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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hill carry about respective brothers elder sisters Ramallah Toma

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the location of die for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a very difficult occasion. It is the most difficult occasion in his life, where I shudder the alarm he asked the message of Allah, what was the most difficult time in your life? The Messenger of Allah said it was the OIC. So she said, was it hard when 70 Sahaba were martyred is a no.

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It was bad if

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when he went to give them Dawa, and they chased him out and they made the earth change and the lowlights of the city pelt him and the Messenger of Allah had no nobody around him to help him. His uncle Abu Talib just passed away. His wife Khadija, the Allah and he had just passed away. So Alanna wanted to console the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that don't worry about what the people of the dunya think about you see what what we in the heavens think about you. So in them I loosely use Allah. After every difficulty, Allah gives many many eases. And this is why we should also have the assume the principle that don't endeavor to make people happy. Because your lose

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your lose.

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Try to make Allah happy, and you will win. Because ultimately, like the mercy of Allah was taken up to the heavens, you and I will leave this dunya and we and you and I will leave everybody behind us.

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Nobody will go into your grave or migrates.

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It's just you and your actions.

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So like the Allah show the message of Allah, look, the people of dunya don't care about you. But look how we regard you similarly, we don't care about what the people are the dummy I think about us, you know, why?

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See all our lives. We endeavor to make people happy. And if you're making them happy, because of making another believer is the greatest action that you can do. But if it just making them happy for the sake of making them happy, irrespective of you're breaking the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They remember all those people that you try to make happy when you leave this dunya all they will say is in nearly lahi we're in the La raggio.

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He came from Allah, we all come from Allah, He came from Allah, and to him he's gone back. That is the only thing

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they will say about you. And as Pamela such amazing statement. Why? Because why endeavor to please those who will have no bearing on your outcome. Even they testified in early learn, he was in LA he raggio

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he came from Allah, and he's gone back to Allah.

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So this occasion, was straight after ife, or shortly after that if the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah He was alone was in the masjid and the narration differ. So there is many narrations on the issue of the SLI mirage. I will just keep it to one narrative a lot going into the esta la faute regarding his alma rod, so the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in the masjid. And the angels come. And Firstly, they split the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and in some generations he was in his home, and the roof opened normally dubray slash Islam would come through the door or some other means, but this time they're actually the ceiling opens and you bridle a slob

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Islam descends and then he's taken to Samsung. And by Samsung, they split his heart and they clean it with the water of Zamzam.

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So, from there, the profit and loss alum on a MOO leash kind of animal. The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam is taken to on the israa Allah says Subhana Allah dslrbooth a de Leyland mineral mush, ROM il masjidul Aqsa Pugh is He

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who took his servant from masjidul AXA to mushy dill Hara.

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Now, this, this issue of the israa and Miraj as always

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It's been an issue of contention for many, many people.

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So Allah say is when this occurred, one of the reasons that Allah allow this to occur to test and many in the time of the Messenger of Allah fell into fitna.

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So the problem is Allah Salaam now comes back.

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He comes back from the Islamic, no Mirage, and the next morning he meets

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no other Abu jihad. Abu Jose sarcastic me. So Mohammed, what's new? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said last night, I traveled from here from Makkah, all the way to Jerusalem. He said, You did that in a portion of war last night? He said, No, it doesn't stop there. After that, I had the mirage. I went to the heavens, I met Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Abu Jihad said,

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Are you ready to tell the people that this happened? As I mentioned, Allah said, Yes. So he gathered the people of Makkah.

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And he said, Tell him, the Messenger of Allah said, last night, I traveled from Makkah. tbaytel mark this. They said, you did that all in a portion of last night? He said, Yes. He said, it doesn't stop there. From there. I went to the heavens. The narration mentioned as some of them began to clap some of the place their hands on their heads, some of them began to slap their thighs. And some who a week in a man

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week in a man. They said, impossible. And they turned away. And Allah mentioned in the Quran, that one of the reasons why Mirage was done to see the Imam of believers that do you have belief in the unseen? Do you really believe what Allah and His little soul are saying? So they said, okay, who's this closest guy?

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So let's go to a boubakeur. Even Abu Bakar won't buy this one.

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So they go to Abu Bakar they rush to Abu Bakar and they said, Oh, you know what your companion saying? He said, What What do you say?

