Sulaiman Moola – A Shout-Out To All Honest & Faithful Individuals

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the community's violent crime and lack of empathy towards criminals. They express their belief in honoring and praising liars and their actions. The speaker also talks about a young man's story and how his boss, Sir William, helped him achieve his goals.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim we often complain about the fact that liars are pressed and betray us in our community are not being alized sufficiently, and hence the rampant nature of crime in our community. But have we ever paused and ask ourselves an honest and candid question? Do we adequately cherish, acknowledge and appreciate the honest, truthful and faithful ones amongst us? I'm afraid we don't. We don't. We don't recognize them. We don't celebrate them. We don't pay tribute to them. Say now I'm gonna be Allahu Anhu was one day walk in and he passed by a lad young man who was grazing a flock of sheep. So remember the Allahu Anhu? asked the boy Bernard Schatten. Please can you sell me

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one sheep? So the boy declined and he said in the highlight sadly, I'm not the owner of this flock in the Hadith ad belongs to my master. I have been tasked to glaze it and that's precisely what I'm doing. For Karla Rama Rama Tervuren Samadhi. Allahu Anhu decided to examine this boy how faithful how honest how compliant he is. I'm under the Allah Wang who said sell me a lamb. And you can tell your master Akella available that there was some wolves that were roaming in the area and one wolf came and devoted. So the boy paused. He looked at armor. And then he said, for example, to Li say Edie Akella has variable from other Apolonia, Bo Malka, Yama or rubber. Surely I can understand what

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you're saying, and I can go to my master, and I can convince him and deceive him and hoodwink him and tell him that a wolf came and a wolf devoured one sheep and hence one number is less. But my question to you is Omar, what will I say to my Allah on the day of the Yama Wow, the only thing that can bring discipline is the fear of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah was so blown away by this young lads honesty, loyalty, that he told the boy just stay young. He asked him who is your master informed him the name of his master? Armando. The Alanna went direct to that person and he said I am so impressed by the honesty of the slave. I have come to purchase him whatever the amount is, he

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demanded a handsome amount and armor or the Allahu Anhu paid the handsome amount. He then came back to that boy pay tribute to him by saying Takahashi Hill Kelly mitofit Dunya Urdu and Deepika fille afterall, by virtue of honesty, I have purchased your freedom in this world, and I'm optimistic it will grant you deliverance in Accra as well. That's my message, be it an honest child, student or employee, pay homage tribute, cherish and celebrate them

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