Stories From The Past #19 – Shu’bah and Hadith Journey

Omer El-Hamdoon


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The speaker discusses a panel on the origin of the Bible and how people were enthusiastic about the knowledge of the past but also making sure it was authentic. The panel is a unique story about the credibility of the people behind the Bible, and the speaker describes how people were very deeply involved in verifying the narratives of the Bible.

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the story that I have for you today is a story which shows how the people of the past were really enthusiastic about seeking knowledge, and only seeking knowledge but also making sure that the knowledge was authentic. And this is a panel that is something that is unique to the OMA of Islam, which was that they verified the narrations very extensively. They looked at the variations very clearly and deeply. Unlike other books today, I mean, today you look at the Bible, even according to Christian scholars, they're not sure who are the people who wrote the Bible in the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, John, Luke, they're not really sure who these people are. Yes, some of them say

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they are disciples. But the reality is that these one disciples, you know, John wasn't the John that was the disciple of of Asa lessons. We don't even know who wrote the Bible. And that's why you have the conflicting versions. In our Hadith, people were very importantly, verifying who narrated from who did he hear from him? Does he meet him and so on now,

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there was a Michael shore, but even hedgehog. Hedgehog was what's known as a mural. I mean, he had it he was like the commander of the prints of the believers in terms of Hadith, he was like the top guy. And he was obviously because of this reason, he is a very, very,

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very particular person. On one occasion, he was sitting in his house in El Basa. And he heard some people narrating a hadith, or at least they were trying to revise a hadith saying that they heard from a guy called SR II,

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that he heard from somebody called Ibn Eddie's hack, who heard from Abdullah Hydra Hopper who heard from Ebola, even his hobby that he heard the Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to whoever

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makes voodoo and perfect There we go, and then goes inside the masjid or goes and prays to work out and ask for forgiveness that Allah will forgive him all his sins.

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Shut up, I wanted to verify had a side note here, though, you say this, somebody called this right? Yes, somebody's got this right, because it's right at the level of profit. So there were people who actually named Is it because it's the name of the Apple Valley Center today more profit, which actually means

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slave of Allah.

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So he said, he asked him, did you actually you know, are you sure that this hadith doesn't sound right? So he said, I know even a mishap I heard for him. So he went to Ibn ABS who was almost like, you know, that time in the same city, he said, I'm coming to ask you about this hadith. The the people have narrated that you have heard it from Abdullah Abdullah, who you said has heard it from awkward naffaa Now did Abdullah Did he hear from Akbar? I mean is did he actually hear from the sahabi this this narration, I want to verify He said

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not sure. He wasn't you know, very certain about this generations policy, this very important precision. So he said, You know what, I'm gonna go and see Abdullah and I'm gonna go and ask him myself, whereas Abdullah, and oppa is in Mecca. So Shama then goes on his journey from Basra to Mecca see all that distance to crossing basically the Arabian Peninsula. And it happened to be also be the time of hedge now, a short way he said, I went out to Mecca

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at the title of hedge and my intention was even had you know, I wasn't wanting to hide, I just wanted to verify this hadith. So he reached Mecca he meets Abdullah him robot

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and he said, I heard some people have narrated from you that you have heard from Occupy eBenefits so Harvey, did you hear from him this hadith? He said, No, I didn't hear from him. I heard it from a man called sad Ibrahim. He said okay, I thought so. I thought so because I wasn't sure that you heard you're quite sorry. I was pretty sure that you haven't heard it from officers they were excited in the Brian O'Brien was in Medina. So now he goes from Mecca to Medina north

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again, he's not is only intention is to verify this hadith. So and then he goes to Saginaw Brahim, he means and he said, I heard that you have narrated this hadith,

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the live apart and narrated it from you that you have narrated from Akbar, did you hear from Akbar he said no, I heard it from another man who actually happens to be in Masilela mentioned to him and he

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said okay, so the Dinos in Basara I just came from so he then he goes back all the way from Medina back to Basra.

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And he meets this man and he said, I've come to ask you about this hadith I've heard people narrating and your name has

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come up in this digital who did you hear it from? He said, You know sure, but I know who you are. I know that you are a verifier of Hadith. The man I heard it from his a weak person, I'm not going to bother you. He's one of the blaffer. He's a weak narrator. He is not somebody who you would you know be happy or pleased in accepting his Hadith. Shabbat was very disappointed he said you know if this hadith was a sound Hadith and you know, verified the connections for myself, so if it was a sound Hadith it would be more beloved to me then my family, my wealth, everything.

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But unfortunately wasn't.

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That's what happened now, but that's just an example of how they used to verify Hadith because