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provisionally, suddenly, we are silly Emily looked at me lasagna coli. Allah forbid Narendra Modi de la ilaha illAllah, Wa La Miranda, Mina, Latina,

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whatever. So be happy, whatever so many urban I mean, today's football is dedicated to something that we've tried and tried Muslims around the world have tried to build into a better habit of getting into in this month of Ramadan, even Muslims that are not very regular with their prayers try to be more regular with their prayers when they're in the month of Ramadan. And so this fundamental instruction of Allah, of ultimate Salah, of establishing the prayer, we're closer to that as a people all together ever in the year that we are in this month, and especially as we approach the end of this month, I know that it's exhausting. And in some people's head, when is it over already

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how many left now, that's the kind of mindset that it becomes. But regardless, this is the time for us to increase and enhance and really recommit ourselves especially to this fundamental way in which we connect to a larger region. And that's the prayer. This is something that you know, in the Quran, about the prayer alive and compares prayer itself to our faith. You know, so you know, when the when the believers were praying towards Jerusalem, and then the pimalai changed towards Mecca, lies origin did not say that when you were praying towards Jerusalem, your prayers will not be wasted. But he said your eemaan will not be wasted, meaning your faith will not be wasted. In other words to

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Allah, the word faith and the word prayer are actually the same thing. Similarly, when Allah describes somebody who turns away from the faith, turns away from the truth, Allah subhanho wa Taala he doesn't accept the truth, and therefore he doesn't pray. So for Allah, the the equation that Allah has made in the Quran, is the people who commit to the prayer are actually the people who accept the truth of this revelation. So prayer isn't just another instruction in Islam, it's actually Islam itself. That's actually Islam itself. You know, the Israelites, when we saw when they were instructed to accept Islam, the way they were told that was what got over Iraq in not asleep.

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They weren't told to accept Islam, they were told make ruku along with those who make recurve bow with those who bow and bow is a part of what of the prayer. So the call to prayer is actually the call to accepting Allah as your master. And that's what we get into in a better habit of doing I know you and I, sometimes we get lazy about it. There are people who, you know, lost sight of their prayers, what because of whatever reason, whether it's laziness or neglect, or maybe we have some emotional barriers, or whatever else but this is a month where you know that the devils have been chained and we become better at our prayers, we come closer to establishing the prayer. The

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fundamental purpose of establishing the prayer of bringing Salah back into your life is actually to bring Quran back into your life. Because the prayer another word for the prayer in the Quran is Quran. Actually, so Alchemist salata, Li De Luca shams, ilaha circleloop, or Anil fudger. In Nicaragua Angelica Masuda in Sultan, Allah has established a prayer morning and evening times, and especially instead of saying the prayer of fudger, he says the Quran of Roger, the Quran. And the Quran of fudger is that which is witnessed, in other words, the prayers purpose is to connect us to Allah's words. That's why the longest part of the prayer is standing, you know, you will think the

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longest part may have been the most spiritual element of the prayer is such that we're our head is on the ground. But no, the longest part of the prayer is standing, because that's the part where Allah speaks to us. But Allah speaks to us in his quote from his Koran. Right, so now the thing that I wanted to get back at is this month of Ramadan, everybody knows it's the month of the Quran. And now I've kind of tried to make a connection. It's also the month of reestablishing our prayer. You know, the Quran, one of its names, is Al Hakim, Al Hakim, it doesn't just mean wise, it comes from the Arabic word calm, which means to tie things together, or to stitch things together. And part of

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wisdom is that you can make connections that otherwise other people didn't see. One of the wisdoms of the Quran is Allah connects things together, that if he didn't connect them for us, we would never see the connection between them, we would never know. And so I wanted to dedicate this hotbar today, to help you and myself remind ourselves of a connection that exists between the prayer and some other things that are supposed to happen in our life. What happens when a person truly establishes the prayer in their life? If I actually truly become a person of prayer? What does that mean? Right? I want you to help you understand the lesson of this Hooda. I want you to think of the

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prayer as a seed. You know, when you put a seed in the ground, or the gardener does it, or a farmer does have to put a seed in the ground. The seed is actually very important because without the seed, you're not going to get the tree, you're not going to get the crop, but the seed is not the goal. The seed is the means to an end and it takes you somewhere. So it's nobody says I've planted the seed, I've succeeded. No, once you plant the seed, it's supposed to lead to something more you understand. So the prayer is actually kind of like that seed as we'll see.

