Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 28

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The use of holidays and the King of Egypt created a plan to preserve agriculture and water, but it was not successful. The struggle of working in government and the loss of family members led to the need for control and finding solutions. The importance of acknowledging one's power and finding spiritual protection is emphasized. The use of words and the importance of avoiding negative emotions is also discussed.
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will be called a 20 minute mole Keven Lambton Eamon de Lille ahaadeeth he felt it was worth one.

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published it sorry, we're silly Emily. Dr. tamela Sania polyfil hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi Jain I'm about once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So today, inshallah I'll be sharing the second and the only other really directly of use of holidays that are mentioned in Surat Yusuf, and this is from the 100. And first I have the surah. By the time we get to this part of the Quran, this part of the surah pretty much the story has come to an end Yusuf Ali Salaam as a child was taken away, thrown into a well from there he was taken as a Sir, you know, sold as a servant. And then from there, he was falsely imprisoned, and spent many years in

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prison in the darkness of prison, even though he hadn't committed any crime. And he said, and then finally, one of the people that he helped get out whose dream he interpreted, notice that the king is disturbed because the king himself has seen a dream, he can't figure out what it means. And the people around him just think he had a bad dinner. And that's why he had a crazy dream, a death alarm, its meaning meaningless, but he wasn't satisfied and that servant remembered use of honey Salaam, that he's pretty good at interpreting dreams. So he went back and he asked for his help, he said, I'm not coming out until you ask the king about what happened with those women so many years

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ago, that cut their hands. And of course, as a result of that Yusuf Ali Salam comes out of prison, is able to make his case and bring out that cover up that happened so many years ago, as a result of which he was thrown into jail. And now he's been made into the Minister of Finance, because the plan that he came up with as a result of interpreting the dream was there going to be seven good years where they can farm and they can produce agriculture and all of that, and then there's going to be seven pretty bad years, it's going to start raining, the river is going to dry up. If you know anything about ancient Egypt, the the economy depended heavily on the river. So if the rivers dried

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up and the waters right up, but they can't do trade, and they can't do farming, so the economy is going to collapse, basically. So he came up with a plan on how to preserve as much water as possible, and preserve as much agriculture as possible for the seven bad years that are going to be coming fiscal responsibility. Basically, as a result of that, the king is so impressed with food, DFC, he decides that he's going to hire him exclusively for his own benefit, meaning everybody around me is useless, I'm hiring him directly. And there's a slight thing, even though it's not related to this door, but I'll mention it for you. And that is that, you know, sometimes like this

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king who hired or put in place as a minister use of honey syrup. You know, in government's, there's a lot of bureaucracy, right. And you can have some very good people working in government, but their manager is no good. So even though they have the best ideas, and they have solutions, the people above them don't want to implement those solutions, because it makes the guy underneath look good. And the guy on top of him look like not qualified. So they all suppress the good employee, because they don't want to look bad. And this kind of bureaucracy happens in government, it happens in businesses, it happens in offices, it happens all the time. The King sees that he sees that problem.

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So he says, I'm going to hire him exclusively for myself, there is no bureaucracy, he will give me directly suggestions on what I need to do. Because I don't want his ideas and his solutions to get buried under the politics. He can already see all of the politics around him. And he knows that he this this one should not be, you know, buried under political agendas. Right. So I'll start let's hold it up. See any case. In any case, he's now hired as a minister of finance, things do start going bad people started coming to the kingdom to get food, you know, like food stamp kind of thing. They're on welfare now. So even his own family who had abandoned him so many years ago, his

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brothers, they also run out of food. So they come asking the government for food and he recognizes them. Long story short, this is how the family was reunited. And now finally, the father has also come. And the US uses brother of brothers also recognize this is the boy that we throw into a well, and now he's the one feeding us food. And if it wasn't for him, we all would have been starving. And so they've all apologized and the father has also said so first off, we will be out eventually I'll ask a lot of forgive you to meaning your father yaku. Bison was upset at his sons and he's gonna eventually make draw. And so when Yusuf Ali Salaam is finally reunited with his parents, he's

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reunited with his family. All the problems have been resolved in his in his household. It is at that moment he turns to Allah

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And so the first thing we learn here is that typically you find the us or our notion of draw is when things are going really bad you may draw.

