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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Sall Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah, Who else have you here? Woman, whatever. So let's continue in shout Allahu taala with our Tafseer of Sudeten Allah and we are on verse number 66. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, what in nela config anomala ebara. Now this is where I got today's title of today's episode, that indeed, in cattle, there is a bottle. A bottle is a word that is used to describe reflection and pondering. So Allah is saying that in cattle and cows and sheeps and goats, there is many lessons points of reflection, but also means that you reflect to the point where tears come

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across your cheek. And it's amazing. Now, the first way to understand this, you might be thinking, well, that's kind of weird. How does a cow just make me cry, or cattle make me cry, and think about a lot in that way to get that emotional. We'll put it into context, you have to remember that in the desert, the most important thing, the most important thing for anyone who lives in the desert is water. So the cattle was able to provide something for the Arabs at that time, and even till this day to drink, especially the Bedouins. And so in context for that individual. When they had access to capital A during the time of the Prophet Ali's salt was to them and they were able to milk the

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cow and gain get a drink from it a refreshing drink a cooling drink, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, that's great a bottle in there. And so the next time you see a cow, and you see and you and you realize just all of the things that you enjoy, and that you benefit from consuming and drinking, the milk, and all of the things that milk comes with, like we all know about the vitamins we all know about the nutritional aspects and the benefits of drinking milk. I mean, there's so many commercials about milk does a body good, but just in animals in general. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to reflect upon, is that these animals produce these things for you and I buy a luz will

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like so look what's going to happen in the A it's going to explain it even further. And it's just it's absolutely beautiful to reflect on newspaper MyMathLab books feeble Tony, so you quench your thirst from what comes out of the stomach of this animal. But look what Alexis McBain he fought a thing what demin Leben and Holly or sunset yo holla Shetty being between the feces and the blood of that animal. If you cut open a cow, you're not gonna see any milk there. But you know how the process works. I mean, I've never milked a cow. But for those of you who have, I mean, you do this and all of a sudden, this beautiful, tasty, refreshing drink with all of the energy and vitamins

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that we need, comes out of this animal. And Allah says, set a Holly Sherry beam, set your holy Sherry beam is that when you drink it once, you just can't get enough. And that's how commercials are done. When it comes to selling you the products that come from these animals, is they try to sell you an upsell you as much as you can have the benefits of drinking these things. And Allah tells us in the core end, that these are all points of a Buddha, deep reflection to the point where you are so in gratitude to Allah subhana wa Taala that he provided these animals for you that you're able to benefit from in this particular way. Well, I mean, some are out in the field. So now we go

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from the animal. So just look what's happened. And this is one of the beautiful things about suta Tannahill, it helps to believe or reflect on all the things around you, that you normally would ignore or take for granted. So you take a moment and this is why the state of the believer living in this world is so different from anywhere else and any person. It's different for the believer, you can take and make something out of absolutely nothing. You could look up at the sky. And you just look at the sky and you see an A of Allah, you can look at the clouds and that reminds you of Allah. You can look at a cattle, you go to the zoo, you go to the farm, you just look at sheeps running

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around it reminds you of Allah, now these animals become the killed for you with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's how you start to train the heart and the mind that you reflect on and you're thinking about Allah all the time. Then Allah continues. Now he's going to talk about women thammarat in the hill, from the fruits of trees, the date palm trees, so the dates that we get, well Arnab and grapes to tell you though, and I mean who set out or you get from this a sweet drink cecotto It doesn't just mean homage or wine. It also means sweet drink. So from the

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grapes and from the dates, there's a sweet taste that comes from it. And what is unhappiness and overall just provision that is beautiful and and beneficial to the believer in the field, then the killer area to laponia payload. That is indeed an A A from Allah for those who take the time and ponder yakkety loan from Apple, you use your intelligence, you just think for a moment, this thing. And here's the thing, guys, anybody, any one of you that like to do gardening every year during the summer, and you plant your vegetables and fruits and things like that in the backyard, or wherever you do that. It is an absolute miracle of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I was just like, looking at

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this just the other day, that you take this tiny little seed of whatever vegetable it's supposed to be or fruit it's supposed to be, and you place it in dirt, a place where you would never go and find something to eat, you would never go and start digging the dirt and looking for food. But you place this seed at the bottom of this dirt. And then on top of that you bury it and you leave it there. I mean, there is nothing outside that we would do that we would want to consume and eat by putting it in the dirt and burying it and leaving it for some time then taking it out and just start eating it. We don't do that. So it starts off with the complete opposite process. So you put this stuff into

