Yahya Ibrahim – The first Hadith in Bukhari – Actions depend on intentions

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The Hades' message is a master of art, with multiple narrations and references to different words. The narrator is a woman teaching the concept of "has death" in the narration of the story. The importance of belief in laws and the golden chain of Hades is emphasized, along with the importance of setting one's mind to be the best mother, father, and daughter in order to achieve success. The segment also touches on the importance of belief in the laws of the Sun and the golden chain of Hades, as well as the history and character of the prophets.
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Alhamdulillah panelo was just nice, the brothers interrupted, we stopped off at a place on the Silk Road where they used to pause and re enter their camels and spend the night and get press supplies. It's amazing some kind of lobbying upon this journey. The Silk Road is the exact same road from bajada. From some outcome to bajada, it's still the exact same building. So the same road is the same road that we're traveling on. And that's really quite amazing. So just to think like, it's been since the time of the Roman Empires, people have been coming from Rome, traveling this road, all the way up into China. It's quite striking. We continue by the sun as

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we were speaking about them on the thought. And we said that the Saudis are considered hanging Hades and they're called hanging howdy is because they're hanging without a chain. There's nothing that's holding them up towards the profits on the left hand even sell them So remember, hottie doesn't mention their most their Senate. So they're not Muslim. They're not written a reference back to the prophets I send them which means he's saying that this is not from my Sophia, I'm including it outside my books. Now one of the unique things about the chapter, Mr. Mohali, he set up this system of naming the chapters. So it's called Bad bad luck, the Bab the doorway, the gateway of the

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beginning of why, why is it called bad? Because I want you to understand that knowledge has many doors. And not because you opened one door, it means you can open all the other doors. So you would walk through the first door and you would learn this Bab you would learn this gateway, you learned and mastered this

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methodology and the thought and this,

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this chapter. But now you have to go to another door. And it's almost as if you're going from one courtyard to the next from one room to the next. Not because you have access to one level, that means you have access to everything. And in the moment Buhari wanted people to understand this. So when he structured his so here, he began with the most general chapter that is needed, which is that at the beginning of revolution, why is that important? Well, for you to be a believer, you have to believe that revelation was sent to the prophets I send him before I can talk to you about faith, you must understand that faith was not terrestrial. It was something divinely inspired and sent

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down. So the first thing that I remember how it relates, is how faith was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we're going to study the first idea shortly in sha Allah.

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I also want you to know that there are multiple versions and

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groupings of Lima Makuhari. So here that have slight variances, the most authoritative is the one coming through that narration of eliminative Mahajan through Allah

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through the final student of aluminum Bahati, who is applying to one who narrated and wrote it down from him, and that is seen as the most authoritative it's the one that is most widely in print, although there are others that are comparable. When we were in some icons. There was a copy of a review, a revision of a fillable hottie that dated back from the 13th century. So a good you know, seven 800 years ago when he left his hand. So it shows you that it was something that was reviewed often. So he had Bahati as it stands today, according to the number of the numbering of

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is 7563 Hadeeth. When you take away the repetitions, a man Bahati has narrated most how the two are two and a half times statistically. So about two to maybe three times each of these is recurring.

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And the more I left

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them on laqad Howdy. They are

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close to 150, or a little bit over 150 and 152. Different

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Heidi, one of the interesting things to note is that whenever the moment Buhari narrates the same method, the same text, he will read read, he will restate it as a different Hadeeth meeting with a different chain of narration. So when I said to you that your mom and Bahati had memorized 800,000 Hadith, I want you to know that it's the same wording of the prophets. I send them in general, but it had maybe a large variety of narrations. I shared with you a picture file of the purse handy tips I had Bahati if you can take a look at that in sha Allah, I want you to count how many people are in the very last row. So you'll know

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Is that the first four narrators?

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The first four narrators who are narrating from the profits on the last one, he was at that early moment, Bahati references.

