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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu lillahi Hamza shacking in WA Salatu was Salam O Allah say even more saline. So Ed no heavy now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallam was it were baddeck Allah Allah Africa also you can maybe hear me, Mohammed Abdullah Ali here of the lasagna atom with tasleem or salviati Allah Allahu Allah subhanaw taala here in bureaucratically of Himachal, I mean it's a pleasure and hamdulillah to join once again for Islamic q&a. This is our regular weekly Wednesday Ma sha Allah meeting where I pray that Allah Subhana Allah continues to gather us in good

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health high spirits soaring Eman and prosperity in this dunya so that it leads us to happiness in a lawful manner. I mean, it's your brother Yeah. Hey Rahim coming to you live from my home here in Perth, Western Australia. It's 7pm here in Perth, but it's 12 noon for you in London and 7am in New York and I pray that Allah some kinda was that that was gathered us from our different places and our different time zones, that he goes through those hearts and gathers us physically and personally in the best of places and the best of times, standing on the mountain of Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala right for us Hajj in the coming year and years a lot. I mean, I want to be in sha Allah to

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welcome you and him to be there and invite you in sha Allah to send your questions in I know Masha Allah, sometimes you do phone in and the lines are busy, do try again in sha Allah and I do look forward to receiving some of your calls. And it's always wonderful having our regular callers from different parts of the world. I wanted to begin in sha Allah while you begin to keep up with your questions and answers to invite you in sha Allah, to think about the importance of connections to our families, and to speak a little bit about the construct and the understanding of families as they are found in the Quran. And this is something that is dear to my heart. It's one of the topics

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that I love to discuss and to invite more people to reflect on it's something that is the basis of the teaching mechanisms that are found in the Quran. So if you and I were to analyze the Quran and to ask ourselves, what is the way that Allah is able to pan with Allah to deliver that message to all human beings in all times in all languages, and in all circumstances, it is through the stories that are found in the horror and that relate to family structures and how people relate with each other. And therefore the whole and one of its main functions as the holy books and to us the last testament to mankind, the very last instruction and Word of God delivered literally to the prophets

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I send them to share it with humanity is that even contains in it a wisdom that is found and therefore Yes, see, when for a Lackey. It bears in it wisdom, it's Hakeem in its word choice and its syntax, there's no better phrasing than that which is in the Quran. It's just perfect in its eloquence, and balance and harmony. And this is something that is a part of our RP, that one of the edges of the whole end is that the discussion in it, there is never anything that can be improved on in the area that is being recited, but equally also in the stories and the narratives, XML puzzles, Allah says that it is the most magnificent of narratives and stories that are shared the story of

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use open moves, and Ibrahim and so on. But when you look a little bit deeper, what you find in their story is that the stories are about relationships, which is the one thing that doesn't change, irrespective of humanity's

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civilization and technological advance and weaponry and agriculture, wherever we are, whether we're living in a civilized society, whether we're living in cities or in the country, all of us in one way or another, we come from a family and we build another family in all of its different shapes, ways and forms. So one of the special interest groups and one of the main focus of the Quran is about families. So when you look in the Quran, you see that Allah teaches us that there is no ideal family. And so Pamela many of the questions that do come in to myself and other people who come online to answer your questions or in the massages, people have knowledge that you trust, many of

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the questions will relate to how we are with each other and how we relate to each other. And the more I'm under that we have that the attitudes of interaction that we have with each other, the permissible that impermissible and that which is best in what is permissible and what is asked of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gives the first message to the prophets I send them and then says to him, when the rashy are not taken from him and give this warning and give

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This news to your nearest have kith and kin, to your wife, to your cousin, to your family, to your father, to your grandmother, whoever it is, that's in the nuclear and the extended family becomes very important. It's the first layer that surrounds us in society. So there is no ideal family. The ideal family is therefore discussed as being the one that is most conscious of God that they help one another, irrespective of who the members are in the family, that the thing that makes them ideal in their humanity is that they have a consciousness of a lot in common and lie at heart. So let's look a little bit through the command you find in the core and that there are the nuclear family,

