Yahya Ibrahim – What it means to be a Man

Yahya Ibrahim
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Amina Mohammed in

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in Alhamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay in a home and a stuffed fiddle

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when the villa Himanshu Rue de fusina woman say RTR Melina Manya de la hufa de mobila woman you bled for her the other. Why should one La ilaha illallah wa wahoo la sharika Why should wanna say Dana when Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala rasulillah

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yah yah ha la Vina an otaku? La haka Ducati he Wella Jamuna. illa Anta Muslim moon. Yeah yohanna Sita hora de como la de Hala Takumi nifc wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha webasto mean humare JAL and Cathy wrong one Isa, with de la la vitosha aduna b1 Erhan inala Hakuna Aleikum, Rafi Eva. Yeah. Yo holla Deena Amano, taco La La kulu Colin de de de la Amala como la la comunidad de como

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la hora Sula, who fares 1000 alima my dad,

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always in forever We begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers of peace upon our Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness with conviction, that there is none that is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself and knew of tequila la zoa gel, and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah inheriting me and you a tough claw, a piety and a consciousness of being that is of greater worth in practice in our private life than what we seek to show each other publicly. Allahumma amin I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala opens our heart to his

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love and the love of others. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala puts in our mind and hearts of fear of him as a virgin.

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That isn't eroded by the hope of His mercy. The most hi the almighty jell O Allah. My dear brothers and sisters, in this beautiful message it may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it MSG done. Oh see Salah taqwa that is established upon piety.

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Today in these few minutes, I wish to remind you of what it means to be a man.

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And in speaking about this, it is not the presumption that I've completed. What it is that I will discuss with you today. But it is as a law says to us in the portal an to make a reminder, whether you're in the cross temporal meaning, remind them remind the believers because the believers benefit from being reminded regularly.

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There's a difference between being a male and being a man.

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And that difference is shown in the follow on in a variety of contexts and in many different ways. When a loss of power to Allah speaks about the species within humanity, he says Well, he said vacarro can infer the word is deca, a male. But when a law speaks about a man rajul he qualifies the person's actions, statements, habits, and, and ideals and beliefs. So Allah subhana wa Taala would say regionalen Sadako ma Hua Li men are those who are truthful, in that which they have made as a promise witnessed unto Allah

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regionalen love to hear him Tisha rotten wala Byron and victory law What if Carmen's for law? Men are those who trade and commerce business and its dealings do not distract them from the remembrance of Allah and the establishment and the regularity of sada our region? Moon Muna Allah Nisa. True men are those who have established themselves in responsibility for the women that are in their care and governess.

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I wish to speak to you today My dear brothers and sisters plainly, because it's important for us to remember the teachings that are a part of who we are. Sometimes the sooner it's familiar but disfigured.

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We know the words of the Hadeeth but it's practice isn't with the spirit intended by the prophet sallallahu wasallam all of us we know you know, you know this hadith where the prophets I seldom would say that you want to raise your children to be those who have leadership and responsibility. You want to raise your son that he learns how to swim

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and ride a horse and shoot arrows and you think to yourself, Mashallah, these are things I want my son to learn how to swim, it's not about learning how to swim.

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They lived in the desert in Mecca, maka, Rama in Al Madina, munawwara and the Prophet is talking about swimming, why

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the Prophet wants you to raise your son, yeah, Abdullah to be a person who can face the challenges that they haven't experienced yet.

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That if my son, you're out of this desert, and you find yourself on a ship, and you're about to drowned, you can save yourself. You've learned the tools to survive and society, in any society.

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You know when to speak, and when to push. You know when to speak and when to be silent. You know what it means to be strong. As he says in the hadith of Al Imam Muslim lifecell kawi you be Sora The one who is mighty is not the one who can pin others down and hold them down and wrestle them to the ground when I can milk away.

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A man who has strength

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levita melaku nafsa, who in the hubbub is the one who can govern themselves, Malik, they become a king of their soul of their heart of their emotion.

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Yet, they can hold it at a moment of anger when others say what you shouldn't say when others do what shouldn't be done, when others leave when they should remain.

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We forget that the Arab who lived before Islam, they used to have this concept of origin and kamin a complete man

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Subhan Allah, the Arab before Islam, who were Jaya helia, who were worshipers of graven images that they made with their own hands, they had this concept that they called an immortal

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chivalry, nobility honor.

