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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of staying up late to recover from COVID-19 and the importance of the Prophet Muhammad's teachings in shaping people's minds is discussed. The lack of commitment to health-related precautions and the importance of science and technology in solving problems are emphasized. The importance of repeating the three points of benefit for everyone is emphasized, and the speakers provide examples of how the church has been successful in bringing people back to their beliefs. The importance of the Prophet's teachings and the importance of the Bible's three key beliefs are also discussed.
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They have 15 minutes inshallah to drop your questions into the chat and to ask the shift anything that is relevant to the topic of the class today. Then we will jump into Of course our fan favorites that Quranic reflection circles when she said to sleep in sha Allah and today we'll be covering a verse from story from Joseph number six does that matter for joining us and I'm gonna head over him I said I'm on a camera with the lighting but again, how you doing this morning while I lay down what I have to live on a car to just come along here for having me It's always a pleasure to like to connect with people all around the world even more of a pleasure machine I love it with our students

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have an investment and May Allah Subhana with Allah except our fast assistance all in that which is pleasing to Him. provide for us from where we assume it cannot be provided. And Allah subhanho wa Taala except a little that we do in the month of Ramadan and increase it for us and assist all of us in sha Allah to doing and having the best Ramadan ever Allahumma me

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just want her for that shift. I'm actually curious, are you what time is this right now? It's probably 5am in the middle is it?

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I got 10 minutes for

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lunch. I know you can sing it to us. I hope that you got a little bit more a little bit more than that a little bit more but yeah, inshallah. So I'll roll from you into Sinatra and fetch soon after. But do I do apologize if you're passing and I'm drinking in front of you forgive me for that. No apologies necessary shift just like motor for making those sacrifices of sleep and time this morning. Australian time to join us inshallah. So for you, I think it's just about to be fast number six insha. Allah. Yes.

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from both of our

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patient, I'll pass it to start

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala min Anna via Varga Mohammed Mohammed Ali Abdullah Saleh. Mata slim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohammed Impaler willing also luiselli Moses guava Rick Allah say you know whenever you know Mohammed infidel, Illa Allah or hammer I mean Allah is O'Connor, Ayman Colvin, Harsha, Warburton and Ireland Bella Isabela, we always ask Allah subhana wa sallam beginning and end to allow us to gather together for a purpose that is pleasing to Him to make us from those who are worthy of His mercy, and to allow us be me to Allah to ascend our ranks and our dealings in our relationship with Him through the relationships

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that we build with others. And I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes this blessed month of Ramadan, a month of forgiveness, a month of healing, and a month of expiation from our sins, that we can make a change in our life, a concrete change in our life that betters us as we move forward into the future alone that I mean, it's always Alhamdulillah a pleasure to meet with our brothers and sisters, from different parts of the world virtually. And I just wanted to acknowledge Pamela, some of the, you know, hardships that I know many people are going through, I know when in Ontario, where sister huff saw and some of my dear friends, my family are in Toronto, Milton and all of these areas

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that there is so much longing to be a part of the masajid and fulfilling Salatu tarawih and being a part of the greater community that we appreciate in the month of Ramadan, but to panela this, this year, in the previous year with some of the COVID restrictions and some of the hardships that have you know arrived to us. It is something that it's not just a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of our patients and endurance, but in terms of the longevity of our faith. So I wanted to address that from the perspective of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, our great and noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, lived a COVID lifestyle kind of lifestyle. I claimed down lifestyle

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where everything that he wanted to open up every experience that he wanted to have

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every place that he wanted to visit. Our Great Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam was restricted and banished and pushed back from that there was a lacking of reception, there weren't open doors. There was

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you know, I constantly a state of Israel, from one place to the next seeking the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada even though he was isolated and Allah subhana wa Allah describes Prophet Ibrahim in a very unique way you don't hear this description about anybody else, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Ibrahima Cana

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam unto him

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himself he was a nation. Now that kind of, you know, we kind of look at that word and say wow, his Eman was so great yet such great faith in a lot. But what I want you to also see is that he was singular. And we have this statement as listener, Kunal Jamal, our encounter with that, you know you can be the A jamaa even as an individual, even as one person that you can represent the truth. And the prophets. I seldom said better. Islam already, you know, Islam began as something that was distinct from that which surrounded it, it was something that was unique. It was something that was isolated and pressure precious, it was something that was a rare commodity. With a Udo Chem I bet