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husband and wife and children. So you find the example of Ibrahim and Sarah with his half Ibrahim and hajer with Ismail and then you find yes, even with the nuclear family there's the nuclear family but who live apart which is Ibrahim and had just had your dinner Sunday in or a distant land and the Brahim is a visiting parent is coming and going he's a fly in fly out Yes, special work needs and circumstances that doesn't make him constant in the life of his son and in the life of his partner how john has set up another vivid example Mashallah you find in all of the different prophets, we will go through the list as we proceed, we have a question. Question are waiting online as salaam

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alaikum? caller? How are you? How can I help him?

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Very well. How can I help you my brother

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that died?

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It's true, that new

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etc, etc.

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Okay, and what was your second question? My brother

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was about

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because that was given to them.

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Okay, there's like a mafia. I, I appreciate your two questions and chulmleigh Thank you for your call. So the first question that we're going to deal with insha Allah is with regards to Satya seen our brother he's asked, Is the heartbeat that is relayed? Or is there a way or the narration that is relayed, that you're seeing palpable for and it is the heart of the Quran? Is this established as being the words of the prophets I send them? And the answer to that, frankly, is No. It's not the actual words of the prophets of Allah, who will tell them how, however, that will not contain that the meaning of it is correct. And there is something that I guess is really important for us to

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understand that when we say a hadith is not attributable to the prophets, I send them it doesn't mean that this hadith was not something of trueness in its word. It just means that we know that it wasn't the word of the prophets, I said them or we suspect it's not his word. But it could be the word of one of his companions, or one of the great scholars who came there after. And due to one, whatever confusion it may have been attributed, but part of the honor that Allah has bestowed upon Islam is the concept of an snad, where we have chains of narration that verify each and every person in each and every level of our generations that had brought the brought Islam to where it is today.

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So for example, in terms of your portal and re citation, when I received the order, and I recited in accordance to the chain of narration that links me back to the prophets, I send them the person who taught me and had to have a job, also my grandfather, and also a few other teachers, they were taught by someone who taught them who taught them who taught them who taught them all the way back and they have a you know, a certificate and it tells you who the names are that chain you back to the school, the Messenger of Allah so I send them and that's very unique to our faith. You don't find that in any other living religious tradition, where you can say this person saw this person saw

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this person in this place at this time and taught them they recited the origin from beginning to end or the you know, whatever book from beginning to end in one seating and to see things over the course of a month or in the month of Ramadan until it was completed. This is very unique to us. So this is why we speak confidently and we say, These are the words of the prophets I send them and sadly with regard to this Hadith, it is not the words of the prophets. I send them but its meaning is correct.

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In the sense that that sort of trc is in the middle section of the whole, and it is one of the most beloved surah. So it's the heart of the whole and meaning that the hearts of the believers yearn for it when they understand its message. other humans have said that it is the unbook the Quran, because it is the thing that we recite when a person is feeling unwell. And this is attributed to one of the Sahaba, who in his final moments of life, one of the great Sahaba he asked, Is there anybody in my presence who has memorized solidity I see and who can recite it for me, as I feel my time is drawing to an end. And this is where we get that statement, you know, recite your scene for those who are

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sick or those who are passing or passing away. It's actually the action of the Sahaba not the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah and he was selling so this will have he said, Yes, and one of the younger people had memorize it. And he began reciting yes see in one 400 Hakeem until he arrived at verse number 14, even know which verse He ended at, that's how precise the narrations are transmitted to us. So the statement is correct in the sense that yes, scene is an important source for us. We know that it's important because there are many moments in the life story of the prophets, I send them where your scene becomes prominent in one another narrations is that the Prophet recited it as he

