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Amal Kumar from

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one in number?

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to see you

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are we

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in Al Hamdulillah Hina meadow who want to stay in the home when I stopped Pharaoh when our villa him Sharon fusina Women say yeah Dr. Medina, Mejia Hilah Mobley lead of woman up Fela Hardy

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why shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa

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Cherie color why shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Yeah, you are levena taku la partie Well, Atomo tuna in our two Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA Taku dokumen levy halacha coming up su wa ADA Wirkkala coming has Jaha wobba Semin humeri Jalan Kathy Euro one Isa, what's up la Levita

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NaVi one

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in the law can be bad. Yeah, you Alladhina

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Olin sadita your

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One woman yoga in

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Suffolk says I was in Alima about always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers upon our EBU Mohamed Salah la hottie he was alum, we justify that none is worthy of worship but Allah azza wa jal and that I want to be so Lola Adi he was seldom is worshipping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself in you have Taqwa Lhasa gel, my praise Allah Subhana. Allah to Allah inherits, and you and I have a greater love for him. See your of him and hope in his unending merci SubhanaHu wa Tada. It's a pleasure and I'm doing now that we have an opportunity to be blessed by the day of tomorrow.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, how you young men that the best of days of Loafie Shams that the sun rises upon is the day of July. It is the day that Allah created Adam, the day Adam was entered into this earth. It is the day of our return on the day of judgment. And it is the day where we will be gathered with the company of the righteous on the day of the Yama Allah home. I mean,

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I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sends his choices blessings upon our EBU Mohamed Salah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that he makes us from those who love his tradition and Asuna and follow it in our privacy as much as we seek to show it in our public life. Allah whom I mean.

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The word Nia is a very powerful word in the Arabic language. Nia is a world they the word that is familiar to all of us as Muslims, and whether it is the NIA that you make before you fast the month of Ramadan, or in the evenings before the morning rises. Or whether it's Nia as you come now prepared for your sada to worship Allah as solitude, you want an act of devotion in the worship of Allah azza wa jal, the context of Nia has always been for Muslims, something that you have in your heart that prepares you for an action. And therefore one of the weaker translations of the word Nia is that it's referred to in English as intention. But intention doesn't capture the meaning of the

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word as it is meant to be. For those who understand its context and implementation. A better understanding of the word Nia is that it is a strategic plan before an action is committed, that as you came today, in your heart, in your mind, and in the actions that were shocked, or prerequisites for you to sit in front of me in obedience and listening to hope within Jumeirah in preparation of Masada, you did all of these things. Because in your heart, you had one aim one objective, and one plan that you wanted to execute and to act upon which was seeking reward from Allah for fulfilling this action of Riba and worship. And at the same time, seeking protection from Allah for this

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obeying the order to be here for this Salah as Allah has given us a surah in the Quran titled tour of the Jamaat were either No the other Sala teeming Yeoman, Giamatti, decree, law lap, you leave off whether we're evey, or you're bargaining and you're selling and you're buying and you're profiteering for an hour of time to be able to end you sir, the order of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. But I want you to now expand the word media beyond simply the Sharia and religious sense. There are two important layers to the word media, one for the people of Seoul and Sharia, the people of religious law where they discuss it and define it as an intention in the heart that precedes any act of

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worship, seeking the pleasure of Allah. Mania is an intention in your heart, a plan of what you're going to do before you commit the action. Seeking the pleasure of Allah, the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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But that same context becomes very powerful in anything you're going to do in life.

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Nia as being a good parent, a righteous husband,

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a devoted wife, me as being an exceptional engineer, NIA as being a devoted member of a family where maybe there are difficulties between you and your parents or other siblings. Me is something where you think to yourself and placing your heart objectives to attain a goal that is worthy to be strive for. And as such, it's used to discuss our acts of worship with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. My aim in sha Allah in the next five minutes, is to seek to inspire you and I to begin taking plans and strategic moments in our life before we commit

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effort towards anything that we do. Some of our students here Ma sha Allah as we begin in sha Allah Our academic year next Monday. So Pamela sadly, this is our last public hospital Juma for you to join us next week mashallah, I will have my wonderful students seated in front of me 1200 plus students, listening to my foot into Masha magic of the last foot up to get them ready for a full academic year of prosperity and raising their Eman.

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And similar to what I will say to them, I need to say to you today, as a closing of our summer session and an opening of our academic session, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to help us capture our Dnia before our action, and that's why the sun that is so important.

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The sun has already decided for you. Half of everything you need to do has already been given to you. The puppets I already showed you how to pray, you don't need to invent How can I worship Allah? What should I do? What you need to invest yourself in? Is not what am I doing to please Allah? Because the Prophet is the examples I sell them. What you need to focus on, is how do I get my heart, my mind my concern ready to receive the reward of the actions taught to me by Muhammad Sallallahu How do you send them?

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How can I use intention as a battle plan in my life?

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The prophets Allah, Allah Allah, Allah gives advice to the machete King.