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that although Islam was expand and will move forward, it will return and regress back not in terms of numbers, but in terms of the quality of faith in terms of being an oma unto oneself, in terms of being a faithful believer in Allah Subhana, which Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has prophesized would happen. And that's it's not only due to the Muslim omens making, but it's due to the circumstances that we live in. So I wanted to begin the story of Ibrahim as the story You and I are living today that we are moving from one place to the other, where there are restrictions, whether from our own doing or others doing that have been put upon us that don't allow us to expand

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and to connect with people in the ways that we have normally operated and been accustomed to. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to have a self confidence and self awareness of our faith that allows us to be confident in how we lead our homes, how we lead our families, how we lead our communities to that which is righteous, how we lead each other as individuals that represent the great jamaah of the Prophet Muhammad. And oma the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, early he was like me, he was sending him to Sleeman kathira Ibrahim, it is said, Allah described him from a very young age before his Islam. And one of the unique things about all of the prophets, all of the

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messengers of Allah is that the life story that they had, before Islam was delivered to them was as significant and as important as when Islam approached them and that our heed that they recognized in their heart became familiar to them in a more formal way through revelation, it was something that they always knew they always felt it there was always this connection it brought him always had an aversion to worshipping an idol. He always knew that this was unbecoming this, how can I worship something that my own hands created, he had that inner fifth law that was always alive, that was always, always present. But at that same time, that life before revelation arrives is always a very

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important indicator of the life that will come after the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam says mithya becomes the best of you in Islam will also be of the best of you who came who were of the best of you before your Islam? Right? So when you think of Abu Bakr and you think of Oman, you think of Earth man you think of any year on your lower I know, you think about a shanty Allah when you think about Khadija rhodiola, or these luminaries within our faith, they were the Ibrahim's of their time. They were those who recognize that there is something better that is on the other side that I you know, when I come into faith, or the Hulu facing me cap, that their commitment will erase any

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missteps that they had before it. Remember the Allahu anhu in the day that he accepted Islam? He says to the prophets of Allah, how do you ascend them, as I was, you know, ferocious and vicious against the believers, I will not leave any stone unturned with except that I give victory to the believers and to the faith from now on. And therefore that commitment that he had in that which was immoral, became the commitment that he represented in that which was moral to a greater extent. And I want that to be the story of Ibrahim that I present with you today. Ibrahim Aliya Salaam is the one who was staunch in faith committed to the ideals of truth, clarity, credence, he man

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in an in an unconventional manner to everyone that surrounded him at that time. And Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam. He was a person whose heart always was searching for truth. And I want that to be the first step for you and I that we can take away

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This message because we're not here just to, you know, speak about defensible stories. It's not mythology it's not, it's meant to be a moral code and socio ethical

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mind map for you and I to follow moving forward. It is the essence of the drop that you and I make it no Hold on. When we open it, we say it did not sell off and we sell theme sirata Latina and hamdallah him lead me to the lead all of us do that straight path, the path of those who favorite before us late in my loop, I am not the path of those who had an aversion to the truth who went off the path, one of our lien or those who were misguided, Oh Allah lead me to that, which is the path of Ibrahim and Allah says a woman yells up or I'm miletti, Ibrahim and lemon, Sophia and upset no one strays away from the path of Abraham, except somebody who was before themselves, somebody was

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misguided themselves and has been led down an incorrect pathway by their choosing by their commission because you know, the way that it has been proven, and you chose other than so the first takeaway message that I want you to know is that within your heart, that the path to Allah subhana wa, tada is a path of consciousness and is a path of fitrah. And it is a path where your heart will recognize it, if you open your heart to that which is truth and Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, as a very young man was one whose heart was aware was one who was thinking was one who did not, you know, did not hold back the intent of searching for meaning, and searching for quest to answer the questions

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that are found naturally in the heart of all of us as human beings. And this is, you know,

