Yahya Ibrahim – Live Islamic Q and A – 09-09-21

Yahya Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allahu Allah and he was like me you were sending the Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallam was it with Eric and so easy now, Habib, you know whenever, you know Mohammed,

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he was he was sending to Sleeman kathira. We have our first callers on the line is Santa Monica and Kohler. How can I help?

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Why do you call Santa Monica McCullough? Rebecca, how can I help you my uncle?

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By law?

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yeah, so in the sadad the best thing to do, my dear brother in getting acquainted with Asana is to try to find somebody who can be a partner with you. So I'll make this a more general discussion than just your question. Rather than repeating it for you which is going to make it more difficult for you to capture. I would rather you in sha Allah that you invest in building a relationship with a Muslim buddy, somebody who can assist you in your journey to becoming more and more acquainted with the word of Allah, the student of the prophets, I send them his way of life and finding somebody who in a local mosque near you can assist you with the prayers that you could repeat after them the

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prayers. The second thing that I would recommend is to go to a YouTube

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channel and you know, put in the search, how Muslims pray or the prophets prayer and you will find you don't pray as the Prophet prayed you will find really nice videos very well produced that can assist you with that, that you can listen to it more often. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah guide you in that which is good. We have another caller on the line that said I want you from caller How can I help?

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Allah hematic beacons good to hear from you just like a locator for joining us once again, my brother

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something different

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for the public life

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we are living

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right now. And

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now as you know that people are the

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original police officers, Muslims all over the world.

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What do you say

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to people that they are against the Muslims in

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different organizations by legislation in the Congress,

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police report

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shows they just start looking at different ways. We want to know

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about these things. If you can give us

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we want you to believe

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I'm going to inshallah deal with this in a more general capacity. For us as Muslims, one of the most important aspects of our faith is that we look at ourselves as part of any society we are in. And that's one of the beautiful hallmarks of Islam, you found that Islam thrived under every ism, whether capitalism or communism, in whichever pluralist society that we were in Muslims integrated very well. And one of the ways that is an important next step in our integration is to be able to be part of the general processes that regulate some of the functions that we perform and are performed for us, it becomes important for us as Muslims to try to be part of the system that we are living in

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and weave and under. And it's important for Muslims to have people who are in the medical field people who are plumbers, people who are lawyers, people who are police officers, people who are liaisons in political office, people who go for political office, and try to, as they say, in America, clean the swamp and other things and try to produce an ethical way and an ethical framework. And I can speak about my, my myself, I currently sit on the human research ethics committee, which is in for the West and for West Australia, which is a you know, it's the first time that a Muslim actually sits in the ethics committee, overseeing any human research, medical trials.

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And that's something that's really important. It wasn't something that many people kind of went into. And the reason I kind of volunteered at myself for that was, well, we do need to be able to part of that process and speak about

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Some of the things that affect us and our children and our communities. And of course, it's a, you know, it's an important voice that we have. And that statement that if you're not at the table, then sadly, you're probably on the table. And you are the one that is, you know, being debated. So your, you know, your issues are being debated, because you're not there to be the one to debate them with others. I am very supportive of those who seek to have a balanced approach, and enter into public life in a way that does not bring them to disrepute where they do not take upon some of the negative things that we at times, assume politicians kind of stray away where they speak to different

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tongues, you know, one time they'll say something, then they get elected, and they change and, you know, those kinds of things, I'm hopeful in law, that we can have an ethical perspective that leads us to that which is good, there will always be boundaries, of course, that we do not cross as Muslims are not because we are fully integrated. That means that we have lost our own identities and our selves. So a sense of determination. And you know, the prophets I seldom teaches us to be from those who are older bat or bat means distinct. And you know, that statement lecom Dino kumala? Do you have your way and I have my way, and although we don't do everything, the same. Everything that

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we want is usually in harmony with everybody else, what we I want my family in terms of safety and security and services, in terms of healthcare, and in terms of education, and you know, these kind of things are things that my neighbor's Muslim and not religious or not, we'll all be willing to put their hand with my hand together to make an improvement. And so hopefully, that's a balanced perspective in that regard. May Allah Subhana Allah prevent us from doing great harm by not doing anything at all. Sadly, sometimes we sit on the sidelines, and then we say, well look at this and look at this and look at this, well, we have the chance, but we didn't affect the change, because

