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I mean sort of lost and I'm gonna kind of you know from within whether it was like yo Salam slimly theertham My, my bad. So we moving out from sort of the baccarat into sort of earlier Imran in regard to the dua of the Quran. And the first dua that we noticed or at least we meet in the Surah is comes in the first page of Surah RM run towards the end of that page. But Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he speaks about the believers or was a horror film. There have been a lot of Kullu been about the Hadith Anna will hablan Milla dune Kurama indica until Wahab Robina in Nakajima nursery, oh, Malawi, Buffy, in Allah, her life before me. And that translation is ayat Allah subhanho wa Taala it says that the believers are also gonna film this the scholars, the knowledgeable ones, they will say Our Lord, led not our hearts deviate after you have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy Indeed, you are the restore of mercy. Then they would say Our Lord surely you will gather the people for a day about which there is no doubt indeed Allah does not fail in his promise. So let's talk about

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this da insha Allah Allah and the context of it. So the context of the DUA is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the beginning of solitary Imran says,

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This is Allah who Allah Allah Allah who will tell you is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala the one and only there is no God worthy of worship but he Alhaj ever live in Alka you're self sufficient. That's the law Allah Calcutta will help he revealed the book to you yeah, Mohammed with the truth. Musa Delta Lima bene to confirm what was revealed before. Once that adorato injeel such as the Torah of Moses and the INJEEL the Gospel of Asa, Jesus, man, Kabul was revealed before holiness, it was guidance for the people of that time, once that Al Furqan and then he revealed the criteria by which you differentiate between the truth and the false which refer to the Quran where in Alladhina kufr Obeah

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de la ilaha DaVinci those who deny the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala shall have painful punishment. Wala who has chosen not to come and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala augment is a strong powerful don't have come he is capable of taking revenge in Allah Allah foundation for Adora to sama nothing is hidden from Allah subhanho wa taala. No one in the heavens of the earth who want to do so we're looking for our hammock, a fair shot it is He Who puts you into the forms as He wills as it was in the midst of your mother's which means how you you you grow as an employee and you become a baby and male female in whichever color and shape and so on that you come out by Allah Allah Allah who will

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Hakim it was wisdom. He does that Subhana wa Taala and then he speaks about the the ayat of the Quran.

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Hawala the answer Allah al Kitab A minha tomakomai He revealed to you yeah, Mohammed, Ayat, verses from the Quran Maka man which means absolutely clear. Welcome at Honda omocha the base of the book of Allah subhanaw taala is clarity. Everything is clear. Call her normal Kuta whoa Kuramoto Shabbat some Ayat might fall under the motto Shabbat, which means people might not understand 100% They require clarification with a Shabbat, confer AMOLED enough equilibrium xhale Those who in their heart there is a sale which means there is this deviation there is a inclination away from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala those who was misguided and go astray. What did they do what they look for, they go

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after this this mentorship I haven't looked into I'll fit Nakata we're looking for creative fitna creating, you know, turmoils and doubts in the minds of other people

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called What was it gonna fit? Oh, my alma mater will Allah and Allah subhana is the one who understand truly the meanings of these verses. As far as you're gonna fill in

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those knowledgeable people who have faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. What do they say from Bana? Amina says our Lord we believe called lumen and Rabina everything all these verses come from Allah subhanho wa taala. Even if you don't understand the meaning a bit, we know that there's Hekima might become clear to those who come after us. And clearly, the men of the ayat span of the Quran, as you know, because the Quran was revealed to sustain the change of societies until the Day of Judgment. It's the everlasting miracle of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala until the Day of Judgment, so it has to be relevant to every time and every generation. So some verses of the Quran were given interpretation

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that befitting the time of the Prophet salaallah salah, then the time after that, and then after that, and every generation, people have meanings different than the one before. Today what is the most popular thing about our time science, science is as the highest level and technology also knowledge and so forth. So therefore, how can you relate to the Quran in that area? Many of the very

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should have the Quran refer to scientific facts that could only be understood within the scientific realm of our time. Like, for example, the formation of the clouds and the rain, for instance,

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the nature of geography and the mountains, how they're anchored in the ground, how the freshwater meet the saltwater, all these things were mentioned the Quran, but back then they did not have that scientific understanding. That's when they gave it interpretation, they gave it to certain level, that was the best you could give. But today, contemporary scholars, they look into these things under the current circumstances and certain and discoveries. And this is a part of this is referred to this kind of phenomenon