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They said that he say that last night he traveled from masjidul, Accra to Mater McNeese. And then from there, he went to the heavens. And Abu Bakr said, Our Carla donec did he actually say that? They said, Yes. He said, Isn't that he speaking the truth

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is also surprising about that. isn't often I am sitting with him. And zebra he said bye by a love from the heavens to him with revelation. If on occasion Allah wants to take him to the heaven was so surprising after that. It was after this, that he was given the title of Siddiq, Abu Bakar acidic or the

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and this is how Allah test believers when the Eman what's your email like? Do you believe what Allah is saying?

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And is your actions conformed to what you are saying?

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This is what a loss chinks in a believer

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that you're actually Eman strong is your image. The one of the first qualities Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, you may know in a bill of rape, true believers this Quran is

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Allah Xena, yo me may know or believe those who have a belief in the unseen you haven't seen Allah.

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You haven't seen Jenna and Jana, but you believe in Jana and Jana with a firm conviction.

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And Allah says Subhan Allah The Asahi a de la land mineral masjidul haraam illa masjidul Aqsa, why does Allah start with Subhana livi pure is he free from fortune? Allah Subhana Allah has no imperfections.

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Because see, this issue of SLR and Mirage has always been a fitna for people. Even today people say I saw a mirage. He's trying to tell me that he traveled all the way from here to there to the heavens impossible later in one night.

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So Allah the word first word, Allah is pure, perfect. Allah is the one has word no faults, Allah is more powerful than anything around that, you know.

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Allah is the one who can do anything and everything. There is no limit for Allah subhanho wa Taala he let me take it from day to day.

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You have a guy

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who's just benched

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200 kilos. Yeah.

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And you think, but the guy is thin, weak, etc, you will come to the rational conclusion. No way you can do that.

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No way. But then there's another guy he's known.

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You know he can benchpress you know, he's known he's known to pick up big. So according to him you say yeah, he can do it. Of course he can do it.

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Why? Because you have knowledge of that person's strength was the first ones you know he's a weak link, he's weak panela for Allah, who created this from nothing, who can create the entire world to take a person from Makkah to Betamax this one might? Of course I'm not gonna do that. And that's why Allah started Subhana Allah the Astra be a de la ilaha illa Allah, the most important night

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in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah subhanaw taala called him up.

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He doesn't say maybe he didn't call him or soon.

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Why? Because this is a lesson for believers, the highest status that a Muslim can attain is to become the servant of Allah. Allah chooses the peace. Allah chooses it assumes, as far as see if you have anything else. It's humiliation. Yeah, so you are a slave of another person humiliation, the mercy of Allah said

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the dinar may have to do harm the slave of the Delhomme and the dinar, the pound and the penny be destroyed.

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It's a disgrace. But when you become the servant of Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, there is no highest status. And that's why Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah de Bie Abdi Leyland, Allah uses the word lay land it isn't for those who know Arabic He uses it Nick Cara timekeeper, which means a small portion of the night, not even the whole night. small portion of the night Allah took him from Makkah tbaytel mcnees to the heavens, and he returned back home, just a small portion of the night.

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Milan mochila, AXA Allah, Masha hanami Lal Masjid Al Aqsa so the problem is he was taken away

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from Makkah to masjidul. Why?

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Because of the importance of machine locks

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because Allah wanted to show the century ality of machine the Aqsa, Allah wanted to men show to us what masjidul AXA is one that part of the world is serpin Allah

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this week is known as the National accent week.

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People all over the world are giving talks, remembering must chill oxa Why? Because there was a reason that Allah took the Messenger of Allah on his most important night of his life. He didn't take him anywhere else. He didn't even take him to Medina. He took him to Masjid Al Aqsa to show to the believers the importance of Marcela Aqsa Mecca, Medina and then machelle AXA the most important and this is why we can never ever forget the importance of muscle AXA,

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the professor Lola Ricci machine, he ties

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the buraq and he goes in now I want you to honestly imagine this, just imagine this envisage this

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he goes into the mochila AXA and then he leads this Allah

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La ilaha illa Allah we're gonna brace the lawsuit. Yeah. So the moms are gonna stand up, he's gonna look around and lo these gaps, you're gonna say straighten yourselves. And he's gonna see this brother, this brother, this brother, this brother, and all of you.

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The Messenger of Allah stands on Amazon lady looks behind him.

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Normally when he would look behind him, he would see Abubakar Omar Osman Ali, Abu.

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Roddy, Allah I'm home, you know, the great Sahaba

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imagine this Allah Allah ilaha illa Allah. Today he turned around and he looks

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and this is Ibrahim Elisa.

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This is Adam

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says use of you see so a man

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This is Jonas. He sees all those via those that we don't even know the name according to many narrations over 100,000

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there is no place on the face of this earth, Earth where a more holiest Salah has ever been prayed.