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One of the greatest problems our own faces today

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is the men boy

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and man in body, but a boy in mind and heart.

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Sometimes you'll get a sister in my position, I'll get sisters who will come

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and they will say chef

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there's this young man that I'm thinking of marrying, he's not Muslim.

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You say Subhan Allah,

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the reality.

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Often you'll get sisters wearing Hijab from good families.

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You sit with them and you speak and you might you might be offended initially. You might think to yourself, Oh, of course it's hot on of course it's haram and that's what's explained. But why?

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Why has a sister from a good home from a good family looked outside what is familiar, what should be attractive? What should nurture her desire to be with a Muslim men? Because many times our sisters see boys in the shape of men.

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You find sisters Mashallah who pursue their education who are nurtured upon the Koran. And then you come to select an eligible son

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that you wish to call your son in law someone who will take this Amana that when you put your hand in his hand and that he mom sits between you and says to you to repeat after me and can

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I give you my daughter in marriage?

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Sometimes you look across and the man whose hand you're holding you see a boy and not a man.

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And you worry about your daughter. And you see the spread of divorce in our communities amongst the early in marriage. 20 year olds, 21 year olds 25 year olds, one year together two years together three years together statistics now we're saying within the first three years 70% are getting divorced in this country in the United States.

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68% to be precise.

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Because he's more interested in his PlayStation

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than in earning a living.

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He's more interested in the phone

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than in the person who shares his bed.

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He's more interested in the * that is polluted his mind and heart and body

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than in the halaal that is pythium

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This is the reality

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for many

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in Lomond Rahim Allah

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and today I wish to speak about what it means to be a man the era before Islam, they said a Reginald camel, a complete man he had see fat when you see him you know as soon as you saw me say Mashallah, this man he's a man man. He's not a man boy. The Prophet defines it in our Deen afterwards. Through the Hadith, you begin to see what the prophet means. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the authentic hadith

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the inia coda radula hublin for a man Rajan to take a role

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where you started and goes out into the wilderness and cuts down branches from trees, while you're Milla lava Hurry, you did the rope to tie those branches, bends over on his back, carries branches to bring back and sell firewood.

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That is better hiren than to be a person who takes a cent a Dereham from anyone else.

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Abdul Rahman now for the Allahu anhu was a man the Allahu Allahu Allah. He used to be a wealthy man in Mecca. And when the time of his euro came, they took everything from him, you can't go if you want to be with Mohammed, everything is ours. And this hadith is in Al Bukhari, and he when he finally made it to Al Madina, munawwara nawada holla hoobie Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam awatea he finally makes it to Medina. The prophets I seldom Ahava in Al Maha jurina will. He put a link between a Mahajan, a refugee

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and an unsolved a local resident

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and the prophets I seldom had hikma, the rich man of Mecca was made the brother and partner of a rich man in Medina

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because if you make a poor man from Mecca partner of a rich man in Medina, the poor man says I've made a brother. I just sit back hamdulillah

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Aki Can I buy some bread? la sala la hottie you are suddenly

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the best of humanity

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now although he's poor, you say well how come the Prophet alpha beta whoever you know sad, sad was the wealthiest man in Medina. Man if now are the Allahu anhu is bankrupt. They took everything and you're telling me the profit made equals Yes, he was rich in his mind. He was a businessman. He was a person of honor and strength and nobility.

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His blood brother wouldn't do for him. What sad said he would do. He said to him, and he was Ahava Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you're now my brother. Back then they used to inherit from each other. That's how close they were better than blood brothers. Now, if you need a house, I have to see which of them you like and I will give it to you.

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I have two farms see which of them you prefer? I give it to you. I even have two wives will law he if you see I will divorce one so that you can have one to marry.

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In all of this. man has his head down radi Allahu Allahu Akbar.

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And said to him, barakallahu, Li, Kofi. When Allah

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May Allah bless your wealth, and your family and your homes, do Linnea Allah soup, I don't want any of that. Show me the market. Show me where I can earn a living.

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And they walk in the market and one thing is missing nobody selling firewood.

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And you asked Why isn't anyone selling? He said it's so hot. Medina was summer it's so hot. Nobody goes out into the jungles that surround to bring back wood until after us and everyone send someone out to just get enough for the day because it's unbearable to go out there. He said that's it.