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in that sense, so it's all to be sustainable for all time. So here these scholars they say we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala what he revealed, we believe the hikma of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada even if we don't understand it, now, we are absolutely certain that there is a meaningful because then behind it, that Allah subhanaw only knows what it is follow and then they will say Robina lattice of Kulu bada bada later and that's the DUA that we have here. Say our Lord la Tosa. Karuna. So again, they use the word Robina our Lord why because this is the connection you have with ALLAH SubhanA wa that is the sustainer the maker the provider. So you call him upon that attribute being

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the Lord instead of saying yeah Allah Rob bene led to zero coluna

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to the comes from as our gun our xhale which means inclination or leaning in the Arabic which says that the ships when the sun is in the center of the sky and start heading towards the west Zara ships which means are now it's actually kind of like leaning, deviating basically from the the center. So when we say Rabbana Allah to the Cubana, Yola, don't let our hearts lean, don't let our heart incline dollar our heart deviate away from the center,

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and you're the center.

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That straight path that you've got us to our Lord, don't let our hearts deviate away from robbing Allah to serve coluna. And what they say that they were worried they were worried about what not about their minds and the reason they're worried about what their hearts

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because of the heart, if the heart is sound, as a professor mentioned that they had it everything will be so.

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So you need to worry about your heart Subhanallah sensible people, strong result will people strong willed people, they will break their will and they break their intelligence because of a desire.

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The desire is too strong. The heart is inclined towards that desire so strong that they're willing to compromise their thoughts and their mind. That's what the dilemma they say. A Shabbat to a shower. We have two things here. We have Shabbat and Shabbat, Shabbat doubtfulness Shah desires desires like what inclining towards the earthly desires of intimacy being intimate and drinking on you know being recreational time and all that stuff and so on. Shaohua Shiva doubtful Maris, something about you no doubt in the last panel without a doubt about the meaning of this creation and so on. The aroma they argue which one is the more dangerous is it Shabbat or Shabbat? Shabbat

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some Allameh they say a show a Shabbat more dangerous because of doubtful matters in faith can lead you to Kufa disbelief but indulgent inshallah Jehovah desires it's a sin it's a sin but still doesn't take you out of the fold of Islam other medicine anon a shower the much more dangerous than the Shabbat why is that because what leads people to compromise these doubtful matters in their in their minds and their underlying

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fallen for shower.

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At the beginning they're strong you can't even shake them their conviction is very strong and powerful. But then you start kind of bribe them with wealth and name and fame and then you know desires here and there slowly and gradually that resolvers start getting weaker and weaker and weaker

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and you can change everything in their system because the shower so the search out sometimes much more dangerous. So when we hear say Robina lattice of Kaluga Nevada data yeah Allah do not let our hearts lead inclined, deviate away from that center of the syrup center of the straight line that leads to you.

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After you have guided us

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remember we talked about guidance how how many types of guidance we have, we have three types of guidance hedaya Illustra, to guide you to the straight path and then he Daya ALLAH spirit to stay on the straight path. And then he died for Sarah to grow through the straight path. So three things so here when Allah says Robina lattice of Kaluga Nadal is our deviate away from the straight path that leads to you by the in Hadith and after you have guided us

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So which one we're asking Allah to protect us from right now. Falling off the syrup.

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See that an Allah syrup like I'm already there hamdulillah but there is no guarantee you're going to stay there.

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Shaohua design may be strong, doubt farmers might be strong and a lot of people unfortunately compromise. So we ask Allah subhanaw In this in this ayah to keep us on the straight path and remain on the straight path. And then they said God by the end had Atana were answered one or the other of the of the RMR. They don't say but after we have been guided after we found the guidance. Now what did they say? After you gave us guidance? Like Ya Allah, You gave us guidance, keep us there. Don't allow us to deviate after you have shown us the way and then we'll have Lana Milan Kurama. And grant us from Your lagoon. Grant us al al Heba in the Arabic language is when you give somebody with

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absolutely no compensation.