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Today inshallah, the IRA that I hope to share with you today belong to suited Look, man. This is the 31st suit of the Quran has a very interesting passage, one of the only passages arguably where you know father is talking to son and giving him some advice, and even about that advice, unless as well called Athena Luqman and hikma that Allah had given Lockman wisdom, and that wisdom, like I said before, wisdom can also mean making connections between things that you don't normally see. Right? His the wisdom that He gave His Son is so important that it became wisdom that everybody should know until the day of judgment, so it became part of the Quran. So that's important. It's also important

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that he's giving this advice to his child. And, you know, children, they're, they're not, you know, philosophically mature. They're not, you know, they're not abstract thinkers, they're not deep thinkers, they're their minds and their personalities are still forming. So you would think wisdom is something that should be discussed by all people. Wisdom is not something you discuss with children. But here he is, Allah says Allah gave him wisdom. And then immediately he starts teaching his son some wisdom, right. So what we're learning therefore, is there are there are kinds of wisdom that we have to even teach our children. But even more important than that, just like children

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themselves are seeds. Children are seeds. If you put, if you nurture that seed the right way, you give it the right kind of water, you give it the right kind of soil, you let it get the right kind of sun, it will grow into something beautiful. So these are some things that he's teaching his son that are supposed to be permanent parts of believers personality, you're supposed to grow with them and mature with them. They're always supposed to be there in you inside your head inside your inside your being inside your thinking constants inside your life. So one of those that is often not talked about is what I'll share with you today. He says to his son Yamuna Yeah, my beloved young child,

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okay, masala established the prayer. So this is what I started the hobo with established the prayer. But now that he's established the prayer, what will happen, he says, What motivated my roof. And once you establish the prayer, stand by and command and instruct and advise to do the right thing.

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In other words, to prayer is for you, if I go and pray, that's my personal thing. I benefited who myself, but when the less adds, one adds, and then Allah verifies what would have been my roof. And in you know, they commonly translate this as enjoying the good, right, which I don't like the word enjoying, because none of you have ever used the word enjoying in a normal conversation in English. So I want to be able to use words for you that you can make sense of what would have been better off could mean Tell, tell others to do the right thing. tell others to do the right thing, advise others to do the right thing. If you have the authority actually even command others to do the right thing.

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Like you can command your child to do the right thing. A boss can tell command his employee to do the right thing. A police officer can tell a citizen to do the right thing, etc. A judge can tell you know the plaintiff to do the right thing, etc. Right. But if you're not in a position of commanding, and what can also mean advice. So you can advise your parents to do the right thing, or your spouse to do the right thing or your friend to do the right thing. And my roof means things that everybody knows all right, stand by what's right. When you stand in front of Allah. When you stand in front of Allah in prayer, that's the seed. And when you stand in front of Allah, you learn

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to appreciate the value of justice and of truth. So when you come out of the prayer, wherever you go, whoever you deal with, whether it's your family, or friends or whoever else, when something isn't, right, you call it out and say no, we're gonna do the right thing. What motivate model, and that is proof that you've actually established the prayer. That's actually the first proof and then he adds to it was you know, one handed monka and stop evil from happening.

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Prevent call out, speak out against things that are not unheard of that are not acceptable, that are immoral, that are unethical. If somebody is insulting somebody, you stop it. If somebody backbiting somebody, you stop it. If somebody is hurting somebody else, you stop it. If somebody is cheating somebody else, you stop it. You can't do that. You know, in some people's life, they say family first. So don't question your family member because family comes first. No family doesn't come first salon comes first. And because Salah comes first I'm going to build my roof comes first. And then he added Monica comes first. So Clement Salah, what would have been my roof one. Hi, Monica. You know

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what, this is a connection Allah made between things that are happening in the prayer and things that are happening outside the prayer. You know what happens when this connection isn't there? When this connection isn't there, somebody can pray and still do the wrong thing outside. And somebody can pray and see wrong things happening and never correct them and never advise anybody to do the right thing. Even if they know they say that's none of my business. I'm going to keep myself to myself. As a matter of fact, among the previous prophets were those who would command p or tell people you're cheating people in the marketplace. You're doing wrong. You're doing this and they

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would say to Katana, your prayer is preventing you you just keep to your prayer, man. Why are you bothering us? Why is your prayer

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Is your prayer telling you to do all this? Actually, yeah, your prayer is telling you to do all this. So he says, of chemists Allah, what would it be? If one had in one cup now? He's telling this to his child. So let's think about that for a moment. A 10 year old boy goes to school, and some kids are bullying some other kid. Right? And he says, No, you guys can't do that. You can't do that. Hey, stop, stop messing with him. He's just because of his prayer. He now stood up for some other kid that's being bullied. Guess what if you try to stop some bullies that are beating up some other kid, or picking on some other kid who they're gonna pick pick on next, you, you're the next target.