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I have

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have something I want from you. Can I have a rope?

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Allahu Akbar Rajon

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Can I have a rope?

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Well, let's say my what you have who covered himself and his face and he went out into the desert, to search for wood in the fiercest heat of Medina. And he returned back going and coming, going and coming using his body to earn the risk of Allah Subhana Allah that is promised him

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until he filled the stall

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in the marketplace of Medina, when everyone came out after the heat, they saw they don't need to go out and get wood. Everybody bought from him. He sold his wood, took the profit, bought some textiles, bought some this, sold it at the Rotman now for the Allahu anhu passed away again as one of the wealthiest of the Sahaba of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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nobody in our own man after Rasulullah saw I seldom exceeds Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu

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nobody Why

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can you imagine? After being given the beja halifa tarrazu de la he's now the halifa the next morning after

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Mr. Raja Allahu anhu standing by his door waiting, how can I help you?

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And Abu Bakr comes out of his house carrying a bundle of fabrics.

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Going to his shop in the so called Medina

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The one who was in the cave with Mohammed Salim

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The one who gave all of his wealth to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam carrying on his back fabrics to go out to his shop and seek to sell to the young and the old to the Muslim and the non

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Dharma says What are you doing about karate Allah and whom?

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He said I'm going to tell you this. I'm going to seek my rose.

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He goes no now you are busy. We will find a way for you to have a

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look at the mentality

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of a man.

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A surgeon assert

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Abu soufiane radi Allahu Allahu Allah. He became a Muslim after this incident. He's in Damascus. trading is still a mushrik enemy of Mohammed Salim hirak la vim hirak, the emperor of the Romans the Byzantines at the time summons him Come to me, Mohamed so I send him had sent a letter to his miraculous and he wants to verify Who's this Mohammed, bring me the chief of the Arab who's visiting, they bring Abu sufian the chief of Porush

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Tell me about Mohammed, this and this and this, Abu sufian, an unbeliever an enemy, a hater of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says,

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if I did not fear that my people would think of me as a as a poor man, as a lesser of a man as a liar. I would have lied about Mohammed seisen. Because it's my advantage. I can convince this king to send an army now. But he says my man Annie, nothing stopped me in limuru, except I'm a man I can't lie even about my enemy.

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They asked me about Mohammed, I tell him he doesn't believe in him. He says enemy he speaks the truth.

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Because it's not about faith.

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I saw this is Assad. Is Assad, Muslim or not?

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An ally your lace Amina sobre la hora, USA

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jacobina Vu sobre la vida usnm. In our module llf

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module, look at the word a man will lie.

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way after Hurricane Kevin and will begin to be repetitive in his in his lies, had to bear in the law he kept data until Allah writes that he is a liar. Don't listen to him.

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In our Deen

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we honor the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and one of the greatest conditions that has protected our Deen is truthfulness. If one person comes and says this man lied to me. Everything he says about the prophets I seldom is rejected. Because if you can lie above the dunya if you can lie about a Durham How do we know you will not lie?

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About what hadn't met some of the law who it was

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a man is Cohen

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and establisher of responsibility. After Gil subtlest are off, I'm gonna give you an example from Musa alayhis salam.

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To show you what it means to be a man of color curly hair. That was the federal law Hello Avi Murray welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ibn Abdul Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh Mata slim

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Moosa is standing before a law on the mountain of Tour de se now Phil Booker T Mobile Raka.

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And Allah is speaking to Moosa and says, wema till KB me nikka Moosa.

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What is in your right hand or Moses?

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Not what is in your hand, it could be right or left Allah telling him I see you now, what in your right corner here I saw you. He said, It is my staff, my stick.

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And then he continued. So if you were to ask me yahia what is in your hand? I will say it's a paper. I'm truthful. But I didn't tell you what's on the paper. Who uses it what it's for. I don't go into details. I'm not transparent. I'm not open.

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I just say it's a paper and it's truth. Not Mousavi said, Carla, hey, I saw you

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at work.

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I lean on it

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was a who shall be had on me. And I restrain my flock of sheep with it. When he if he had he Baccarat. And I use it for many other things. The mufa serene when they look at this little interchange, they tell you this shows you the truthfulness of moves out of your salon as a character and an example of a complete man. Why does he say I tell what get a taco, I lean on it mean three things that when I'm healthy, I use my stick to be cautious. I'm not a person who's quick to judgment. I don't run down a mountain. I don't run and go and come. I'm very careful in how I walk and my pace. Because I have a family who relies on me. I don't want to be hurt.

