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The transcript discusses the meaning of the sun and the moon, with a focus on the significance of the sun as a source of light and heat. The Sun is the source of light and heat, and the moon is the source of heat and warmth. The Sun and the moon have different stages of life, with the Sun being the source of light and heat, and the moon being the source of heat and warmth. The transcript suggests that the moon has its own light and reflective rocks, and that humans do not know the same. The importance of religion and having a strong faith in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for people to live their lives in a society where they are the only ones who need it. The segment also discusses the complexity of the creation of theholder's "has" and "has not", and the importance of finding out who is truly a creator and the potential for negative consequences. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to live their lives in a

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Who will levy he is the one who Darla shumsa Who has made the sun Leah and a shining light. Look around you. And you'll find you'll see all the evidences of Allah's oneness of his perfection of the coming of the day of judgment. So of the purpose of your life, he is the one who has made the son of Leah. Leah is from the letters blog. Well, Hamza, and Leah means a shining light, shining light, such light that is a source of brightness, and illumination, basically. So for instance, on your phone, when you're using your phone in darkness, is there light? Yeah, you can see the screen. But is that light enough for you to let's say, read something in a book?

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Is it? No. What do you have to do?

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What do you have to do? Turn the

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torch on on your phone. Right? Or turn the camera light on on your phone? Is there a difference between the two lights? Yes. One is just light in itself, so that you can see it? It's visible.

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And the other is a source of light. A lamp is called Lea. Why? Because it's a source of light. It spreads. It emits light, it brightens it glows. You understand?

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It's original. It's the source of light. But remember the glow LEA is not just used for source of light but also heat and warmth. It's reddish in color. So you're talking about a flame. Okay, or something like it which will be a source of heat and warmth as well.

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So for example, a candle

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the flame on it, is that a source of light? Yes. Is that a source of warmth? Yes. I mean, obviously if you go close to it, right, the bigger it is, the more warm it will create. Fire. Alright, so the sun, is it? Leanna I remember what you studied in science. Is that Leah? How was it? Leah? Yes.

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Okay, when the sun rises, what do you get?

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Lights? Warmth, and also heat. Right? Light warmth and heat. And when the sun sets then what happens? no light, no warmth, right? No heat. It just feels cold at night, doesn't it? It does. It's like it has a psychological effect on you. Oh, it's nighttime, so it's gotta be cold. Alright, so anyway, who am I the John is shumsa Leah and we'll come over and the moon he has made it as a Nolan as a light. Now, what's the difference between Lia and Nora? Nora is also light but remember that no, is understood more like a derived light meaning not original but light that has been taken from somewhere. Okay, it's not the source of light. It's bright because it's taking light from somewhere.

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So is the moon No.

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Yes, because where is it taking its light from from the sun. So he is the one who has made the sun and the moon both are bright. Both have light, but both are different. Also, they're very different from one another. One is a source of heat, warmth, brightness, and the other is a source of comfort and you know like coolness especially in the night when you look at the moon. Yes.

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Okay, good question. In the Quran we learn Allah Who knew Samoa to Allah have right? So what does that mean? Not original light? No. With regards to Allah subhanaw taala means Munna we're

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not that Allah is light, but that He is the giver of light. Not reflection giver when no when is the one who enlightens. Okay one who gives news you understand? So that's a different context even the name of Allah subhanaw taala has sliver of know that gives meaning of one who gives no one who gives light. Okay, so who will let Ijarah shumsa Leah and welcome Ron Ron. And also remember that words in Arabic, I mean, they have a meaning, okay, obviously, and there's also specific meanings to them. So in general context, nor would mean light, any kind of light but when you're comparing nor with Lea, then there is going to be a difference, right? When you compare the two words then there is going to

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be a difference. But in general, Nora would be just like

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So, he has made the moon neuron waka Daraa, who and he has determined for it meaning for the moon Manasa ZIL stages Manasa plural of Monza, what does Manson mean? Place of nosal or place of descent meaning where you come where you arrive, and Monastrell meaning stages. So for the moon, Allah subhanaw taala has determined many phases, many stages. What does that mean? That every time you look at the moon, it's not the same as it was the night before, it's going to be different, because it has entered a different stage now, every night it's moving on to a different stage, different phase, how does it begin? The moon, the birth of the moon, how is it a crescent, right? And then

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what happens every night, you see that it has grown bit by bit. And then what happens by the middle of the month, the 14th, around that time, the moon is completely full, and then what happens it begins to decrease again. Alright, and then again, it turns into a crescent, and then it disappears, either for one night or two nights. So the month becomes either 29 days or 30 days, depending on how long the moon was not visible for. So who has determined for the moon its phases about a woman as it Allah subhanaw taala? What's the purpose?

