Omar Suleiman – Ramadaan 2019 Allah Loves – Episode 06 – Those Who Are Trying

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Congress and how Congress loves those who are engaged in purifying themselves. They also talk about the physical purification of the man's body and how it is related to the way of the man himself. The speaker emphasizes that while Congress loves those who are engaged in purifying themselves, it is important to understand that they are not just trying to get back to the sense of their mistake, but also returning to it.
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Salaam Alaikum Welcome back to Allah loves. So last time we talked about sincere supplication. And many people don't call out to Allah sincerely because they feel too distant from him to call out to Him, not realizing that the calling out to him is a form of closing that gap and actually reducing that distance. Now, I want to bring the first five episodes into perspective with this particular episode shavonne invites us to commit a sin in the first place that then causes the distance between us and Allah, then shavon invites us to feel too ashamed to turn back to Allah with Toba and to call upon him with so that we can get back close to him. This is a very powerful connection that alum

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makes in the portal and inserted bacala. In law, you have to tell where been where you have been multiple heading. Allah loves those who repent. And Allah loves those who are engaged in purifying themselves. Now some of the scholars said that this purification is physical purification it's referring to, will do and bajada it's referring to the way that we clean ourselves up for prayer. There are other scholars that said that this one actually has a spiritual implication. And we'll actually talk about in a future episode how Allah loves the Hata in the physical sense, but I want to actually focus on this from the spiritual perspective, first of all, elemental bahauddin, those

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who are engaged and purifying themselves. So just as Allah loves those who are engaged in repentance, not necessarily those alladhina, taboo, those who repented in the past tense, and they no longer are committing sin, because we're always committing sin, and always repenting and always trying to get back close to him. But those who are seeking to purify themselves, those who are engaged in a state of purification, the power of that is that a lot does not expect you to reach some peak purification before you can be worthy of supplicating him. But Allah loves you just for trying. Allah loves you just for the effort. And if you think about how beautiful and profound that

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is, then it actually helps you to repent and helps you to make that. So there's a very beautiful expression. There's a very beautiful explanation for this verse from the spiritual perspective. And it comes from the way of the man has an bossley Rahim Allah as well as the great manifester of the Quran. The great explainer of the Quran, Mujahid Rahim, Allah tala, they said that in the law you have butel been that Allah loves those who repent, ie those who do not insist upon sin. Okay, then in the law, you Hebron Matata, hurryin, those who do not return to those same sense. Okay, so the first one, they said, languorously Booyah. Those that don't engage are those that don't insist upon

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committing those particular sin. So they're insisting upon returning to Allah, even if they do commit those sins at times, they insist upon returning to Allah. And then the second one, they said, I don't want to Tahiti lamea lai una fee, they don't return back to those exact same sins over and over and over again, because that would show a disregard of Allah that would show that you weren't taking your Toba seriously your repentance seriously. And that would show that you haven't learned the lessons. Now there is something important to understand here. Allah loves you for trying, and Allah loves you for being engaged in the state of purification. And Allah loves you for repenting,

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but where is it that we actually fall short here. Some of us will repent sincerely for a sin, and then insist that we will not return to that sin, yet still returned to it. That does not disqualify you from the love of Allah. Nor does it open up all the previous times that you committed that sin or nullify the repentance from those previous sins, the type of insistence and returning to that could cause you to fall out of the love of Allah subhana wa teilen out of this journey of attaining the love of Allah is when you insist upon those sins and disregard the sight of Allah and disregard the pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala in returning to those scents so that's the difference between

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falling short again getting weak again after you sincerely repent and not being sincere in your repentance in the first place. Hence not being sincere in your pursuit of purification in the first place, as well. So we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, to allow us to always be engaged in the effort of purification, to allow us to reach better states, and to always allow us to be in his state of love, even as we fall short at times, just for being in the state of repentance and for being in the state of the effort of purification alone. I mean, does that mean they'll hide on See you all next time in sha Allah Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

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