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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I haven't deleted that was set out to whatsit, Mr. Su de la, Sol Allahu Allah. He will. He will be he. Women without Muhammad

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Ali need help, but also there were a lot more Sunday where seldom was it well Burdick LSA Ed Now have you been out whenever you know Mohammed in filler when he was all he was selling was into abetik unless he didn't want to be you know Mohamed el erian a lot more somebody was selling was it robotic Allah so they can kill him and Naveen Mostafa Adnan Mohammed, Abdullah Ali helped him with this limb. So Han Allah we proceeded, Mashallah, through the last couple of months with a study of sort of the MOOC, we pray the loss of Hannah with Allah allows us to complete it in ease and comfort and that we are rewarded for it. And that the knowledge that we seek to gain and share through it is

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something that is of benefit to us and of personal practice, in particular, in our privacy more so than we seek to show each other in our public dealings. A lot of them I mean, the last time we met, we gathered around verse number 2425 26. And we began verse number 27. The loss of habitat it says that Oh, did we learn him in a shape or Jean phenom? Well, who's really fattening see at Whoo hoo, levina careful, will carry the head and let the cooling to be heated down. But when they will see the arrival of the Day of Judgment at the moment of their death, as they're in tune on the Day of Judgment, as they know that the matter has been decided, as they see that their trial assumed to be

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set and their accounting is about to be called with a lot. See at Whoo hoo levena capital, the faces of those who have declared themselves as unbelievers between them and Allah will find themselves in distress. Now the word see means has been brought to disrepute has done that which they know has brought them into a place of hardship. The word se comes from the same root word is the word see as in this context, and therefore it's something that is troubling the heart.

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And Ethan would say sea and the hacker is selected something that agitate you, you know, something's not right, you know, you're in trouble. What can either have it really couldn't be heated their own and the call will be made by the angels the call will be made internally to themselves, that this is what you used to invite to this is why you used to in the junior say, when are we going to dive meta hazard wag? When is things going to happen? When is this decision of a login arrive? When is the day of judgment going to be? Why is it that you keep telling us it's going to happen? Yeah, Mohammed? And we haven't seen it, when is it? What what are its signs and so forth. And today, we begin verse

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number 28. Be in the Lady Diana. And inshallah we'll begin verse number 29, which is the second last verse of the surah. Allah continues and says, couldn't respond to them. So those who have lived a life where they assume they will not be accountable, in the inside the layout, or whatever was stuck now that mankind is prone to strict us overstepping the bounds, transgressing in their errors, finding fault with others and not holding themselves to that same level of account couldn't respond to these people who have lived the life of disbelief a life where they assumed everything was going to turn out pan out the way they thought that at the end of this life there's nothing more we you

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know, there's nothing else couldn't say to them. How do I eat?

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In allegany Allahu Amalia, our Humana firming yujiro and caffeine I mean, other than any say to them, yeah, Mohammed, so I sell him because that the unbelievers and the hypocrites later on, they used to jeer at the prophets a lot. How do you send them? Could you imagine they would make your eye in their own way to their false deities to those idols, and they would invoke them and say, kill Mohammed destroy Mohammed. And that's where you get the concept of 10 bettiah that have been with them. In fact, the uncle of the prophets I sell them was one of the greatest advocates of invoking the gods a lack of better word winner, yeah, that would love their false deities against the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then used to rejoice. So the children of the prophets, I send them all of his male children by the color and the destiny of Allah, that they would die in a very young age in their infancy or as they begin to walk, you know, very young age and they used to say the uncle of the Prophet Abu lahab, whose name was the loser in Abdulmutallab you

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Hola Mei the curse of Allah remain upon him. He used to ridicule the prophets I send them and say in Netcat avatar you will be without a progeny you all of your children will die It's because my curse to my false deities of course it is assumption they were correct. I have cursed your children. All of your kids with died. So when Qasim passed away Abdullah passed away and of course later on Ibrahim passed away. The sentiment of iNec Abdo you will be cut off you will be without lineage you will be without support, and Allah sends to the prophets I send them in after a neck and Calvin I've given you an over abundance and blessing yeah Mohammed for suddenly in Arabic. I want her maintain

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your vigilance in your prayer, your sacrifice and kindness towards others, even a shiny icon when after the one who seeks to ridicule The one who seeks to oppress you, the one who seeks to wrong you, the one who's abusing you with ridicule and making fun of you and cheering at you.

