Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Day 26

Yahya Ibrahim
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settimane como la hora couch with you brother hi Brahim with another Ramadan therapy, some kind of law. This is what I'm about in therapy. Number 26. And this is a drug that is dear to the heart. It is a draft of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where you gather some of the great issues that we all deal with in our life, things that we're all in need and benefit from this great. It's a drug that adjusts our in consistencies and rebalances our approach in dealing with a loss of Hannah Montana, and in the expression of our Islam that we show to each other in society, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this blessing month of Ramadan, to grant grant us an inner awakening of taqwa

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that is within our privacy and private life greater in merit and reward than what we seek to show each other and dramatize in our public portrayals. Allahumma I mean, this is a drug that is collected by Lima Muslim, and I'll mention that in the comments in Sharla on my YouTube page and in the description, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's recorded that he would say

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that from his solo lies, and then when we memorize certain parts of it, we've studied certain parts of this earlier, but here the prophets I seldom would say Allahumma de Neff, see taqwa, Ola grant my soul a sense of righteousness. And this is powerful Neff, see taqwa, make my piety inward, make my piety of the soul, not outward of bodily function alone at the university to why and this is in tune with the Hadith of the Prophet. I tell him also inside Muslim, where he would point to his heart as as reported by him or he would say, a tequila who now tequila is inside here, it's in your heart, it's in your soul. It's a part of who you are and the ideals that you have. So the profit is Elon

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would say along with NFC Hahaha, was akia and the halo menza and Oh Allah purify it, purify my taqwa, purify my righteousness, you are the best of purifiers. Now, this is powerful. It's not just that I want to talk about all I want the best of my top one. When we talk about our place as men for example, you know, we have this concept of moral chivalry and moral is that you don't just choose what's right for what's wrong, but it's that you choose what is most right from what is right. It's a different way of looking at this this is Ischia to neffs. And here you have evidence of the property sell them asking invoking a law to purify his soul as Allah subhanaw taala commands us in

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the end when I've seen woman's a woman's occur. The Alabama foodora ha ha ha ha. We ask a lot to give us the taqwa of our soul. This is the death of the prophets. I send them along the anti left nuptse hahaha where's that Kiha entitlements aka You are the best of purifiers

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and our Li You have one more law or law you are the protecting friend of my soul and the guardian of it You are my protector and you are my guardian or law the guardian of my soul, which shows you that Allah subhana wa tada can become two very important aspects of your life can become one who protects your soul from sinfulness and the desires that you don't seek to fulfill in an evil sinful manner and also to guard you from seeking harm for others and from other people and other things, protecting you from the harm and guarding you against fulfilling harm and oppression towards towards other people. Once again.

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The prophets I seldom would say I love my auntie NFC de la or La Grande my soul it's tough like it's righteousness it's consciousness view was that can purify my soul, Oh Allah and the higher Romans aka, you were the best to purify and to make my soul one in a sanctified state and tell you who you are its protector, you're the one who will protect me from wronging myself from wronging others from that which will be encroached upon me from the evil presence of the sheath on from the whisperings of the of the devil from the hazard and the envy of others. And you are one Ola you are its governor, you are a guardian, you were the one who can restrain me and restrain it from that which

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is a sinful impulse that I asked you to protect me from Allahumma inni over the weekend and then the Prophet would continue and say Oh Allah, I beseech you to protect me from knowledge that is of no benefit to me. Now that's really important. So after you he asked for taqwa, he speaks about knowledge. Knowledge is the thing that leads you to taqwa. It's the thing that leads you to understanding cognizance of God, understanding your place with a loss of Hannah Montana. So the prophets I send them says all along, make my taqwa towards you Oh alone, purified Oh Allah second. Then he says, Oh Allah May. Allah bless me with knowledge that is beneficial meaning knowledge that

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is actionable, that I put in your service that I use in that which is pleasing to you or law, and therefore there's two levels of knowledge there is knowledge that a lot of work you know,

