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in Alhamdulilah Hina Meadow who want to start you know who and istockphoto when our the Villa sharara fusina woman say you are Melina mahila who Fela Medina woman you will follow her the Allah. Why should you

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ILA in la ma.

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Cherie Kayla, why shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was Sulu Allah home Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Vina when avina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam? Yeah, Johan levena am an otaku? La haka Ducati. Wella temotu nila Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, you had NASA Pura vida como la de la Takumi nuptse wahida wahala kameen has the Buddha amin humare. Jalan Cathy wrong one is

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what tapa la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham. In aloha Karina la Kumara Kiba Yeah, yo holla Deena am an otaku. La kulu colons de de de you slept lecom Amala como la comme de Nova. Woman in la hora. Sula, Shaka

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alima, Emma bad, always and forever. We begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers of peace upon our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship but Allah and that is nebia subtle Allahu Allah usli Mrs. worshipping slave and final messenger. I remind myself and you have Taqwa, la zoa Jen and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah inherits in you and i a consciousness and obedience and a love and a fear and a hope in the mercy of a law that is of greater worth in our privacy and our private capacity with our homes and families than what we seek to show each other publicly. Allahumma amin

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we always begin by praising and being thankful to Allah azza wa jal and today I wish in sha Allah to acknowledge one of the great statements of our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the message that I want you to take away from my hope Baba, and Juma with you today. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, ballyhoo and me while I convey to others share, even if all that which you learn is but one verse of the photo and from me, give it on to somebody other than yourself. And when the Imams, they look at this Hadith of the prophets, I send them which is in the Sahaba and authentic statement. They understand from it, not just the importance of

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preaching and teaching and conveying knowledge, but the importance of the material of the one verse.

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See the difference between you and I. And the Sahaba, who lives that the prophets lie Selim was that it was just one verse that changed their life. It was one idea that would bring them to a stop. It was one verse that can bring them to a start. It was one letter that can change the behavior of a person, that at times in our society today is missing. Today, you will find that at times we will sit with someone counsel them lecture them, speak with them,

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seek to lead them through the words of Allah through the words of the prophets, I send them but it is as if their hearts have turned to stone. And Allah warns about this in the portal and concept kulu boom, at times the heart becomes hardened the hiya can Hey, Jarrod, it becomes more more strict, more stringent, more hard, more impenetrable than rocks. Were in a minute Hey, john, lemon law yet a gentleman who and how, however rocks in the natural environment you will find that they can erupt with springs and waterfall and can bring benefit to people. But one in whose heart has turned to stone lacks that benefit. What is it that in the heart that makes it lacking in reception

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to the word of Allah in the Quran? Allah says about the for an flr yetta Barun Al Quran don't lead ponder, don't they think to reflect, to sit with it, to analyze it to study deeper in it than what is apparent and the LFO lube in effect or have locks been put on the heart to

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Break it away and keep it in accessible. See the heart, my dear brother and sister is a place where consciousness exists. Now I want to speak a little bit of science because as Muslims, we're not disconnected from science. Today, one of the most studied scientific theories is the consciousness of all things, that everything around you this the wood that I stand upon the air that I breathe, the very elements that enter into our lungs, and we transport them and breathe them in and out is oxygen, that it is a valid theory today studied and researched that everything has a level of its own understanding.

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See, your heart began to beat before your brain formed. So one of the miracles that even up to today, and that's a misson scientists don't have a rational answer for what triggered the heart to begin its beating, although the brain and its hemispheres and its networks have not come to form. And the law tells us in the Koran, that site is not just in the eyes, see insight and ability to see past things is in the highlighter absorb. It's not that people are blind, that light doesn't reflect in their eye and they're unable to translate it in their mind when they can Tam and kulu Latif is so door. Rather, it's the heart at time that finds lacking of insight, unable to perceive and see.

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The Quran was meant to be a document that assists with both levels of insight of insight and sight, that it allows you to see the realities of the world that we live in, in a real and material term. But in the same way, it also allows your heart to see and to perceive and to feel what other people's hearts might be blinded from. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes the call to the poor on the call to responding to his message, as being the thing that gives you greater insight and insight into the world that surrounds Allah tells us in Surah m fan, yeah, you have Latina men who study Boolean law he was

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either the accompaniment

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or he or who believe or who have come to say we are believers, hurry in response except the advance and the request of Allah and His Messenger when they summon you to that which will give you life to that which will give you a better life than you live to that which will awaken your spirit and your soul to that which will remove you from the darkness to the light. While mo and Allahu lubaina you are conveyed and know with the reality that Allah can be the barrier between a person and their heart. So apparently Allah,

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Allah may be the reason that you no longer seek Him.