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You will be the one who will arrive at a destination of elevation and support and they will be the ones who are cut off for my mercy in this life. And in the next life in this ayah Allah says pull out our item respond to these people we have Mohammed who saved the day of judgment is not coming you're not you're not a person of substance. No good has followed you in this life. Yeah, Mohammed, where is your wealth is Lola, Tina bill mela, he can bring the angels so we can see them. Bring him gardens that can flow in the desert on your behalf. zohore up in Minnesota Matt, turn the heavens into a canopy of gold and beauty and treasure. Give us something material to show us that you are a

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person of truth. So the prophets I send them when simply give evidence through his testimony and the whole on which was enough to bring about a change to the entirety of the world some A lot of it was seldom called or item respond to these unbelievers in heart and practice. In allegany Allah you keep wishing for a lot to destroy me that you will keep wishing that Allah will destroy me bringing into me, Anna, for myself one night, not just me, but to destroy Milan and Abu Bakr and Omar on earth man and to destroy you know, Jafar and Alia nebuta. If you want all of us to perish, putting our items say to them, Hey, how about let's ponder if you were to consider an intellect eniola if I was to be

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removed, and all of those who followed me were to be destroyed, I would have a manner or we are given mercy for making a deal with caffeine. I mean, I mean, who will say the likes of you unbelievers from the punishment of hellfire. And this becomes a really powerful a, it's actually one of my favorite verses of of this particular surah it puts in my heart and your heart, the importance of keeping in our lane, keeping our focus on the prize, keeping our own goal, our own target as being central to our lifestyle, that we don't get confused and detach from our mission, our race, our purpose, and keep looking over at others. See the people who have wickedness in their heart.

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They're the people who look towards others. They're the ones who don't want you to ascend above them. And they're the ones who want to keep you beneath them. They're the ones who want to hold you down and if you're above they want to tear you down. They're the ones who don't want for the believers and for the righteous any ascendancy in this life. So the Prophet says Allah commands him to say, If Allah was to destroy me or to show me mercy, what difference does it make to you? menu woman Eugene will Catherine ujjivan Catherine who will give protection to those who have disbelieved in either binetti from the severest of punishment. Even though the unbelievers are adamant on their

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disbelief, Allah still emphasizes His Divine Mercy in the surah. Notice how many times a law is referred to as a man or Rahim and then mercy shows us mercy gives mercy who upholds the birds in the heavens except the Merciful One Subhana Allah you find these verses at time and again, in this particular Sula, after a law has established the evidence that the Dominion the MOOC, the title of the surah, all belongs to him.

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So one last time Allah uses this very same important cue to the unbelievers remember Allah as a man, remember Allah as the one who was merciful. And this becomes a really important thought for you and I, the prophets I send him says in authentic hadith, low and the dunya in the law, he too said we had that older masala mean hat cafe rune shadow better man, if this worldly life was of even the weight of the wing of a mosquito if it had even the way to the substance of the wing of a mosquito

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In the estimation of Allah God Almighty mess up slash capital mannahatta. He wouldn't give an unbeliever in him a sip of his water. But this worldly life is not significant to Allah and therefore the Moodle Kabbalah, which is the crux of the Shu sola, the essence of the surah is the Dominion that expands the cosmos of a loss creation, that which is within sensible means of us. And that which we will never send to me Never sends in the creation of a loss of Hannah with an island. Whatever outright warning has been given by a lot to the unbelievers, the unbelievers continue to resort to violence, they continue to resort to name calling, they continue to resort to seeking harm

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and murder of the companions of the Prophet assassination plan for him, especially during the Battle of hunt conducting the Battle of Azov in the early days in Mecca. They all wanted to destroy the province I sent him destroy the Medina surrounded on all sides and make allies with people who had hatred to him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says avianna Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, urashima doesn't say Ayana, the one who will preserve a life he says the lucky man is the one who shows us His mercy in this life, at the exit of this life, into the next life and into the greatest amount of Genet and for those who may Allah gatherer, it's all there in it. A loss of kind of Allah says, All right, Hey, my name mercy upon us. Because all of the circumstances even in the moment of death, there was mercy with a lot. And this becomes a very subtle inference. The prophets eyes lm here is foreshadowing many years later, that I can pass away and he's solidifying the hearts of the believers, that your faith is not tied to me being alive and