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a powerful and important moment in human history. You and I are living in things if Allah subhanho wa Taala determines more generations for mankind in the future that they will right back as they do about the Spanish influenza today, and we go back and analyze it, people will speak about the times that we live in today. And what needs to kind of show within our Islamic history within our Islamic leanings is that there was a self confident people who search for signs and truth in the difficulties that they were in, that was Ibrahim it is salaams precedent that you and I can take from Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam as a young man, as a young thinker, as somebody who is, you

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know, looking at the world, he would look up into the stars and you would look up into the heavens and you would look to that which is before him, that which is beneath him, that which surrounds him and that which is within him within his consciousness. And Allah speaks about this in the Quran, where he says to us, you can only want to add up, you know, constantly in the Koran, you know, look up into the sky, look up into the stars look up to the sun, fly young guru now,

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as a wsmr, he, you know, don't they look up to the sky Keifa with your act, what has kept it in the in that in the heights that it is. And when you kind of think about that, you know, I living in Australia at the moment, it's it's a shocking statistic for many people, one out of every three and it's now getting closer to one out of every two people develop a form of skin cancer or melanoma, due to the lack of ozone layer in certain pockets in Australian territory. One out of every three people in Australia will develop that. Obviously, there's a lack of, you know, commitment to wearing sunscreen and other things, all of that, that you know, when, you know, not not covering up as much

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as people should. But I want you to kind of think about that statistic. And I want that to be something that's that's significant, that Allah Subhana Allah, He tells us look at the habits. Have you ever thought about what protects you from the sun? What keeps the earth at the temperature that it is? What is it that has kept oxygen at a level that you and I are able to breathe it if you were to climb up 3000 meters up into into a mountain your breathing changes? You it takes it takes much more effort to remain, you know,

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having the same oxygen levels in your in your heart and in your chest. What has made oxygen so

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so balance that on the surface of the earth. It's effortless for us and it doesn't float away. Why can we live here and not in March? Well, you know the balance that is

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About the temperature of the Earth is significant. So when you wake up in the morning, like I did yesterday, and you hear that the long largest iceberg has broken off, you know, a continental shelf from the ant Arctic has broken off. And it's due to climate change in their seismic shifts in climate change, you begin to wonder and you begin to worry Fnm Boone, don't you look up into the sky? Don't you look to the earth that's beneath you. And that's why when Allah He speaks about, he's the one who created the heavens and created the earth. He's the one who created what's above you, but also what's beneath you. And what, when that tapped a thought off, and what's beneath the earth

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that you're not aware of. It's such a powerful Acharya in Surah Taha, where Allah speaking to the to the prophets, I send them in the people of Quraysh. level math is semiaquatic. When I fill out the web map, a map and map one map data set off to a law belongs all that is in the heavens and above it, all that is in the earth, and all that is beneath the earth that you're unaware of.

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Could you imagine if like Abu jannetty knew that there's oil that is, you know, billions of dollars worth the black gold that he was seated on? Could you imagine the arrogance that he would have had, aside from the arrogance that he had. So there's things that human beings we have arrogance with today, that if we actually knew some of the value of some of the things around us that we haven't yet come to understand? You know, mankind would be even more arrogant, and Subhanallah with the audacity that we have today, we think we dominate this world. But Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in Surah Yunus, which is a product of you and I's understanding of how Ibrahim saw the world, when

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Allah says what can that be can nudie Ibrahima mallacoota. Seven? Well, it will. I made it known to Ibrahim my commit the command of the realms of the heavens and the earth, Ibrahim understood. He understood the majesty of Allah from looking around, that this idol is not Allah, this cannot be the one who made everything to be, he came to understand that it didn't require the angel gibreel yet to reveal at his heart looked into the heavens into the earth, that which is science and that which was not you know it, I use the word science meaning that which is through the senses that he has, he could extract knowledge that led him to understand that there was something greater as a greater

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force in the world. Allah tells us in Surah Yunus had to either harder to outdo rooferhow was taken until the moment the earth has taken on its splendor and its beauty woven loja and Adi, LA and mankind who live upon it who are not of it, who did not make it, they assumed hardy Runa they had that they have all the power and dominance over it.

