The Khutbah of Shaytan #05 – The Tactics of Shaytan

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of the tactics of Shavon which really is shown in our current situation world today, look at the global situation look at the domestic situation of the most deadly tactics of Shavon is to break up the Muslim ummah, and to cause disunity in Nisha Ilana yinzer Who Urbina home shaytaan causes them to break up shaytaan causes disunity our prophets Allah who I sent him said that unity is from Allah and Forca or Tila is from Shaytaan. Allah azza wa jal is more lethal canoe, he brings hearts together. Unity comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. And it is Shavon who breaks people up and this is of his most dangerous tactics, because as our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the wolf only

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attacks the lone sheep. When there's a group of sheep, the wolf does not attack and the reference here is to us being broken up and we see the current situation without getting into the politics but you know what is going on across the world? I'm not speaking of any one area. I'm speaking of the entire OMA whether you're the biller or law, Mr. And how much we have been divided Muslims here Muslims, they're an artificial imaginary boundary, that because of this, they are at war because of this what is happening and in reality shaitaan is rebelling. Allah azza wa jal is the one who combines shaitaan is the one who breaks up and we should remember brothers and sisters in Qaeda

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shaytani kind of verbally, the plot of shaitaan is very, very weak. So what does the Quran and Sunnah tell us about how we can protect ourselves from Shaytaan just very briefly, some of the main ways we can protect ourselves from shade one of the most important ways to protect ourselves from shade bond is to develop a loss in our hearts to develop sincerity in our hearts. The single most effective tool to protect ourselves from shaitaan is to have sincerity, and we develop sincerity by continually doing acts of worship away from the eyes of men, or on Vicodin, sila, charity and nobody sees other than Allah sincerity is developed. And in the Quran, shaitaan himself says that for the

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Ahuja, no homage mine, I'm going to cause all of them to go astray Illa Reba caminho Moon Moon Lucien, except for your servants who have his loss, I cannot cause them to go astray. So shaytaan himself admits that there's one group, I don't have any power over and they are those who have his loss. Also of the ways we can protect ourselves against shape on his catheter to vicar and catheter is the other always doing vicar and always seeking refuge in Allah from Shavon. Allah says in the Quran, anytime you feel the whispering of shaytaan anytime you feel that inclination faster the biller in know who was semiotic Eileen seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, Allah hears and ALLAH knows and

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sees so Katha to vicar anytime we enter the restaurant we say, I will be law every time we enter the house we say Bismillah every time something happens, we mentioned the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioning the name of Allah, it diminishes the ego of Shavon and it causes shaitaan to flee where Allah is mentioned, where the event is raised where the Quran is recited. shaytaan flees from that house as the process of said shaitaan runs away from the house or SUTA Bukhara is recited so lots of vicar and of course Quran is the best vicar and of course in that hadith as well in the beautiful Hadith and Sunnah Timothy where a lady was on her camel, and the camel reared backwards

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and the lady said, Lana to lie the Shavon Shavon Lana should be because he calls this camel so the prophets are some said Don't say this, because when you say it shaytans ego becomes so big he becomes bigger than the house. Rather just say this Smilla mentioned Allah's name. And when you mentioned Allah's Name, shaytaan shrinks till he becomes smaller than an atom. So here's an interesting point, to blame. ShaVonne for something of the natural world, without seeking Allah's refuge without overcoming it so useful, for example, mentioned a past incident, and then he's using it to mend with his brothers, that's fine. shaytaan caused me and my brother to fight, we're not

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going to fight anymore. That's something of the past and you're throwing shade bonds effect away, but in this instance,

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Shouldn't she is attributing something to shame on and the incident happened so shaytaan feels Oh, I am the one that's being blamed and he likes it now in this world his ego becomes big. This is different than use of because use of Elisa Lam blame shame upon then he got rid of shaytans effect because of shaitaan we're fighting we're not going to fight anymore so understand the difference between the two. So in this case, the lady blame shape on and then stopped right there. And shaytaan the problem said when you blame him like that, and you don't overcome it, then you will make his ego very big. Don't do that. Just say this Milla mentioned Allah's name and his eagle become almost non

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existent, he will disappear. So the point being again, what is the second point is always doing vicar, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they could basically is a histone Hussien. It is a protected fortress that protects you from Shavon. So we mentioned number one is loss, and that means lots of personal good deeds. Number two all types of liquor is the other day Poron all types of liquor. And the final point that we will mention is to stick with other Muslims to have good companionship, to always be in the company of the righteous because when you are cut off from righteous people when you are all alone, then shaytaan finds it easier to cause you to slip whereas

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when you're always around Muslims and that's why the masjid is so important Juma is so important coming for the Salawat. As much as you can Orisha or budget is so important because you're surrounding yourself with righteousness. And that is a type of fortress that protects you from shaitaan. When you're away from the Muslims and righteous Muslims, then shaitaan is able to attack more and more and that is why again, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned that shaitaan attacks the lone wolf and he also literally physically he told the Muslims to be together when he entered the masjid and he saw everybody sitting in a corner. He said why are you split up this way? This is

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the way of Jamelia come together for Allah's Mercy comes when the people are together means if you're not together then Allah's Mercy is not going to come that easily and so shaytaan has better access to so even physically he wanted the Muslims and the Sahaba to sit together how much more so hearts wise how much more so being together unity wise. So all of these are some of the tactics that our Quran and Sunnah has told us to protect ourselves from Shaytaan.

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