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So he says what spear allama asaba. Stand withstand, tolerate whatever hits you as a result.

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Whatever hits you as a result, so prayer changes you on the outside. And when you do stand up for what's right, you will be attacked, you're going to be attacked. And even as a child, if you're being attacked, it's okay become tough. Take it. Don't say to yourself, man, if I try to tell them not to mess around, then they're gonna come beat me up, or they're gonna criticize me. So I should just keep my mouth shut. If you see sometimes what happens is in families, some people have like a really big mouth. They're very good at insulting people. You're gonna meet them at aids, probably. Right so so they're they've got a you know, your uncle came over and he's got a mouth on and where

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your auntie came over whoever came over, sorry, uncles and aunties. But you know, and they got they know how to insult and you're like, I don't want to, I don't want to tell them that they're doing something wrong. Because if I get on the wrong side of them, I'll be there. next subject. I don't want to mess with that. I know, because I can't handle the way I'm still safe from their tongue. If I say something that I won't be, you see, but you know what Allah says, if you're a person of prayer, you will stand by what's right and you'll stand against What's wrong, and it won't matter to you will be hit. And it's okay you would stand it was when Allah Masada, that's when you learn what

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it means that the prayer is actually a form of esteana is that he knew that Sabri was Salah, seek help from the prayer. What what will pray it was because you know, when this happens, you go back to the prayer again, and you know what the prayer is going to do, it's going to make you stronger, it's going to make you stronger. That's what the purpose of the prayer is. That's what we keep going back to it every few hours. So he says, What's your alma sabak Nadella kind of in management mode, this is one of the most remarkable things you can accomplish in life. Just this from prayer, to standing by what's right and standing against What's wrong, and then being able to take that what comes as a

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result, if you can do that in your life, Allah acknowledges in the Quran, that's an amazing accomplishment. That by itself is an invaluable as we move, no doubt about it, that is from the most, you know, accomplished of deeds. These are people of great resolve and commitment as it means commitment. Like this takes a very strong personality to be able to do the prayer is actually you know, it's it's it's the analogy of it doesn't say that a Sun Tzu, you know, pray, suddenly, he says, a famous Salah, and ultimately translate, it established a prayer, it's to make something stand. And the idea of making something stand is just like a pillar. When a pillar is in place, the

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building can shake, but the pillar will stay where it is. Right. So you become strong because of your prayer. That's actually the institution of prayer. So upcoming Salah, what would have been my roof, what was you know, what was fair and amasa masaba, in a delicate manner has been removed. But then he goes on and adds some things that I want to really highlight before the goodbyes over in the next time, there's two goodbyes about two I got this one I have that he's telling his son. And by the way, if we can raise our children with this value, to me, if somebody says, what is the what is the Islamic, you know, philosophy of children's education? This is it. We can raise children with

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this personality, we're good, we're good. And then whether whether they know a lot or not, whether they have a lot of technical information about you know, other aspects of the deen or not that can come in time. But if this personality is there, then we've succeeded as human beings. This is the hikma that we want to give our children. So he says what are two other calendars? Please listen to this carefully. He says don't turn your cheek when it comes to people. When Don't come here, turn your cheek because of people. What does that mean? Don't turn your cheek, sad in Arabic and May and May look identical hubbub. They say what it means don't get frustrated with people. Don't make faces

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that people don't become agitated with people have a higher level of tolerance for ignorance. You're going to meet difficult people your entire life, that's going to happen. You're going to meet obnoxious people your entire life, people are going to say ignorant things to you or behave with you in ignorant ways your entire life. Don't become someone who is always upset, upset and always agitated about what somebody else is saying. And somebody else is doing. And somebody else looked at you this way. And I can't believe they did this. And I can't believe they said that. And it's constantly upsetting you. This is what it means. You're constantly upset with what somebody else has

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done, and it's springing in your mind and every time there's a conversation, all you want to do is talk about who upset you and who bothered you and who's agitated.