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At Roja Leyland on the Hara, my command arrives to this very same earth that they believe they've taken ownership of in a moment of the night or a moment of the day. * how see then limped up and I've been EMS, I leveled it raised it, I mowed it down as if it had no no beauty before. So Pamela can barely can know sort of full Aya people, you know, we assume that the world was always going to be as it is. And even you know, when this whole COVID and the scourge of COVID happen, people just assume that it's just the flu, it's gonna be like SARS, one week, two weeks, three weeks, everything's just getting that why is everybody paying and then people start porting toilet

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paper. Everybody starts panicking, right? because nobody's nobody's heart is aware that Subhanallah there's a greater power, there's greater, Allah just said, pause, stop you, you don't have power of the heavens in the earth. You do not command the rains you do not command. You know, you may assume that you can have scientific invent that technology can solve all your problems, but it can't. And whether you have one vaccine to vaccines, 100 vaccines, there are still other motions in effect that is beyond it. May Allah allow our vaccines to help us and allow the keywords to to be allowed and allow transport to to resume and to travel and, and to meet everyone, but don't think

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they don't allow you to not dominate anything. So Ibrahim understood that. And that was what upset his father.

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That is what upset the kings. That is where the contention came from. That's what everyone was. You know what what is this kid saying?

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There's this moment in the books of tafsir, where Ibrahim asks his mother, he says, Man, you know, my mom, who do I have to listen to? She says me.

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Like every mother, Mashallah you listen to me, son. And he says, well, who do you listen to? She goes to your father. And he says, well, who does my father listen to? You know, he's a cheap preacher. He goes, the king says, well, who does the king listen to? So she smacks him. She says, hey, you're gonna get us all in trouble. You know, you can't, you can't go beyond. There's, you know, this is the one who's dominated power. You can't speak truth to power. You can't, you can't question authority.

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You know, there's a power on this world that you That's it? And Ibrahim's like, no, but hold on a second, I can't question you. And I can't question my father, where there is reason I can teach as much as received. And Subhana Allah, the prophets of Allah, how do you go silent describes arrogance as being where an individual

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rejects the truth on account of the one who brought it forward to them. So you look to your side and say, What do you know? You're a young kid? What do you know? Right? That's exactly how we put our hand was treated. I leave his set up. So that's the second you know, I think, important lesson that we take from the stories of Ibrahim the third, a powerful lesson is Ibrahim and he has set up being one who

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wants to see the power of a law of syllogism. And I want this to be something that you can kind of

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take a lesson from that it is Oh, quit okay to reconcilable fate Now listen to the word I'm saying. It is okay for you and I to seek to reconcile our your pain and our certainty by seeking objective outcomes to strengthen our faith. And that's not called questioning faith. You know, asking about wanting to know more about our faith is not questioning a loss of power to add and that that that becomes a healing to the heart. Tonight in short Lancelot to turn away I'm going to begin from a certain man either and the section I begin is yo management Allah or rusu. On the day that Allah Subhana Allah will gather the messengers

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met you know what, what, what what do you have to say about why I sent you in the delivery of your message, and then Allah will focus on he Sadie has set up and in the in that passage in the final however, you know, he said no money see all of the profits of a law they had to reconcile faith for themselves and others not out of lacking faith, but leave my inner country but for the hearts defined coolness and eat the Howard Dean the Ask Jesus piece after they've seen after a lot you know speaks all of the beautiful miracles that were given to Jesus does not mean a clinic a pipe, you take clay and you mold into shape of a bird by tempo movie, by a cooler player on the evening you

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breathe on it becomes a living bird by my protection.

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That's that's an area debris will achma how well abrasca you will bring healing to the blind, the new the unable to hear the evening by the power of Allah to create a note of the evening, you will bring one who was you know, passed away to life by my order by my leave? Yeah, Isa. And then the Howard. He didn't say

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yeah, he said no Maria, Mahalia study or a book is your board able willing to bring down food from heaven? heavenly prude. minamisoma.

