Yahya Ibrahim – Road To Return #39 – It’s Just a Joke

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of words like " ridiculing or harming" to indicate disrespect or weakness. They also criticize actions taken by others, such as " ridiculing" and "montage at the water" to indicate disrespect or weakness. The speaker warns of the consequences of these actions and reminds individuals to be careful with what they say and speak about others.
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I was just joking. Can you take a joke? So Pamela that's about to cross a line of transgression between you and a loss of Hannah who was Adam.

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Being insulting riling up others trying to be funny and bullying others is not ever the character of a believer. Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam defines men Solomon Muslim Muna, mainly Sani he were the is who other Muslims are safe from their tongue, and their hand will mortman men me now who knows who I am why only him for unforeseen and a believer is all of humanity, not just Muslims are safe from them from the believer taking of their property or harming their person. And therefore there's no such a thing. I was just joking if it means that you've demeaned, put down ridiculed or hurt someone the prophets I send him used to endure that same behavior way that model

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Ruby him yet Allah mazoon when we should, again would walk by or the Muslims would walk by the machine again, they would nudge each other way at the heart mazoon and tell jokes. In fact, Allah condemns and sort of the tober a group of people who were sitting and they were ridiculing some of the behaviors and the attitudes of the prophets, I send them in the Sahaba. And they said in them couldn't and who do and we were just having fun and we were just enjoying ourselves. It was just a joke on messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah says wonderful to call you kennametal Cove. In fact, they had said a statement that made them unbelievers because they use

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those words in characterization, even if they claim it was just a joke. Words matter. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us in that authentic hadith. In the Roger later can the mobile kalama an individual might speak a word. Now you'll see Lucha Bella, they may not pay attention to its significance for towie illa now, and it will drag him down into the depth of hellfire. The prophets I send them ordered us to be very guarding of our tongue, to be careful what we say and how we speak about others and how we make other people feel. See, it's important to say these words to ourself, how would I feel if people treated me that way? How would it feel if I was the butt of the

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joke? How would I feel if I was the one single doubt? How would I feel if there was a group of other people who mock me or jeered at me? How would I feel if others were chatting about me in a secret chat? How would I feel if people posted though things about me and I came to discover them later when I came to school? How would I feel if people said it was just a joke? Can't you take a joke? No, that that's an act of transgression, you have to be careful and it is a sin before Allah Subhana Allah that you make an individual feel uncomfortable or to ridicule their creation or the how they look or how they appear, how they speak or how they talk, even if it is meant to be something that

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is retelling the truth. One day the prophets I send them was sitting with his wife, he Chateau de La Hoya Anna and she used to have a little bit of jealousy with another one of the wives of the Prophet I sell them Sophie yardi, Allah Anna, and Sophie was a little bit shorter than the rest, and she was walking at the distance. And I showed her the aligner she said, O Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah Sophia, a messenger of Allah. Do you see Sophia over there has her cat there were clever. Look how short she is. And at that moment, the prophet lowered his head and his face grew dark with anger. And he turned to our shadow the Allah on her, and he said to her, yeah, Aisha inequality Kelly

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mattone la musi jet FEMA in Buhari lemmas jet. I say you've spoken a word that if it was to be dipped in an ocean, it would pollute it. It's just a joke is not good enough. It's not acceptable. You need to be careful with what you say and how you speak about other people. You need to be careful with what you joke about and never, ever be systematic in targeting and bullying others. Bullying is a behavior that was experienced by the prophets I seldom and would never be experienced by being given from the prophet or those who believe in him. Peace and blessings be upon him. May Allah protect us from ever making another person feel uncomfortable or shamed or hurt as a count

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account of our behavior. Allahumma amin

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