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randomly? Is there a reason behind that? There's a reason behind that. Just think about it. Think about it, there's got to be a reason behind why the Moon is there

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wasn't the sun sufficient to bring light to us during the day and nighttime would be all dark? There is a reason there's someone who put the moon there made the moon like this so that every night you see it differently, so that people benefit from it in a different way. And what does that lead tharla moves so that you all know either number a 16th of the years, while his SAP and calculation, account meaning account of time, he has made the sun a particular way, the moon a particular way, they come at different times, in different ways. And with the help of both of them, you are able to count the number of years and keep an account of time. If the sun and the moon weren't there,

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really, we wouldn't know what time it was of the day, which day it was of the month, which month it was of the year. And which year wasn't the century. We wouldn't know. I mean, clocks came later. Calendars came later. And they are a result of what studying the sun and the moon for so long.

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All right. So Allah put these natural calendars for us natural clocks for us, so that we can keep track of time.

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Yes, everybody can see Moon people study it, but yet they don't wonder why we study about the how. But we don't know why we don't think about why who put it there. Why literalism or other sin? You know, well, hisab Allah says, ma halacha Allah Who there Lika Illa will help. Allah did not create all of this except Bill help with the truth, meaning for purpose. When you look at the sun, you know, it's fulfilling a purpose. When you look at the moon, you know, there's a reason behind why the Moon is there, and how it is each night. There's a reason behind that. And for everything, is there a purpose?

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Is there a purpose? Yes, there is a purpose behind everything, even why a particular bird has, you know, certain colors, there's a purpose behind that, why its beak isn't a particular shape form. There's a purpose behind that, why it has feet of a certain kind, there is a purpose behind that. And when we understand this, that there is a purpose behind everything. How could there not be a purpose behind the existence of men?

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And if a person says no, no, no, this is just your thinking. Come on. It's logic. It's logic. How could you deny this this is a reality. You fasudil A et you PHoslo he details mentions in detail clarifies Elia the signs the comi Allah Moon for people who know so if you think about it, the moon starts from a crescent and then returns to a crescent again there is a complete cycle, right the sun also complete cycle. Human beings also our lives also. I mean, we are born and then we die. There is a difference between how we were born and how we die. There's got to be something else happening.

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So human beings, their cycle is incomplete unless there's an era Isn't that so?

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and the rest of the creation, you see that the cycle is complete, the moon is born and it's born again and it's born again. But we know that once we die, we're not coming back again. Alright, so there's somewhere else we're going to, and there's a reason why we're here. If a person does not believe in the akhira his cycle is incomplete. It's like you're throwing yourself into oblivion. Um, so now through scientific research, we find out that the moon doesn't have its own light, it's it has some reflective rocks, and then they just take the light from the sun. So over here allow us to words for light, right? And back in the day, they probably thought oh, it's just poetry, right, like

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using two words for it. But there's actually purpose behind that to you. There is an people who don't believe in the Quran who don't believe in the hack, they will still say such things. They will not reflect into this. Just recently, you know about in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions that he has caused the two C's to join, but yet they remain distinct modul Bahrainis takia and Bettina Houma. Barossa home, Liberia.

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There is a if he has to we're saying who was speaking to these Muslim children. They said about you know, this isn't the Quran and we believe in that, that the two water is salty water sweet water, they don't mix. This guy is supposed to be a super scientist. And he didn't understand that. He's talking to somebody else. I was like, would you believe it? These Muslims think that if you mix Sweetwater and salty water, they won't mix together.

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They will stay separate. And he's like, bring me a glass of water put the two together and tell me what happens. La Hola. Hola. COVID They love it

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is the Quran talking about mixing Sweetwater salty water in a cup?

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This is what happens the Ockel it goes away with copper with rejection. logic does not work.

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Reason does not work. I bet they cannot see them. Go ahead. Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River. It's so many places on the earth. You see that? I mean, there's documentaries research done by non Muslims on this. And the Quran has mentioned this fact. But people who don't want to believe will not see the simple fact

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Sony is actually harming the sun, the sun? Yeah.