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present, walking, talking and sharing with you. Your faith is attached to a law and whether I'm here with you or not, it makes no difference to the unbelievers or to yourself. No law says it plainly in the Koran, as was revealed during the Battle of Allah subhana wa tada says, woman Mohammed in Del Sol, Mohammed is nothing more than a messenger sent unto mankind from me after Imad output, Elan polyp domanda our car vehicle, if he was to be murdered, if he was to be killed or martyred, or if he was to die naturally, would you turn away from the mercy of Allah and those who turned away from the mercy of Allah, they are not they will be those who have lost for themselves and have nothing of

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loss with a lot, some kind of who went to Allah and Allah subhanho to Allah is not in need of his creation, in that sense. And therefore this ayah becomes a really powerful acknowledgement of the prophets, I seldom have his own mortality. It's also an important point of okay that because you do have certain sects within our tradition as Muslims, who have gone into the elements of bigger, golden into the places of heresy where they claim that the prophets I send them did not die of natural death, that the Prophet wasn't created as we were, his creation is entirely of light. And, you know, he has he's from a different realm, and so on and so forth. And of course, this is an

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answer of the prophecies lm saying, alleghany Allahu Allah, Marissa, if I was, if my destruction was to be imminent, which is likely and my death is going to come out, Rahim Allah or Allah was to grant us is not enough for a few days more, or Rockman, meaning the knowledge to teach others until a lot recalls me. And whenever I last speaks of Rama, it's about the awareness of your time with a lot awareness of the opportunity that you've been given in life to be continuing in pleasing and protecting your relationship with a lot of menuju recalculating, I mean other than haleem even if we were to be removed, even if destruction was to come to me and those who follow me, who's going to

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save you, and what difference does it make to you and why are you always fixated on others and not fixated upon yourself and the loss of kind of went to islands as if he is informing and saying to the prophets, I send them to tell these people to use their senses use their mind, Don't be foolish and don't be so full of pride and arrogance that all you want is mind destruction. Okay, I'm gone. And now what the truth is still the truth. No one who created the heavens and the earth the one wanted you to look up into the sky and your sight would never be able to return back from the distance of the of the stars you you who is going to change the fact that this is the truth. Whether

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I'm here or not whether I remain as a witness to you in my physical life or not know that Allah subhanahu wa tada has sent this portal and from now on, you're obligated to to be

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hearing to it. This is

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brings up the reality of death and the reality of the prophets eyes and lips own mortality and that no one will live forever and that Allah has promised to visit even upon the best of humanity that most Beloved of Allah and the VMO hundreds is seldom his moment of return. Imagine that he mentioned him in public and full Allah subhanaw taala says very plainly in sorbitol ambia, after chronically many of the other prophets of Allah. And the chapter is called the prophets chapter number 21. I'm granted to no human being an immortality before you Yeah, Mohammed at the emitter, for whom will hardly do if you are going to die. Do they think that they will be allowed to live forever? Do they

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think that they will be allowed to remain and be sustained forever? know that this is not a reality in nicomachea tune? We're in the home and you tune Allah says in Salta, Zuma, you know the 13th chapter of the Quran invariably and eventually you will die Yeah, Mohammed, so too will they all messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi right earlier some of you will send him a shot with your lover I know she reports this beautiful Hadith of the prophets I send them another Hadith for you and I to ponder and to think about how do we view the world how do we view life and death? How do we view our timeliness with a lot? The prophets I seldom said men I had bet there are a lot I had beloved your

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fire woman Katie Haleakala, Kenny holla, who would have thought for quality of our soul of law so Lola How are you sending them as I come out here to milk for cooking and anacron milk Cannella Isha ladies psychedelic I Shanti Allahu I know the prophets I send them said the one who loves to meet a love their Lord Allah yearns and seeks to meet them. And the one who dislikes abhors the thought of meeting their Lord Allah, Allah hates to meet them. She said, O Messenger of Allah. As far as I know, all of us, we have an aversion to death. All of us want to escape it all of us want to live as long as we can. Is this feeling that I have that I don't want to, you know, pass away? Is this

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wrong? He said, No, you misunderstood. Everybody wants to live and you have a long you know, life.