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So I'm careful with mistake. Number two a taco is that when I'm sick, when I'm unwell. When things are not good, I would rather be standing and leaning than sitting and somebody else doing my work. My family cannot rely on somebody other than me. I'm the one who is called him standing up, even when others sit down on the law he was number three

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is that when I'm tired, not just injured.

00:23:24 --> 00:23:34

I stand at attention leaning on it. So that even if I'm not doing anything, people from a distance know to stay away.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:44

The wolf if it wants to come to my sheep, it sees me. I'm standing up. I won't even sit on a rock nearby.

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Even if I'm asleep. So the man Ali has said um, a lot describes him in the Koran, that the jinn who were ordered to build things for him. They didn't know he had died until that battle or the end ate his stick that he was what leaning on it

00:24:06 --> 00:24:23

permet de la de la de la ku lumen Santa Fallon mahalo when he fell down when he had died today he and Elgin that when he knew Subhan Allah, he was always watching. He was always there. He was always at attention.

00:24:26 --> 00:24:29

of the law. If you're a sitter,

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if you're at home, if you're asleep. If you're making excuses. If you think it's beneath you to work, something that isn't in your training isn't in your prestige. Know that this is a deficiency in your model, your radula

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and its pursuit is one of the greatest a battle

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You can perform. After this solder. Allah gives you an order

00:25:06 --> 00:25:20

to either for the artist solder fen Tashi who fill out run out into the earth far and wide fill out not just in your city if you need to travel to the end of the world,

00:25:21 --> 00:25:30

Ben tashiro fill out of the web devilman Linda and seek the bounty of Allah once guru la kathira. And remember a lot of and don't forget Allah.

00:25:32 --> 00:25:36

Allah come to flee Hoon, if you wish to be successful in the dunya and in

00:25:38 --> 00:26:28

my last advice is to give you a picture of our nibio Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a complete man, or Rajamouli camel that the Arab speakup had three three traits either had data sadhak, when he speaks, it's always the truth, whatever I learned, even against himself, even if I'm wrong, I will say I'm wrong. That's a man. That's the first quality of a man to the bottom. Number two, law you will lead dubara who he never turns his back to a challenge in battle in argument in anything. He'd never turns and runs away. He's the one who puts himself forward to deal with whatever problem faces him in life. He's not a person who sits and waits.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:30

And number three,

00:26:31 --> 00:26:58

that they are passionate in love Lucha euro Allah Allah, that they have a passion for their family. The prophets I said to him said hi eurocom hydrocone is the best of you to his wife, what Ana hydrocone Allah and I use myself to you as the best example sallallahu alayhi wasallam May Allah Subhana Allah help us to raise our sons to be men.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:04

Your son, yeah, Abdullah is not your daughter. I want you to understand your Shetty.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:33

In our Sharia, your daughter has a right to a roof to a home to food to close until she's married. And if she's unmarried, she comes back and her right is upon you to feed her and closer and care for her. Everything is met your daughter from the moment she's born until the moment she dies, does not need to spend or earn a single pence.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:38

It is from you to someone who gives you me

00:27:40 --> 00:27:52

a strong handhold and if that handhold is broken, she returns to you. And if you have passed away she returns to your to your brother or to her brother or to your son.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:06

It's our deed. But sadly, we treat our boys the way we treat our doctors. You know your Sharia, your son The moment he becomes a man.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:19

Anything you feed him anything you clothe him any roof you give him a sadhaka because he's a man. He's supposed to be a man. He's supposed to learn how to swim in the desert.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:23

is supposed to be a Rajan

00:28:24 --> 00:28:47

whose Word is true, whose heart is pure. He's not supposed to be reminded day in and day out by you for little things. You ruin your son. When you wash his clothes, and you prepare its food. You ruin him as a husband who doesn't understand the responsibility of helping his wife

00:28:49 --> 00:29:04

earning and living in that which is ordered by a law firm sercombe maroof. Home hold them in in kindness and love and justice and equity out of free on the axon or let them go with graciousness and humility.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:21

You're ruining a generation as Muslims, we're ruining our sons by not preparing them to deal with the realities of the world where the mother has done everything for them. Even their shirt is ironed.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:26