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dirt, then you nurture it, you water it to take care of it, then all of a sudden, this plant starts to sprout. And the plant itself, you don't even need it, you don't just start biting or just because you see a green plant coming out of the ground, you pick it up and you start eating it. And then all of a sudden, there's this tiny little green vegetable or green fruit that starts to pop out, you know, a little tomato, a little cucumber, and you're looking at this, and all of a sudden it starts to change color. And then it starts to look ripened. And you pick it and when you cut it open, and it's all subpanel I don't know how else to say it is just an absolute miracle and a point of

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reflection, particularly for the believer, don't take fruits, vegetables, animals for granted, these are all a yet of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's nothing that no matter how much scientist biologist, environmentalist you name, it can say about the process of how plants grow, that at the end of the day, that process still has to work. And that process that to you know, the right temperature has to be there, particularly, you know, certain types of dirt and soil has to be used. You know, if you all of a sudden one day, let's just say you throw something in there that shouldn't be in the ground, you throws you know, some chemical, you throw Coke, you slow something that the

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plant if it ever absorbs it, it will die. It still has a very specific process that it needs to follow in order for it to sprout in order for you to achieve the goals behind what you're trying to get whatever plants, whatever vegetables, whatever you're trying to do. That still has to work. And that process is what we reflect on the most. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says lakonia you don't take the time and just look at your garden and just be like man Subhana Allah there yet and Vicar of Allah all around me. Then a lot continues and here is where the sorta got its name from. Well held a book at Elon naturally and it taught me the immunology barely Buta wamena szegedi woman maybe it

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should, Allah inspired the master he has inspired in the B. And it tells me the mean LG barely boo 10 that they take mountains, and they build their homes there. You know, if you get a chance, go on YouTube, and type in

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honey from Nepal, and see how the workers have to climb a mountain and get some of the rarest, sweetest and most beneficial honey in the world. And just look at the process. And remember this verse, that Allah subhanaw taala like these animals, these insects built these massive homes at the edge of the mountain so that no one can access this. And these poor workers have to tie ropes build special ladders out of rope tied around trees and branches that are nearby and climate to pick the honeycomb. let it drop to the ground. Hopefully they don't get stung at least you know and be as safe as possible, then come back down. It takes hours to do this. Just to get something out of it

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just to get that honey. The point is, is that you looked at these massive beehives, and this area should come to mind. You see what's happening, what's sort of the natural is doing its training the heart and the mind that the little things around you. They are all Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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metalogix Bella bouqs wamena szegedi

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And even trees. Now that's what I'm going to show you today, when we're done this video, I'm not going to stop it, just stay with me, I'm going to walk downstairs outside my house. Now it's actually a wasp nest. But for some reason, there are hundreds of bees that come in and out of this nest as well. So I don't know if we're going to see the actual bees. But I just want you to visually appreciate that the wasp, the bee, look, we'll just look at how they build their homes. And I'm going to point out certain things about how they built their home by the street right in front of my house here. So I'll show you that in a minute. And some other things. And by the way, I tried

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catching a bee yesterday, I didn't realize how dangerous that was. That is that is not a safe thing to do for yourself. And even for the be, you know, somebody in the comments section and one of the earlier episodes told me that bees have like a very short lifespan if they're restricted, so you got to make sure that whatever you want to do with it, it's got to be done quick, if you want to release it alive. I didn't want to take any chances with any of that. And but for more so I don't even know if I'm allergic to a sting. I've been stung once. I think when I was a kid, it was a painful experience. And all of that started to come back to me when I'm looking at these bees and I'm trying

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my best to throw a towel over one and capture it and put it in a little container. And I said, You know what, I don't think I'm going to bother these guys. So we won't catch a B but I'll definitely show you some things outside in sha Allah, then Allah continues with me my yard issue and here's another place that they build their homes will mimic reality shown. And even the structures that human beings build high tall as mountains and trees. So you know, those skyscrapers, exterminator still have to go in there to do what to get rid of Venus and beehives that are just, you know, plucked in all corners outside the building, they have to go and remove that stuff. So subpanel love