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Alo Arla I mean, everything is drink this beer.

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So we were learning in psychology about circadian rhythms, which are like these 24 hour clocks built in inside of us. And they, you know, they're according to the sun in the moon, which is why when we like, you know, go through different time zones, we get a jetlag, and then we, you know, we adjust from the sun and the moon, and we have these built in clocks, and it's just subpanel a really amazing, it's amazing. So, if you think about it, the sun is not existing, you know, on its own, there is some connection with the human being with the people, right, people are using this benefiting from the sun in some way, there is a connection. And that's only possible when the

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creator is the same.

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The sun in the morning and automation of the day and all examples of that. Just continue the, exactly that all of these are proofs of the era, the certainty of the coming of the Hereafter of resurrection.

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Allah says, in the indeed fee in if the laughy alternation, if the life is from Harlem for and health is behind, if the life is to come behind one another. So it gives meaning of succession, one leaving and the other taking its place, so actually laughing lately when the how the alternation the succession of the night and the day, meaning the night goes, the day comes, the day leaves, and the night comes, right? So one after the other, it's not like the day goes, and the night hasn't come, or the night goes and the day hasn't come or is this day, and there is no night No, this is a law, this is a something that happens every day we witnessed this, if the laughing lelee on the heart, if

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enough Allah means difference. So the difference between the night and the day is there a difference? A huge difference from the color to how you feel to what happens to the creation I mean, their animals will go to sleep and then their animals will wake up right? difference in temperature difference in length, if the laughing lelee When the half warmer Holika Allah Who and all that Allah has created for Samoa it will or in the heavens and the earth in all of this are lettin surely signs but for who? Live call me Dr. Cohn, for people who yet the cone, who fear Allah, who study all of this, who research all of this to reflect on all of this but with the fear of God and the fear

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cannot come except with faith.

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Why'd God send them a human being? And then a law continues? He doesn't answer the question. But he continues, basically telling us look at what I'm capable of doing and look at my perfection. And there's nothing I don't do without a reason. There's nothing I do randomly. And if God sent us angels, for example, it would be so hard for us to believe them because they're perfect. And human beings were not. So our complaining would be about not why God sent us human beings. But why would God send us something so perfect that we can't, we can't compare ourselves to them. And not only that, but we learned lessons from the Prophet stories, because they're human beings, they've made

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mistakes, and we take lessons from their stories.

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So there are many signs, if a person were to use his reason, and if a person were to believe in Allah, and with the fear of God, he would reflect on all of this he would find many lessons now in the creation of the heavens in the earth, maculicola vistamar, whether you will, or whatever it was created in the heavens and the earth, what all is there?

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What all is there that Allah has created in the summer wet?

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We don't even know. The universe is not even all known to us, isn't it? So? We know that we have knowledge of only a little bit, there's much much more to find out, isn't it? Semi wet, but just to give you a glimpse of it, this includes the many galaxies and the massive stars alright,

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this summer, what in the earth? What all is it that Allah has created?

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What all is it that Allah has created?

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of the ocean that we discovered so far in life forms? Subhan, Allah, just Xochimilco for mentioning that, if you think about it, just the oceans, right? Have we found out everything about the oceans themselves?

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And if there's something one thing that we cannot find, we don't know where it ended up. We can spend months and months use one robot and another submarine and hundreds of planes and hundreds of researchers to find where one airplane is. But we cannot. We cannot. We are so weak. We're so limited. And Allah subhanaw taala knows about it.

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But every single individual

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Well, Mao kala kala who has similar words, he will have such massive creation with so much detail all of this that Allah has created. Are there any signs? Are there any lessons? Many lessons, what lessons? What lessons do we learn when we reflect on the alternation of the night and the day on the different things that Allah has created the heavens and the earth? What lessons are there?

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Okay, our knowledge is very limited, I show

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how Sun has to go in order to moon to come? And if Sun decide, no, I'm not going anywhere today? How is Moon going to come? Right? So everyone has different positions, and everyone's has different roles. Very true. And you see the coming and going of the night and the day, what does it show? Nothing is permanent. Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything in this world is transitory, it is temporary. And so are we, we're not here forever. The sun came it rose, looked beautiful spread so much light had wonderful impact. And then what happened, it's time came to an end, and it sucked. And likewise, we are born we live our lives we do what we do, leave good thought or bad thought. And

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then eventually our time will also come to an end.

