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James Miller Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen syedna Mohammed Ali wasapi ah Marina Santa Monica hora de La Habra, Khartoum, just like llahi thank you for joining us night number 28 of the season Ramadan is panela. It's just tonight, and then tomorrow will be of course, the 29th night. And then we may if we are lucky, Allah subhanaw taala will bless us for the 30th day. And if any of night, you've not been to Manila, we are just two more nights left and two more days of fasting where las panatela accept everything that we've done, especially in these last few nights, as many people have increased and exerted themselves and SubhanAllah.

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Usually what happens is the 27th night comes to a conclusion usually the massage that you find the hard times happened on the 27th night, and you already have a sense that Ramadan is coming to an end and almost that eat mode begins. And we should just not be premature. This is one of the big mistakes that we make is when we lose our focus after the 27th night, because we know that without a doubt that the 29th night one of the odd nights is a very, very big chance that it could also be little other, we are still searching for it. And the probability even that the 28 ninth or the 30th night could be like to call it any of these 10 nights could be that ablated to call them. And even

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if even if they were to call it occurred already passed, when these nights are used to make the other almost pants on accepts that just the fact that we made the door and we've made the banner on the on the ninth of April quarter means that it's late, but it still hasn't cleared and it is through extra to other the light except from us. We see that whenever Ebrahim la salon when he bought the garb up, he did the good deed and then afterwards he said, I don't want to come in in COVID-19 Allah now I need to make dua that you accept it as some of the Sahaba would say that if I knew Allah subhanho wa Taala just accepted one of my good deeds, and he will reward me for that,

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then I will sleep a happy man. And you know, this youngest opposite why. And then he responded that he said that if Allah except one of your good deeds, and you get rewarded for it, then you know you're going to gender because Allah says he only accepts the good deeds from people that are good. And so for us, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that whatever we've done of good throughout this month of fasting of standing of reciting Quran of charity, whatever it might have been of good, Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts it and multiply that when we see it on the day of karma, then it is far more than what we ever anticipated the reward will far exceed our expectations, because that is how

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Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards and so we should continue to focus. Remember it is about consistency. And it's about how we end the month the month is not over. So in the for a high don't end up becoming prematurely into that eat mode, it will come and so now it's about focused until the end until the moon is cited, we are going to continue working hard but in the law, we can continue without a seed of soil to milk and vanilla. This is a recap this is the last session of so it will be concluding with the surah this evening. And so far if we break the surah down, we've mentioned the how the surah begins speaking about the last panel dialogue being or Blizzard and All Merciful,

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and that he controls all of creation. And he does this he exerts his influence in his control with kindness, that he has made the universe perfect that we ever we look in nature, in the heavens in the earth in deep in the oceans, we find that Allah subhana wa Taala has designed the creation perfectly and it's an imbalanced and incomplete equilibrium, that almost pantalla has put us on this earth and made the earth soft for us. He's made the heavens amenable to us that we are able to enjoy the boundaries of Allah for that reason, there is a taste a taste that Allah will test us with life and with death. And then we will go on to the next life. Well we will answer for how we spend our

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time. Anya, Allah subhanho wa Taala also, in so many beautiful, if mentioned, is not the one who created you based at knowing what you want that he's not even he's constantly in our life. He's very aware of what's happening in our life, that he has provided us blessings all around us. Many times we don't appreciate we don't even acknowledge we are not aware of all the blessings Allah has given us only sometimes when a blessing is taken from us to realize, yeah, life my whole life I've never ever given thanks for this one blissing that now that it's gone, I feel it. And so Allah subhanaw taala reminds us how ungrateful if you really very few people are grateful to him and to his

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blessings. And he says in some of those beautiful eyes, that he is doing the lack of that he aroma is your army he is with you whenever you need him whenever there is difficulty in your life or rough man is there for you. So why did you turn away from him and Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that He created us on this earth and he dispersed us into him is the return and that there are two people, those who who love walking upright in a way of his blessings and they try the best we try the best to be on the path of righteousness. And in the those who don't care, we just love for the day and completely in the hooroo in delusions and what will be the destination someone walking, not looking