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and all of this stuff is captured in this area. So again, when you're walking downtown, you look at these big, massive skyscrapers and all of a sudden you see a group of bees just floating around. Remember this verse, Allah captured that. These are the kinds of verses that prove that Allah is real, and that this poor n is the word of God subhanho wa Taala from the kulemin, coolly thammarat then you eat from all of these fruits Fest, Suki superlotto Aikido Lula, and the B takes a very specific path that has been ordained by Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is amazing, you know, I was reading that you ever notice when bees are flying, that they they never seem to be flying one

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direction, they're always kind of moving around, and they'll go in circles, then they'll come back and and we'll hopefully we'll try to show you some of that outside at least with the wasp. And hopefully there are bees there as well. But you see them they're always just moving all over the place. Right? This a is teaching us and scientists have also like there are tons of studies, National Geographic videos, you can look at, the bees actually fly in accordance to the wind, that its direction and the strength of that wind. So they are constantly adjusting their flight path, the speed of their wings and their direction, based on how the wind makes contact with them. And I

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thought to myself, some Han Allah, Allah is saying all of that direction is from and that engineering in terms of its flight path and how it's constantly adjusting. Those are all as of a law.

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So yes, the next time you see bees flying, first of all, be careful. But just take a quick second and just observe how they fly. And the directions that they move. And all of that is the Thessaloniki, so well out of the kids alula they literally fly in accordance to how Allah wants them to fly, and the direction that they go. So from a spiritual sense that you can appreciate, obviously, I'm sure scientists, biologists, etc, all will talk about these flight paths and how they work and why the bees do this, maybe to conserve energy and things like that. But again, that process, it still has to work and it works by Alice permission. Unbelievable. And then we continue.

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Were my Yahoo, Yahoo, jumonville Tony hotshot, Robin multileaf and then you can extract from their stomachs. And I mean, amazing. If you've ever watched that cartoon, the B

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is the movie The B, just watch it and see the process and see what happens at the end of the movie. I mean, there's a lot of a lot of a lot in that movie as well. And the point is, you know, this B has to go through that process. It has to go to that flower gather some of its nectar carry it on its back, you know on its tiny little furs, get back to the hive, extracted and from its stomach comes to sweet

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Drink and even medicine and that we all benefit from multileaf an albino it comes in different textures and colors fee she fat worldliness. In it, there is cure for mankind in a fee Valley killer area to la comida Kyoto and this is an A for those who take the time to reflect, to go into deep reflection.

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Yes, my brothers and sisters when next time you go to the grocery store, you pick up a bottle of honey, just stare at it for a few seconds. stare at it. And look at just where this came from, how it came from. Look at the process that Alice panatela created this tiny little insect that none of us want near us for obvious reasons. But the point is, is that this insect, it's so miniscule, yet it's building its homes on the tallest, biggest, strongest structures on the planet. You know, the wealthiest people, the most powerful men and women would build their mansions on top of mountains, and a lot created this tiny little miniscule insect to build it on the mountain as well on these

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trees, places that are extremely difficult for human beings to build anything. And so a large so a job helps us to appreciate the little things in life. And finally, the last verse and then we'll go outside. Well, lo ha la familia Toa falcom, Allah created you and then he will cause you to die. You see what's just happened here. Now the theme switched again. So we're done with the be conversation for now. Now Alesis I created you and I will cause you to die. So yes, when you do take the time and you look at these bees, and you look at all the things that you benefit from them and all these around you and all of these reminders, etc. Don't forget yourself. You Allah created you as well.

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Just like he created the bee, just like how he created the cattle just how he created the skies. All of this created you as well.

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For me to affect me You're also going to pass away you also come with an end woman called my euro do Ella auditor leader Omar Li Kayla Yeah, lm a better there element che. And eventually, I told you this in a previous as well. This a that from amongst you, you will be returned out of that electromotor just like you know the days when you were young and you were a child the Kayla Yeah, lemme bartering dementia, to the point where you start losing your memory and you don't know anything anymore, your memory starts to fade, just like a baby that couldn't develop its memory. So you start going back into that same cycle and you can stop it no matter what you do. You know,

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sometimes I sit with great scholars and show you from around the world wherever I can meet them. And I remember many, many times when I was in Medina, I would be sitting with some of these older, older Xu, you know, one time right beside me. And I would ask a question. And when I asked this ship, great, great scholar with an ocean of knowledge. And I would ask them a question. Then they would ask me, What's my name? Where am I from? Right? And then I would just, you know, say my name was Muslim from Toronto and Canada, etc, etc. When the ship finishes explaining gives me a detailed answer of a question that he'll ask me again. He does one shift, he asked me again, did you say your