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And He will say Subhana Allah, how do we understand this, my, my dear brother. See when Allah gives you a simple instruction for out of when you turn away from it, and you ignore it, and it's a simple request. It's something as simple as maintain your prayers. Maintain your devotion. take time out from your lunch to thank me for the food you've consumed. Take a moment before you lay your head to rest to thank me for the day you live. To take a moment when you've woken in the morning to say Alhamdulillah I have another opportunity to better my life and my family.

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That when you ignore what Allah has made as a simple request, Allah becomes a barrier between you and your heart no longer desiring to glow closer to him. And at times you will see this May Allah protect you and I in our homes and families. There may be those in your life who you know, Masha Allah, they used to be on it. They were doing their prayers, they were gentle with their family, they were giving with their charity, they were kind in their treatment of others. They were good to human beings because they were good Muslims. And for one reason or another, they took one step to the side and another and a third and they found themselves dollar oil and by EDA in a place far

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away, they don't know how to come back to the middle. And our Dean is an owner. That is given the mandate of being in the middle right leave out balance Jana cometan wasaga to be in the middle course without access or negligence. How did that person arrive so far away that they look around but don't know how to come back?

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Is because Allah says Yahoo lubaina he will convey that the step you took away from Allah that your heart did not feel remorse, so Allah turned your heart away from him sarafa Allah hoopoe taba Allahu Allah to be him, some book monochrome medium for home late afternoon. They become deaf, dumb and blind. Their hearts no longer feel the connection to Allah. So they no longer feel remorse for being disconnected. So they become unwilling and unreasonable in their lack of insight into the word of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And each and every one of us sitting in our Majid here today has felt this.

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And when Allah speaks of it in so many verses and so many experiences, the reason for it is to let you know that there is a normal C, in being with a law drifting away and making an effort to come back.

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Being with a law, but slipping

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rubella to a kidney in nesina. We forget our thought now we made a mistake.

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Or a Benelli attack Malala in his Sarang coma Hamilton who Alan Levine I'm in Catalina Allah don't treat us as previous nations who weren't given another opportunity who were burdened with their sins, who didn't have the chance to come back.

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Welcome to Atlanta what ohana? Oh, Allah forgive us and show us your mercy or hammer Rahimi. So what is the approach to come back? It is a a one verse Han Allah, wa la he in my life experience. I've seen this with my own eyes in my own home. When I was young, a teenager back home in Canada, there was a friend of mine who came and visited me in my bedroom, we're sitting I was maybe in year 10.

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And I would just began memorizing the Quran and studying it. And I used to have the Quran and I used to have the English translation next to it. And I went out to get some food to come back into the room. And when I came back, my friend was standing at my desk, his finger on the translation of the Quran, and he said, this is the truth.

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And he's crying. This is a, you know, year 10 year 11. I've never seen one of my friends cry.

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finger on it. I say What do you mean? He goes this whoever wrote this, this is true. I said, No, no, this is from Allah. It's not written by us. He goes, this is the truth. So I look to see what is an area in sort of in Nisa,

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and in the eye, it simply said in alladhina coluna and while Alia Tama Wilma in the Maya Kaduna, phlebotomy him now, those who take unjustly the wealth and the property and the entitlements of the orphan, they are only taking in them nourishment, that is of hellfire.

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I didn't know that this friend of mine had been a foster care child. And in every family that looked after him, there were people who mistreated him, that the money that the government would give to buy him clothes or shoes or food was spent on liquor or drugs or booze. And that one verse, that by chance, he looked at my desk and as I fell upon it made him say in that moment, as shadow Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah, one verse.

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Because when the heart is ready,

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the ayah What does the word mean? is it's not just a miracle. It's something that makes you think deeper than what you've read what you've seen, his heart became overwhelmed. Today Alhamdulillah, a functional Muslim with four children,

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has gone to Hajj has exceeded Muslims who were born into Islam, what changed his life.