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These first four are singular, it's one column. But then once you get to

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once you get to

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once you get to soufiane, or once you get to Yeah, I'm sorry, excuse me, then you get to Piano Piano and you get other people narrating from him that particular heavy, more than a dozen. And in fact, it's in that you know, hundreds who have heard this hadith from Yahoo, a Mr. Ansari

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and others will narrate the same Hadees from him. But if you look at the structure, what you will notice is that the moment Bahati in his first and I want you to find this in the chain of narration, it's near to the right hand side of the sheet. What you see is at the moment Bahati he says, His death Edna and from AD, I do law.

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I'm the law hypnotist. His nickname was a lady and her lady is what is the chief teacher of Mr. Buhari when he arrived in hatch as a 16 year old saw the mom and Bahati begins with this particular narration, although he's gonna narrate it again with another chain of narration. And if you look at all the chains you'll see in Mambo hotties name repeats more than ones, it will repeat more than one time through other people. So the life has to obey and come at any moment Bahati puts him first why it's as if he's saying three things. The prophets I send them always told us to put the people of forage first. So I'm gonna put him first. He's my chef, he's a photoshoot. He's from the people of

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Mecca. Number two, this hadith I collected when I was very young, so he's fond of it. So I'm going to put it first I'm going to put his narration first. Number three, is to show you

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he has a large number of teachers. And then the moment Bahati had 1082, different Paddy's masters teacher. One of them was this particular amount of Hadith.

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Number two in the chain is Sophia, and it just simply says Sophia, and it's actually Sofia.

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If Marina who is a man, Sophia, nippy Marina, who was the master of hadith of his era, he was a person of wisdom and knowledge and judgment. He was a person who held on to the student of the prophet SAW the love and he was alum, and who taught it and who spread it only to the virtuous. He heard it from ya hear me say, I'm sorry, who narrates Honda a felony. So up to this point in the narration, each of them has the word had death or not, I have been told meaning right in front of me in an audience of other people, other people were sitting, I have been taught this, and all of a sudden, you see father, a Hogan, he, I have, it has been conveyed to me meaning directly to me,

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meaning one to one. And therefore when you look at the studies of Hadeeth, how a person introduces how they were taught, there is a code word. So there's been a and had done. And have Barona. What do we, Elena, all of these are different words that categorize the hazards in different ways. So when the Hadeeth is a singular narration, it's only one person who narrates it, he says about me. He told me it's as if it's one to one.

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It's been said and it's plural. It with more than one person has heard it, you're gonna hear this idea from this email from other people who have collected it. He says, Father uploaded people, how many people on him

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now who send me I look on, if they want faster and lazy you

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all of a sudden you hear another word, he says savea it was heard. Meaning he spoke and asked and requested and the response that was given, was heard and understood. And the word semi in the whole thing the whole on and semi it, as you know, it doesn't just simply mean hearing, like, as I hear the gentleman behind me speaking, it means hearing and understanding the word semi it means

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and therefore a loss of time.

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To describe the Sahaba by saying palu semi

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Aparna semina. We've understood it. So he says, I've been taught until I understood what this wording means. And he says, I know who sent me. He will pass in la de yaku semirara to Bobby ulundi Allahu unknown

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partner. He says I heard

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about the law while I'm on the pulpit meaning that was a Friday. It was a joy to say, Paula savvier. I told us all a lot. Ramona says, I heard he uses the word semiotic to meaning I heard meaning I questioned and asked until I understood it. I heard the prophets I seldom say

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to be me yet, and that's the beginning of the hadith of Revelation, where in NEMA liquid lemare in Manoa,

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Furman can attest to Isla dunia, you'll see baja Illa, in Marathi and Keiko ha, the hydrological to who you know Maha gentle LA, the Hadees. As you know, and as you have in your app, it says the rewards of deeds are dependent upon the intention. And every person will get the reward according to what they intended. So the one who was migrated for the worldly benefits and the flourishing of this worldly life, or for a woman that he wanted to marry, his immigration is only for what he immigrated for. What does that have anything to do with the beginning of revelation?