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But when a believer either send me a movement burdwan illa women filler to who agenda who, when a believer hears of a loss of pleasure and Allah's mercy, when I mentor janetta, who, at the time of his death and in throughout his belief in life, sorry that were very high. Where we stopped I made a thought in that you have a love and a yearning and a hope and a desire to meet Allah Subhana Allah to Allah ahead, benefit Allah, that I had that for your head below who you are, so therefore Allah begins and desires to love to meet them as well. We're in Calcutta in a semi desert of is that an unbeliever when they hear that there is a punishment of God? What?

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At what Sahaja Whoa, and the anger and the Wrath of Allah is awaiting upon them and this is something they experience in the pangs of their mortality and at the moment of their death. They hate at that moment to return to Allah. But a believer is content with their heart to find a place for the love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was heard by Goliath now I'm bad about the Allahu Allahu describing the people of courage by saying that the unbelievers of porridge were the ones who were meant by Allah in soda to Brahim where he says, Allah Dena Becca Luna Rahmatullah he cooked from what a hollow coma him down on bow out that the unbelievers are the ones who change the

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Lord's blessing upon the city of Mecca to make it a place of Ruin, until it was brought back into the governance of Islam and I will never use I sell them in the eye of the flag of tawheed continued to float above it, may Allah subhanaw taala protect the lens of defeat and return us to it many more times to honorius with a prayer in a myriad of haraam Allahumma amin and a visit to the masjid of our Wu Mohamed Salah LA to us in a number 29 the second last verse of the 30 verse surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, hola hola, Rockman

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men v y la familia de una men who have your holiday movie and continue and say to them yeah, Mohammed Salah live it was lm that Allah is a rock man, hula hula man. He is the rock man. He is the Merciful One, the one who's allowed you this time and this respite to make up your choice and to come closer to faith. The one who's given you an opportunity to change back and to come to the point of truth. He is a man and men nabby he he's the one we believe in. I believe in him. Mohammed's iserlohn declares his faith. Allah says in Salta, Zoomer polini America Nando de la Melissa Nadine will move to an akuna when muslimeen declared that I'm the first to be of those who submit to a loss

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of Hannah Montana and then

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I wonder woman avani I and all of those who follow me have submitted in our surrender to Allah and believe in Him, while he tower Kellner and upon Him we have put all of our reliance fest on this unbelievers will then come to know who it is that is in clear error Is it you, us the believers are those who have chosen a path of immorality, a path of denial, a path of subterfuge, a path of non accountability to the Creator of the heavens and the earth subcontinent winter either.

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This verse indicates how price how precise the earnings in verse number 27 we studied yesterday we recited it today we note that the disbelief leads to failure that to disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala. It's recumbents is that you find loss and you find death, destruction and to be destitute in this I believe leads to that which is opposite to it, which is the mercy of Allah. And therefore you see this perfect symmetry that Allah has established. It is the most merciful Allah, the magnificent, the Gracious Akana with Allah, upon whom the prophets I seldom is encouraged to call out to, to invite his servants to attach themselves to a loss of kind of Allah with greater

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commitment that we become greater slaves and servants of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala says in them and me noon Alina either do care a lawful wedgie that pulu way that truly attiny him as to who said that, imagine, why not to be him yet our collude, that those who are believers, it's a second verse of soulful and fan,

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that those who are believers are those who win the name of Allah is mentioned, their heart is full of fear of not doing what is enough to earn his pleasure. And when his verses, the verses of the Quran are recited, they are they are recited, and they increase their Eman increase in their faith, and it causes them to put their trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to work for that which is pleasing to Him. And therefore the concept of what could becomes introduced in this ayah in a very material way, as to what could means that the heart relies on the loss of content to Allah and not on his creation. That nothing in the creation of Allah is what you put your full trust in. You don't

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put your full trust in your savings, your full trust in your job, your full trust in your health, your full trust in your family, your full trust in your education and your knowledge, your full trust in your trust account, that the trust that you have, that the thing that you believe is the one that will never let you down is what Allah knows of what is to come into your future, and the power that He has for you and I and the domination that he has that can be altered only by our dry and righteous deeds, and only can it be turned away from us with our sinfulness and our immorality. And the greater the belief The greater the knowledge we have in a loss of Hannah with Allah, the