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and he walks in the road we notice panela he will meet with an excellent and so surely qiyamah is coming I was reminding us and so we need to we need to focus now the last few is almost paranoid Allah is telling them abyssal Salama say say to them cool. Give them a message. Allah Spangler, cesium. Cool or atim in a Lakhani. Allahumma Maya Oh Rahim Allah for me yujiro caffine me and him

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So a very unique is an idea that you won't find anywhere else in the Quran Allah Subhana Allah sees Mohamed Salah Salah, say to them, if Allah should so well if he was the one of Allah that He should like me that he should cause me to die You should like I like mechanism you mean destroy me, but it means if Allah should cause me to die, Alicia calls Mohammed so awesome today. What am I a and those who are with me meaningful Sahaba with me. Oh, hi, Mona. Oh, if I should well as good we will let you put the rock on us. For me. yujiro caffeine, I mean, I've been any men who would save the kofod from the punishment that is severe. What is it trying to say? Allah subhana wa Taala is reminding

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all of us that even obese or Salam and evil and even the Sahaba even those pious of people, they have no control of Allah subhanaw taala then obeso salaam, himself, he's only a slave and a servant to Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he loves when he dies, what comes to him of blessings, what is taken from him are blessings is only in the hand of Allah. So and also let me say I am like you I'm in the same boat. All of us have to go to Allah and honor him what we've done on this earth, and that whether he causes us to die, or he blesses us and He gives us life, then he's all in almost prerogative, we also realize that this is one of the themes of the soul of Allah mentioned the

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beginning of this, that he created this and life and yet, this is being mentioned again, then of Esau. So let me saying that even I am going to die, that I don't know when Allah subhanaw taala is going to take my soul. And so in many ayah, Allah Subhana Allah tells us, and we did not make for any human beings, we didn't give any single person eternity, that there's not a single person that Allah said, he had decreed for him eternal life. And so Allah says, if you are Mohammed are going to die even you will face this even you will go through this difficulty, which is not nice, then do they think that they will live forever? Does anyone else think that they will be exempted and Allah

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says to us, Mohammed Salalah, Salah is not but a messenger, other messengers have passed on before him. So if he were to die or he's killed, will you turn back on your heels? Will you leave us religion? So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us that the purpose of life is that it remains within a piece of somebody who is not there with his messages, what remains for eternity, his message of Islam of submission of submitting to Allah in the Quran is for all eternity. And so therefore, for us, this is very, this is very powerful for us because we have never having seen the Nabi Salaam, never having interacted with him, but he soon and the revelation that came that he came with and

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remains with us and so Allah Subhana Allah and so he's saying and is saying in the Quran, then the punishment of a law and the repercussions of your life continues whether Mohammed Salim is they or not you you every single person has to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala then is also known when he gave his first public sermon. He said I cannot save anyone from the fire of Jana. I can't do anything to protect you. Even Fatima he looked at these things Oh Fatima daughter Mohammed. This I am not able to save you from from Allah subhanho wa Taala it every single person has his own account to deal with Allah subhanho wa Taala on the left caramella make it easy for us. And there's a

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beautiful Hadith about the abyssal Salim he said to the Sahaba saying that Ana Sydney Malecon young reports. This is how I wish how I long to meet my brothers. I look so forward to meeting my brothers. And so the Sahaba were quite surprised. And they said oh, we are not your brother's your pseudo Santa. And so then a B so someone responded and said, rather You are my companions. You're my hobby or my Sahaba. But my brothers are those people. And of course my brothers and sisters it means here together those who believe in me, yet they have never seen me and I'm looking forward to meet them. And so then me So Sam is very excited to meet us. He's made a way he was told that your