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Right? When there's a problem you may draw when there's an emergency, you may die. And that's true. With musasa with Yusuf Ali Salam with Rahim, Allah, some so many cases, we saw that when things become really bad you turn to Allah, or when you reach the end of your life, and you want to make the oil for what's going to happen behind you, like sectarian Islam, or even Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who may die at the end of his life, we saw that too. But here you have Yusuf Ali Salaam, making two out when things have worked out. Everything has worked out fine. And it's not just a time to see Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah is of course what we say. But it's time to say something more. And so he

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makes this door at a time when problems have been solved. And so we're going to learn something about what is it that we ask Allah, when our solutions have arrived? When all of the things that were afflicting US, US have arrived, he says it'll be called a titan immunol mulki. Master, you have certainly granted me some portion of authority control kingdom, meaning you made me part of this government. And first thing he's recognizing here is that Yusuf Alayhi, Salam spent most of his life with no control over any situation.

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As a child, he couldn't control what's going to happen to him. When he was in the well, he couldn't control who's going to take him out and where he's gonna get sold. As a servant, he couldn't control which household he's going to live under. I you know, when he was thrown into jail, he had no control over the situation. And so most of his life, he's actually had no control.

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And only in the last maybe few months, years, or maybe just a few few last years, he's had some control in his life. Some Allah has given him some different different circumstance. And he erases when he talks to Allah, He erases Yala, you kept me powerless for so many years. And eventually you gave me some control. No, he only highlights the Allah. The reason the reason that you didn't give me this control before I see now. I see why you did this with me. So you have you you did, you certainly did grant me mineral milk of some control. Now, I'll help you understand this portion because it's critical. You see use of honey Salaam no child deserves to be separated from their

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parents. No child deserves to be sold as a slave. No young man deserves to go to jail when they haven't committed any crime. He's He's gone through so many things that he didn't deserve. You understand? And that could happen to you. You may be going through experiences in life. And you may ask yourself, I don't deserve this. Why is this happening to me? Why are these people doing this messed up stuff? To me? I haven't done anything. It's the same exact question Yusuf Ali Salaam has an opportunity to ask, but understand something. If he was not in jail, he would not help those two, those two prisoners. You remember those two prisoners. You think as a side part of the story, it's

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no big deal. Listen to this. One of those prisoners ends up working for the king, according to the dream of Yusuf Ali Salaam that he interpreted.

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When the king sees a dream, which everybody else thinks he's just crazy. If that servant was not there, he would not remember use of time. So imagine for a moment, that servant was not there.

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And he never made use of it.

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Then nobody would come to the king and say there's going to be seven good years followed by seven bad years. And at the end of those seven good years, the entire nation would have been starved.

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One father lost his son for several years, Jaco lost us for several years. But if that happened, then a lot of fathers and a lot of mothers would have been crying over their starving and dying babies. The entire nation would have been suffering,

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that one child suffering resulted in him and when he finally was able to interpret the dream, it resulted in hundreds of 1000s of lives being saved, including the life of his own father. His father would also have starved, his brothers would also have starved, the ones that wronged him would also have had it not been for use of Elisa not only being in a position of power, but a loss plan to get him there at that time. And without if he stayed in his house, imagine he never left his home. He was never kidnapped, none of the bad stuff ever happened. And some people look back in their life and say, I wish this didn't happen. This didn't happen. This didn't happen to me. I'm traumatized by

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what happened. He's traumatized by what happened. But if those things didn't happen, the higher the goodness that was going to come into his life and as a result of his suffering, the goodness that was going to come from perpetually, so many people's good goodness, you know, like, Quran describes Maha Maha NASA Jamia? Whoever saves one life is like he saved all of humanity. How many lives of use of Halesowen save? Just think about that. What added he gets what reward he gets. So he says my master, you gave me authority.

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You gave me some control. And then he said he recognizes. How did he get that control? Well, alum turned him into real ahaadeeth. And you taught me some way some some piece of how to interpret what is really going behind speech. What is going behind that dream? What is behind words that people say you get you gave me the ability you taught me that. I'm not the genius who figured it out. You're the one who taught me. You know, when someone accomplishes something and says, You know, I came up with this plan, and that's why we have this economic crisis averted. It was my plan that got us here, thank God, I'm Minister of Finance.

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He recognizes openly that he did not come up with that, who gave him that? Allah azza wa jal did, but you might say that he is a prophet. And because he's a prophet, all of his knowledge is taught to him by who? Allah azza wa jal, but your MBA and your PhD and your degree you you learn your professor taught you a lot didn't teach you. What happens is total Bukhara and sootel. Baccarat describes people who write loan agreements.

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Okay, loan agreements, because you know, it's only very few people knew how to write. And how does Allah describe people who know how to write funny aktobe mingma Allah Allah.