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Some of those who disbelieve they used to hear the Quran and love listening to it. But whenever they were alone, it made sense. They heard it, they wanted to believe they were ready to come and step forward and say nothing to love. But then they would sit in a group of 567 people, one person makes a joke, another person makes a comment, and then they become shy and lose their self esteem and lose their self. So Allah says to that person, I will come be Wahida let me give you advice. Oh unbeliever Allah is advising the unbeliever. Let me give you my way. I will be Wahida

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and Taku moolah here. Now before all that you stand and sit aside from others, by yourself or at the most with another. Whenever you need to think about something, it's better for you to internalize it. Be Wahida. Think about it. Sit with somebody who is sure and true and counsel, don't open it up for everyone. And therefore you will see that the best decisions you made in your life were the ones that you made in your heart before you shared it with anyone.

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The best decisions the clearest ones are those where you sat with you in love. And you made your sta Hora and you begin to sing Should I take this should I not Should I marry Should I not should I move? Should I not? Should I take the position should I not you take it in your heart and you don't listen to each and every other person's ramblings because everybody has different perspectives.

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Nia, therefore was meant to be internalized. Some of our students that they begin the academic year, their Ninya is to be the best friend to others, not their studies. So they come to school, the mindset that they have a near I want to be social. Mashallah. So the thing that drives them is I want to be around my friends, that becomes the NIA whatever your knee in your heart is what you will accomplish. And therefore the Hadith of the puppets I sell them he says,

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as it narrated by about

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the Allahu Anhu in Tamil Nadu bail me yet all of your actions that require this intention are based on the plan you have in your heart before the action you do it.

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Everything you will accomplish everything you will do in life, you will accomplish it if it is in your heart. If you're planning to come to school is going to be I want to be social. That's what you're you're going to become a very popular person. If your plan to go to work is I just want to make sure that I move up and it doesn't matter who I hurt who I on who I lie about who I cheat, you will move up

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But for a limited place, if you're planning heart is to be a person who is going to be genuine, even if it means I, I don't know what I don't progress. This is what it will be. Whatever is in your heart, your iman gives it

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and therefore for those of us who are adults, whether we are teachers or parents,

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I want you to look in your heart at this moment and have an honest moment between yourself and Allah.

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What is your plan for your children? What is your plan for your home? What is your plan for yourself? What is your plan for 2020? What is your Nia for what you see? Because enamel amado Binya your actions are evidence of what's in your heart. So if you put in your heart I want in sha Allah. To achieve this goal, it becomes a reality in the existence that you are given by Allah, the power to create with his ability and his your all that what matters shall una, sha Allah and whatever you are going to desire and see, whatever it is that you're going to will for yourself, it is not beyond the knowledge of Allah. It is not beyond what Allah has placed in your heart to see. It is not

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beyond the power of Allah to give you what you did not believe you can have if you just set your Nia and your intent true with Allah subhanho wa Taala I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us happiness and goodness in this life. To protect us from the wristwatch and the wasa was of the Sheltie. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send this light of guidance into our hearts and homes, to set our target and intention rightfully and make us from those who seek good for ourselves and others. Wow to do that, why not and I'm doing here up to the ILM.

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wa Salatu was Salam wa Adam and learn about the Muhammad

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Ali Yakubu sada Teslin Ali Muhammad, he said, Islam is built on three Hadith

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that if we were to lose all of the other Hadith, the 1000s of words spoken by the prophets, I send them but we retained the three statements, then we are able to practice Islam using the Quran correctly. The first Hadith and Imam Ahmed is not the only one who says this, you can look into all of the statements of why

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Ahmed and implementing all of the great Imams of the target, aim and target HIV. All of them itemize these first three IDs, some add to them after they give for some like any moment now when we 40.

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But these three IDs are essential for you and I, the first hadith is that these are very modal. Allah who I know the one we're discussing now in the mL mL Rubini. Yet actions materialize on account of the plan of intention you're having your heart number to the hadith of God shall mean what the Allahu Allah ha the mother of all of us the believers were she said that the prophets I send them he said that the one who brings into our religion, something that I did not teach you. Something that is foreign, that is beta for who it is to be rejected by you stick to my way of life stick to my sooner and the third hadith is the Hadith. Rude alojado by Ian well haram halaal is

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easily recognized, Haram is easily recognized between them are doubtful things but if you stick with what is right and what is wrong, you will always be led to right by Allah subhanaw taala the basis of everything in our faith comes back to those three Hadith in our relationship with Allah and in following the Sunnah of the Prophet sites and

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actions have always been spoken of as objectives of

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physical and statements of the tongue.

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As a Muslim you and I have three important parts that work together to achieve the purpose of the service of Allah. The first is the intent of the soul. The second is the state

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meant of your tongue. And the third is the movements of your body.

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And Imam Al Hassan, he would say Lacell Emmanuel determine Eman faith in your heart is not built on wishful dreams, or of thinking, Oh, I wish this or I wish I was a better Muslim. Sometimes I'll have somebody will say just Yeah, make your art that makes me a better Muslim. Make that I become a better that I pray

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I don't pray mink dry Allah, I save

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the beginning now

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because I'm an if not you can just say I want to be but I wish I wish in sha my go to. And you don't have a savings plan. You're waiting for gold to rain from the sky. I wish my children, my sha Allah can be regular in there so that and you never wake them up for federal. It's just a wish, lays an email, no Bitterman you can just have something in your heart and say, I intend and not commit to the action. And you cannot commit to an action seeking the pleasure of Allah and in your heart you did not want Allah but you wanted something else. You cannot say I Oh, you know I'm going to do this.