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Like any moment, Bahati, we just said he was so smart. He was incredible in how we arranged this study. He's he's putting everybody in its right place. And all of a sudden, we're saying this hadith is supposed to be about the meaning of Revelation. What does it have to do with revelation? Well, it has a lot to do with it, the revelation. And the moment behind he begins his study of how to youth with a chapter about his laws without seeing a loss. And he's saying that if you want to benefit from Revelation, you must be a sincere person. And if you're going to believe in the prophets, I send them but you're going to do things for worldly gains, you're looking in the wrong book, you

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need to close the book now and go find something else to read. Because if you want to know about what revelation came to the prophet SAW, he said to them, but your actions are different to what your intention is, there's no benefit for you. If you've come to intend to learn about this Deen, then press on. But if you've come, and you don't want your actions of reading and spending time in this study, to be something that is of no profit, that make your intention correct in them. And yet, before I begin telling you about the prophets, I send them check your intention, check what it is that you want to do, and what a profound Hadees that is, I leave on a shelf, and he said that this

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is one of the four Hadees that if all other hobbies were lost, it would be sufficient for our own memory. If we had no other hobbies that survived from the profits, I sell them, except this one and three others, then it would be perfect tunes. It's enough for you. Because it's building the building block of old faith in MLM Albanians. and spending time with this lie. I remember when I began studying and Bahati with our teachers. This has he was the one that took the longest time in this particular chapter. And weeks were spent analyzing every word in the map. Why does the prophets I send them Why did it begin by saying in NEMA?

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in the mouth, Daddy comerciais fun, you know how you and you know that word is used in Arabic? Why does the Prophet use this word? He never. It is something that is showing not exclusivity. But it's something to call you to attention enough.

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Why is he talking about all of your actions, because the prophets I send them isn't telling you your intentions. Only in matters of faith are predicated on reward alone me. I say to my high school students back home and I say

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I narrate this. He's always at the beginning of the first week of school. In any subject. I say you're only going to get what your intention is for. And if I change the word intention to what you desire, what you want. So if you've come to school, to be the popular guy, and to be the best sportsman, that's what you're gonna get. You want to come and play handball all day. That's what you're going to get at the end of the year. You want to come to school and just be the person who everyone finds popular and talks to and share things about that.

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You're going to get in m&m Albania. You want to be a flourishing businessman and if you set your mind to this you've set your mind to being the best father best mother best son best daughter. That's what you're gonna get.

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Oprah she's got this book where she talks about you know the secret you know the secret What is it? You've got a will for things to come to you all it is is in MLM Albania, then what's the big secret and you're gonna really want it. You gotta really want if you want it and if you put yourself your actions are going to get it inside you are not going to give up. You get what it is that you're working for. That's the honey in MLM Albania. And of course, the profits it makes it about the most important game in this life and the next which is happiness and contentment and eternal reward with a loss of harmony with either a novel

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magical liberating man hour for everyone. Every human being the Prophet says emerging he doesn't say Julian, he says in Britain means everyone who has an understanding of right and wrong.

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And immoral as that you know right from wrong. It's not just any person any heedless person. A Novel I'm a newbie yet we're in the man liquidly Marine man now what what you intend is what you eventually will gain. Su Pamela Bahati makes this the first half of the beginning of Revelation, because revelation is something that is that he is cognizant of as being the key to salvation that you believe in the revelation given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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I thought I would mention

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about the golden chain of Hades. Now, Mojave relies heavily on as Silsila via the golden chain of honey. So here's a golden chain of honey and enamel Bahati from an Imam from an Imam Shafi from an Imam Malik from Napa from Abdullah Omar to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and actually the golden chain is shorter. It is the prophets I seldom was heard by the light it was heard by now was heard by me my Malik, but who was a student of your my manic I shall refrain, who is a student of championing any man who's a student to be my maximum and emammal Buhari and then for you find that as a golden chain. Every single one of the people in it was an Imam and authority of

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their time. Right, another chain is through it, Allahu Allah Hmm.

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Which is also through a Lima Malik and the mount Malik reporting from his Sham in Ottawa, who reports from who reports

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from Ottawa

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who reports directly from our E shop, and I wish I was the end of it.

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And he showed me your own wall with his son, and therefore any man who was a student of his Sham, he would say how definite he shall be here. I'm on. I met him, he would say he my Malik would say he Sham narrated from his father who narrated from his end. You know who it is his aunt is? I mean, radi Allahu wa wa ha, that is also a golden chain. Now something that you might not know

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is that I just had it give me a shot.