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religion, your deen and your message will reach the to the east of the earth and the waste of the earth and many millions of people will follow you. And even though majority of this oma the billions of us has never seen that I'd be so solemn, he hasn't seen us and that meeting on the day of karma will be the first time we meet him. And so Subhanallah while none of us are Salaam Of course, cannot prevent the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala his intercession will assist us and that is why the best that we can do is to follow his Sunnah and and to pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are amongst his people and when you mix to our for the intercession, we continue Allah Subhana Allah

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says, In the next ayah So the first is of quite a severe is saying that, even if Allah wishes to kill them, or to give mercy upon him, there's nothing that anyone can do that the the power is solely in the hands of Allah, that Allah says, who who I am and maybe you are a token, but then also say he is a man, that no matter what we know that anything is possible, any calamity can befall us. This entire surah was about how calamities can befall you how any blessing can be turned against you. But then at the end of the shoot of the South Sudan, Allah Subhana Allah says, say he's a man, then we still have faith above all else above our fear above our worries above, you know the disease

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that is around us. Anything can happen, yes. But above our fears is our hope that his head he is a man that would allow deals with us. He does not deal in an in a way to cause harm. He does it with mercy. He's our

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Man, I'm an OB that we put our faith in Him, we believe in him. We are a token and we put our trust in Him. That everything that we have, we as believers, the believers are feel secure, that if we do our part, we, you know, worship Allah, we fulfill our obligations to Allah, then everything in our life will be right. It doesn't mean that a believer doesn't go through hardship. It doesn't mean that if you will be if you are a sincere believer that I was not going to send a calamities upon you, even the MBL was the most perfect of people, all of them went through very, very difficult calamities, but the these things that Allah had given to them, it came from a place of love. And it

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came from a place of, of perfection and a taste, of course. And so the Sahaba and also the alarm, even if the believers, you know calamities can be happening to us, how do we know if sickness or, or hardship or the loss of life and wealth? How do I know if this is punishing me? Or this? is Allah testing me? Or is this actually a blessing from Allah trying to perfect me? Well, how do I understand it. And so he said very beautifully, that if any hardship comes to us, and it brings us closer to Allah, it makes us more aware of Allah. And that was actually a blessing in disguise, and that Allah sometimes takes away a mercy. Now, many times, we realize it's not the law punishing us,

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he just took away that which he gave us. And that's why the law in the law, you're in a Dodge reminds us, it is not that Allah subhanho wa Taala is punishing, he just takes away that which was unknown. When we lose a loved one. When we lose our health, when we lose our wealth. Allah has given this to us. And now he's taking it back as if it belonged to him from the beginning. And so it is now time but he takes it back. And we cannot, you know, we cannot have any say in the schedule of a lot. But when he takes it back, we believe that it was for a reason that this blessing if it remained with us a bit longer you can of course as harm that is, and that is what it what tawakkol

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means tobacco means we put full dependency in a law, we are in your hands a lot as the beginning of the swore that be any healing work, that all of creation is in his hands, that when you look and Nicola says, look at the creation, the creation besides insan they trust in Allah and they do as Allah had commanded. And so you don't see any tough out. You don't see any problems in the condition you don't see any chaos. So put yourself in his hands. He's mad, put your trust in Him when something comes before you. And you know that this thing looks good, but it's haram avoided, it was not good for you. But if I can cut a corner here or I can screw something, if something I can do,

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but this is not going to please Allah in avoided in the short term they might be again, but in the long term, it will be to my detriment. So we put out a waka Allah completely for Santa Ana Muna man who Fedora Allah movie. And so Allah says, and then we will know who are those who are in clear misguidance meaning those who don't put the trust in Allah, they will come to see the consequences of the actions in this dunya Not only that, you don't have to wait in the Africa to see the consequences of your actions that if you turn away and you don't put your trust in Allah, and so but not allowed to do is this now, when we faced with a global pandemic, when our lives have become so