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And therefore, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says ballyhoo and he will

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share with somebody else even if it is but one, one verse. Each and every one of us here, there is a lock on their heart and there's one verse that's the key. But do you look through the keys, you know, Subhanallah when you come to try to find you have 50 keys 10 keys on your key chain, and it might be your own home, but all the keys look the same. You gotta keep trying one after the other after the other. You don't know which one's feeding. They all go in but you turn No, it's not the right one. Even to open our masala there's four keys. I tried four different ones to open the door this morning.

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look the same. And I every day I come into the school. Why? Because when things look similar, you need to

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take stock and take rest and take pause and try every avenue to succeed.

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What is the verse for you?

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And is it in the Quran and you've missed it? What do you need to make your home life with your spouse better? What do you need to adjust how you see the future? Although it might seem bleak at the moment, which verse is going to help you to forgive the pain and insult done to you in the past?

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Which area will you need for a future disaster that is around the corner that you are not yet there? How familiar are you with the word of Allah? And is it a part of your life and action?

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I ended our first hooked by speaking about how I shadowed the law and Hud describes the profits of the law. How do you assemble? See there were people who lived at the time of the Sahaba, who were not fortunate to see or hear or meet the prophets, I send them by a day or a month or a year, circumstances they were still traveling towards Medina before the death of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. There were people who were alive that never got to see him. And when they would come in their heart was mourning and full of regret. They would ask, what did he look like? Salalah? How do you sell them as you and I wonder it wasn't just the Shama in the physicalness of the property sell

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him? What did he appear like? So when they would ask his wife I Chateau de la hora, Anna, who knew him intimately that the Sahaba tell us there were 18 white hairs in the beard of the prophets Eisen. You're sitting in front of me now 101 Imam Ali Han, Chef admin, how many beards in my view? Well, I you see me every day you don't count you don't love me that much. Although I love you and you we love each other while you're not sitting there. This is the this is the rising moon of my life. This was Mohammed. So I sell the new 18 in one rewire 21 in wondering why a 23 in one rewire 13 different count of the beard hair and the head of the prophets I send them before his death.

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So they would ask the people who saw him? How did he look? So when they ask his wife, she answered simply, do you want to know the prophets I send them how we appeared what he looked like, Can an EMT being a nurse, if you want to see the prophets, I tell them, I can show them to you easily. He was a photo an that walked amongst mankind. Panama, he stopped with the whole and stopped, began with a foreign order to start. He limited himself to the framework of halal and haram of good and bad, of right and wrong. He represented the dhikr of Allah, when you look at the account that you and I make Subhan Allah What are we handling? Where do you get it? It's in the Quran.

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Arabic Allah Allah, where do you get it to partner? obile Allah near sujood Where do you get it from the Quran, Allah says set by order you say Subhana Allah, it's not in our own mind or his own self who came up with it, the Quran and changed his life. So those who saw it and felt it, it changed their life. So convey to others, even if it is an area, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to open our darkened hearts with the Quran, and to bring the light into the heart and into our homes and into our families. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows us to respect the horror and through its practice, that our law allows us to love it in its way that is beyond the emotion and

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attachment by enacting it into our life after after Jean certainly saraha. I will continue with the second footbaww where I will speak about three simple steps that you and I can begin to becoming closer companions of the book of Allah. A Buddha only had our struggle for the law the mighty

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, mainland Aviva Mohammed, Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh, mo tasleem Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad

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wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina Muhammad in Philadelphia erian Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Mohammed in film a lot a lot

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of the ways to bring the Quran to life

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In my heart in your heart and that of our children, our homes and our schools.

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First step in sha Allah is to understand its place in our life.

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Sometimes we are taught by our families, especially those of us who are older. Sadly, the same customs have not been translated to our children, about the respect of the Muslim.

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That even why law I remember visiting one of my teachers when you walked into his library, all of the books that related to the Quran, were the top shelf, even in my library, all of the books that relate to the Koran or the Tafseer, or the language that relates to the Quran or the margem that relate to it or the mythos of it, all of it is the top shelf. second shelf has to be studied before filter before other things that are more usable that you might turn to each and every day. The structure of your life is about putting the four at the highest place.