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For us to eat Allah tala. He says peer you're more What's wrong with you people you've seen all the things says it duckula fear Allah, undo redo and coolamon autothermal in Napa Luna, we want to eat from this food so that our hearts can find a reconciliation. And our hearts can find tranquility tautomer in Nepal nobuna. When Allah And God saw Dr. net and that we are finally well aware, complete in our reconciliation that we have accepted the truth with you and on that he says a love model burner and Zilina that Oh Allah bring down this table spread of food from the heavens.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says here it is for me, the one who eats from it and disbelieved. They will be the most severe in their punishment. The second

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incident is mu Sally is Sarah Moosa after speaking to Allah directly. No jubilees no barrier.

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No translator directly speaks to a law as though a gentle law speaks directly to him welcoming them Allah who said attack Lima Musa says arabe Eleni I'm very late in solotaroff Oh my Lord, I want to see I want to gaze upon you. Let me see you yeah Allah. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Glentoran you will not see me but under 11 look to that distant mountain famous stuff around Mecca. Now for some photography, if that mountain remains as it is, I will you will be able to see me. fella matter gela or boo when and when one of the majesty of your Lord became known to that mountain, it was pulverize well, Hunter boots outside and Moosa fell down unconscious or dead. Love brings him back. And Allah

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Subhana Allah, you know, lets it be known that the physical element that you have in your life cannot witness me I'm also in the day of judgment in the alpha Oh yes, you will be able to be blessed with the greatest near men of gentlemen the greatest Nemo again not another either what you're hoping that we will be able to look upon the Countess the face of our Lord Allah subhana wa alojamento Dragon I mean whom Yeah, I mean, would you even know where our faces will be brightened that we have that capacity to be near to our VSI center near to our Lord in the highest levels of Jin.

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Moosa asks, it's an impossibility but Allah does not just simply say no, Allah demonstrates the reality of it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala demonstrates this with Ibrahim Aeneas center. And Ibrahim says, oh my lord Eddie, Nikkei for Tolkien, melter Oh Allah, show me how you will bring the dead to life. Paula Elam took me, Allah says Is it because you do not believe that this can be and Ibrahim says Bella will actually have my copy my lord I believe, but I want that there is a tranquility in my heart. I want to be able to witness something of that nature. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says with our bathroom in a play because we're in the era take for different shapes, sizes, colors, feathers of different birds, and cold breeze bring them to you, butcher them and mix them up and to make it legible in

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hoonah juice and put some of them on every different place distinct mountains to Maduro Hoon, then invite them back to you yet Tina kasaya they will be brought back to you and you will see the witness of how I bring the dead to life. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala makes manifest Ibrahim, that which is there not because Ibrahim is lacking in faith, but because all of us at times need to be inspired by the lives of the prophets of Allah to learn that reconciling our faith and asking for greater knowledge and seeking questions that are not from an antagonistic perspective but from a perspective of healing and openness and love and, and candor with Allah subhana wa tada is the

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essence of our faith, our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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I want to be a salaallah alayhi wa sallam he asks

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Allah subhana wa Allah, certain questions that are not answered by Allah. You know, there are certain requests made by the prophets I send them where Allah Subhana Allah, Allah does not grant the prophets of Allah who it was. Everything he asked for in the way that he asked for. A one account of It is him is his uncle, not coming into faith before his death. I want to be a civil law How do you ascend up is one who is

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nearest to Allah zildjian but that is not something that is given to him peace and blessings be upon him. And in that is a very powerful lesson that Moosa asked and there are things not given Ibrahim as things not given new assets, things like not giving

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each and every Nabhi is taught and given to us is made as a teaching and an example for for us in that regard. I want to end so that we can have a little bit of discussion a little bit of q&a, if possible. Thereafter, by mentioning that Ibrahim Ali has said

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was set as the primary example for the prophets I send them in terms of tawheed rather than legislation are following

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The Lord Musalia Salaam was made as the Prophet an example of how to institute laws and to lead the community as a community of faith of practicing aspects of worship. So when solar is instituted, the figure who mentors the prophets, I sell them on the Israel and Mirage and says you have Mohammed in the omeka. to conjure up to various or in return to your Lord and 50 sada is too much I've dealt with Benny I saw him go back to Allah and ask him to, to make it you know, more more tenable for your community, so the Prophet heeds the advice and return so a lot and from 50 eventually becomes the five prayers multiplied by 10 in reward.

