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Starting Ramadan At Different Times

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Waleed Basyouni

Channel: Waleed Basyouni

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Among the common mistake that I've seen during the month of Ramadan that this dispute that happened between communities and even inside the one family inside one mustard where people start from a barn one day and the rest of the community or the rest of the community inside the mustard starts on another day, I think yes, and I'm I have a difference of opinions about the method that you start the month of Ramadan, but all of them said we should, you should start together. I understand maybe multiple massage and have a different opinions in the city. But it's not acceptable, in my opinion inside one mustard that people can be basically

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splitting this way. So my advice, stick with your community, stick with the Imam that you lead. You pray behind the leader of your community, make sure that the whole family be unified. It's more important than an opinion that you adopt. May Allah accept from all of us a unified all of us