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Did you and who you can't stand? I can't believe this one. This one is so annoying. I hate this one. I hate that one. And you may be right. They may be annoying, they may be doing something wrong. But the idea here is that your that's not your obsession. You know, when you stand by the right connectors to the previous ayah. When you stand by the right thing, obviously in something someone's doing something wrong. When you stand against something wrong, obviously, someone's up to no good. When you're tolerating whatever hits, you must be a subject somebody is doing something wrong to you. And right after that, Allah says, Don't turn your cheek towards people. Don't get agitated with

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people. You're not doing this because of people. You're not doing this to make humanity better. That's not your job. Lester, lamb Messiter, you're not in control over anybody. You and I are not in control. We're doing this because our prayer makes us do this. This is you know, when you're praying, do you think about people think about that, when you pray when you start praying? Are you thinking about who's in the room behind you? And who's next to you? Some people are like, Man, this guy's hands I can't believe he was sometimes you put some here. Sometimes you put some there. It's so annoying. You're not really praying, then, you know, just get a webcam and just record him and

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analyze it later. You know. But if that's what's what's happening, then you're not really understanding that the prayer is just you and ally and you forget everybody else. When you learn that, that even when you correct somebody else, even when you call something else out, you're not doing it for yourself, you're not doing it for them. You're doing it as an act of worship, you did your job. It has nothing to do with your pride. If somebody criticized you are attacked, you are demonized you because you stood up that has nothing to do with your own ego, which which is why you won't turn your cheek and you won't get frustrated and agitated. That's just not your place. That's

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not up to you. That's not even your problem. Well not to sorry, cadenas, so let your obsession and your criticism of other people go. Now imagine how much on social media and the world of social media that we live in today, whether you're on WhatsApp or iMessage, or you know, Facebook and cinema, you know, Instagram, snap, whatever else you're on.

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If we removed from the internet, just conversations we have about other people,

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just criticisms and how much you hate someone and how much you can stand someone how much you're annoyed by, if you just remove that from the internet, the internet would be an empty place. You know, we'd save quite a bit of harddrive space. If that wasn't the case. And you know, Koran doesn't even just acknowledge or doesn't even criticize people who do that, or and actually goes a step further and says, Well, he comes from our own Allah home. And there are those of you that sit there and listen to this stuff. There are those of you that enjoy just you don't do it. You just read it. Here's the thing. Oh, yeah, that's Oh my god, that was a good insult. That was oh, I have a

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screencap that and send it to somebody else. save these for you know, a rainy day.

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Your obsession with other people is captured inside this remarkable phrase, when to start and Haddock leanness let your obsession with people go. Let your obsession with other people go. Live your life, live your life, criticize yourself, criticize your own behavior. And when someone does something wrong, then you correct it in a dignified way. But not man. It's so annoying. I can't believe you do this. It's so ridiculous. That's not that you swell your cheek. That's not true. That's not an argument. Because there's a contrast made between those two things. And then he says whether he feels the same if he says the colonists will attempt to fill or the Mara. And by the way,

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before I go on, some people can use that, you know, some people they do this, this is you give a hold about that. And some people do that, that that you should give up about that. Whenever you start the conversation with some people, there's a problem. There's a problem, you know, who has the right to comment on some people, the one who made them, he can comment on them. And he will deal with them. I don't have to deal with them. We just speak out about what's right. And we call out what's wrong. We're not concerned with people themselves. What do you think in the Quran? Pretty much in the in the vast majority of cases, let us even name the people who say things were called

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they said who said what color Latina, cafaro disbelievers which disbeliever said, we don't know. We were not given their names. With the exception of Ebola. When does that happen? You know, with how many people were insulted the Prophet sallallahu wasallam how many people attacked him, but we're not made obsessed with people. We're we're told to criticize behavior, actions, speech, those are the things we can criticize. So this last bit and by the way, all of this, what I'm sharing with you are all leaves and fruits that are coming out of one seed which was what the prayer Okay, Salah, everything is stemming from Allah, Allah, what would be my rule? What what highly munkar was pure

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Allah masaba

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ballenas What are the Maha This is the last bit I want to share with you and don't walk around on the earth with this Arabic thing Allah calls Mara, Mara. Mara in Arabic is a few things. One is to put it very simply, it's used for when something releases quickly. They use it for an hour.