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When we reflect on this creation, we learn about the transitory reality of this life. Likewise, it also gives us hope that when nothing is permanent, one night is not permanent. That means that eventually it will go away. So if we're going through some crisis, some problem,

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it's going to go away one day,

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every pain is going to end at some point or another.

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And then we also see the difference between different creations. I mean, night and day, is there a difference between them? Huge difference? So this clarifies to us that right and wrong? Can they be the same Eman and kufr? Can they be the same? hedaya and Calella? Can they be the same? Never. They can't be the same. So this is basically encouraging us to look to wonder to study to reflect and also reminds me of how some people want men and women to have the exact same roles but

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It just says the night and day like have their own different purposes. Like men and women are have their own different roles in the way they carry them out. But despite all of these clear visible signs, Allah says in Alladhina indeed those people who lay young Juna they do not hope they do not expect they do not look forward to Luca Anna our meeting of June is from Raja Raja Rajan well to hope expect something in the future. But these people they do not expect Lika Anna our meeting

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they don't

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think that they will meet Allah.

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They don't hope to meet Allah. They don't look forward to it. Why? Because they don't believe in Allah. They don't believe in afterlife, or they're such people who are many, many who will reject the existence of a creator who reject the existence of a god. Allah says in Alladhina Lisle junetta. Call Anna. What I'll do and they are happy they're satisfied. They're probably happy satisfied content bullheaded. Dunya with the life of this world, and there are so happy with it that what my unknown will be her. They have ultimate Nan with it. The ultimate unless grandpa meme Hamza known for letters. The ultimate Allah is basically to be at ease after confusion,

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to feel easy and comfortable, after fear after unrest. So for example, a person was really afraid they were panicking, panicking as to what's going to happen. And then what happens? The storm is over, everything's fine. So what happens ultimately,

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there Okay, now,

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what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here that they are ill, or unknown? We have, they feel secure. In this life, they feel content with this life, meaning, they did go through a phase of wonder and curiosity. And they thought about afterlife and what's going to happen after death. And they wondered about the existence of God. But then what happened?

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They got over it. They're like, You know what this life is everything. This life has everything, live it to its capacity. So they became satisfied and content with this life. This life of the dunya is everything to them.

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Their ultimate goal and purpose is what the dunya they think this is all this is everything. So if they want to be happy, they want to be happy now. If they want to be successful, they want to be successful. Now, if they want to have fun, they want to have fun now, they don't want to wait until the hereafter. You understand?

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So what am I a newbie here? When Lavina and there are those who whom they're on a attina from our I act? What did these is or Coney or Shari. They're often on their heedless they don't pay any attention. Remember I asked the are of two types County, the signs that Allah subhanaw taala is placed in the universe that prove to us the oneness of the Creator that proved to us the coming of the hereafter. Basically all these ayat that we've been studying signs, and then secondly, the ayat are also shattered, revealed versus Allah says such people were described in this if they are awful from Allah as if they don't reflect on the creation. They don't look into the revelation. They are

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heedless, they're just happy with their life. They don't look forward to the asset or they don't believe in the hereafter. And unfortunately, there are many people like this will believe that

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they don't need religion. They don't need God. They don't need to worship. They don't need a greater being to depend on. They think this life is everything. What does Allah say about them? Hula Iike Well, hormone now, those their abode is going to be the hellfire. Why be Magkano Yuxi boon because of what they were earning, because when a person believes this, there is no afterlife, there is no questioning. Just be who you are. Do what you want. You live only once that what happens? They go on living their life fulfilling their desires. And when a person is just fulfilling their desires, he's not going to care about what harm he's causing to others. Right? So ole come up. Well, now we met

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Colonel Yuxi boon. They will have Hellfire because of what they were earning.

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You see, people do they need religion?