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name was? Where are you from? says okay. And he goes, did I answer your question? And I just said, so panela. With all that knowledge, this a is still alive in true. You know, we've literally I remember this, we sat I think for about 10 minutes, I told them my name and where I was from in the beginning, he answered my question, then he asked me again. And so that process, that's what's captured in this verse, you're just gonna, you're gonna find yourself as you age. And I'm can testify to this 100% of all a lot of you can as well. You'll just start forgetting things. And you don't know why. You feel like you can remember them. Remember it until you don't. I've got two kids

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and 99% of the time one of them. My daughter is your surah. My son is Yousef, I can tell you 99% of time I'll look at use of and be like, yo, Sir, come here. I'll look at your server, the use of come here I will use use photo, and I've only got two and I still can, you know, I'm still mixing up their names half the time. And this just started coming and started happening over over the last few years. So it's inevitable and aluk includes

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in the law Halima Kadir, what a beautiful way to end this off. Allah is the one that has complete knowledge and control over all things we just talked about bees, animals, the sky, etc. Allah has control over all things. We're talking about losing our memory losing knowledge Alissa's, I have complete knowledge over all things. Let's go outside guys, so stay with me.

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I'm going to unplug my microphone.

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And I'm going to turn.

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Okay, so let's go outside.

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Do you guys can stare my chin.

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Okay, walking outside guys

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want to show you?

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What's out there?

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So I'm going to some standing outside. And I'm going to show you let me

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see how I can reverse this camera?

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Oh, here we go.

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There are guys.

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So I don't know if you can see it.

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But it's right there.

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Now that nest

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let me just see if I can get a little closer. It's really busy By the way, it's a very busy nest. And what's happened is that there are security, bees and wasps all here, all around here.

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There are literally maybe 100 or 200 of them surrounding and they're all hiding within these branches. So I'm not going to get any closer. Okay, there you see one. And it did they have they have two entrances. So one entrance entrances on the right. And then they have another entrance at the bottom, which is an escape route. And they just working they're working 24 hours a day in and out flying doing God knows what. So that's the first thing now this is a pretty big tree I have in front of my house.

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So here it is wamena szegedi, we may have already shown. So here is the tree. Now here's the second thing that I want you to see is that look at how they structured their house, their home. They poked it in between the branches. So what happens is that when it's raining, none of the rain touches this house. Not Not a single drop. There was a storm just last week, and it was so windy, there was things flying all over the place. And this was still 100% intact. Now a couple days ago. Let me see if I can show you from a different angle

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A couple of days ago, right there, hold on all that right there. Where my fingers fingers are pointing right there. There was a massive gap like it got damaged somehow. And I saw this late afternoon, by late afternoon. So just before the evening was over. So I would say maybe after two or three hours a massive hole was there. In about two hours. It was 100% repaired. It was like there was nothing wrong with it. I can still see some of the bees working on it. But it's as if nothing was wrong. They worked at it literally 24 hours, non stop, they just kept attacking the problem and they sorted it out. Now last thing that I want to show you guys

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if we can see

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any of them okay, I don't see it. It's pretty windy out there outside right now. So I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I wanted you to see I don't know if you can see there is one out there. There's another one up there as well. They're kind of scouring all around, it probably can smell. There's some dude here standing near our home. So let's keep an eye on him. But I wanted you to just see a bit of their flight path how they were moving around, but at least you have an idea guys.

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Again, I'm not going to get too close because there are literally hundreds of bees all hiding within the leaves in the branches of this tree. So that's all I wanted to share with you guys.

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And I hope you can appreciate that you can appreciate these verses. And I'm gonna go back inside now okay, because I get very nervous coming around this. What I will do in sha Allah is that once they leave they will be leaving

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maybe in about a couple more weeks when it gets really cool all their babies and whatever is going on inside that hive is going to be done with I'm going to take that down and I'll cut it open and so that you guys can see it because they will abandon it and next year they start doing the process all over again. So I will pull it down and we'll take a look inside and appreciate a whole nother miracle at a whole nother level inshallah, does that come a level heighten Enjoy your tomorrow on that line. So Joe bless you as salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh