Yahya Ibrahim – Righteousness that leads to Hell & Sins that lead to Jannah

Yahya Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Hamza Shekar in WA Salatu was Salam ala ZD mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Mohammed Impaler welline well suddenly we're selling Moses barik ala Sayidina when Amina Mohammed Salim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad in film Allah Allah Allah Allah Rahim Allah Allah Namah, Johanna Mina and Avi him with a kidney I mean who man who Sina? Yeah or hammer rock. I mean, we always begin with the praise of Allah. We send our salutations our greetings benedictions and prayers upon our

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah blesses us with this admission to Him alone, with an intent of love and fear and hope in Him. That leads us to a greater consciousness and piety and tequila, that Allah Subhana Allah makes that which is in our privacy and private life of greater worth to us, than what we seek to show each other and dramatize publicly a lot more. I mean, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah guides you and I to a Serato stuck in the multi modality, the path, the way the tradition, the sooner of our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those who tread upon its path after him until the Day of Judgment is to

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arrive. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us from those whose words and deeds are of great worth in our scales on the Day of Judgment, that Allah protects us from the sinfulness of our own souls and the beckoning of its evil, that Allah subhanho wa Taala elevates you and I and heals us and cures us and protects our homes and our families, that we become moms for the Muslims and the believers and humanity until the day of judgment in our conduct in our behavior and in our submission to him alone. I mean, it's your brother. Yeah, hi, Brahim coming to you all the way live from Australia and I'm honored to be sharing this platform, even though it's virtually and I pray

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that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to connect to our hearts even though we are not connected physically, that our love connects our purpose and and our intent. How we do for each other bizarre little naive without each other knowing and ask Allah subhana wa tada to all of those of you who are watching in your

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mobile phones in your homes on your desktops, listening to it as a podcast later, that also kinda went to Allah showers his guidance upon you fills your homes with the light of your prayers to him, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protects our children, so that they can become the standard bearers and the Imams to guidance into the future into the times of tribulation that are arriving and setting upon us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant to success and ease allotment I mean, my discussion with you today In short, Lafayette row gelatins area in a quick paced discussion is about righteousness that leads to * and sinfulness that leads to paradise. And I want you to consider

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this paradoxical statement righteousness that leads to *, but sinfulness that leads to Jenna and paradise. Let's begin Of course with the famous hadith of r&b Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot over Imam Muslim and Abu hurayrah Timothy Allahu anhu that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said our lumen tusshar will be human now of the first qualities the first types the first categories of people who will loss of hanahan went to Allah will Kindle blaze over Hellfire upon them. The first type of people from our nation, our oma our tradition of those who followed the prophets I send them who will be punished by Allah and that Hellfire will blaze upon them are three

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important categories The first of them, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from all three or Julian Atta, hula, hula in and then an individual whom Allah blessed with knowledge to eliminate email Allah, he acquired the ability to study it was given the luxury of learning the finer details of faith. And then I given a platform to teach it unto others to eliminate him he acquired and he taught and that's a very important step you know even even in the condemnation of the Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah has set as the prophets I seldom mentioned the precedence of knowledge in MLA movie dalem that knowledge can only be acquired through seeking it. One who is a false claimant of

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knowledge is something very different to those who are actually knowledgeable who studied and then convey the tradition even if it's for an ulterior sinful purpose as we will soon see that eliminated

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Why lemma

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and Wakata Al Quran and became a master of the vocalization of the reading of the Quran? Notice the word that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses Cora Al Quran that he becomes a person who reads the Bible and it's something that's read by him in public heard studied with him at the hula hooyo middle class gamma fo TV Haile Mariam, Allah subhanaw taala will summon that he'd be brought forward on the Day of Judgment thyagaraja hula when you move out of her head and Allah will make known to him the blessing of the knowledge that he had gathered, the ability and the platform to teach it the knowledge of the horror and that bequest to him which is an inheritance from the

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prophets of Allah and the

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hadith of a limited me the the prophets I seldom said in an MBA LMU What do we feel the narrow well I did ohana in them or whatever fill in the prophets of God don't leave behind at any point in time in human history, wealth or gold and silver coins that are to be inherited from them. What they leave behind is knowledge, the understanding of your relationship with God and the remembrance that you were to convey to others to them and how they how they have been one of the wife is the one who takes hold of that knowledge has taken something substantial, something profitable in this life in the next remember shatter iraq not to lie Hollywood * around the dunia family he blamed woman

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out of her family he will be the one who seeks to acquire the majesty the mind the privilege, the honor, the elevated status, the wealth of this worldly life, let them acquire knowledge let them learn and the one who wants the alpha male lots of hands on with the island makers from those whose hard turn towards the outfit or rather than the dunya let them also maintain the study of knowledge. So the prophets I send them says about this men dilemma email Allah and Allah will show him the privilege valid offer he will recognize it will admit I had something great in my possession. had something great I had the whole world in my hand out of her fundament. I mean if he had it will be

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asked of him. What did you do with this blessing that you were given? The man admittedly will say all the time to the email lm to work harder to faecal for an Oh my Lord, I acquired knowledge and I taught it and I recited the horror and for you Oh Allah, Allah can adapt, it will be responded back to him. You have lied. You have spoken an untruth? This is an eat dishonest, disingenuous false fabricated statement. In America lm two lane Malou Allah Allah, in Nikita lemons, you learned and acquired and you studied this knowledge so that people will praise your scholarship praise your learning praise your understanding. You crave the attention the celebrity status of others, you

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wanted the eyes to fall upon you more so than you wanted to be a conveyor of the tradition of the nobility of the words and the habits and the behaviors of the prophets of God. And now whenever you Mohammed Salalah How do you assess Sallam and his companions

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were caught up or an and you recited the Quran so that people will praise your reading.

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And you will be celebrated for your citation for your memory of it for your tone for your voice, your intonation your tissue we'd thought I'd clean and people gave you the praise that you craved people gave you the acknowledgement that you wanted as payment people gave you your recumbents in the dunya thought I'd clean

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for omean I'll be here for Sophie Banda, which he it will be ordered by a law that that person be thrown on their faith face and dragged into hellfire. The second category are Julian atta hola him and Jimmy I'll snap in man, an individual a man who was given all types of wealth. He had property and real estate, gold paper, liquid assets, whatever you wanted stocks bonds. All the types of wealth were gathered in this man believer submitter and there was never a path of charity except this man spent in it. He would use his charity for that which was overtly righteous purposes, helping the poor defending the weak, assisting the needy. He was a person who was giving for OTB

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Omen cuyama, founder of Valhalla when you're out on the Day of Judgment, he will be brought in some in forward and you will be asked Matt Duffy, how what have you done with the blessing of this wealth, the prosperity that you had and the excess that you could spend from where you wanted into my path. The men will say, by Lord, mattock, to civilian I left no pathway that was inviting to a just cause or to something that would be pleasing to you for me to donate my wealth in inlet and factor fee except I gave from that wealth that you gave me Oh Allah, Allah concept, it will be said to him

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The angels will say you lied in NECA and factory, your college co Ed, you gave to that people will praise your generosity, what you really wanted were people to acknowledge what you have done. Now of course, there's nothing wrong with being a public, generous benefactor, philanthropist, as an invitation to others. But there's a difference between giving because you want to be recognized and giving in public for the betterment of others while you would give more in private, or that there is an opportunity in private that you're you would give in just as much, if not more. Some people they crave to be known for their generosity for God to clean your reward was given to you in the dunya

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people always saw you They always grovel to you, they always open doors for you, they always gave you the access that you wanted, not an account of your righteousness, but on account of your generosity, on account of what you gave, not for me, but for your own self. And the third type of category is a man who stood in battle, defending the weak, the needy, the poor, stood and gave their life as a martyr in sacrifice for the cause of God. And this Shaheed will be brought forward on the Day of Judgment founder of have Allahu Allah will show him the blessing of having been given the honor that you can defend the the weak and the needy with your wealth and your body and your person.

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What did you do with it? He said, Oh, my Lord, I thought in your path, seeking to repel the injustices and to correct favors upon others, Oh Allah, I did this ma I fell in death as a martyr before you, oh my lord Allah, and that it will said You lied in NACA called Delta. In you strove and you struggled and you fought your college degree, so that people would immortalize you and memorize and remember you as a brave, valid, courageous warrior. You want it to be celebrated for your strength and for your power. And that was your reward for omeo Robbie, he and he will be thrown in hellfire. I want this to be an important precedent for you and I, my dear brother, to understand

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that in my life in your life, so panela, we will not reach the level of these great great dilemma or these great philanthropists for the most part, or even for those who are able to give their life and their wealth to defend the weak in that greater sense of the term. But in my life in your life, there are moments of inconsistency in our righteous behavior, that can be a pathway to *, not a pathway to a law. And when the prophets I seldom gives us these three massive examples. These examples that are maybe in my life in your life are not relevant to the greatest degree, but they are relevant in the morality of the story that we are to extract from it. You and I most of us, we

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will not be those who are heads of federal commissions, we will not be those who are multimillionaires and estate owners who are giving and giving and giving. But I want you to know that it's the little things in life that are going to matter the most in your salvation on the Day of Judgment. And do not ever assume that a good deed done for the wrong reason is something that's blessed by Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala sells and warns us in the horror and and sort of tell for fun, that he will scatter the good deeds of people who did it for disingenuous reasons not for the sake of Allah habitat and men thora becomes like scattered particles of dust that is in the fella

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that out in the desert, go and try to find your good deeds now. Go and try to find where you will be rewarded. Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us of doing something that shouldn't be for him, that is done for other than Him and the secret recipe of success. The thing that you and I should seek to strive for is to be as the Prophet describes in this authentic hadith, a hub of the most beloved and healthy Illallah of those who Allah loves or is an individual al Rani, at the key Allah Javi Pamela, somebody who is runny at wealthy but in the sense of wealth, as in somebody who does not need to rely upon others somebody who is able to sustain their own life, their family, they are not in need

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of anyone. They they work hard, they put in effort they're not hands are not stretched out to others honey, wealthy and in excess self sufficient self content inside and outside. And it might be that they don't have a lot of material success, but they have a lot of contentment in the heart. Matt can lower Kapha that which may be small but it's sufficient. Higher is better. min max kathua l has something that is much more great in amount and magnitude but distracts you from your eventual return.

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To Allah, so contentment elvina zinal called elvina. enlightenment and contentment and enrichment is the enrichment of the soul. vena nefs is that you have contentment in your heart. I look honey at somebody who is pious. Somebody who has taqwa loving of God fearing of God and hoping in God's mercy when they have fallen into error, and has strayed from the path and the third, and huffy, the one who doesn't want to stand out, the one who is not seen as the center of attention, the one who is in the Lord of the living room, that every conversation has to come through them, that if if people are on their own, and they don't give him some type, or her some type of acknowledgement that they're

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they feel untoward. And I want you to know that it is the weak person in the room who always had the loudest voice I want to be so I tell them was not the loud one. He wasn't the first to speak. He wasn't the one who took aim at others. He wasn't the one who galvanized others. In fact, a lot has to, you know, speak to the Sahaba about the day of tomorrow. Well, either OTDR or 1011 in photo la prophesize Elon never said Hey, sit down. Don't you get up without me telling you don't you move without my permission? No. And they even Salatu Juma they got up and left when they saw the caravan to come in. Allah is the one who censored Allah is the one who brings them back because the prophets

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I sell him with a person of this great nobility known in the heavens and the earth, but he was huffy. He was in a person who wanted to be celebrated the Sahaba in the Shama and we describe the complete characteristics of the prophets, I send them when people saw from a distance, Abu Bakr and the prophets, I sell them on account of Abu Bakr being white haired, and you know, you know, looking wise as well, and the prophets, I sell them from a distance, they wouldn't be able immediately to know which of them was the Messenger of Allah until they came a little bit closer and they saw that Abu Bakar was in the service of the prophets, I seldom would shade him and so on. Because he never

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wore regal clothing. He never elevated himself on thrones and status and huffy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the three qualities that lead to Jenna and that protect us from hellfire. There are also sins Allahu Akbar, that lead to paradise. There are scenes that lead to gender, there are scenes that can change your life and bring you back. The loss of Hannah with Allah gives so many examples in the Quran and the prophets. I seldom gives examples in the center. One of the vivid examples given in the sooner is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he speaks about the man who killed 99 souls Pamela, imagine a person he was a murder. He was a pillager a person of of

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disrepute in his land. And he comes and he speaks to a worshipper of God. And he says to him, can you know do you think God would ever forgive me? And the man who doesn't have knowledge but he's connected to God in his worship, but doesn't have Hickman doesn't have wisdom doesn't have knowledge? He goes, how can God forgive a man like you? You're a wretched soul? You're a murderer, man. Yeah. So he kills them. He acmella he kills them makes it 100 he killed 100 people. And as he's, you know, it's upsetting to him. But this is what I you know, if I have no hope, I have no hope. So he meets a righteous, knowledgeable person on him. And he says, halimun COVID Do you think

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I can ever have a pathway back to God? And the man said, Who could ever block your path to go Of course you can. Of course you can return to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and make a repentance and a Toba and Inaba to Allah for a tubal Illallah Yeah, you're Latina Aminu to who is Allah? It's only the believers who repent to Allah. It's only those who have a conscious heart that understand the mistake leaks lead needs to lead them back to God's appointment with Allah to Allah Hito within those who ha, right, Allah subhanaw taala says Kalia a baddie livina a sort of Allah and puts him say to them My servants, my bad, my creation, who have wrong their own selves. latok not woman

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Rahmatullah don't ever despair in my mercy. So the righteous knowledgeable man tell them of course you can repent to Allah but you're known here, your your companions here your whole life here is based on the haraam. How are you ever going to really stick to your repentance until you make the seven the change from the root cause leave the city leave this land, go to another place, start a new life, start fresh turn a new page.

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And if you do so, Allah will light your path so the man makes a Zero Hedge or lava. The prophet SAW Selim tells us in the authentic hadith, Allah, Allah, Allah and Mohammed German * Roman, ha ha ha and I want who makes his euro to Allah.

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The one who leaves what Allah has forbidden for them to what Allah wish wishes for them to be engaged in May Allah make us for those who are Mohajer from the scenes and coming ever closer to our creators apparently who went to Ghana. So as he's traveling to the new land to the new opportunity to a new page to a new beginning, death overcomes him. And he is closer to his repentance to the city of reformation than he is to the city of sin. So Allah forgives him his sins. So hon Allah, may Allah subhana wa tada open our hearts to this cause. And when you look into the life of the Sahaba when you look into the life of the tablet in some of the greatest examples, the best people who

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carried Islam forward, were the reformed bad guys, they were the reformed criminals. They were the reformed rebels of their society, hardly the Middle Eastern European hottub class, they were referring people who had committed major atrocities against the believers and the prophets I said lambs companions and himself, his person peace and blessings be upon him and all the messengers before him. And NBI Ali Masada at mo tasleem. It's a person who's able to leverage change, who begins with self confrontation that you acknowledge within yourself, Carla, Robin Avalon and Susannah I am the one that wrong myself. It's not a law that made me do it. It's not the shaytaan

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that compelled me, I'm accountable.

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Valentina enforcing our lm doctrine, Oh Allah, you're the only one that could forgive us. Number two, is that you have self development of self control. You seek to develop, okay, I know I'm wrong. I need to leave. I need to go to a different place I need to change my job. I need to you know, delete this person's number off my phone. I need to you know, that's it. I need to make a genre from the home to the Hillel from the bad to the good from the, from the back to the sooner from the scene to the righteousness I need to make an example that I'm in control. I'm the one in charge I'm the one whose hand whose phone whose eyes I'm the one who is in charge of it and that's what the shaitan

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will say to people on the Day of Judgment. In solatube Rahim Allah for shadows with the shavon will say the devil will say to the people in Hellfire

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Carla and Abu Musa who mama and to me that you can help me today I can help you in that endow to confess to Egypt to me, all I did was invite you you're the ones that responded fella Telemundo, Lumo, and full circle. You blame yourselves Don't blame me kind of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the deception of the shavon I leave you with one final Hadith. It's a deed that changed my life Really? And may Allah subhanaw taala bless our lemma, one of our teachers a Shabbos halfacre wait a minute Allah, give him good life and rejuvenate his health and protect him and his family and his sons and his children a llama I mean, he's got a book where he's gathered all of the

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stories that the prophets I sell him told authentic stories. It's a beautiful book of Allah allow us to translate it one day in sha Allah for you. Now one of the Hadeeth in his head etha who is narrated by the man Muslim, where the prophets I send them says and usually when the Prophet tells the stories of the past, he will say, Can if human cannot publikum in the time before your time, there were those who lived at Raja LAN aha Villa, two men who loved one another. They were like brothers in the sight of God. They like they were so close. They were like blood brothers, although they weren't one of them slowly. One of them was a righteous man meaning outwardly sada doing the

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good deeds, fasting and praying and so on the SIR from the people of Venezuela eat from the Jewish tribes. And then there was the second his best friend, his companion in life is not as righteous is a person who carries behind who is not as punctual with the good deeds as he should be.

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The first one, the one who's on it, doing what he needs to do. Outwardly, he would say to his brother, his friend

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oxyr Stop it stop what you're doing for in Allah Hola, yo, fury. laka avida your Lord will never forgive you if you keep up this life whenever you clinical agenda, and will never allow you access to * or big words. It's patent law that's putting despair into the hearts of people. So his best friend who yeah is a sinner who doesn't do it as much as you know, he Terry's behind. He says Halle Berry you need to have a narrow Believe me to my Lord formaggio Allah kaleo akili didn't make you as my policeman as my watcher over he didn't set you to just put me down day in day out. Leave me to the mercy of my Lord. I have hope in Allah subhanaw taala I'm doing the best I can.

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And the prophets I send them said eventually fermata both of them die. pajama Alma la Hellman key Emma. Hi, Sharon. On the day of judgment, Allah will stand them both in front of them at the same time. And lots of

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Hello without I will speak to the one who was righteous. And say did you say to this man and Neela with hula hula Jenna well after that he will he has no hope in Paradise, and I'll never forgive him.

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And they say yeah my you know, yes I acknowledge I used to say that to him. I thought melech Teca Emery whoo teeth a laminar nd Allah will say to him, did I give you the power to decide who's in heaven? Who's in *? Did I give you knowledge of the future that you knew he's in Paradise and you're at? He's in * and you're in paradise? Did you know Did you get some ultimate aim some knowledge that was concrete? How dare you speak on my behalf? How dare you speak on the behalf of the Almighty How dare you put despair in the heart of this believer.

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And Allah will say fetch head and knew how to lead. I want you to witness today My Mercy is given to him and he's forgiven for the hope he had for the righteousness of I know for what I know of his life that you don't know. And when Allah can now and that you will be held accountable, punished in Hellfire for you putting that despair into this man's heart. Even though your righteousness can save you from having a level of punishment today Subhan Allah, it's a powerful way to look at the world. Sins can lead a person to righteousness if you give them time if you give them correction if you give them ability, if you give them help if you support rather than condemn, if you pick up rather

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than push down, if you reach out rather than push away, man, lots of hands on with Allah makers from those who perform LS LA, it's one thing to be solid. It's another thing to be Muslim. The way of the prophets is to be Muslim, not just simply slightly, slightly is that I'm a good man on my own. And I look after myself and I'm Delano sila high right I read and I pray in a Mashallah I'm a good person. But that's not enough. What's What's your job, my job is to be most to help others become slightly when they are away from the path of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala use you and I for good, elevate you and I support us in his cause and support us through the support of others along the mean, how

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eurocom and Family Nurse the best of you is the one who is most benefiting to others. May Allah make you and I have them alone. I mean, well suddenly left Mozilla Mozilla baddeck Have you been in whenever you know sad now Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early he was like he was sending him just leave and get the Euro was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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