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uncertain, we don't know if we will have a job. We don't know who will become sick, who will die, no one no one knows in Swan Allah, we never knew those things, those things were already not known. It was just we falsely believed that we knew we falsely felt secure. Now the reality is made made apparent to us and the only thing we can do, whether we feel upset, we feel sad, we feel angry, we feel anxious, those things don't make a difference, the only thing makes a difference is to say Allah, you are the only one I can put my faith in and my trust in knees, not in the heavens and the earth that can harm your benefit except by you. And so, we put our trust in you, you are a man, you

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are the Most Merciful whatever you do, you do with love and with kindness and mercy. And so, I put my trust in you whatever path it is that you have put me on we accept it and we obey and we will only do that which pleases you and we know in the end even in this dunya and in the after definitely in the dunya ended after we will come to know who you know what was that that was going to be the right course of action the last iOS panel dialysis again, cooler item, say have you considered in US Bahama una hora me It can be in mind, have you considered if allow it to cause you to lose your your your water, if your water were to sink into the ground, who would bring it back basically, besides

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Allah who would be able to bring it back other than Allah. And so this ayah is the conclusion of the entire sutra reminding us that water of course, is the most important thing for life, that if any, you know any blessing, the can be taken away, the last thing that you can that should be taken away is your water because this basically means your life is taken away. Water is also in the notes in the Quran guidance. And it could mean that there be some sun lamp. So remember the Sahaba, that the previous ayah it said that if I should die, and this is what the kuffaar wanted, they put all the hatred and the anger upon him that you know what, Mohammed, if you were gone, all our problems will

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be solved. And he says to them, that you I go doesn't mean that your punishment is going to go but it doesn't mean you're going to you're going to avoid kiama that all those things are still going to come. And so then Allah say that if I were to take your water and your physical water, or your spiritual water the Quran, take away Islam from you, then who will bring it back and this for us as believers when we think about it when our dunya becomes

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You know, unsettled and we want you to Allah, my risk my health, my patients, my kids, my own, you know, well being you're worried about that, then you realize there's a bigger concern. But if allow us to take away our guidance, if allowed to take away our mind, if allow it to take himself away from us out of our life, then what would we have besides Him, then we would we be without that, that Allah subhana wa Tada. No matter how difficult life is the fact that you're still seeing the kalama La ilaha illa Allah, the fact that you are fasting and only Subhanallah 1% 2% of this country is fostered this month of Ramadan has spent the night in Sala how many of us have give thanks, that he

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has allowed us to worship Him and to make us to be on that path. And we pray that we are on that path. I mean, and so our last parameter is again, reminding us how many favors that he's given given us all the time, and Allah subhanaw taala except that which he has given us and

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Allah Subhana Allah counters to be grateful for that which he has given us, and grant us to fulfill the duties to put this into practice in our life. So this is the concluding verse of circle mark, Allah, Allah forgive me for any shortcomings in it, we will never do justice to the words of Allah subhana wa Tada. And maybe some final closing thoughts on certain milk? and answer is seen, as we've been through this month, we've had the opportunity to go through these two chapters. So firstly, on sort of the milk, we know, the total milk loss part of the prophets of Salaam tells us it is a protection from the punishment of the grave. And so one of the things that we can link up and number

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one, it's the number one seed so it was his practice. And so we believe it is there anything from the surah that links up to the punishment of the grave. In fact, we don't speak the grave isn't mentioned much in this chapter, but death is being mentioned. And it began, he that he created death and life. And also, if you look at throughout the surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala what's beautiful about the surah is he mentioned the danger that the Earth could do this to you, the sky could do this to your water could disappear, things bad things can happen to you. Then at the same time, he says on the other hand, none of these things happen, when loss of the earth swallow you up when lost

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in the sky rain down on you, when lost it, you know, Subhanallah when we had the drought, we felt that that you know our water can be restricted, but then Allah gave it back, it was an inconvenience rather than a a distraction. And now we're going through another thing you know, this COVID-19 disease, Allah says, these bad things can happen, but it seldomly it hardly ever happens. And so it means the counter to it is that these are Rockman, constantly working in your favor, constantly protecting you. And so the Sora is about how Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights all the dangers around you. And none of those dangers actually hit you, meaning that he is constantly being in your