How can you be a man gafi

00:29:27 --> 00:29:45

when you feel that everything has to be done for you, and then you read about your nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who would wash his clothes and cook his food and iron and men his his his his garment. He would make his own sandals sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:29:47 --> 00:29:53

and the one who narrates these details are in shadow the Allahu Allah Who says I was sitting across from him come out Oh, and

00:29:54 --> 00:30:00

I'm sitting in front of him while he's mending a sandal. He doesn't say Cody. Thank you.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00

Do it.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:05

And then

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the manual kalama by the true meaning of the word, may Allah allow us to raise a generation of men who can carry the amount of the tawheed of La Ilaha Illa Ba, it is with our manliness.

00:30:25 --> 00:31:08

That victory arrives and that hearts are healed, and that communities resurge and that happiness is grown. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless our homes with kindness and love to make us from those who the Koran leads us to good. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala opens our hearts to the truth and closes it to falsehood. I pray that Allah shows us evil with our eyes so that we recognize it and be distant from it, and shows us righteousness with our eyes so that we can come closer to it. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah elevates you and I in this dunya and raises us in the alpha da da da da, da da da. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah saves my face and yours from the punishment

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of jahannam. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to make us from those who are doors and keys of good to other people's lives, that we are able to assist others in their Islam and in their happiness in that which is best for them in the dunya and Alfredo. Allah who marries in Islam and Muslim was the other other adeem Allah who Medina Rahimi or hamara amin Allahu Marina Allah Vickery Cava Shaka Sneha tick, Allah Medina, Divina, which anessa Baba eliminator de la mattina fusina taqwa and romanza until Valley you have a Li You know what? mowlana Allah home Medina Whaddya meaning Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Bina whenever you know Muhammad Ali in our

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serene well suddenly were suddenly Majid ala Sayidina Muhammad in philomela illa Allah amaravati mean aku holy hair that was still fit a lot of you it will still fit all in now. Hola. Hola Rahim. wackiness sada

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. I should one

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no more. Should one. Mother rasulillah. You

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got the common

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are also at Lu attimo. fufa kumada tellico. Come closer together, complete your lines. Leave no gap for the shape on a shower. Humble yourselves to Allah xojo

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Allahu Akbar

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen a Walkman your walkie Maliki

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00:34:51 --> 00:34:56

Ghana starin Dino See you all almost

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

you're all ready.

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And Nan de la him.

00:35:05 --> 00:35:05

him one of

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all Li

00:35:28 --> 00:35:29

watery blah.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:34

dunia comma

00:35:35 --> 00:35:37

zelina wamena sama

00:35:40 --> 00:35:40

Come on

00:35:48 --> 00:35:52

out for us Bashi man

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welcome. No Allahu Allah Felicia

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pata de la

00:36:04 --> 00:36:05

luna Xena

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00:36:12 --> 00:36:12


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why oh man

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What are all

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what do you do?

00:36:32 --> 00:36:33

pick us up

00:36:35 --> 00:36:36

to Muna Kamau.

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kita Villa

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00:37:18 --> 00:37:19

la you

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What would you do mommy know how

00:37:38 --> 00:37:39

Allahu Akbar

00:37:53 --> 00:37:54

holy man hamidah

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Allahu Akbar Al

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Allahu Akbar.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Al amin, a Walkman walkie Maliki omega d. Dr. Khanna Buddha he cannot study starting

00:38:58 --> 00:39:03

with stuffing emails for levena and I'm telling him

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all Lee

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the stack by roofie Fuji him watch

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cabbie oh

00:39:42 --> 00:39:43

my oh

00:39:48 --> 00:39:53

my limo Jeremy well, una

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

cadena de la mina Mina

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i'm john

00:40:17 --> 00:40:22

cena Mattila whale meta Shaco sama,

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Purina I'll see you all.

00:40:49 --> 00:40:50

Tomorrow soon.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:11

Una de la la paz avallone, honey Vic Reba

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What it means to be a Man – Jumah khutbah April 2018

Jumah khutbah April 2018 The correct ayat in the first rakaat وَيَوْمَ نُسَيِّرُ الْجِبَالَ وَتَرَى الْأَرْضَ بَارِزَةً وَحَشَرْنَاهُمْ فَلَمْ نُغَادِرْ مِنْهُمْ أَحَدًا – 18:47

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