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There is no place on the face of this earth, that every step that you take every single step that you take, you will be walking with a minute be prayed Lh salatu salam

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and this is why Mashallah AXA hold some every important status in response.

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You know, people you look at your leaders today.

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And you see one after the other, they selling out the Palestinians, one after the other one after the other. And you stand here in Birmingham music

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can I do?

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What difference can I make? All these leaders are normalizing relationships at the expense of the human rights of the of the Palestinians normalizing rights with apartheid state normalizing rights over that place which is the third holiest place Mashallah AXA and the truth is that you and I starting Well, there's nothing I can do.

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Now there's always something you can do. The minimum you can do the minimum you can do is make duar

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The problem is Allah Salaam said when a person doesn't see a monk good and evil as an even though they have full ima there is no Eman which less than that.

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There is no Eman less than that. And this is not this is not this is the issue of oma, you know many places in the world. Believe will be oppressed. You come over look at the Burmese you look at Congo you look at this place you look at that place. But why this has a different essence is because it not only is the oppression of the believers is these believers have stood fast, steadfast for 70 years, but it also has a very religious dynamic to it. That is much.

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And this is why

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even even you never ever hear a karate for the rest of your life. ever mentioned mushy luxa ever mentioned Jerusalem ever again. It's still your obligation to have a feel for it, because Allah and is the soul of enjoyment.

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If you look into history, and this is not detracting anything away from the Arabs, but if you look into history, many of those who had the greatest figure for masjidul acsa weren't Arabs.

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So our Deen was occurred.

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His teacher knew the zinc key was Turkish nurudeen zinc he had searched the favor they would have been no Salahuddin is no neutral deeds in key what was occurred. One was a Turk.

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No Rudy made a pulpit within his lifetime he made a large pulpit he said the day I conquer masjidul Today we take a call back from the Crusaders. This pulpit I am going to place in Mashallah

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no deal passes away his dream is not fulfilled. But he prepared Salahuddin

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Salah who then takes Mashallah AXA.

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And when he takes mushy the Luxor What does he do? He remembers the pulpit of his teacher in Damascus in Sham

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any sense for the pulpit of his teacher. And that pulpit is placed in the masjid

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and the Juma hookah is given on the pulpit of noodle the linky Rahmatullah.

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The only place

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the only place

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for me is over 10 years of as a leaf, we all

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left the hay jars and traveled

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why because Omar wanted to know more the famous da Allah give me Shahada in Medina, give me a give me give me death in Medina give me Shahada in your path.

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So he wanted to stay in Medina because he wanted to be more he wanted to die in Medina but he also wanted martyrdom and this is why he didn't want to leave Medina but the only time Omar left and went all the way

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to baitul muck lists to pick up the key for machine will only time

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because AXA is central to our belief.

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And this is why brothers

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you know when you see the many of the people and this is leading the general public love machine doxa and I'm telling you because I've driven I've driven for those who know all the way from here from Birmingham all the way to Gaza, to the entirety of North Africa to go to Gaza, on the convoy and the and the people he you know we sometimes look at the leaders that within the people are like the leader know the people are not like deleted one life they would stop us they would throw things in our vans while reposit cakes everything they would empty the children he would go into the shops

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this oma you know they say they say often say that leaders are reflective of the oma

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not a full case.

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And therefore we should never get disheartened from these people. Tickle a yamo no Dobby Robaina Nast, these are the days Allah says we rotate amongst people.

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Today your high tomorrow your low. Today is out to your hands tomorrow will be in our hands.

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So we've never become this wondered. But remember, remember, we have an obligation

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to marshal AXA. We have a great, great obligation to the Palestinians. Why?

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Because they have been defending mochila AXA for the last 70 years. And you cannot appreciate my words unless you go there.

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I don't think there's any other people on the face of this. Whose best

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who would have the same zeal after 70 years.

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The world has disowned you. The world does. Kay

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you've been minced?

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But still so Pamela you're standing and fulfilling the firday key fire on behalf of this

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so my apologies I know was meant to speak on a server This is part of the salami Raj inshallah we will carry on for the next couple of weeks. Insha Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala. makers people have strong Eman may last $1 give us a strong belief in the rape. Like is that a mirage? May Allah Spano tala elevate the status of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We are lost $1 return and properly returned Michelle Xi into the hands of the believers were lost $1 make many people amongst those who have the same flicker of people like Salah Hadid Baraka, Luffy commsec Latina salaam aleikum wa