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life protecting you. And so the most vulnerable we would be, of course, is when we die. And when we enter the harbor. Now that prediction is gone. Now there's no more prediction anymore. Allah subhanaw taala. Either you've earned the mercy in the dunya. Now in the cupboard, Allah subhanho wa Taala if you did not,

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if you did not turn to him in the dunya, then that prediction is done. And so then this sort of this chapter is that chapter that if you've recited it, then it will come that prediction will will continue through the cupboard, and even into kiama. One had even beautifully said that surah two milk will intercede with you every stage of the way in the cupboard on kiama at the questioning until you intergender it will be your partner. So as you keep surah to milk Surah tabarrok with you every single day in the dunya you're friends with him. Now when you get to the after, he will only leave your side when he sees you intergender masama now you're safe into gender. Now he can leave

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you spot a lot what a beautiful link between the surah and the way we Aswan Allah. Now we are also on a final words on Sofia scene and sort of book, we said both these sources were revealed in the marking period. And there's a lot of similarities in them. For example, you would not find a single, there's no idea in any of these students had mentioned playing soccer or fasting or making Salah V's there is no physical requirements that these sources bring forward. We know that also both disorders have a special kind of link not only because that's maybe why we dislike them, we should recite them part of our daily routine. There's a lot of benefits in them, we find that sort of we are seen for

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example, it is mentioned that it gives you a sense of you recycle every single day. It makes it makes hardship when you be different every day, every time whenever you go through a difficulty and the Sahaba would recite it they would find ease in it the one protects you from the punishment of the grave that sort of work and the one protects you from the from from a difficult death that's what I seen. I'm the one intercedes with you until you enter into agenda that is of course certain work. So these two sources are both two different shields at different times in different points. And that is why it is part of the the rituals that you do daily to recite it and Subhanallah we also

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learn from these two chapters and the whole Quran in fact that the Quran is your protector and is your weapon in all kinds of difficulty. And it's amazing if you think about it, and especially now as we come to the end of Ramadan. When we ask what is the most Blissett month it is the month of Ramadan. And when Allah speaks about it, he says shakra Ramadan and Lillian's lfu

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What makes Ramadan? Holy is the Quran if you ask what is the most blissful night of the year, we know what it's like to call it in Anza. Now he later called it what made what made this night so special. It is the fact that the Quran was revealed on that. We asked what is the most Blissett angel with Angel of Gabriel and who brought the kuranda jabril who is the best of the NBA, Mohamed Salah Salem, Mohammed salam, Umbria did not get he got the Quran. So whenever the Quran touches, it becomes the best, the best month the best person the best Angel. So the best house is the house that recites Quran, the best person is the person that continuously recites Quran. And so we see just to

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sort of swallow these two suitors have such powerful effects, you know, on our well being, and they show to us and probably take you 10 minutes to recite them both. What about the rest of the crowd and the blessings lying in every single ayah and so we we it is an encouragement to as we leave the month of Ramadan to continue reciting the Quran on a regular basis. Don't put the Quran back on the shelf and forget about it. This is the thing that will bring nor in our lives, nor in our house, it will protect us even in the cabin in the darkness of the cupboard. That's when this Quran will come in our most difficult times. But let's hang on except we also know from these two Sutras, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala mentioned the the power of Allah has His Majesty and His power, everything is in his hands. So why do we worship anyone besides him? What what need is there to worship anyone besides him to put dependence on anyone other than him when he woke all of creation is in his hands. He does what he pleases. everything that moves is by his will and his decree, there is no harm that can befall you except by his permission, and there is no blessing that can come to you except by Allah permission. Both the suitors pointed out much of the perfection of the creation. And why does Allah highlight the creation, he highlights the creation to tell us that behind this creation, there

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is a design and a creator. And it also goes to show that whatever is in submission to Allah, the sun, the moon, the planets, the earth, the heavens, all of it is in submission to Allah. And so therefore you find Perfect, perfect harmony, that if you want harmony in your life, if you feeling distressed, if you feeling that your life has problems in it, then submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala He will make everything you will fix everything in your life.