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discusses in the Quran, Allahu Allahu Allah in that there are people who were given knowledge but it led them further away from God may ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from this along with Iranian manner. Now if you're alone What does that even mean? Now if you are all I asked you for knowledge that is beneficial, allow me in the arrow there'll be get minute Amina Hyndman lionpaw. And in this drop, the Prophet says all I asked you to bless me, to protect me with the blessing of protection from knowledge that doesn't benefit. So there's two ways that the Prophet would invoke a law for knowledge Allahumma tokoname and nafi i O Allah give us beneficial knowledge. And you would

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also say, Oh Allah protect us from knowledge that is not beneficial, which is a powerful way of Tokido of establishing the importance of this very central process. We ask Allah to bless us with good knowledge that we use and to protect us from knowledge that leads us away from him that is sinful in its discourse and intention. Woman Alvin lyac, sha Allah protect us from a heart that cannot humble to you. Allahu Akbar, woman next in Latisha and from a soul that continues to crave and has no contentment has no limit in its cravings and its desire for more women that within law use the jab hula and from a drop that I make to you Oh, a lot that is not heard and is not answered

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by you. So kinda look at this beautiful drop in the arrow becoming a million for all law protect me from knowledge that is not a benefit to me or others. Women in law or law protect me from a heart that does not humble itself to Allah. lm yet levina M and o and duck, shafa Luba, homely Vickery, la humanas, Amina Allah subhanaw taala says, Is it not time for the believers, that they should come to an awareness of their heart that it should humble itself to the orders of Allah and what has been revealed of its truth? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us a heart of a spirit, a heart that is soft, that is malleable, not a heart that is rock solid, what he should do. In fact, there are

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hearts that are more hard than the hardened rocks alone. I mean, may Allah protect us, women Calvin law yaksha from a heart that cannot humble itself to a law which is do things that is silent, quiet, and one that is still when it needs to be still. May Allah protect us and give us this era. I mean left in law touchpad and from a soul that cannot find contentment cannot come to a point and say I've had enough and Neff suta at 10 00 and takuna and takuna filthy rotten Well, you will well Falco hi Roman Rena, nuclear, a times a soul crave so much that it fears poverty, but at times poverty and having without going without is the solution and the remedy and the medicine for many of us May

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Allah give us the medicine that we are.

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That will give us a place to hit with him in Jenna alone. I mean, when we left in latestbuy Oh Allah make our souls content protect us from a soul that cannot be content or a lot women that would allow us to Jabu law or law protect us from a drop that is not heard. And yes, my dear brothers there are moments where we will make drop and we are unworthy of being heard by Allah. As a law tells us as the prophets lie Selim tells us in the honey why Muslim the men lost in the desert he has no hope of survival so he puts his hands up to the sky that day no SMR era br of my Lord My Lord. When I came up I'm a woman haraam his food is from from his clothing is from how long would the will was the

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herbal hodja will Haram is all night life is sustained in haram and they used a juggler How does he expect to be answered by Allah? Who is the one who enters animal thought? Who is the one who answers especially those who are in need? We ask Allah Subhana Allah not to look down the hall he began to return us away from him without being answered, without being heard. Women doubting values to Jabba Allah protect us from that is not answered. I repeat to you the drop Allahumma at the university taqwa Oh Allah grant my soul it's tough. What was a cat in the highlands that God bless it. Oh Allah bless me with Tedeschi purification, meaning to make tasveer to cleanse what is wrong and to put in

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its place Terrell via establish what is right, me zakia and the hi Romans aka enter Willie, you have WeMo law. You are its protector. You are its guide, Guardian alumna in the area we will be coming into our law I asked you to protect me from knowledge of no benefit women huddled in law yaksha and from a heart that cannot find contentment or mean next in the attachment and from a soul that cannot find contentment and a heart that cannot find its humility. women die within law use dejavu law and from a doula that is not answered. May Allah protect us from all of that. This was Ramadan therapy number 26 with your brother yo Brahim, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our Ramadan Allahumma

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amin was set out Monday

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