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Moosa is the one who mentored the prophets lm who set as the example of following the relationship of the legislation and the worship and the shitty implementation of the laws. But the primary example of tohave of singling out only a lot of an event and on deniable commitment, or holding completely on to the truth, and not relinquishing our monotheism our do I only to Allah, our commitment only to Allah removing any obstacles that may lead to any variants of love or faith or anything that is beyond the loss of paranoia to Allah. The primary example is Ibrahim Ali is set up. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala allows us to grow in that knowledge and to gain that maturity

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of faith that Ibrahim is our role model in our behavior, in our habits in our practice, that Allah Subhana Allah blesses you and I, with a commitment to the truth and practice to it upon the footsteps of Ibrahim and that we are from those who are in the camp of our interview Mohammed sobre, la vida USL and that Allah leads us to that which is blessed in this duty an alpha male might accept your fasting if you are fasting and May Allah give you a successful fast in the date to come and chat bot if you have not yet broken your fast you remember your poor brother You

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may have lost some Hana with the honor accepted and make it easy for us. And may Allah subhana wa tada grant you and I success along with me.

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for that beautiful story, that descriptive story I was not wrong Mashallah for those of you who are the beginning with us and have the Leela and to all your beautiful the eyes during the session and chill, I don't want to take any more time. And I want to make sure you can go and pray fudger inshallah, as well. So anyone who has questions, please feel free to drop them into the chat preferably message them to me privately inshallah so that you can be taken easily in Priority sequence in sha Allah, and keep them on the topic of the story of Abraham and Islam and the burden shall adata spend the real question we don't have one just yet today. I don't know shake your head,

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do you have a test question that you want to pose to the audience in sha Allah, that they can use to spin the wheel. I don't know if you have anything based on the contents that we have today. Spin the wheel is basically an exercise that we have that allows them to win specific prizes from the vulgar world. So maybe lift for those who came a little bit late the three points that I covered, oh, whoever gets it right, the fastest inshallah in the chat Oh, look out for that. We will count you for the first spin of the wheel in sha Allah and that way it'll be a great reminder for everyone else who was trying to catch the sessions as well or catch the points as well inshallah, so go as

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soon as we see the first message that's correct. inshallah will allow you to spin the wheel

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do them all in one on one message though, just so that it's fair for everyone you have to list all three points in one message should everyone's typing right now. So I'll give you guys a chance inshallah to type it out.

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Perfect. Okay, so she asked if you want to repeat the question in its entirety Okay, so the question is list the three points that we can take as benefit from the story of Ibrahim Ali is sent out

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all in one message inshallah.

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Okay, I see someone was to everyone so far has had one that I can see Bismillah

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Okay, make sure you say them to everybody. Make sure you you send a message to everybody, not just myself. Drop it in the chat.

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So far, I think we've only gotten to two the most

00:34:30 --> 00:34:45

Omar and Shara are better ready to drop the bomb on us, giving us a preliminary message. Perfect. Guys, you have to make sure that you get all three points in one message. Otherwise you're not eligible if it's not all together and then all correct.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:50

All right, this Mila I see a lot of people helping out others.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:54

Mashallah, okay, hold on.

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

Right You said three points of benefits, standing for the truth overcoming hardship for Alaska.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

I've been standing true to your beliefs and accepting the truth. Jeff, is that correct? I see I see here sister rock my martial law reconciling your faith. Look for truth in difficult times searching for meaning and signs from from the majesty of along the creation around us. Yes.

00:35:17 --> 00:35:19

On one message Hold on. I'm still scrolling.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:27

Hold on, hold on. I'm going to go up above. Sister Rama was first Mashallah, I'm still scrolling up to catch your message. I'm

00:35:29 --> 00:35:53

still scrolling, still scrolling? I want to make sure we're being fair. And that I don't get any messages after the class. Bismillah I don't see that message ship was a message directly to you. No, no, no, it's on the group chat sister Rama at 530-535-3535. Maybe since Rama came afterwards, I might have missed the ones before. Let us sort that out.

00:35:55 --> 00:35:56

But the onus on me.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:20

Okay. No, I think the first one I saw was very sad. And sorry, the three points that she mentioned was standing for the truth, overcoming hardship or allows guidance and standing true to your beliefs and accepting the truth was that correction? Yes, but they're the one that's missing is searching for meanings in science. clumps from the heavens of the creation of the heavens and the earth and what is beneath us?