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And link to that, that when you submit to Allah, there are so many benefits almost panties in both both the sutras, the name aroma is a piece that a lot of man is the one that is constantly sending out his blessings and his mercy upon you. He's on Latif is a hobby, he is the closest one to you, that the ones who submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah Himself intervenes in their life, and he makes their life good in this world, and in the next, and that he knows the deepest secrets that we have. And he is always intertwined with us, we learn from this purple from the surah, that we have a purpose for these chapters, that there is a purpose to life, but just as everything in creation

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fulfills its function, our function is to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, the one that Allah very clearly says, and so the more that he created this and life as a test, who is going to be the best in the deeds, this is a this whole life, everything that comes to you. Maybe some some days things are good, you know, you get an unexpected blessing coming into your life. That is that is a blessing, but it's a test to see what are you going to do with us? Then some day some calamity befalls you, Allah protect us. And then it's also a test what are you going to do? How do you how do we navigate the challenges and the blessings of life? these things do not change the

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purpose the ultimate test is Allah subhana wa tada reaching him in Africa, that is the test to see who do the best in the deeds. And so that is how you pass or you fail this test. For those who fail. They are the ones who live in offline and in delusion in one surah Allah speaks about the Mahaffey lone soldier he has seen, and in this one of my town guru, that they are in horror that they are in delusion, meaning both both signifies being blind, being unaware, being completely delusional, living in your own fantasy world, not a way of what is reality. And so Subhanallah you don't want to be like that person who wakes up, when he enters the cupboard, the only way he becomes alive The day

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he dies. And so there are many people that are living on autopilot. In fact, the majority of the world is on autopilot. They just do things if you ask them, why what is your purpose, they won't be able to give you an answer. They just go with whatever they desires, whatever it is to, to satisfy one urge after the other. We as the person who is walking upright is the one who is conscious. And so behind Allah bozzuto is amazing when it speaks about the successful one in Surah, Yaseen and ceramique Allah mentions Harsha Romana believe both the name Rahman is mentioned in Surah mulk and sorry, are seen and the quality of Hashem Yes, how shall we say part of it comes from fear. But

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posture is so much more than fear. It is about being conscious, being aware that the consequences to my life that my life has a purpose and has a meaning that I am in at least the most, the biggest loser is the one that doesn't realize is part of it.

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And so Allah says the one who succeeds in life is the one who has a relationship. And a concern with a level two or more enterprising says this is the quality, it will give you success to contemplate and reflect on a law that is the one that you cannot see. And then what are the consequences? You know, it's upon Allah. This is not like any other thing. This is big, serious stuff. As you read the Quran, you realize it's vanilla, what is at stake is big. This is not simple games. And I was not playing, making jokes about these things, that in life, that if we we are constantly surrounded by by dangers and vulnerabilities, and it's only out of our Rama and his mercy, that he keeps them at

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bay, that if you look at your life, most you cannot, you can only we can remember the times when he was sick, right. So there were a few a few times, I was very, very sick. But for the rest of the time we're healthy, we can only remember the few times when things will be difficult and constrained. But the rest of our life was easy. So Allah This is with a bit of hardship, and a lot of ease and comfort. And so Allah reminds us that so easily, can a blessing be taken away? Yet none of them are taken away very seldomly does Allah bring the hardship upon us, and so do not feel comfortable, and if we neglect Allah, and we are heedless, and his blessings are used in a wrong

