what are means that you give up that which might potentially cause you harm. Zeus is to give up something it's headed essentially. But it's not going to benefit you so you don't do it. And what are is to

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not do something you don't know is haram or Halal you're unsure it's unclear, but you have a sense of extra cautiousness. Now, to be brutally honest, the problem comes with zoo hidden water is that we are dealing with the very highest of the high, we are dealing with the top 1%. In fact, in the times of the past and the times of you mamama than others. There were discussions. Are there any people left that have Zoho? They're not? Are there any people left that practice whether or not they would discuss this 1000 years ago? What do you think about us in our times zoo then what are both deal with that which is essentially halal, it's not haram, but you want to attain a higher level,

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you want to go even better, and you want to maybe give up something that is halal, because our scholars say there's a rule, you should memorize it. Too much MOBA becomes macro and too much mcru leads to haram. Too much MOBA becomes my crew. This is what Zohar this and too much haram if you keep on too much mcru If you keep on doing it, eventually they're gonna get to haram. And so what are means that you give up that which is doubtful, and Zeus means you give up that which is of no benefit. And the fact of the matter is, this is a goal. We're all striving, myself included. We're all hoping to get there at least who should be aware of it. So let us briefly go over what is this

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concept of zoom and what the word zoom means you don't have a concern for it, Zaha and who your heart has no attachment to it. So Allah says in the Quran about those who purchased use of as a slave or shadow who determined in Buxton, draw him I'll do that in what can ofI Mirza he didn't they didn't want this. They didn't think he's worth even the money that they paid. This is what zoo this zoo this you don't have an attachment. You don't have pleasure. You're not happy in this and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran what to Modena I naked Ilana Medina be as Raja min Hamza, to dunya he is telling us do not desire eagerly Do not stare at those that Allah has blessed them with

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the pleasures of this world as the heart of this world. That's not your main goal, whether it is Karateka hyaluron wha what Allah has promised you is much better and more everlasting. And the concept of Zeus therefore is that you live a life that is simple. Now here's where we get to the big caveat. Simplicity does not mean that you wear shabby clothes and you live in a dilapidated hut and you live the life of a hermit No. Imam Muhammad was asked can you be Zahid and rich Imam Muhammad said many of the Sahaba were rich and there were so hot there was I had many of the Sahaba were rich and they were Ziad has had a boss that he said listen to this zoom does not mean that you make the

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halal haram zoo does not mean when Allah has allowed you something say haram but zoo the means you find more happiness in what Allah has promised you than what you have in this dunya so zoom is in your heart. Zoom is you in your heart, you are not eager for this dunya you don't find ultimate happiness in this dunya even if you are wealthy and you live a good lifestyle, your happiness is not in this dunya and the best example of Zod is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He when He was gifted good meat, he loved meat, and he loved to eat good meat. And He Himself said that's why the Sahaba would gift it to him. And when good clothes were gifted, he would wear the good clothes. But

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let's be honest, did he go out of his way and make that his primary goal? No. So zoom does not mean that you don't enjoy this world, but zone means your attachment is to the eye

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error. And at some level at some level, we all have a point in our lives. Where do we really need another car? Do we really need a larger house? Do we really need those extra clothes? Here's where zoom comes in. Zoho does not mean you be shabby and undignified. But Zoho does mean you prioritize the accurate over the dunya zoo has means you give up a luxury you don't need you give up the dunya for the sake of the akhira in a manner that is reasonable to your level of living, and that's a fine line that requires a longer discussion. But again to make it very clear, being Zahid does not mean that you live the life of a miser or a popper No It means your your happiness is not attached to

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your material possessions, it means you do not make this dunya your ultimate goal and if need be, you sacrifice this dunya for the akhira as for the concept of water, and by the way, there's a good Hadith that illustrates this right? The concept of prioritizing there's a hadith in the Sunnah we've been major prophets are seldom said I advise you to visit graves to go to the Cobourg go to the graveyards, why? For inha Tuesday do fit dunya what to that Kira will Akira because you will become Zahid in the dunya notice going to the graveyards what's going to happen you're not going to sell your house when you go to the graveyard you're not going to change your lifestyle but every time we

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visit the grave very what's happens we go back and we realize my house isn't going to last forever my dunya is going to finish up I need to prepare for that. So he literally linked visiting the cover with increasing your zoom and this unmixed us understand what does this mean? So this is the concept of zoom as for what so zoom is primarily deals with lifestyle What are deals with actions and businesses and eating and drinking primarily what you eat and drink what you get involved with what stocks you purchase. This will be what when there's something great then you leave it our profits and I'm said Dima UD Buka Ilana you reboot, leave that which is doubtful to that which is now not

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dot not to doubtful. And while Bill saw the famous Sahabi traveled all the way from Yemen to visit the prophets of Saddam, and he entered into the prophecies and the process of already told him what you came for. You came to ask me about piety he had prepared in his mind to ask about how to be a pious person before he could open his mouth. Gibreel told the prophets ism, this is why pizza has come. So while Bill came to ask the question the process and I've said gene tests. You came to ask me about piety. He said yes, yeah Rasulullah I did. So then the prophet sent him said, A Biru. Being pious is to do that which your heart finds happiness in my Analia Hill. And being in pious, being

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the opposite of pious is to do that which Maha Kofi suddenly your conscience is biting you you don't like it something is off you just you don't find comfort in this something is you know, in your heart something is not right. Even if the process has said that people tell you it's okay it's okay. But your conscience is pinching you follow your conscience. This is what what it means you abandon that which is great. Our Prophet system said and hallelujah Yeah and what haram will be and what they know whom I owe more than which Tebbe ha Jin lai animonda Cathedral min us for money taco Shewhart. For this temporary Dini he were the halal and haram are clear between the two is a gray

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area, whoever avoids that gray area. This is what whoever avoids that gray area. He has lived a pure life and lived up to being a pure person following the religion. So brothers and sisters, the concept of Zeus and what up or an important aspect of the one who wants to purify one's heart, examine your lifestyle, examine your businesses, examine your food and drink our Prophet system entered the house one day and he saw a date he picked it up. And then he put it back and he goes, perhaps this date was from South Africa and I'm not allowed to eat soda. He waited until Ayesha came back to ask is this date gift? Or is it you purchase? Or is it soda? And then when he found out it

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was a gift he ate this is what you call water. This is what you call being extra cautious about what you eat and drink where you earn your money from whose businesses you interact with. Where do you invest your money, all of this when you reach a level of piety, you will begin to examine all of these things. And the more pious you wish to be, the higher your level of Zeus and what will be May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all laws and allow us to be of those who are perfecting their Eman shallow will continue tomorrow was Santa Monica Monica Missoula

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