00:36:22 --> 00:36:57

Bismillah i think i think then Rama might have it closest. So read reconciling your faith isn't questioning it look for truth in difficult times and searching for meanings and signs of the majesty of a lot would that be the most correct? Yes. We tried our best everyone who didn't Mashallah just like book I still see people private messaging me, responses desirable and everyone who participated inshallah, we'll get plenty of more opportunities to spin the wheel. But congratulations to sister Rama for getting it correct. Let's quickly pull up the wheel as you guys start messaging questions, and Shall I get on the topic of today's lesson? And let's do a quick spin and see what SR Rama wins

00:36:57 --> 00:37:06

Bismillah and then click the spin rollin mega quick the IR This is the time to do it in sha Allah, everyone else please make a dog for her as well. And let's click spend

00:37:15 --> 00:37:50

one full month free a beat essential sleep essentials is another complete Online Learning Library and shit. Yes, Abraham actually has a course on there on the topic of marriage and engagement. So it's all you got a month to binge it. Rama please send me your email near the end of the session just so I don't miss it inshallah, and Congratulations once again, on your win. All right now I want to be fair to everyone who's messaging questions, and jump back up there to see if I can get any questions. The first one I see quickly from Sarah from Melbourne as well Mashallah Sangha tonight with you is with Prophet Ibrahim in his teenage years or adulthood when he started questioning idol

00:37:50 --> 00:38:21

worship. So that's a question that there's really no correct answer to it's not something where I could say the Prophet said this was his age, but we know that he was a young a young man. So whether he had attained puberty or maturity or not, yet, Allahu Allah, most of the amount of Tafseer they assume that he was on the cusp of maturing in that sense, when he questioned his father, so he was, you know, I a teenager, but he wasn't, you know, a young young child yet.

00:38:23 --> 00:39:06

Yeah. Beautiful. The next question that I see from Ola is can the shift speak in more detail about the surah about the food coming down to Prophet Jesus, Jesus as a disciple? This is what the Christians speak about called The Last Supper. How do we explain this to non Muslims? Yeah, so for us, we believe that that's entirely a reality, the fifth chapter of the whole on the last two pages of it, of salted man that this is where it gets the name and Matt, either the table spread is about this incident, what I would probably recommend is if you go to tafsir.com, and just read this section on Tafseer, for the last 14 verses of solten matita. And it will give you less 12 verses of

00:39:06 --> 00:39:12

sorts of money that it will give you insha Allah a good detailed kind of answer. You can also Google

00:39:14 --> 00:39:15

yahia Ibrahim,

00:39:16 --> 00:39:41

why we love Jesus, which is a piece that I wrote for Muslim matters.org or maybe somebody can link it there. And it's about how we represent Isa what do we see him as? I also have a four part series of lectures about our orthodox belief as Muslims about Jesus. It's an online kind of thing on YouTube for four talks that I had given that you can listen to them and chop

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

it up for just like metallic grab that link in just a second. Someone else was saying why didn't Allah subhanaw taala preserve his other books, a loss of Hannah who went to Allah, his books are preserved in the Quran. And there are always going to be

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

repeal of laws as humanity kind of continues but the final law has always been the plan as the mandate of life. So think of it from solotaroff man, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, a rough man I lemon, and hollow inside the ever Merciful, Allah The Lord of all mercy, the Lord of all compassion. I live in Florida and he taught the plan. And then Allah says he created men hold up a concern. And the Quran is put forward before the creation of men meaning that the intent for humanity was always that they will practice the beliefs of tawheed of the origin. And when it is the time for them to have the complete legislation. It'll be manifest in the book of the Koran. So Jesus says as a law

00:40:48 --> 00:41:30

tells us in sort of earlier Emraan he said to the people of Israel, even to Benny Assad in G to come live Oh * Ella comeback or Lady for Ramallah, I have come to make permissible for you some of what you have made in permissible upon yourselves. And therefore we we see that even in the time of Jesus, he made revisions to the laws according to the revelation given Jame from the laws that were, for example, in the total law that preceded him through the Injeel the gospel that was given to him, peace and blessings be upon him. But the last mandate, the last testimony is the Quran. And Allah says lannoo Farewell, Kobe now had the Murali, we do not make a distinction between any of the

00:41:30 --> 00:41:40

messengers in the sense that they all talk to heed, although there were different legislations different legal principles in one point of human history as it related to others.