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nobody wanted to step forward, and take on that challenge and do things in an ethical way, in a way that we hope is pleasing to Allah, but in a way that brings balance to life with other people. I pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah leads us all to that, which is good luck. We were speaking about the Quran, and we were speaking about how the portal and is defined. And we said in our first session, we said that the Holy Land is the word of God, it is revealed brought down it's not terrestrial upon Mohammed and his hearts that I sell them. And from it, it was written down and collated and gathered into a volume in the life after him. So I sell them by his companions, because

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in his life, it was unnecessary. And it was always being added to with new verses being revealed to him, so I sell them but after his death in the year or two after is that the Orion was gathered, gathered in one must have, but it remained firm in the heart of the believers. So that gives us the first five. Now one of the essential beliefs that we have about the whole and that it is Mutallab doing the killer, which is that when you recite from the flag, when you look at the letter of the Quran, when you make that he had an emoji I had that the stress striving and pushing yourself forward, to learn the Word of God to master it to memorize it, then it is a speciality and a great

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distinction that earns you a reward. And there was no other text that by reciting its letters and looking into its letters that you earn a spiritual merit before God. In the authentic hadith the prophets I said, Lim said men have often been catered to that the one who recites but just even a single letter from the Word of God from the book of God cannot lead who hasn't. They received a husband a good deed when has entered to be actually I'm fairly happy and one good deed is multiplied to 10 times its amount, let a fool and if LAN meme health I don't say that Elif lamb and meme are one category or one statement lacking Elif health lab how meme how rather each and every one of them

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is an individual letter earning 30 has the prophets I send them says as it narrated in additively, my Muslim and now he will be the or and the one who is skilled in the intonation, reading, re citation. Proper enunciation, as we'd have the Orion is at the level of the angels is at the level of the honorable scribes will levy Acropolis. But he the one she the one who recites the whole and when you attack they are yet to attack that op and they stumble

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ball with it and they stumble in its reading, they find it difficult to bring it into experience and true form, level agilon for that individual will be twice the reward, double the reward, two times the reward sallallahu wasallam. Now of course, one of the reward is for actually reading the letters of and the words of God. But the second is for the Jihad and the struggle. The Buddha had that in the sub room the patients are putting forward and perhaps a person who can read much of the Quran in one sitting in comparison to one who can read just one page that the one who reads one page because of their struggle may exceed them in reward, whether they can afford Lula IE your team and Yesha

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such as the bounties of our Lord. He gives them and shares them and provides them to whom He wills for the reason he wills. May Allah open our heart to receiving the Quran in our life to recite it, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't just make the reward for reading the oral and reciting the Quran, but also memorizing the or and on the Day of Judgment May Allah make you and I and our children have them. The one who has mastered the foreign men are poor and aware and either be the one who reads a fraud and puts it as a mission of their life to inculcate it to practice it. They have a love for the Shetty or the pathway of God, and they establish it as a life pattern. It

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will be sent to them on the Day of Judgment if called a waterfall resigned from what you knew when you could lay it in for every verse you knew and practice you will ascend levels in heaven. May Allah make you one of them, not just for the person is their reward. But for those who helped them achieve it. In particular their parents, the prophets of Allah How do you send them says in the authentic hadith yeji on the Day of Judgment,

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the two parents the father and mother of s la habana or add that Companion of the Quran the one who memorized and lived according to the book of God to be him Allah, Allah Rasul Allah, they will be brought in front of the head of all of the creation, and they will be given a given user who will attend kurama they will be given jewels and jewels of honor that distinguishes them were terrigen manure and a crown that is almost as if it is woven from light fare for levy Mac kusina whether they will question for what reason have we been blessed in this way? Why have we been honored in this way? Pay your pile the hubby well at the human forum, because your child to code, practice, read and

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memorize the plan. May Allah make you and I and our children have them alone I mean, so there is a phenomenal reward associated with the Quran, the reading of the Quran, the patience in developing fluency nopparat the mastery of the poor and the memorization of the Quran, and then the teaching of the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said May Allah make you and I have them more aluminous and how you the one who is teaching people the goodness meaning the whole and and its message it does sell funeral level you sell funeral home Memphis summer where it will all happen similar to video haha. Well who to think behalf that the one who teaches people the goodness of the