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began to make a job. Also, we know that sort of the scene has in it the statement of a law saying that he gathers our deeds and even the footsteps that we take and this was related to the people have been sad that you know, that we used to walk to the mention of the prophets, I send them over an hour to pray with him every prayer, so they were ennobled by it. It's as soon as that has in it, great hope of the mercy of Allah even for somebody who has just come to Islam after a few minutes or a few few moments. Yeah, later called me Allah moon. It shows us that even the one who has departed they continue to think about those who left behind. He says, I wish my people who, who I've just

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left behind knew what I see now and can experience what I'm experiencing now and can find the mercy of Allah as I found it in accepting faith. It has descriptions of gender and it also has descriptions that instill fear in the hearts of Muslims, to have an aversion of Hellfire and to do the deeds we pray that Allah protects us with from the punishment of Gehenna.

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You know, Allah subhana wa to Allah has favored us with the revelation of the Quran surah trc. In is a powerful message and it's a powerful surah Dearly beloved by many Muslims around the world. The second question is with regards to sort of as Muslim male, is there a statement about it being something that carries a great deal of reward for reciting there isn't a particular hobby that mentions a particular reward, but every idea in fact, every word in the Quran has and one of the work though the concept of Aya means it's something that is miraculous and magnificent in its own regard. So sawtell, Muzammil has been used as tegile roba in the scholars language tegenover means

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it's a tried and proven method, that if a person stands up in prayer with it at night, which is the message of the surah Yeah, a young Muslim male, from La La Ilaha ILA stand before your Lord in long hours mitzvah. Who half the night yeah, Mohammed Salah, Allah Harney wasallam it reminds us about our obligation to Allah. So if one takes it upon themselves to recite it in that sense, some of them have held that this becomes then a surah that can meet other alhaja can meet and the fulfillment of the needs because it rouses you up to pray to Allah and night and Amanda Shafi Rahmatullah here and he rock metal layout he said, that you are in the to head job is an arrow that flies straight to the

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target. May Allah make Salton Muzammil a reminder for us to wake up before our Lord in the darkness of the night. And that I would do is answered we have another caller on the line as Santa Monica. Caller How can I help?

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hamdulillah Jazakallah Hey, brother, Robert, good to hear from you again, except for me.

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How can I help with your question today?

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Allah He Radek fino Pico Jazakallah Fairbrother offered me Allah subhanho wa Taala we begin with the new art May Allah Subhana Allah open to us every door that is closed that has hired behind it or us. May Allah Subhana Allah leave every door close that we seek to open if it has sugar behind it for us. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who has kept our rules to the heavens or beneath the earth, rain it down upon us or open it for the earth from us. May Allah Subhana Allah give us from every deal massage from every tightness and opening and a contact and a conquest may have lots of hands on with Ana supporters with the whole arm. And with its reading and with its understanding and with its

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practice along mean, man lots of hands on want to animate from our sons and daughters, those who will be moms for the Muslims in future years, that they will take positions of prominence and need our own men to greatness. Once again, Allah I mean, with regard to the idea in salted puja that Allah Subhana Allah says, is definitely that and he him was shaped by him. And that's the word I believe that you were asking about. Step one, you know, when I step away that I need him, it means that the shaper lays an attack

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upon the believers, that is step away, that means that the shaitaan leaves and attack upon those who are seeking to bring

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themselves closer to a loss of power, knowing what to add. And this is something that becomes a significant moment in our understanding as Muslims, that even though we are upon the straight path, there is always a clear and an avowed enemy who is seeking to take us away from Allah. In another area in total israa Allah Subhana Allah says, with Steph disease Minnesota men who lead astray through incitement, and these two words we put together he chose that a loss of pattern with the Adda has allowed.

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Allah Subhana Allah has allowed the shavon to have a moment of interaction where he tries to tempt us away from the truth we pray the loss of Hannah went to Allah grant says protection Allah from me, which is a common law and therefore you don't deserve or suddenly Lama Salim? Was it robotic LLC.