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Up Sham is

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in one of the chains of narration is the one who asks I shot in the second half of the chapter where I shot tells us how the prophets revelation began as a sham

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is a hobby but he is the brother of Abdul haq MEP Sham anyone know who that is?

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Anyone knows that nickname of the Pharaoh of this woman.

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so you haven't had it? Is he Sham? Is the blood brother of Abu jack. And then how does he behave? Sham is one of the great advocates of the tradition of the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and one of the great Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and look at the founder of a loss of Hannah Montana. Two men born of this

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A mother same father will have two totally different destinies on account of choices that they have made because of their evil intention with and to kind of love that second honey, and the mom and Bahati perspective specifically narrates the honey and how to defeat Sham questioning, aren't you sure to show us this? That I wish I had an evil intention, his actions became evil. He wanted authority he wanted. Well, if you wanted to do Nia, so he ended up with nothing. While his brother, his own brother, Jonathan would abuse him. He had to flee for his life. He wanted his Nino was to make a shout out to the prophets, I send them his Nia was to be a righteous man, he was elevated by

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Allah that his name is still mentioned in the books of Hadith, until today as a righteous man of piety or the Allahu Sahaba T. One now I know home Edu very well, suddenly. Now hold on one second, once you do about it, I just say you, Dina, whenever you know, what have you been on will have met some Allahu alayhi. Wa early he was awfully he was suddenly just Sleeman. kathira will continue in chat a lot with our reflective victory series tomorrow after value. And we'll continue with a few more of the heads of Lehman Bahati as we become more and more familiar with the connection of So here, I want it to be something where you become a little bit more familiar with it. later on today,

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inshallah, or as we're driving, look through the chapter headings, and what I want you to notice is that as you go further down, the headings become more and more personal to you. And I'll just,

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you know, look through some of them with you. We're going to

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start the chapter hokey man.

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So when you look at

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it, it begins with a chapter of Revelation, believe that knowledge. So notice, he says, believing alone, and then the first thing that you need to do after you believe in the laws do what? Learn? You said La ilaha illa Allah now learn, he takes us from the portal Han

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Dynasty, the prophet,

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Elijah Illallah, come to knowledge of la de la, la la la, was so friendly than me. What do you get after knowledge? What's the first thing after I learned

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to find the law he jumped straight into, because the most important thing is going to be to begin your flow that the moment you say, general law, the law, the thing that's going to prove it is your prayer. So learn your learn your lesson, learned about the menstrual cycles, all of that is in the very early chapters of Bahati, rubbing your hands and making your

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learning about coslada. And then the other types of prayers, the time of Florida, the call of the sold out through tomorrow. So that's a little cold, how to pray even under siege, and on and on and on. If you go further down, if we look at a book number 50, he begins talking about issues that relate to business and peacemaking and the conditions and

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he talks about the wheels and the testament. He talks now about the jihad in the path of Allah, if you go near the end,

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and you get to chapter 80, you get to the book of a lot in vocations. It's not book of Deuteronomy. It's a lot. It's the many invocations of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he continues speaking on a robot, things that will make your heart tender. So all of a sudden, he spoke about the outward manifestation of Islam. At the end of the book, if you've been keeping along with it, you're going to get to the point where now you're looking inward, you're learning that Islam is not what you do outside, but it's also about how it affects you inside. So now it's about doing the things that make your hearts off, you begin to he has the book of a father about vows, about fulfilling them, the inheritance, the things that distract people away from each other. And then he speaks and begin speaking about the interpretation of dreams, the judgments, the wishes,

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at the many, and he begins speaking about about

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the things that aren't even informed of us, that we've been told about at the very last two chapters, very telling.

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Basically, Tommy wants to know if it's his final message to you and I hold on to strictly to the book and the fourth. And the final chapter is kicked up until he finding a law in everything that you seek in life, and singling him out in all aspects of your faithfulness and worship. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes

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From those who are lovers of the profits, I sell them and followers of his tradition in signa masala wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Subhana Allah decrescendo La ilaha illa Anta soft Rupa will Aiko, Santa Monica Monica tomar

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses the first hadith in Bukhari.
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