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They need religion. They need

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A system that will tell them this is right, this is wrong. Do this and don't do this. This is justice. This is injustice, isn't it? It is a way through which people are disciplined. You understand? Just like when people are living in a society in a country, is there any law that they have to follow? Yeah. Do you have to follow any law in this country? Of course you do. Why? So that everyone can live at peace. So those who abide by the law, they will be fine and those who go against it, they will be penalized? Right? So why do we have laws? Why? Why do we have a system of governance? Why? Because we need it. As human beings, we need someone to tell us you're allowed to

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do this, you're not allowed to do that. Because if people were left to just follow their desires, then what would they do? They would put themselves in danger. And they will also put others lives in danger. But you see, laws that people make. They're based on what human experience, which is why they're imperfect. Right? And in the trial and error process, so many people suffer. So Allah subhanaw taala, His mercy, what happened? He gave us a lot to follow. The religion of Islam fit through a natural way to follow to observe, but people will think, oh, no, no, you don't need all of this. You don't need this. You're not going to be questioned later on. Just enjoy your life over

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here. Nothing will happen in the hereafter. There will often from the ayat, Allah says Allah ecomark Wang will not be mad, can we xe boon in Alladhina amanu Indeed, those people who believe why middle slowly have and who do righteous deeds. Before we continue, you see the previous idea that how people are living with this kind of thinking, a free life, thinking that they can do whatever they want, they're the boss. But when they die, then what happens? Where can they run away? Where can they find refuge? They can't. So no matter how arrogant a person becomes, no matter how much he thinks he doesn't need God, what will happen when he meets his end? Remember, for our own, how did

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he live his life? I am God. Basically. That's what he said.

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Imagine, but when he was drowning, what did he say? I believe in Allah. Right? And there are people who say this at the time of death. And of course, there are people who will say this on the day of judgment in the hereafter in the next life, but it's too late Allah ecom wahama. Now we might can we see Boone? On the other hand, those who believe one metal solid hat and do righteous deeds? Yeah, de hemraj. Boom, their Lord will guide them. He will guide them be Imani him because of their Eman because they believe in Allah, that trust upon him. They seek help from him. They obey Him. Allah will not abandon them. He will guide them he will lead them where

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he will lead them where? Through what

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he will lead them work on answering yes

00:28:16--> 00:28:20

to Jana. Okay. What before that?

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Isn't it that in this life? You have so many questions, and you're confused? Do I go here? Do I go there?

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Right. You had all these confusions and questions in your life every day. Aren't you making decisions? Aren't you you are. Some are big and some are small. Those who believe and do righteous deeds, who trust their Lord, who seek His help, then what happens their Lord will guide them through this life in this life because of their Eman. He will show them the way what they should do, what they should not do, which way they should adopt, he will lead them on the right path.

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He will make them successful in this life. But it's not just limited to this life. Also in the Hereafter, he will lead them He will guide them

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to Jannah

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you know when people will have to cross the slot right. There are some people who will fall

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and there are others who will go immediately there are some who will have complete darkness and there will be others who will have so much light like a huge doll pillar in front of them.

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So there are some people who are going to be guided by Allah over the set off to their home in Jana. Yeah de him Rob boo boo Imani Him and He will guide them to Jana. That dream and data he will and how Jana what's going to happen over there unless Margo is gonna give them so much power. So much authority that waters of Jana that doesn't mean that the will on ha river is going to flow from underneath them underneath them that team and ultimately understood as under their control. They can totally insane we learn you can't do

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wouldn't have de la. The people have done a little too. Yeah, you know what, we should have a river here a little bit here and a little bit there. And another one here and another one there. A river of this one on a river of that so much power and control in this world do you have that? Ever? If you're ever making something, let's say renovating a house and you're like, I don't want this wall here. I want it to be removed. But the person says no, no, you don't understand this wall is supporting the house if you remove it, the house is gonna collapse. Like but I don't want it. What are you told to bet come up with a different option, come up with a different plan. Right? You don't

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have much control in this dunya no matter how much control you think you have. in Jannah. Allah will give people control so they will even rule over the and how feed genetic Noreen in the gardens of pleasure never even notice genetic gardens of pleasure. Meaning the only thing that's there in Jana is what?

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What is Jana about pleasure. This dunya is Tao will hijack is a home of just fulfilling your needs so that you can focus on what is more important. And Jana is the Russia Hawa it is the home of desires. Jana is where desires will be fulfilled. Darwell home there call fi ha in it. Meaning in Jana. Their call will be Subhana Kola Houma Exalted are you Oh ALLAH Dawa? What does that word mean?