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That's the meaning of heaven. So when I say My Lord, grant us, even if we don't, like I say, even if we're not worthy of it,

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we don't deserve we're not doing enough that deserve the compensation from you. You're Allah even though we have a lot of shortcomings. Please continue to grant us for free because of your mercy and your Rama Robina give us and grant us what we even don't deserve. But you deserve to give. We'll have dinner Mila dunka Lydon ALLAH SubhanA wa that means whatever your Allah have everything, which means that they don't specify anything. Why because you don't want to limit Allah has gifts that He bestows upon him. We say Allah gift me this, you limited it. But if you say you are a big gift me for whatever you have,

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so if Allah is going to give what is he going to give you? Two lists data, your standard has a panel with the most generous say Allah grant me even though I don't deserve it, from all what you have in your treasures Melaleuca Rama mercy.

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So the first thing we ask Allah Subhana Allah for a specific map and that is your Allah. After you have guided us to the straight path, we ask you to keep us firm on it specific and the second one is your Allah Now give me more.

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What more

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I don't want to be specific. You are the most generous grant me from your from your treasures, what your Allah you will for me from your wisdom that is good for me call in I can tell ya because I admit to you, you're the one who provides you're the one who gives without any anything in return. You give without the need for us to compensate. You are blind I mean, so you give. And then the second is not necessary. But it's a confirmation for that concept or principle says Rob banner, our Lord, we are saying this, because in NECA jamea nasally amiloride Buffy because we know that you are going to gather the people to a day that you have promised that it will happen. That's the day of

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judgment. You promise a day that everybody will get together and you will gather everyone. So you're we're asking you this because we believe you will bring this out you will bring us together. Leo Malala Buffy we have absolutely no doubt that you are gonna do that. In Allah Allah for from your heart because we believe you will never fail to fulfill your promise. So that's why they say because we fear that day. And we know that you're able to do it and you will do it your A B because you never

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fulfill your promise. You will never break your promise. So therefore we are admitting that we are going to return back to you. So do not cause our house to go astray. And yet Allah give us from your treasures from your blessings, what we even don't deserve but because you deserve to give, we asked what they give us. So that's the DUA that we ask Allah subhana wa Tada today and we're going to show repeaters Dr. de la xojo Rabbana

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LA to the kolu Anna

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Bader is her de tener

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will have Alana Megalodon Kurama

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in Africa and Tallulah hub

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Robina in Africa, Jami en us,

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Leo men larae Buffy

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in Africa, la to coloful me at

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Robina Rabbana LA to the kolu BANA

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bad is her data Anna

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will have Alana Megalodon Kurama

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in Africa, until Wahab Rabbana in Nikka, Jammy on nurse laomi Lara Buffy

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Inaka LA to California

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a banner law to the Polo banner. Bad in her Daytona.

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We'll have Alana Miller donker Rama in NACA until Wahab Rabbana Inaka. Jeremy a nurse neoman Laura Buffy in

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LA to click for me at

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Robina Semyon our Atlanta

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Ofra Anika Robina while a Kalamazoo

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Urbana Lajoie Krippner in nesina.

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Urbana Walla Minh Allah in

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SR Kemah hammer alto, Alan Levine mm Commelina

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Rob benna wala to hammer Milner

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mal Takata Lana?

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Wa for Anna, work for Lana. We're Hannah and Tamela Anna from SORNA I'll tow mill Catherine

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Ravenna Africa Allah inna

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sobre was a bit up them and

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one sadhana al Kamil Catherine

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in the law for in LA Raja Hoon

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Allahumma Bucha journey famous CBT was lovely. Hire a minha Robina

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for dunya hashanah fulfill karate Hassan

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work in either Banagher

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Robina Taco Bell Mina in Nikka and sunny Alani

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Rabbana wa Jalna Muslimeen allOK

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women jewelry yet inna

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on mutton Muslim atta like, well Irina Mana xicana

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Whatever Allah inna

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in NACA, and that was our Rahim

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Rabbana wa jal, fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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where you alumina? Al Kitab al hikmah.

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Akina in untell Aziz al Hakim

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Robina ha ha Alborada Amina

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was O'Connor, Minister Murat wa sallahu Mana Mana minhang

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Billa he will yo mill Arthur

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Allahumma Idina Serato Mr. Team

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serata Levina an anti

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viral Miguel Dubya I am

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uncle long and relentless. So I want to go home with a lover