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I remember the statement of who they familia man, Rama to La Jolla, Allah Who are the Allahu anhu, the great companion of the prophet to isolate who they had been stationed in Azerbaijan, far away from Medina. And he had traveled with the Muslim armies all the way past Persia and into Europe and heading towards Central Asia, amongst his company where people like Abdullah miromar, and others, you may not know our history as much as we should. Could you imagine that Abdullah miromar, a person who lived in the desert grew up in the desert, that he would become snowed in unable to leave the territories in the far north of Siberia in these places. Because the snow was so much they couldn't

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travel. They had to wait there six to eight months until the snow thawed. And while they were there, they began to teach the foreign to those around them. But the tongues began to twist with the pronounciation and the reading of the Quran. So are they familiar man and the Hadith is inside al Bukhari wrote back to a mural neener of man, and he said adric illuma cobla and castelfalfi kitabi la de la familia who do not hurry and save our oma before we get the disaster that befell the nations before us and they begin to miss understand mispronounce and mistake the word of Allah, sort of man, if you're a fan or the dative nefab it to make seven or six new must have to be sent to the

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far extent of the Muslim Ummah, one of them arrives in Central Asia.

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When they first received this mishap, in Kabbalah, he put his face in the middle of it, it's his first time to hold the Muslim, the Sahaba they didn't have most of that they had the whole Quran in it, there was only six or seven in existence from the scribe up, they didn't have it and his aides and he put his face in it and he kissed it and he wept. And he said her the killer Maura.

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These are the words that record the instructions of my Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala we are missing within our communities are available for an to enable the whole and to make it something that is beyond just simply being put in our homes, being something we put our hand on when we make a hell of being something that is more than just at the time of our marriage that we pronounce it or the Imam reads from it, or we make a vow with it, that the oral and must be taught to our children, that our feet do not extend to it, that we don't put it on the ground in front of us, irrespective of the hokum because yes, there's no text from the prophets I tell him where he said don't put the Quran on

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the ground. But the for him and they tell us as a way of honoring the Quran is to elevate it, and to prefer it to something other than it to not put something on top of it. So Pamela, sometimes you're surprised a brother he put in his copy as a cup of tea on top of the Muslim.

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The Quran has to take a precedence in our life and in my failure and your failure is to educate our future generation to the sacredness of the word of Allah as a text and a script.

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Number two is to understand the reward of every one of its letters. And to understand the reward of those who struggle to become masters of its reading. The prophets I said Lem says in the Aditya Birla Muslim, the one who recites the Quran with fluidity and speed and ease mass Sephora telecare amin bambara. They will reach the level of the angels

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When let the Yarra away attach a utility fee and he recited and stumbled upon some bubbles in it, letter by letter, struggles to get it out there who are drawn double the reward is promised to them by Allah, one for the reading and one for the jihad. One for the struggle, I use the word Jihad correctly. Allah says in Surah 10 for a con to the prophets I seldom wotja hate you whom be he Jihad and kaviraj struggle against the people of courage with this four iron by showing it to them, treating them with it, living according to it, even though they hate you for it, yeah, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And third and finally, irrespective of whatever amount of the Quran you

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and I read in our day, there is more improvement necessary for our myself and yourself for my children and your children. May Allah strengthen me and you in this regard, and make dua for each other that Allah gives us aid to be from those who are able to be the honored of learning the Quran and teaching it. I end with this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, hi eurocom the best of you or mankind. The best of you are my own man, mentality lemon for Anna Elena, the one who acquires the knowledge of the whole an even if it's an area, but then conveys it and teaches it to others. May Allah give us a life of teaching the Quran, to our homes and our families and our

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communities and our people. May Allah allow us to represent the Koran amongst our non Muslim friends and neighbors so that they see the positive message in the scripture of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah let the last of our words be la isla in the law as a result of us reciting the Quran in our days and our nights. May Allah Subhana Allah fill our school here at a mean college with consecutive graduates who have memorized and mastered the portal and Allah whom I mean, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah protects you in your homes and your families, as he says in all that we are seeking to do that is pleasing to Him and stops us and deters us from that which is sinful. And I

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pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes you and I from the companions of the Quran in this life, that it will be our companion in our grave and speak on our behalf on the Day of Judgment. A lot of marriages in Islam and Muslim mean, what's the other other Deen Allah humma nah humma humma Rahim Allah and Allah Vickery Kawasaki Kawasaki eidetic Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Vina Habiba Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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annual hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Taala