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Let him write based on what Allah taught him. Based on what a lot of them anyone who knows as much as even how to write a lot takes credit for that. Anyone who knows how to read anything, you're good at medicine, you're good at accounting, you're good at finance, you're good at engineering, whatever qualification you have literally in the Quran, Allah says just like he says, He taught the Prophet Koran. He literally says he taught you what you know, he gives credit to a larger agenda item turn him into a Hadith, he doesn't take credit himself. These are not his credentials that got him here. Even though he is in fact his credentials that got him there. He recognizes that there's a piece of

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that that can only come from a large origin and that he has to immediately acknowledge why lamp turn him into Leela Hadith and how to and of all the things that he experienced he understands the most powerful risk is the gift that Allah gives when Allah gives you a special gift like use of special gift that we know the Hadith you know a lot of times people think well use of Elisa a special gift was he was really good looking.

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Right? And what you recognize in this world when someone's good looking some beauty from man or a woman be considered that an asset strength is an asset. Right? Musa alayhis salaam strength got him in trouble. Use of La salons good looks about I'm in trouble.

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But we think is the best thing might be the thing if you don't use it properly. And it might be the reason that you in this world, people might think you have an advantage, that same thing might could might become your disadvantage. But what Allah taught you the skill that Allah gave you, that you can use to help other people. That is something that allows you have to acknowledge from a lesson especially what is the gift that Allah has given you. Some of you are really good with children. That's the gift Allah gave you. Some of you are amazing researchers, that's the gift of love you acknowledge the gift that Allah taught you, especially the one that you can use to help others will

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attempt any mentor will have this thought or somehow it will help the creator from nothing of the skies in the earth, meaning Allah azza wa jal made the skies and made the earth who am I to save anyone or anything? Who am I going to Who am I to make it rain or not make it rain, I don't take any credit at all. This is entirely up to allow us origin. And then the most beautiful part of this da, this is actually the part of the DA now enter will leave donia when you are my Willie?

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And I'm not going to translate well yet but you are my Willie in this life. And in the next life. Well, it means a few things. Willie means protector. What do you mean someone who has the most rights over you? When he also they say usually is when something is next to something like the saddle on a horse is also called a Walia or a saddle on a camel. Something that is always next to something else. Like if you see one you see the other. Like for example, if you see my car means I'm inside. When you see one, you know the other one is there, or you and your phone. You see one you know he's around here somewhere. They can't be too far apart. When two things are right next to each

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other all the time. That's actually called a liar. He says yeah, lie you have been right next to me all the time. This is why the verb when de ma le what follows biller fasten with no gaps that's actually called wilaya. So you have been next to me all this time. You have been with me the whole time. You have been protecting me the one I also means protecting, you have been protecting me the whole time. You have had the most rights over me the whole time. You have had the ultimate authority. Well, you will also the one who has authority, you have had the ultimate authority over me the whole time. Now think about that. He's in the he's in the well, and he's saying I'm not alone

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allies with me. This time, as I'm scared a snake might bite me or I might drown or Allah is with me. And he's protecting me right now. He's in jail. allies with me. Unless protecting me. What happens to you and me when we're going through a hard time where's the law?

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Why is he here? Why is he helping me? Why did Allah leave me? Why isn't he my Wali? He says, You are my Willie in dunya. And you are my Willie in Africa. You're my Willie in this life and worldly life and in the next, in other words, through times of crisis, through trial times of crisis, we have to remember the name of Allah. And really, unless there's a law, who really you're letting Armando Yokoyama lumati. In a note, think about that image, Allah is the value of those who believe he pulls them out of darkness into light. If someone is not there with you in the darkness, how are they going to pull you

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don't have to be with you in the darkness to get you into the light, right. So in in the darkest of our times, Allah is our Willie. And he says, until we leave Indonesia with a Hara, he never loses sight of the fact that no matter how bad things look on the outside, and you might think Allah has abandoned, Allah has never abandoned me. Allah has always been protecting me has always been my Willy, when everybody ganged up against me and conspired against me and tried to humiliate me and throw me into prison. When when all of that happened along with my buddy,

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when my as a child, when my father told me, your brothers are going to scheme against you,

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then Allah was my ready to.

