Memorise Tabarak #23

Yahya Ibrahim


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The 23rd verse of soul to Luke chapter number 67. Hello whoa well levy olho well levy make sure the hat is pronounced. Whoa well levy it's got to come out of your chest. Who will levy olho Hola. lovey.

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shaquem cool whoa well levy

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kumada Allah Allah

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Allahu alayhi

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wa Jalla Alaikum wa Jalla Allah.

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Allah who will levy show kumada Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah como semi well, Bill saw Rob

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La La como San Manuel eBill Sora Kula who will levy and Kumar kumada Allah Allah como semi well Sora

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Allahu alayhi

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wa Jalla Allah como semi well, Bill saw well f EDA well f either well, f either as semi well, Bill slaughter well f either Allahu alayhi

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wa Jalla como semi well Abbas or all well f either khaleel mad dash Guru khaleel

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Tash Guru khaleel mad dash guru, Ola who will levy Shah kumada la como semi well eberswalde all well, f EDA khaleel

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Tash guru,

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hula hula levy and share Akuma de la la como se ma Well, a bit sore. Oh well, f either khaleel

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Tosh guru olho levy and Akuma de la la como semi well, Bill sorrow well, f EDA cadila

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Kula whoa well levy an Akuma de la como

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la la

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la la como semi well, Bill Sora one f EDA.

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gyla Allah como Samurai well, apples or well, f EDA. Well f EDA khaleel

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Guru Kula who will levy an Akuma de la la como se Manuel Ebersol. Oh well, f EDA polylang

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Guru. Hola, hola. Levy en una mujer en la como el El Toro well, f EDA khaleel techguru hola hola levy

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Masha Allah Allah como semi well abattoir o l f EDA, Colleen,

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Tash, Guru olho levy.

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Kumar Gianna, Kumu sama well, Abbas or well f EDA, kalila

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Guru olho and levy shadow Kumar Jain Allah como semi well abacuslaw Well, f EDA polylang

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Tash guru,

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hula hula Levy, Shan Akuma de la la como San Manuel Abbas or o l f either or de la

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Tash guru