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heavier the fruits are on our branches of faith, and the greater the trust begins to grow between us and Allah. Think of technical as a commitment of trust, where you say, Oh Allah, I trust you. I know my life will not be derailed because you're in control. You and I have made this decision to walk this road towards the path of Allah and Allah is the one who is with us and marry me Allah that Allah in the magical I am with you. Yeah, Mohammed, I'm with you, omo Mohammed through thick and thin health and in an illness and infirmity, happiness and in sorrow. Allah is never hard. If Allah is never distant, Allah is never aware away. Allah is always aware and always with us and always

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present with his knowledge and his power and his ability. What law who

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Ronnie Yun Hamid Allah is the one who is without need, and when tuned for hora with a law and we are the ones who are in need of a loss of kind of Allah. Lots of kind of Allah tells us in shorten that either what Allah he fits our schedule, income to move money, so put your trust in Allah if you indeed are believers, and therefore the concept of having to equity is an element of proving our faith. And therefore faith is in the heart part of faith, the first step of it and a man who believe that I believe in Allah so how do I show that a man in the law it's not how you I acknowledge my faith through salah and Liam know how do I show it and demonstrated in the purposes of my life, it

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is through a telecoil through my trust of a lot without to work with a person draws closer to committing ship

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Without without having a law and the one you rely on, you're going to rely on someone else. And the concept of ship we explained it earlier on in our other sessions, we said that the concept of ship is so offensive to a lot because you never make a partner with anyone except you need them. So you have a business partner because you want to spread the risk of the business, or you need to raise capital. So you bring in a partner who you couldn't do what you're going to do without them. Follow Elena, and Mia Anisha Allah is beyond the need to ever be associated with anyone, as he has no limitation. He has nothing that can be without.

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That needs other people's input, evidence and knowledge of power wealth. He is allegedly used to Canada with either a Latina, called an EVO nurse. Notice how Allah subhanaw taala speaks about trust to the prophets I send them especially after the Battle of when there was a loss. Allah subhanho wa Taala says I live in a fallen 11 oneness in that NASA Gemma will let him talk to him. Because that definitely Emad and will call your husband Allah when the men were killed. So kind of like when the hypocrites said to the Sahaba even in the presence of the prophets I seldom indeed the people of courage and nag they didn't just say hello they said and not me at all these people are gathering

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against you have gathered against you, so fear them.

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Show him Aren't you scared to go out and battle Aren't you scared about you know, this onslaught that's about to arrive Farzad to whom he man and no in fact those words embolden the believers because they tell echo number law increase fuzz Attica homie man and the challenge is what increased your faith. May Allah allow us that challenge increases our faith that we become ever more faithful to Allah on account of the challenges we face. So your sickness becomes reason to you Come closer to Allah, it increases your schedule, it increases your decree increases your sphere, your divorce brings you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala you you you find that that the loss of your job is

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something that puts reliance upon you and Allah subhanaw taala that you say I have no one that I can turn to but Allah so I give you this vivid moment in the life of the prophets. I said,

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when the prophets lie Selim was making his raw just Haman Abu Bakr in their cave of power.

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And out there in the cave, the police around it and their feet is at the gateway and Rebecca says to the prophets, I send them your rasulillah so I said let me know and now Navarro enough Danny Himmler owner, listen, you have a love they just look to where their feet are, they would see us I can't believe they don't see us. The prophets. I said Lim said from Africa avec Abu Bakr, what do you consider about to Allah who sadly to whom Allah and Allah is their third companion, some kind of went to Allah. Don't be scared, don't be fearful you're telecon with Allah will see you through. Fast forward a couple of years. And it's the day of the battle that evening of the Battle of bed

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that the night of the battle and all night the Prophet spins it with his arms outstretched to the heavens head down Oh, Ebola, my elbow a bit that they saw the whiteness of his his underarms. His hands are so high that his cloak fell off his body some a lot who it would send him and all his dog. He repeats over law if we are defeated, who will worship Allah and Abu Bakr he now is the one who comes and says oh messenger of Allah, Allah will not disgrace your love will not humiliate you Allah will give you victory against these unbelievers who have come in this aggression. What is the difference between Abu Mohammed Sai Selim in the cave, and on the day of better? Well the difference

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is that he seeks to demonstrate to us to what could that you and I when we are alone, we should always put our trust in greater affair with a lot when you're surrounded when you're cornered when you're in the cave when the world is crashing in when you are barefoot and destitute. And when you're standing before a lot as a beggar and your heart is bare. And you've asked the Lord to make your heart bear rubbish, really sorry, and you have nowhere to turn to but Allah put your telecoil in Allah has at home he manna, it increases your faith.