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That easily comes out of the bowl, they use it for a bottle. If you have a really small bottle and you're trying to fill it with water, you know how the water is just quickly pops out of it. That's actually called you know.

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So the idea of Nara is something that is quick to react, don't walk around on the earth, and have a quick reaction to everything. Don't be impulsive, don't walk around and see something. Oh, that's terrible. Oh, those people? Oh, I love this. Oh, I hate that constant thumbs up or thumbs down. Constant reshare constant judgment, immediate judgment, you see something, you know, I know exactly what's happening here. You see, for example, you go to the store, you see a mother and her child is crying, and yelling and screaming, and you're annoyed, you're standing in line, you're annoyed like this, some people don't know how to raise their kids. You know, you don't know anything about what's

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happening. You don't know if this kid has a toothache, you don't know if he's got a tantrum. You don't know, you know, if he's sick. You don't know anything. But you see, for one second, you already know how to judge, you already know exactly what's happening. You understand? So we quickly come to judgment about people about others. You know, sometimes you have you go to somebody says I'm already comfortable. And don't even look at you

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know, like, maybe I should give him another chance. So

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don't turn you

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know nothing, then you find out his death in this year. You don't know that. And you walk away saying this guy. Some people, you know stuff for the law. I gotta tell you, this is law time chief in America, which means you are not quick to criticize and jump at people and jump to conclusions, and praise things and criticize things without actually knowing the full story. Now think about how much of the internet would disappear if that happened. If we didn't walk around on the earth, with Mara, and how lonely with the internet become how quickly we come to conclusions? How quickly before mobs how quickly we praise and how quickly we criticize. Mara is actually also used for certain fora

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and bekah showing off, showing off being impulsive, being wanting to buy something the moment you see it. You know, they they know human beings can become people without faith can become impulsive. So you know what they do in supermarkets and things like that? They'll put the people go to the grocery store to get milk, right? Most people go to get milk and eggs. Where do they put the milk in the eggs all in the back? Because they know you're a person of Mara, you're going to see something and just keep throwing it in. By the time you get there. Your cart is full. You just went to get eggs, but now you're in debt. You know, and they know that because human beings are impulsive,

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they're impulsive. Why do you think there's always candy in the checkout aisle? There's studies behind that. There are studies behind that because human beings are impulsive. So Allah says don't walk around the Earth being impulsive, and don't walk around the Earth being judgmental, being arrogant, when Adam Schiff is the meta. And the final bit of this is in the law, you have bucola masala and for her for today's, this is the last bit. Certainly Allah does not love those that have a very high opinion of themselves.

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They have a very high opinion of themselves. Now this obviously is talking about arrogant, those who have a lot of pride for hood, extreme pride. And what does that have to do with all of this? You know what a lie is telling us when it's so quick for you to get upset with other people. When you're so quick to judge and criticize someone else, you know what that means? That you don't take any time to analyze yourself. You are already beyond criticism. Everybody else has the problem. Because you don't have any problems. That's why you have time to obsess yourself with everybody else's problems. That's almost done. Someone who has a very high lofty opinion of themselves. And that's that's

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actually arrogance. That's pride. You know, this entire passage began with wisdom to be grateful to Allah will not attain Allah, Juana. hikmah. anish coronella you cannot be grateful to Allah if you're arrogant. And it now by the time we get to the bottom, we're seeing where arrogance comes from. So that if I were to tie everything that I've said so far together, prayer is the seed. And the fruit that comes from it at the end of the day is humility. That's actually humility. And that humility is what makes us a different kind of person in how we deal with people in these two is an entire worldview of how a person should live their life, entire worldview. Again, this is a these

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are a couple of I belong to. So the mind is only four pages long. So don't ask me which I have numbers, look it up. Find it inshallah, it's not that long. So why this is so number 31 of the Quran, and I wanted to share this with you specifically as the last quarter of Ramadan. Why? Because in Ramadan, we're so concerned with prayer and reciting Quran. We're so concerned with the seed, or not concerning ourselves with that plant that it should become, what it should become. So now that we've exposed ourselves to the seed in this month, I pray that Allah azza wa jal gives you and me the ability to actually blossom that seed and turn it into what it's supposed to be, which would

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make us the people of wisdom, make us the people of Alberta salah and make us happy.

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people that do not have any oil and any fossil any arrogance or any pride and any false delusions about ourselves barakallahu, Li walakum, Felker and Hakeem when finally we accompany it with the Kentucky