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Koran, the trueness of his message, the balance and harmony that it brings in life. If everything in existence that surrounds them, asks God to purify them of their mistakes, the birds in the heavens, even the ends under in their homes underneath the earth, and even the fish in the oceans. When he passes and she passes by. They ask Allah to grant them forgiveness. May Allah bless you and I with this beautiful, beautiful premonition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we send up Orion is very precise. The Koran is also something that is very sacred for us as Muslims. The volume of the Quran is something that we have always guarded with love. And if you look, you

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know, into our spaces and how we organize our lives, the Orion is always put in a higher place. It's not something that's placed on the graph where people can trample it unknowingly. It's not something that just flung or, you know, cast aside or thrown from one person to another. It's not something that you just read and you say, well, I've read it once. And that's enough. It's not a novel. It's not a book of folklore or, or mythology. For us. It is a complete system that builds our understanding of the Shetty out of a lot. And that's a very contentious word. The word Shetty are the best description and definition for it is that it is a Theo centric, it is a god centered. So

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it's given by God intending

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Audrey Ward and putting it into practice. It is a theology that is centered upon faith in God. communitarian it's where we come together as a community, we gather together upon it and those who accept the Shetty accept the Quran and the Sunnah are part of this oma, where we do the same thing, say the same things want the same things for the same reasons, hoping for the eternal reward and balance and harmony with ourselves and those who don't practice what we believe in and practice it communitarian. It is also an a legal system. And in it are laws that relate to how we pray, and how we bathe, and what we eat and what we abstain from and what we wear or not wear, it contain. It

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contains the minutiae of the details of our life. And finally, it is also a code of ethics. It's how we view the world and want to be viewed by the world. It's how we establish sense of balance within our homes and our standards of life, in our commitment to each other. And that concept of Shetty comes from the word shower, which shadia which is a pathway so if you were to ask me as a you know, a person of Egyptian heritage, USA in a second for you shadow, which shadow or do you live on? comes from the word Jenny? All right, we chat and you know, you're asking which street do I live on? So I'll tell you my street address. But the word trivia in in the context of the property seller in

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Arabia meant the path or the well traveled path to water in the desert, meaning it's the path to life, the path that everybody needs to know. And if you take a path other than it, mistakenly or because of misguidance, you were lured away from the right path, then it's destruction, and it is an end to prosperity. So for us the concept of Sharia is a pathway to life a pathway to the true life in the hereafter of living a good life in this life that gets us at plays and a higher standing with our maker and our Creator Subhana who went to Ghana, the city is also meant to be something that fulfills and protect the most essential human and important things that we love as human beings,

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which is the preservation of life, wealth, family and social status, the mind and also faithfulness In God We have a caller on the line as salaam alaikum caller How can I help

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so I'm on a cold caller. She's

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got another question. Yes, sister.

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glasses are looking for them.

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just want to be no no, it's not it's not the guy says.

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No, no, it's not be the sister. The sisters asking are we what they can or what do I can we recommend for somebody who's lost something or forgot something that's important for them and they, they're trying to find it? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the prophets, I send them in salted cat well, Cora Rebecca event messy it may plentiful remembrance of Allah, when you have forgotten something when cool, Rebecca. So the aim is to make the vicar of Allah. And there is no better Vicar of Allah than to recite from the Quran, especially from our memory. Why is it helpful to you when you recite it because it's not just because it's a to cusi and that you will be aided, but when your

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mind puts in energy of connecting the synapses and trying to recollect the verses of the Quran, it sparks the same region to help you remember some of the things in your short term or long term memory. So there is the added effect from a biological perspective, as you know, just from science, that when you put your mind into a mode of thought and recollection, it sparks you to remember other things that may not be directly related to it. Insha Allah, so the greatest thing to do is to follow that command of Allah webcor Rebecca eternity, also one of the proven ways as his name narrated to us by a man named Neil IE in

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Jeddah will have ham his book about the importance of making durood and follow up on the prophets I sell them is to increase our solar upon an abuser I sell them because it allows us to make mention of Allah make mention of Allah to send this piece of on the prophets I send them when he attacked, the harder and it allows us to fulfill some of the needs that we are seeking. So when you need something to be found, it facilitates for us through the love that we have of Allah for the profits on the way

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Last Friday was selling a lot more suddenly was selling was it robotic? Let's say you didn't have a heavy you know hammer and this is a tried and true method for something you have lost something you have forgotten something that you are looking for that Allah opens May Allah for you and i a pathway to it Allah Homer Ameen. So we were speaking about the Quran and it's linked to the Sharia the pathway that we seek in life and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah leads us to following with love the path and the harmony of our faith. Another word of course for you know the Shetty if you don't want that, what is seemingly two somewhat contentious word is also often was Sufi the straight path

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which we all pray to Allah subhana wa to Allah, then a sonata stuffing leaders all over LA to the straight path. Yeah, well, I mean, may Allah Subhana Allah leaders do it? Well, what is the straight path? the straight path is as the prophets I seldom said, talk to him Alan Mahajan, by Bob Lazar, how can I help you Hi, I left you upon the well lit path.