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On the day of better the prophecies, he has an army and he's has a nation. He's leaving living in El Medina. And he's put his trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. But now he's demonstrating his Tibet good, not just in a steady reassurance of heart, but in a demonstration of Iman. So that's the second step of Telecom. The first level of telecom is in your heart. You have a serenity and orderly law. You are content with whatever a law will allow you to be to experience whatever good whatever

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Difficulty all of it is from Allah. So my heart is equally accepting of the color of the laws of kindness.

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But the natural step after it is now I know I want to earn my place with a love.

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And I want to ensure that my words of praise will be heard. My words of Darius will be elevated. So now I begin to demonstrate my thought on my obedience, my consistency in my worship, seeking Allah and that's why you've seen many of us in the times of our difficulty, our dry and our the Quran, our solo watts and durood. Upon the prophets, I said limp increases. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith that is most definitely agreed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said indeed a lot how to Ramallah hoody, and now,

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Allah has made it how ROM prohibited

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for Hellfire to touch or consume men pod and Nat ilaha illAllah.

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In another rewire men con la ilaha illAllah Harless one more listen

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with a sincerity seeking nothing but the face of Allah yep web which Allah seeking the face and the pleasure of a lesser kinda without

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the prophets I seldom has given us assurance that in this life if you have mythical ever run, many man even if it's half of an atom's, wait, have faith that's an agenda manakala La ilaha illallah wa the economy myth Allah Allah Ratan min Eman?

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The whole agenda of the most beautiful Hadith and it's written in the middle of the prophet Isaiah live near his grave. The prophets I said Lim said

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Where do you have a cefa it

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The Ellen cabeza and even

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my chef,

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my plea to Allah my dua on the day of judgment will be consistent for those who have arrived even on that day with the major sins to kind of lost the license. No one is left behind. And therefore no woman Marissa, you want my destruction and those who are with me lol Rahim Allah Allah may give us his mercy and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for his mercy, I love them. I mean, Oh Allah, we turn to you submitting our face to you submitting ourselves to you in firmness of faith in you placing our trust in you, our love, we turn to you in repentance and we turn to you seeking protection from our enemies and that they may be content in our insult. We ask you your hammer,

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right? I mean, to grant us your judgment in our favor and to plan for us and not against us. And to grant us yeah, Allah, your forgiveness and expiation of our sins of those that we have committed in the past and what we would ever do in the future. We asked you Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us the sins that we commit secretly and that which we do openly. And we ask you to make us from those who witness the Kadima of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as the last words that we depart with from this life. We pray that you gather us with our Navy, Mohammed Sall, Allahu Allah, you are sending them in the highest levels of jedna that you established for us a reliance

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upon you that turns us away from relying upon all others. Holy, holy man, say to them, remind them that he is a rock man, Allah is the Merciful One. Yeah, Allah.

00:33:38--> 00:34:21

Allah hit our kalna M and V we believe in him. We've shown our conviction in our worship, and that is translated into the action of telecoil. It's an action of the heart. It's a statement of the tongue and it's a behavior of the body so to what cool is the three levels in my heart I have a little contentment that Allah will never do to me that which is worse than what I am deserving of. The loss of Hannah Tyler's Mercy is found in all of the affairs of in our life, even if there has been a loss of life somehow now with Anna. Number two fez, Allah Muna men who have you been early moving eventually everyone will know where the truth lies, where the truth is, what is right from

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

what is wrong, who is right and who is not. And where we are seeking our end with Allah subhana wa Tada. Finally, the last if that we will continue next week and chatline we introduced today in our final session and recap will be next week at this time in sha Allah, Allah write to me Allah Subhana ocho Mahavira, familia de can be met in Maine. A lot never centers our attention just to the effort of it tells us to look even to the luxuries of this life. Have you considered if your washer was to sink down below into the earth and you weren't able to access any fresh water

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Then who would bring you water in its place? A lot. Hold on to the hi let me mail also kinda went to Allah grant us his comfort and his blessing and his forgiveness and he allow us to be from those who repent to him before our return and to honor us with the completion of the surah and the study of more verses of the Bible and that we are able to practice them in our privacy in public life. Well, suddenly, definitely, Selim was into abetik LSA Ed Now have you been in whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira so kinda long mobium decrescendo Allah either and I started okay what Eli was, said Mr equal to lie he