00:41:42 --> 00:42:23

In the fall, we'll take a couple more questions in Charlotte, before we have depart with Ibrahim, the next question that I see his words, Jesus's disciples, the same disciples from the Bible, and that's from one of your clients. Yes. So the names of them are not known to us in the suit of the prophets of Allah, how do you resend them. And as Muslims, we never hold on to personalities or individuals, right? We hold on to the messages, and the experiences and the moral socio ethical perspectives that we are taught from from their message. So it's not about whether the name is Paul or James or, you know, john, what's important is what were the interactions that they had with Jesus

00:42:23 --> 00:42:47

that Allah describes and that are found in the Bible in the Gospel that are consistent with our faith. So let me just clarify this really quickly. Since we're, you know, getting a few questions about it. as Muslims our our key that our belief as it relates to the scriptures of the nations that came before us, especially the texts and Benes are in the Torah and the Injeel, we have three important,

00:42:48 --> 00:43:40

systematic beliefs. The first is that which is corroborated by our portal and is accepted as truth. So when Moses says, as as quoted in the Torah as as quoted Deuteronomy and other places, oh, Israel, your Lord is one. Your Lord is one we say this is how, you know this is the truth. This is the word of God that Moses said that we have that neuron is corrupted. Number two, that which the portal and reject and sets the record straight, then that is our belief and we leave off what is what has been seen as either a tempering a mistranslation, whether intentional or not, such as when our kata Lu, they did not kill him when Mao saw that they did not crucify him, Well, I can to be held at home. It

00:43:40 --> 00:44:27

was made to seem self so our orthodox belief is Jesus was not killed. He was not placed on the cross. It was somebody other than Jesus who was in his place. That's our belief. So if there comes a verse that says that Jesus was put on a cross, Jesus died on a cross, we say we do not accept this as Muslims because it goes against the tenants of what the Koran was sent with. The third and this is probably the most important kind of clarification, is that which the Quran is silent about, and there is no corroboration or condemnation. There's no corroboration or rejection. And it is found in the Bible, we accept it and we can narrate it without saying it is truth, and without seeing it as

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

false with but we can narrate it. So we can narrate that there was a prophet named Shenmue Samuel, there's no text in the sooner or in the Hadith of the Prophet is a lump or in the Quran that mentioned the Prophet named Samuel. But it's found in the Bible and his story is a story of how he did certain parts. We can accept a bit that we can accept the narration of it and extract lessons from it without saying it is truth and we can reject from it that which does not appear to be consistent with our

00:45:00 --> 00:45:05

teachings will live with honor. So those are three important elements as it relates to the stories of

00:45:07 --> 00:45:43

Joseph Campbell authorship I see that a text 545 and hamdulillah and that will occur to everyone who has already submitted so many lovely questions and questions on the story of Ibrahim on Instagram. In sha Allah will let you go and enjoy the rest of your budget time and thank you for gifting us for your latest seat leads where I want to get my leads more time to anybody but your time and your time Mashallah. May Allah bless you and protect you and your family and your cats Masha Allah, maybe out of and hopefully we get a chance to keep up with you online across the rest of Ramadan. inshallah we'll see you around Zack Walker once again. Brahim I set out for you let him go. I just want to get

00:45:43 --> 00:45:44

him set up real quick.

00:45:47 --> 00:45:48

Show of hands.

00:45:50 --> 00:45:52

How good like hello and I like to play.

00:45:53 --> 00:45:54

I wish

00:45:55 --> 00:46:08

you well I would have cut short man I apologize. Oh, no, no, I was enjoying that so much. I was like please keep going. I know you have to go catch up. So the only excuse for access so I guess the only thing to say is now Fade to black.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:18

I forgive me for not attending your session to South I'm just going to head off to them and act

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Santa Monica.

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