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And it's something that should be for Allah subhanho wa Taala but you are concerned with what other people's thoughts what other people's intentions are. In one of the most terrifying Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says to us in no camera Muslim in. In the UK, one

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of the things I fear the most for my nation, my people I should call huffing is that they commit association with me in a minor way, a hidden way where they're not thinking about what they're doing, as it being a dangerous aspect of their faith in life. I do want to share California Rasul Allah so Allah, what is this? He said Mr. Coomer. Roger, an example of it is that a person stands up to you suddenly for you, they you know, so that the Holy my Yarraman never in my life. They stand up to pray to Allah but they notice somebody watching them. So they make their prayer better just because that person is looking at them. They want that person Masha Allah, Almighty Allah.

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Sometimes we teach these things to our own families in the wrong way. Rather than asking, Did you pray us join me for that if you haven't prayed? Changing the context between your children being accountable to you, to them being accountable to Allah becomes the stepping stone for them establishing the learning club. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us run mutal illallah wa Messina who did the only main instruction in everything that relates to their faithful worship of me is that when they commit to me they do it with a cloth seeking me the prophets I seldom said that Allah said about himself and that I'm not sure Katya I'm sure I am the one who is beyond any need to have a

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partner associated with me. Whenever anyone associates with Allah, it means they assume Allah on his own is not enough for us Jelani shabby, Subhana Allah may Allah protect us from any deviance apart. May Allah set our hearts to Allah, our intentions to Allah. May Allah make our Nia in our EVA only for Allah seeking Allah and planning in our worship to follow the Sunnah of the prophets I seldom and may Allah make our plan in our worldly life, for that which is better for ourselves, our homes and family, also seeking Allah and the pleasure of Allah in all that we do. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah opens the hearts of our homes and families and children, to the mobility not

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to that which is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we pray that Allah enters the 2022 academic year upon us here. I mean College, with safety, with security, with comfort, and with excellence and exam Allahumma Amin, we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala favors us and protects us from any downturn in our livelihood. I mean, our health Allah, I mean, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala protects our staff and our students, our parents

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In our teachers, our leaders and our administrators and our assistant and acting principals in that which is good, and turns us all towards him in submission and humility and humbleness, had I was so glad and Habibi Mohamed in Allah however,

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he gotta who you saw Luna Allenby Yeah,

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um and solo. He was Lima Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah rasool Allah Mohammed, and maybe you know me, You Allah. He was, he was sending Allah Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad Ali, he was only ala Nabina Muhammad

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Allah Allah subhana wa sallim wa barik ala CD now whenever

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I mean, Allah Allah Edmond welcome in harsh weather then an Al Al Bella Esau bureau. Allah homeschool now.

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Well Mellado de la Allah mushroom nappy Sumati Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah maharatna Waffen Allah then with the women there are certain are hamara hubby was a local mafia yeah our camera he had that was all he knew was certainly more either Mohamed and me you either he was so happy he was settled in Subhana wa Houma we have indication

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as to who they are

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so da su Dino Atmos

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teleco Humble yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala align your rows make sure that the lines before you are complete

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Allahu Akbar

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along with

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the others

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lot of work

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to be done

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shoot on

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Smilla here watch man you're watching

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Alhamdulillah help me a lot man you're walking by Leakey only the AI cannot do what he cannot study in Austria ah Pauline was stuffy Scirocco Medina and Dolly him

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ah Halim.

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Why money Levine I am Shona halaal all the

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He Luna

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levy nyari to nanopi him so

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welcome Levina oh no not on Donna sorry, fun.

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Nada Cana

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a row

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Fefu Lemnos repu lamea auto worker nabina Haleakala levena Nyah, una Ma Ma Isla has

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to Lunan

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Mr. LeBeau

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Do you know why maybe

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you bought

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Matthew is a low fee Mohana Ilana?

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I know I mean I saw the thought

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You bet the loved

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One levena

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One levena

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Are you new

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miles Sabo why you enough Oh nappy hot

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Hardy nappy ha I soon that was step

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three my that will be coming up

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semi Allah Hamidah

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Melek in

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up so Doron

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Nudgee one

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semi Allah

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Samoa Allah

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Allah Akbar

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I set

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law said my late metal

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stove should have walked so

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get into this

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just a couple of quick announcements in chat law if you haven't scanned in with a scan wa app please do so on your way out in sha Allah for our new parents we look forward to having you with us on Monday your students in shot law joining you. We're sorry that we are not allowing you onto the campus in sha Allah. But as our new students come in through their gates, we will all assemble into our gym here we will have a long assembly with them, explaining to them everything that they need. We hope it will be a wonderful, productive Happy Day and joyous occasion for them all in chat lat You're welcome and chama to continue to bring your books and other things. Up until 3pm Today in sha

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Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a good year alone. Amin was set up on equal automata Allah he overlooked

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symptom testing