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way, and we will see the consequences in this dunya will begin to see, you know, our world falling apart. And this COVID-19 is a big reminder to us how quickly Allah can change the status quo, don't feel secure, don't feel that you can continue abusing us blessings, and they will not be consequences. Then, of course, the other side of it. Allah also mentioned like the birds. But even though the birds are so fragile, they don't have anything, they go hungry, alone, make sure that every single one of them will eat, every one of them will be okay. They'll be safe and sound. So the one who puts himself in his hands, he's like that bird flying. But there are a lot, I don't have to

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be worried about anything, so long as I do as you commanded me to do, I am safe, I put my trust in you. And that is the success there is only as far as the dunya is concerned. Then, of course, there are even major bigger repercussions in the last panel, Allah reminded us in Surah mulk, that life and death was created as a taste in Surah. Yaseen Allah mentioned how the planets of the moon goes through its stages, how the sun goes through its stages, everyone's time is ticking, everyone's clock is ticking. And that exam can come to an end at any time, wonderful, happy soul that the trumpet could be blown meaningful kiama or molecule not could visit us at any time. We don't know.

00:27:22--> 00:27:57

We don't know Subhanallah, when molecule Moon is coming, and he will not delay for a moment, not for any single person, not one extra second will be given. And so we are reminded about the transition of life, where your mind about the earth how it comes back to life after it's dead, meaning that after we did that is not over there is another account, a bigger account, and that is, of course, the resurrection. And so, Allah mentions in both these sources, the consequences of the one who lived a life of hoffler, who lived a life A heedless life, a meaningless life. They are the ones who when they wake up on piano, they are the ones in deep regret local national or national Makana vs

00:27:57--> 00:28:32

homicide, if only we listened if only we thought if only we just, you know, use our brains, if only if only all those if onis will come on the desk, and then it will just become more and more difficult. But as for the believers, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the rewards and how they will be saved, and how they will not be fear upon them. And of course, the base perhaps the most beautiful idea of both these chapters that I was said I call him Rahim, that Salaam a word from the Lord, Most Merciful, nothing better than that when you intergender. So as you think about life, its difficulties, its problems, all we're going to go through, believe with certainty will intergender

00:28:32--> 00:29:06

one day, and as we're in general talking and enjoying ourselves, we will hear that voice on a law nothing can explain what that would be when unless he said I'm a my peace be upon you. You will never ever feel any fear, sadness, hardship, you'll never cry, you will never struggle now is only enjoyment. That is all you're going to have for all of eternity. That is what this life is about. That is what we struggle for. That is what this test at the end of the season might not be a nice test, no one wants to be tested. But these are great rewards at the end from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Granted, we understand the solos, more than just reciting them we inculcate them in our life,

00:29:06--> 00:29:38

we make them part of our daily routines, may they be intercessors for us on the day of karma, and in the Kaaba, repeat our companions, may they be a means by which we intergender May Allah use them as a means to avert all calamities hardships in our life, in this dunya and after, may we all be together as a means to help us to intergender May we be of those that received the mercy and the peace of Allah in this life and in chemical filters, I mean, when hamdulillah before I end up we are sharing with you so you would see that you have the audio in Sharla. And you got the notes, the slides with it these a quiz. Let me go in and we'll go through the answers for the quiz and their

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prizes with him. There's also a special survey. And we ask that you fill it in and you see the survey. So even if you don't share the lecture, part of Islam machine, we have a very good track record of documenting our history in South Africa. So Alhamdulillah over the last hundreds of years. There's many important events that occurred through the Muslim community. This is a big one, many generations perhaps we'll talk about the year that the

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First time that the mosques were closed for Juma that Ramadan was was in this manner, we would love to hear from you your experiences so this survey is for us to get a much better understanding about how you've gone through this time and that we can document it for future generations in the lessons to be learned and we can learn from them, they will mistakes to be made, we can fix them and all sorts of panela any study minus about how we hope to go back to normal. So that next time we have this these discussions, it is in the masjid again but even Illa Allah Hey, we appreciate your time and being with us. We continue inshallah tomorrow. With the conclusion of this year's program of

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Ramadan, Zack LaHood said I want to come over the cattle