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said Mr. Do you want to lie? What Okay, it's your brother Abraham with another daily tip. See you at hamdulillah we're doing a juice a day and we're in the final juice of the orange juice number 30 Allah hermetic unhemmed May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us many more readings of the whole an understanding of its depth, Aloma amin, Judah Imam at which gets its name from the first word of the first sort sort of the never I may have decided on what it is, what is it that they're debating about? It speaks about descriptions of the Day of Judgment, and how to avoid its terror and how to gain its prosperity. If one lives with good ethics, and one stays away from bad character. As for

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the regard to the descriptions of the Day of Judgment, you find it in sort of a never, I may have to say alone, and at the end of sort of Ibiza, sort of the tech, we're sort of the infobar, all of these disorders that have that theme, with regards to ethics or law speaks about it in total, total 15, salt and federal and ballad la of Doha, and Maroon all of these are about caring for the poor, caring for the elderly, feeding those who don't have it sort of Doha about looking after the orphans. All of those are major, major themes that were early revelations, the primary theme of this Jews are the early revelations that were sent to the prophets, I send them their typified by short

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verses that have a very rhythmic, resonant sound that is easy to memorize. And it's one of the reasons why it is the first section of the whole on that young students are encouraged to memorize. The next section of this juice is about the importance of the Quran and its finality in the message that is sent by Allah as a communication from Allah to humanity. It is the final scripture, what it does is that it completes the favor of a law upon humanity. It makes adjustments to what has been corrupted by the hands of men over time in previous scriptures, and brings a clear proof of its authenticity. So total beginner is a good example of this, as you will find in this Jews. Another

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section is the importance of teskey a purification and purifying yourself, getting yourself ready for the challenge of life and a good life. And a loss of Hannah with Allah, in different chapters of the portal and in this just speaks about the importance of preparing yourself and being a good person. And, you know, giving your soul the necessary training, that it can become elevated and purified that you become a more spiritual person. From elements of this, you find it in insalata shims, whenever the webmaster were called the Hammonds, aka wakad Halderman, that's surely the one who is successful is the one who elevates their soul and nurtures it. And the one who loses

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themselves on the Day of Judgment is the one who overlooks, it's important. So the importance of this gear is there and it is the head of all matters. As you could see in this particular section, other sections are in total total hospital, and lane and others. One of the other main sections that you find established in this final juice of the Quran is about the stories of the nations that perish before us.

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Sort of Tim field talks about those who told him not only him, Allah sent little birds with pebbles to destroy them as hybl, Hadoop as is in

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salted Budaj. All of these are about important principles of a law defending the believers sacrifices need to be make and ultimately those who go against God are those who will be vanquished and brought to a count on the day of judgment or destroyed in this world they live. Finally, there's a call to increase in doing good deeds. And the law tells us to weigh our deeds because they will be weighed for US soldier to Zelda, the quaking, and the shaking of the earth.

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You know, the one whose scale is heavy on the day of judgment will be from those who are blessed woman have faith now as a new who for Omaha, we are in another sorta as Claudia and others, the one whose scale is not heavy with good deeds, then they will be the ones whose mother has lost them that they have no good, they're bereft of all happiness. Those are central themes, also the whole and is brought to full focus that the very first revelation that was revealed to the Prophet the very first words were echoed, Soto teladoc is found in this chapter. And that's the place where you do so Jude fest Jude walk today, Allah gives us the solution to any difficulty in life. Increase your

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frustrations to me and grow close to me and you will find me always with you. The sutra ends with an acknowledgement of the chapter. This juice ends with an acknowledgement of a loss of Hannah with the Allah's omnipotence and ability to give us good even in times of difficulty, and the loss of Hannah with Allah speaks of this in sawtell Katha in Altai, nachal, qilta or Mohammed, I've given you an abundance of blessing for Sedalia, Rebecca 100. So therefore, give over your devotions in your sector.

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advice and rituals to Allah. Initially, our laptop, the one who fought wages against you is going to lose that battle, you will always be on top if you remain with truth. Another important sword or near the end of this juice is sort of not either just rely on fat. This is one of the soldiers that was revealed in Medina, in after the Hajj of the prophets, I send them

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maybe 80 days or so before his death sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was seen as a foreshadowing of the ultimate Return of the prophets I sell them to Allah. And the victory of Allah is that Islam will continue to be spread and hamdulillah we continue to enjoy its blessing. And oh Mohammed, nothing is left for you to do of this mission except to be thankful to Allah, praising of him and asking for his forgiveness and mercy. The other three most the other four most notable chapters all begin with the word quoting Hello Kalia. You help Kathy rune. And it is equal to A quarter of the total and meaning the knowledge of it is equal to one out of every four things at the hotel and

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speaks about which is separating between truth and falsehood. giving people an opportunity to come to faith and those who don't want it's up to them. Let Abu domata balloon I will never worship what you worship falsely, when and do what I be doing. I'm an avid unless you come truly to faith. We don't need hypocrisy that you pretend to believe in what I believe. The last three sources are very important total loss meaning sincerity and seeking only God is cool. Whoa Allahu Ahad. It is a sort of that is first memorized by all Muslims. say he is a law the one subhana wa tada he's unique in his oneness. He's not one because there's a second to him. He's one because there's no one that is

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like him. Allahu slama He's the one everyone relies on them. Yeah, it was a mule it he didn't emerge and nothing has come from him in that sense. He doesn't have a son and he was not begotten. When the Aquila who Khufu and had and there is nothing that is like unto similar to him, Superunknown with Allah, anything conceived, imagined thought up could never be like the reality of our Creator, the Almighty, Allah subhanho. To Ana, the last two chapters of the Koran are more I would attain, and I have a daily Tafseer on on each of those tools that you can return to in shot LOD daily Tafseer with attain or the last two, four sources of the whole and you can see the importance of them in that the

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Prophet use them as autopia as a spiritual healing the prophets I seldom said for any ailment you have in life for any fear you have in life for any distress you have in life. Those two sources are sufficient and suffice you so it's something that we should regularly recite in a protection for ourselves and our families and our children. And it's as if Allah is protecting us in both sources all together, they total 11 verses. They protect us from the spiritual things that bother us and from the material things that bother us. And Allah subhanaw taala says fucile dude in NASS, what ails you in your heart that whisperings of the sheath on that feelings of depression and sorrow and

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anger and also I love your suit Sophie, so do the next minute giannetti oneness, the unseen forces but also the human beings in the very last word of the hotel and is a NASS and if you can look at the beginning of the horror onto the end, you see it begins with a lawmaking as a promise. And then I'll set autonomous stuff in our law lead us to the straight path. You're asking this and the law says if you continue to pray until the very end, you will be from those mankind who are saved and may ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to continue to give us love and and practice of the Koran that we recited in our nights and that we practice it in our days, that it's something that we and our

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families, our children and future progeny continue to adhere to, for it is Hamblen law. It is the rope that extends between a law and to humanity. May we hold on to the strongest hand holding the rope of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we can be elevated to the highest levels of gender. This is your brother, you have Rahim with a daily Tafseer of the 30th Jews on May Allah subhana wa tada increase our love for it. And our practice of it along that I mean, well, Sunday lahoma was suddenly mosey to abetik Allah say Dena Mohamed

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Mecca and I mean meme and hotpot, Indonesia and Femina. shavon womanly woman CanAm and sola, fermina, la, whatever that was said that was good in this series and it is from a law and through the blessing of his prophets I send them and whenever it was an error then it's for me and from the shape on and a line is messenger are free of blemish, as is the Quran that was sent as a complete message to humanity. Your brother Abraham was set out more equal, more documented law. He was a cat