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And so until we leave for dunya will occur and finally his daughter has done his request from Allah, you would think everything he wants has been given. There's nothing left to ask. So now it's true in the dunya sense, everything he wanted has been granted. So the only thing left now that he asked Allah is profound. He says there was any Muslim and give me death as a Muslim. When you take me away, take me away in submission. Keep me humble before you just because I've had authority and my family has been humbled before me. And everybody recognizes that I was right now it's kind of an elevation. No, my Rob, keep me Muslim, and take me as a servant. Take me as someone in complete

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submission to you. Yeah, like the only thing I'm looking forward to now is that I don't slip from this Islam as like approach death. You know, when times get better people get further away from Allah. When times are difficult time for the LA Times to recite some code on what do i can i make what sooner I can recite. And when things get better, it's time to party. You know, then you we leave a lot behind Subhan Allah tala, he says, I Yala Don't let me become from those people. Whatever calamities happen, good or bad in this life, none of that will matter if I don't die in submission to you, the author, the Muslim man, and even though he has been reunited with his family

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just now, he just got reunited with his family. He's more worried about another union. And that's the final part of his law. He says what will happen eventually him and give me the company join me, fuse me together with good people. In other words, and the camera when you raise me, I want to be among good people, and Hackney beside him. Remarkable, because you know, most of his life, he was surrounded by no good people. Most of his life a little bit of the company of his father, his brothers were no good at the time. He was when he was sold, there are people that stole him and sold him no good people. He's in the minister's house, the ministers corrupt who covered it up, his wife

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is even more corrupt. The women around that were more corrupt, obviously in prison is not exactly going to meet saints. You know. And then finally, he works in government. I mean, I don't have to tell you what it's like to work in a government. So he's not exactly surrounded by righteous people. So his daughter to allies, even though he's surrounded by a bad environment. And even though Allah has granted him the company of his family again, he asked Allah Allah take me Muslim, give me that as a Muslim, and make sure you take you join me among people that are that have righteous company, this is the last bit of this draw that I share with you, that is that in this life, sometimes we

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think we need to live in an Islamic environment to be better Muslims.

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everybody around me, I should be spiritual and sacred and holy. And if we're not in the Islamic environment, and we're going to get messed up, let me tell you, most prophets, Allah Masato Salaam, and most of their followers, the best of the people ever, the follow prophets and their followers, they were surrounded by bad environments most of their life.

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That was most of their life, including our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The fact that Allah put you and me in a surrounding of a bad environment is actually the plan of Allah, because that darkness needs some light and you're supposed to be that light. You're supposed to be that light. This is why the believer and the heart of a believer is compared to a lamp. And so to know, what's the purpose of a lamp? It removes the darkness from its surroundings. The purpose of a lamp is not just to be lit on its own. It's to spread light, isn't it? And so he asked Allah and Hackney bisaya hain Yes, when I'm going to be surrounded only by good people, and there's no no no

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challenges left around me that's in the after after you take me. For now. My job is to be a role model to others. So often a Muslim Manuel Hackney beside him digital

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Until the day he died, he was giving Dawa and his government, people that's not $1. It's a fact, most Yusuf Ali is up until the day he died. He was giving Dawa, because I'll take one more minute and I'm done. Because when the country got better, and the economy got better, and they started prospering, then you know, when a nation starts prospering, they start partying more. Right? So they started forgetting Allah, and they started and he's not the king. So their their religion started getting corrupted, and all kinds of fascists started spreading in the society, and he would give them a warning. Allah sent me as a prophet to you, to make you grateful. So you can be grateful to

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Allah blessings. But if you're not grateful alone might send another messenger and that messenger will come not to save Egypt but to destroy Egypt. Another eventual Prophet was Musa alayhis salam. This is why this hint of use of Elisa Lam's Dawa is mentioned in so little of it, whether Katya aku Yusuf have in common. And when he died, when he passed away, they couldn't insult him right like other profits, they couldn't insult use of it. So it's a remarkable story. Usually profits are insulted, humiliated, made fun of, but because he saved the entire nation and he was the Minister of Finance. They couldn't insult him. They still didn't take his religion.

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I hear some interesting religious views. That's okay. But we really love his economic policies. Right so but he was in a position to make that as much as possible. They said, you know, plenty of Isola home Mr. de la Sula. He told them say after loving radical Rasulullah, Allah will after me Allah will send a messenger, you better watch out Egypt. But when he died, this ad was not gonna send anybody and who did alas and eventually, masala is what we learned there is when you don't take heed. When the people that spread light are not listened to. Eventually Allah those are the reason a nation is surviving. And when that heat has not taken a level send those that will actually be the

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cause, that that nation and its rebellion will come to an end. May Allah azza wa jal make us a source of light to the surroundings that we have around us. May Allah make us of those when times are good, we turn to Allah. We look back at all the difficulty and instead of reminding us of the difficulty, we remind ourselves how Allah pulled us out of those difficulties entirely. If you do Nia when Allah the wolf any Muslim man, what happening beside him barakallahu li walakum salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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