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Call? When do you call when you want something when you're asking for something? So one interpretation of this is that when they will wish for something in Jana, the people of Jana will just barely say Subhana Kulla Houma. You know, like when you want something, you start praising the one who gave you that, and you praise them, you appreciate them. And then you know, it begins with your heart and mind. You're thinking about them, you're praising them. And then what happens? You think about how you're going to ask, and then you get it. But the people of Ghana will just wish for something and before they will even verbalize it, it will be before them. Their call will be

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Subhanak Allahumma. What to hear to whom and their greeting fee has in it will be seller of peace will act it'll dry home. And the last of their Dawa meaning of their call the last thing that they will say at the end of any conversation at the end of having anything enjoying anything will be what on that Alhamdulillah he'll have Billa Allah mean all Praise to Allah, the Lord of the world's meaning their speech, their conversations, they will begin with Allah's praise, and they will end with Allah's praise. If they want something that will glorify Allah, when they will enjoy something, they will praise Allah. They will praise Allah all the time instinctively. Like we breathe

00:33:03--> 00:33:26

instinctively. Do you have to tell yourself, okay, inhale. And then exhale. Do you think about every breath of yours? Maybe you think about when you're exercising, right when you're practicing breathing. But otherwise, do you think about breathing? Do you have to tell yourself? Do you have to remind yourself? No, it's instinctive.

00:33:28--> 00:33:31

It's like a part of you. It's a habit.

00:33:32--> 00:33:40

People in Jannah are going to praise and glorify Allah as easily as instinctively as we breathe now

00:33:41--> 00:34:33

and to hear to whom vs Allah their greeting in there will be Upsilon meaning they will greet one another with Salam and they will be greeted by the angels with salaam also sort of like zap i 44 We learn to hear Tomio mail Kona who Salah their greeting the day that they meet him meaning the day that the meet Allah will be what salon they will be greeted with salon, while Malay Equatoria Toluna la him, Min Ko libav Angels entering upon them from every bar, saying what Salam o alaikum Peace be upon you be now Sabato, because you are patient, you made it for near Morocco, but how good is the ultimate home? But who is it? That can do the speed of Allah as easily? in Jannah? Who, the one who

00:34:33--> 00:34:34

remembers Allah? No.

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

You see, whenever we are looking, we are listening. We are eating, doing anything. Our brain is constantly working, isn't it? Always thinking, thinking about what there's always some thoughts in your mind? You're either analyzing what you're experiencing, right? You're reflecting on that or some random thoughts are in your head. But there's always a connection between what you're doing

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

When and what you're thinking? Correct. There is always some connection. So there are some people who remember Allah all the time you have Quran, Allah tianma. Peruvian, right? Why that, you know, be him? Why were the for karoun? They reflect, they reflect. So if it's cloudy, they don't understand nice clouds. If it's cold, they don't say, wow.

00:35:25--> 00:35:58

And that's it. If it's nice weather, they don't say, so nice. Finally, I mean, these are natural reactions. But at the same time for a believer, there's something else at the back of his mind. Or there's some words that are coming from his tongue and what are the what are the praise and glorification of Allah, the one who submits to Allah Now, the one who surrenders to Allah Now remembers Allah Now he will be able to instinctively glorify Allah and Jana.

00:36:04--> 00:36:21

Very true, if you think about it in our salah, what words do we say Subhana? Allah whom are we handicap? Right? You begin with this. And then what do you do? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen or Rahman Rahim right? And then at the end of the Salah, what do you do?

00:36:23--> 00:37:15

Right. So in Salah, you say all of these occur over and over again. There's the spear, they're stymied, and there is also Tasleem, in Salah. So, the one who is used to this now will be able to do this instinctively afterwards. But a person cannot have a call that is their kids. And a lesson that is shakin, what does that mean? A heart that remembers Allah and a tongue that is grateful to Allah, a person cannot have that. If he does not reflect, reflect on what what is around him and what is going on in his life. Because Allah is through the middle and right he is regulating the affairs he is heavily involved in the lives of every single one of us. So whenever something happens,

00:37:15--> 00:37:17

remembering Allah

00:37:18--> 00:37:34

Allah that can listen Shakir then a person can be conscious of Allah begins with what reflecting on all of these signs within our lives and also all around us. So what are we going to do this spring

00:37:36--> 00:37:49

let's complain and complain and complain and compare Yeah. Or is there going to be another goal also inshallah actively reflect actively reflect not just the how

00:37:50--> 00:38:03

but the wow okay. Don't just reflect on yeah, there's bugs here because of such it's like wow, they're bugs here under this break. How are they living in this darkness Subhan Allah

00:38:04--> 00:38:06

that's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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