Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 02

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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from de la salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah, he was Sahil Manuela. Yesterday we said that Allah subhanho wa Taala at the beginning of sorts of Baccarat which we're still reciting

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divided the human beings into three types. We said from iron to iron five, our last panelist talking about

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a loss talking about the middle key these are the best people

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is six and seven a lot talks about and carefree eight all the way to 20 a lot talks about the moon.

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So the moon talking those who are conscious of Allah, Allah carefree in the disbelievers. Then the Buddha came the hypocrites. Look, how long did it take to describe

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the hypocrites? Why? Because they used to pray right behind the promises. But they used to go out and betray him. And I said when Allah subhanaw taala said this book is for us, Leah de barro it What does it mean? It means you have to present yourself to the ayat of the Quran. And I said take this back home yesterday. Which category people are you may Allah subhanaw taala make us all amongst me.

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Is this the CME?

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Okay. And we told about an example of hormonal therapy we said the chief of the hypocrites was Abdullah hypnobabies saloon, he used to play behind the pasilla. So be careful. Study the monoterpenes study the qualities and try to stay away from them. And I'll carefree

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then try to be amongst the routine. We said that caffeine will give example we said Abu lahab Abuja Hello, Rob Bob nabee Murray, like all of these people, right? And we talked about one of the best people amongst them on takeno talking about Iran. And this is what I clicked angry yesterday. We said that Abu Bakr radiallahu

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to express the taqwa. Look how he lives that the first the quality of

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those who believe in the unseen who is on the top of the unseen Allah, can you see a lot? No, but he can see you. This is how to deal with the loss of power dialer. So after Serato he wouldn't go home. And Omar started to watch and not to spy on him, but to learn from him. So he found out that he goes to a house and he spent some time and then leaves. So after he left, he went to the house. He knocked on the door. And he said to the lady, when 91 handler they cannot indicate.

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Who are you? Who is that man in your house? What was he doing?

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For kamatera. I chosen shanto amiya.

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As for me, as you can see, I'm a very old woman with gray hair. And I'm blind.

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In the US with that man who was in my house, I don't know him. But he comes every day at that time. And he cleans my house and he moves my balls. And he feeds my children and he leaves.

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So Oman came down on his knees crying. He said a doctor.

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almost cried he went down on his knees and said

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You made it difficult for anyone who will be after you.

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The leader of the oma is serving a blind woman. He's not waiting to be the main story on the TV, or to come in the front page in the leading article. They did what they did. And they were hiding because they believe in the unseen he knows if people can see him after Federer. Allah can see him and he's doing what he's doing. Only to please Allah, another quality of those people Allah subhanaw taala said towards the light from two to five

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The word

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they have,

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that there is a day when they get to stand in front of a law a day called the pain day, you do what you do today and you will get paid that day. And Subhan Allah, only believers who have this yaqeen in this dunya but what about the other people, when when they have to listen to Allah subhanho wa Taala sort of says that. So number 32 I remember

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a lot of criminals. It said when you come into the judgment, you will see this criminals

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in front of the master.

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They will come to them when it's too late. When they are in front of a line.

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They're gonna say Yala. Now we see. Now we see hellfire. Now we see the truth. Now we see the false hood. So please send us back to the dounia because we want to do good, because now we have you again. So the believers have been one.

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Now, work on your key now. But the disbelievers will have you again when

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when it's too late, when it's too late, this is why your team is three degrees. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala interferon talks about animalia team

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Irelia team, and how can your team what's the difference between the three? That's what we will learn tomorrow inshallah. But before I leave you, I have to give you another story to cliffhanger in Sharla. And Brother, you know, she's like, No, you can do this tonight. I will do okay.

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The prophets have

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left his house one day.

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And then while he's walking is sort of a Baccarat one coming out of his house.

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And then he said abubaker

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what is it that brought you out of your house is a prophet of Allah have nothing to eat? That's a message for all of us. Please, don't waste water. Don't waste food.

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The best man in the oma doesn't have anything to eat in his house. And the second the second best man in his own man doesn't have anything in his house to eat. When he said let's go and they walked by and he is

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coming out of his house. And they asked him what brought you out of your house? He said well, there is nothing at home to eat. Then both of them asking the prophet SAW Selim, what about you?

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What brought you out of your house?

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My time is over. If you want to know the answer of the epsilon, come tomorrow for throwaway Zakouma Lafayette salaam aleikum, WA

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Murthy, mercy