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It's day and night are equally radiant. It's not nighttime and I don't know my way and it's dark, no weather day, your night, your lit path. It is radiant and lit with light the light of faith. It is keytab Allah was suiting Athena via his eyes, the book of God and the way of living it the tradition and the habit of His Prophet Mohammed salah and that's how I like to translate the word Suna meaning the way to put the plan into practice sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we have another caller on the line he said I'm Anakin. Caller How can I help?

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How can I help college Santa Monica

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Yes sister.

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about why during

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we have intention.

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All right. Does that go okay sister. So our intention to tell BIA is let bacolod obey. And when we are getting to the place of Nearpod. We say lebay Kola who met Bill had or Rebecca lahoma Bill had a biller Umbra we're had at depending on the type of Hajji that you're doing, you say it out loud for three important functions. The first of them is that you let other people in your company know you're entering into as consecrated sacred state, meaning my wife, there's no longer that intimacy that we had. It's something now that you know, whether you are entered into it or not, I'm in this state of Iran. So it's a reminder to those who are with you traveling with you, that I'm now in a

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state of Iran. Number two, it is said out loud in commemoration of answering back to that, do I and then we brought him was in finance, he will call people, some of them to come to Hajj. So when you say it, it said he, you were called out so you're calling back, Ibrahim can't hear it. But you're calling back to Allah subhana wa, tada lebay Allah who mess I have come over LA, I've heard the call. And I'm answering the call. So it's like you are responding back in that sense. The third important reason? Is it putting you conviction? You know, mantras are very important. When you tell yourself something, it's and you know, you and I, we talk to ourselves a lot in our minds, right? We

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say, Oh, I gotta get this done today. All I was a bit late, right? So you kind of keep a list of things to do. But when you say it out loud, and that's why you know, when we were younger when we study and when we memorize the Quran, we're asked to recite it out loud, your ears, hear your voice say it, your tongue, the professor's it, and your whole existence absorbs that statement. That's why also the Shahada as shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah as an entrance into Islam is not just in the heart must be pronounced on the tongue. It's something that we make it as a declaration as a sense of pride as a sense of recognition as a sense of disclaimer to others. All of those are reasons that we

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make our Mija for the act of Hajj and Umrah out loud. And finally, because the Prophet did so some of the law while he was alive, he didn't do it for saw that he didn't do it, you know, for other acts of worship. But when he came here and he stood up, do some Allah Who are you SLM today? Present day A B, all right, and he and he made his Don desert ROM and he prayed is to it. Okay, and he announced his Tobia lebay coma Houma, Bill Hajj, may Allah accept from all of us and returned us to Hajj many more times. Allah Ameen May Allah Subhana Allah gather is in the plains of alpha male la honorius with their Umbra until we arrive to Hajj Allah. May Allah remove the scourge that has found

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settlement in different parts of the world and help us against COVID that we can return to a sense of normalcy and

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In our pathways to Allah to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is a great blessing we have with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that we can reconnect in that sense. Finally the word of Allah the Quran is the path of Allah and the prophets lie Selim in a statement to Valley him he seems to report it from the prophets I send them that it is Hezbollah. It is the connection we have within ourselves to Allah subhana wa to Allah. May Allah continue to connect this to him. May Allah make us from those who hold on to the rope of Allah together. Wow. Also you will be heavily Lehi Jamia May Allah make you and I from those who are blessed and praiseworthy may Allah put us in our scales for

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our parents and May Allah allow them to reap the reward of the good we do and honor us with their comfort and our comfort in this life and the next amendment I mean, well suddenly Lama was seldom was it were very sad now what have you been and whenever you know, Mohammed Nabi Amelie. Early, he was so happy he was suddenly testing and kathira so cannot be cannibalized at mar cepu and I was allowed to handle more saline. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen I look forward to seeing you again next week. Same time in sha Allah, Wednesday dude in London and 7pm here in Perth in Kuala Lumpur with Mr. de la he

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just like a launch

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